No chapter in August

There is no new chapter in Comic Ryu this month.

[EDIT 10/04/17]
We got our raws late, so the earliest release estimation for chapter 55 is this weekend. Next week is much more likely.

  1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    *Insert obvious Darth Vader meme here*

  2. T.Hall said:

    It’s for the best. He deserved a break after he made 2 chapters at the same time.

  3. AJ said:

    roger that!

  4. Marek said:

    Well, gives you time to update the LQ to proper releases, so this can only be a good thing.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Can it “only” be a good thing? Can it? 😛

  5. paul said:


  6. Thefreeman said:

    Crab is probably working on chapter 26 of 12beast (hopefully) and taking a little break

    Guess we’re going to wait.

    thx for the info

  7. T.Hall said:

    So, any news about the next chapter coming up?

    • fyl said:

      We may get raws a bit later than usual.
      Other than that, nothing new.

  8. nicky said:

    Can you guys can consider scan this new manga?

    – Succubus ja nai mon

    Is another monster manga but with a whole female cast, MC included.


    • fyl said:

      Unfortunately we neither have the time, nor the staff to work on an additional manga.

      • nicky said:

        I see, make sense, thanks you anyway.

  9. Robpcfl said:

    Is it confirmed that new chapter will be out in Sept, or will next month?

    • T.Hall said:

      I hope a next chapter will have a new monster girl that will live with the MC.

      • Perentie said:

        Why add more to the household? Its hard enough to give all the ones already with Kimihito enough attention.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        To be fair… TO BE… FAIR…. the original one-off comics included a minotaur among the host of girls. Each of those original girls from the one-offs all made their way into Kimihito’s household for the official series… and we lack a harem minotaur. There was one (at the farm… with the cute sheepgirl), but she didn’t join the harem. So….. the slots are still open.

        • AJ said:

          are you referring to the comics about the brothers and their significant others or about the guy who “adventures” around?

          Cuz in the “adventures” there was also an alruane and a butterfly woman too.

          • Dj Quinn said:

            The one about the Alraune and butterfly woman, as well as the one abut the slime, were a different series than the one about the brothers. That one was about a reporter/researcher who went into the wild to investigate monster girls and was called something like “Monster Girl Report” (a different title than the one Oyakado used for the brother’s story).

  10. Robpcfl said:

    Can’t wait for this chapter to be translated! Considering Vol 13 is scheduled to be released in Oct in Japan.

  11. ItalianRance said:

    Hi, any news for the HQ chapter?

    • ItalianRance said:


      • fyl said:

        Oops. Forgot to answer.
        We’re still behind on the HQ chapters and that won’t change for at least 8 months.

        • ItalianRance said:

          If i may ask, why so much time as 8 months?
          (If i enter somewhere private like real life problem, feel free to not respond)

          • fyl said:

            Yes. Real life.

  12. Vicil said:

    Please hurry, MPA. I had a crummy month and the only thing that can heal it is monmusu.