We are always looking for skilled people to help us out!
Positions can be applied to as a backup member.



We still did not return to doing high quality releases and do not have time to train a new redrawer.
If you still want to apply, you should have prior experience as a redrawer and be able to deliver high quality redraws.

Our main issue is redrawing. Well, usually it is, but at the moment it is time itself.
What is redrawing?
Erasing the text from a page and filling in the blanks with new drawings. You can see sample videos here and here or on fckyeahlamia’s channel.

First, if you have been reading the scanlation, you should know that we have a high quality standard. In case you did not, you do know now.
When working with our team, all redraws are going to be marked on a separate layer and sometimes we leave a note with special instructions. Occasionally, we decide to typeset a page before redrawing to save some time and work. A chapter is 30-40 pages long and the files you will be working with are somewhere around 4-15MB (sometimes even more) in size.
The amount of redraws varies with each chapter.

Simple redraws:

If you want to help with simple redraws, you should be able to make non-wavy lines either with the path tool or by hand. You should use the correct black/white levels for lines and redrawn areas. Additionally, you should be able to fill up small patches of regular pattern without seams.

Advanced redraws:

For advanced redraws you should work with several layers and layer masks, so changing the redraws is easier. Patterns should be redrawn near seamless and should fit in with the original art, so usage of filters and the dodge/burn tool for making the redrawn art look more like the original should be known. Some redraws might require knowledge or research of previous chapters, like Rachnera’s fingers and legs.

If you are interested, try your hand at the redraws below.
Leave a comment, email them to us at fckyeahlamia@gmail.com or join our IRC channel: #prettyanon@rizon.net.
Send the files as .psd with redraws on a separate layer.
We will give you tips on how to improve and see if we can add you to the team! Thanks!
Due to the extensive use of layers, layer masks and other features, our workflow requires you to use Photoshop.

Be sure to click on the image to view it full-size. Don not remove sound effects, only remove the text in bubbles or side text.

redrawthis hardmode


If you are applying to be a translator, you should have taken at least 2-3 years of Japanese classes or JLPT 3 or better. Even with these qualifications, you should be open-minded and eager to hone your translation skills further. You should feel comfortable using dictionaries to assist you in your translation or asking other staff members for help.
Each chapter we do a low quality speed release before working on the high quality one, so you should work in a timely manner to get the chapter out as soon as possible after we get the raws.
No previous translation experience is necessary, but is always helpful.
All translators applying will be given a short, timed translation test to verify their ability.
Currently we are looking for a backup translator for monster musume.

If you’re interested in translating Bird Cafe, one of the main group’s projects, feel free to contact us as well!

If you are interested in applying, send us an email to fckyeahlamia@gmail.com.


We are looking for a typesetter for both the low and the high quality releases.
As a typesetter, you should be familiar with the text tool and most of its settings.
Although most of the work we are going to give to you is doing regular bubbles and strokes, there is the occasional use of pattern overlays and paths.
Sometimes there are new font used in the original work, but for the regular ones, we have a fixed set of fonts we can give to you once you are part of the team.
For the low quality release, we do not do any redraws, next to no dust removal and have a lower page size.
Our high quality release has a better overall clean up, higher page size and redraws. Thus, this release type will require high quality typesetting, too.
If requested by the editors, redraws for the high quality release sometimes require you to put text on the page before the redraw is done.
As with the other positions, we need to verify your abilities with a small test.

For further information and tips on typesetting, refer to AnonBlack’s typesetting guide.

Currently we are only looking for a backup typesetter to help out if our main one is not available.
If you are interested, please send an email, to fckyeahlamia@gmail.com.
You can include previous work samples, if you want.
Feel free to join our IRC channel: #prettyanon@rizon.net.

  1. Manabu Uchida said:

    I would like to help your job from Japan.

    Best Regards
    Manabu Uchida

  2. zzz said:

    I would love to help but I don’t know Japanese and I don’t read enough manga to know;
    what text in the pictures are sound effects?
    Is there a rule to follow, like “white text with black outline is sound effects, black text with white outline is text”

    • fyl said:

      It’s really just experience (and sometimes a bit of japanese knowledge), but the redraws are marked on a separate layer in the .psd files when I upload them for other redrawers.

