Goodbye AnonBlack and moving server

With AnonBlack not having worked on any project for quite some time, we’re now saying goodbye to her officially.
As such, we’re going to move our server some time in the near future.
For more information check out this post on our main page.

  1. Damian said:

    Will you guys announce where you’re moving in here?

    • fyl said:

      We’re not done planning, but there might be some unannounced downtime.
      The domain itself should stay the same. If it doesn’t, we’re going to announce it. Either here or on our IRC channel.

      • Damian said:

        I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question but…
        What is an IRC channel and where can I find it?
        Thank you for the answer.

          • T. Hall said:

            What is the Auth and password?

          • fyl said:

            Our channel doesn’t have a password.
            Auth for what?

          • T. Hall said:

            Ah, sorry. Nevermind. I got in.

  2. Northlander said:

    Well… life happens. All the best to her, and a thanks for all the hard work. Especially if she worked on Monster Musume or Bird’s Cafe, which are the two works you people translate that I follow.