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    Nive chapter, but damn!, I hope this guy gets his just desserts somehow. He is scum, just like his brother, only a bit nicer about it.

    Seriously, his “I’ll bring monstergirls into the country then more or less force them to work for me and make dosh off of them.” and “Technically I’m only skirting the law, so you can’t do anything to me~” pisses me off something fierce. I don’t give a rats ass that he provides valuable services to the monstergirls, exploitation is exploitation even if the monstergirls are ok with it. I really hope Smith can pull something outta her ass that lets her or the government seize his everything.

    • Perentie said:

      He doesn’t force them to work for him though, they’re free to find work elsewhere (though they are unlikely to be paid as well as they are by him). They are required to pay him what they owe, which is pretty logical to me, after all he’s not running a charity.

      Its hard to call it exploitation too when the girls benefit just as much (get into the country, get work, get a safe environment).

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      Maybe I’m just a sleazy scumbag, but I actually approve of his business model. And like Perentie said, he’s not a charity. This kinda work takes money, and if you are helping folks get into the country, it only makes sense that they’d need to pay you to do it, and in this case, good and services. He’s helping science explain monster-science, paying them for using their talents/natural abilities to keep the job rolling. Maybe he is making profit, but that is what a business is for, otherwise it’s… y’know… a charity. He may be scum, but he’s got the right mind for this. Otherwise, without him, many more mons would have to sit through the massive schlog that is Paperwork Hell. He just speeds up the process a bit.

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