      I’ve marked the redraws we did for the two test pages here:

  3. Gravisanimi said:

    I have all the spaces cleaned out, what text font do I use for the new text?

    • fyl said:

      Any font you think is fitting.
      But as a redrawer you don’t really need to have any typesetting skills.

  4. ChaosKnightMatthew said:

    I’ve tried what you’re asking in a decensoring project once. Ill try the challenge here and see how i do. I may not be able to translate Japanese but I’ve read enough translated to tell what’s talking and what’s sounds.

  5. Can you please make another manga of Lala Chan the dullahan please when you have the time.

    • Anonymous said:

      We don’t make the manga. We translate it.

      Contact Okayado.

  6. MyHatsOffToYou said:

    I wouldn’t mind helping if it’s similar to CAD, but the vids appears as if I gotta learn the software from scratch….

  7. Satevali said:

    Sending in my copy of the redraws, already sent them once not sure if they got to you though. These are very relaxing to work on with some music in the background.

  8. Strelka said:

    i really love to help but i can’t japanese
    So can i just give you a “clean” redrwaing page without any japanese text?

  9. Kostas said:

    I really love this manga. So if you need a typesetter I’d gladly help

  10. gameruler666 said:

    If you need help all that I can do is type set maybe qc I have nothing to do till I go to job corps so iv got time to kill

  11. There’s a small chapter in Monster Musume called “If Papi had tail feathers” that’s already been translated and if it’s possible you can upload it to Mangahere (granted, if you have to time to do so), yet I don’t know if you guys where the one’s who translated it, and I not sure if there was any legal issues that come with it. If you did translated it and don’t have much time to do so, I would like to ask for your permission do to so and I would use to credit page in that upload (thought I would make a change in the chapter number, which isn’t hard though it be good to know where it belongs).

    I’m making a suggestion just to hold people over when the next chapter come, hope to here from you. Love the work you’ve been doing so far.

    • Anonymous said:

      TF translated them a while back on /a/, yeah. We’re in the process of collecting all the extras and putting them together, but it’s on hold because we’re usually spending our scanlation time working on the chapter.

  12. Woodensword said:

    Would love to help but I can only translate, sorry mates.

  13. Braxia Kiessling said:

    I am currently in Japan for the next 2 years. I saw you needed scans,I can provide, but I do not know what publication has the newest chapters in it. Would I recieve funds to aquire these magazines? my budget is very tight.

    • Anonymous said:

      As long as you have a good scanner and can scan things relatively quickly (within 1-2 days of release), we’d be able to reimburse you for the magazine, yes.

  14. Fesaly said:

    Hey, I am currently living in Japan, have access to raw copies of the magazine (I’m okay with not being reimbursed for the scans), and I know some Japanese (4 years in university *though still not perfect lol). Anyways, I love this manga a lot and I want to help you guys out (if you have any openings)! Sorry I can’t be a redrawer though (maybe if I learned it on the side, eventually I’ll try!) Really looking forward to hearing back from you all! Thank you for all your awesome work so far!

    • Fesaly said:

      Forgot to add specific ways I can help: I can translate (at least do my damndest to) and provide scans or copies of the raws (no compensation needed, making people happy is good enough).

      • Anonymous said:

        Thanks for the comment! We do have a raw provider right now, and we’re not looking for additional translators at the moment. However, if you’re interested in translating Centaur’s Worries, I know that AB is looking for someone to take over!

  15. Pagan-Min said:

    Hi do you still need a clean/redrawer for monster musume? if yes send me a page ill do it

    • Anonymous said:

      We still do need redrawers, but we pre-screen for purposes of quality.

      If you’re interested, please check out the Help Us Out! tab up top.

  16. aj banks said:

    how can i get in to contact with fighter 747

  17. SSS said:

    I’d offer but I lack a system to do so, but in any case does anyone know where I can recommend a manga as I can’t find anywhere to.

  18. BravoPlatoon said:

    I’d like to offer to help in translating raw Japanese scans, if you are still looking, or to help other translators.

  19. Alan said:

    And what about the spanish did you have a contact to do thar translate or not? if can I join?

    • fyl said:

      We have no contact or agreement with the guys doing any other languages.
      Usually other groups take our releases and do a second hand scanlation.

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