LQ SPEED RELEASE: Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 60

To download, click here.

Just as announced, this release is the first digital-only chapter.
The screentone change on black/white pages requires more colors to be displayed properly, so from here on these file sizes will be a bit bigger in comparison.
Further, the original pages are almost half the size dimension-wise of our low quality releases.
We decided to upscale them, thus the pages might appear a bit softer than usual.

And if I weren’t slow, the chapter would have been out much earlier.
Have fun.

  1. Karnac said:

    maybe you can use this as an option to get the month’s chapter

    https:// lhscan.net/ manga-monster-musume-no-iru-nichijou-raw. html

    p.d: I’m not sure if the previous message was published so thay’s why I send this again

    • fyl said:

      As much as your suggestion is appreciated, I don’t think we could use these.
      It seems that they either get their raws from the same source we do and upscale them (for previous chapters, they got them from several different sources), or they are “second-hand” raws.
      Additionally, these raws have jpg compression artifacts that would require additional leveling/filtering.

  2. T.Hall said:

    This quite incredible! Good job on the quick release!

  3. Yosumarainesu said:

    The digital age is finally here!

    Thank you as always.

  4. hirumono said:

    Haha! Quite an entertaining and wild chapter! 😀 I must admit, I was expecting worse from the “all-digital” turn of the series!
    As always, a lot of thanks, guys!

  5. DeeoD said:

    Thank you.

  6. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Mmmm… so many snakes. Such coils.
    Anyone wanna take a stab at who mystery shouter person is at the end of the chapter? My gut tells me it is Mr. President, one can never tell.

    • hirumono said:

      I was also thinking about him, but the way he addresses the lamias isn’t much like his usual behaviour. He’s more the sly sweet-talker than an imposing figure.

      • Strider said:

        I will make a wild guess: He is the “father” of the lamias (or most of them at least). Since he looks like a man and it’s not “attacked” (maybe because he is already “used up” by the more mature lamias and because incest isn’t well seen by the snake girls, even lamiae have standarts I suppose) and seems to hold a certain authority over them.

  7. ThatGuy said:

    Thank you for your work.
    But we use “Benvenuti in Italia” in our airports. (benvenuto is singular, benvenuti is plural)
    Ps: i’m italian, so if you need help for other words, feel free to ask.

    • fyl said:

      Then that is an error on the original page and we don’t touch errors/romaji on these.
      Still, thanks for mentioning.

  8. T. Hall said:

    Does anyone have a link to the new raw,

  9. T. Hall said:

    Anyone have the raws for chapter 61?

    • T. Hall said:

      Nvm. Found it.

  10. Dtrex said:

    Ch 61 Raws can be found On Official site

  11. T. Hall said:

    Any news about the recent chapter?