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    And heads up to the mongirl community here, the english version of monster girl encyclopedia (kenkou cross) #1 hits amazon in 13 days 😀

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      from what i understand in how the world is being written, the hallucination effect is rare, however there is fear that the spores are also how they reproduce, aka turning others around them into matango, however this has neither been confirmed or denied.

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          Lala just swiped Zombina’s tooth in order to infect the terminally-ill young girl with the virus.

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          And if she’s already some form of undead?…

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        The 4koma “I Love Monster Girls” books, 4 panel comics made by other artists. The first two volumes are available in english.

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    Does anyone know if the Monster Musume (TV Anime) Official Guide Book (Japanese) JP has been scanlated or translated at all? If it hasn’t would this group be able to translate it? I just got it yesterday at a local con, and willing to do high res scans of it…

    Publisher: Tokumashoten (2015)
    Language: Japanese
    ISBN-10: 4197204272
    ISBN-13: 9784197204274

    Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Official Guide Book. The character & setting, illustration gallery, and main cast interview (Japanese).

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