Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 39


It took quite some time, but here it is.
Including the color pages that were not in the LQ version.

As you might notice, the naming scheme has changed quite a bit. We’ll update previous releases to match this scheme and continue to use this on future releases.
The archive name on the bot will stay the same, but the folder and files inside have the new scheme.

To download, click here.

  1. Cezar said:

    Need For Speed

  2. amit said:

    manga volume 8 has some extra pages. Will you do it???

    • amit said:

      I mean Volume 9

    • fyl said:

      We usually don’t do volume extras.
      Eventually they’ll pop up scanlated by other people.

      • amit said:

        not even the first 4 color pages??? the ones from volume 10 were released in the chapter 39 HQ version..

        • fyl said:

          There were no color raws in the v9 chapters we did.
          Thus I assume it is a volume release exclusive.
          If that’s the case, we won’t do them.

          Otherwise, help me remember what these pages were about.

          • amit said:

            i guess they were volume specific releases

  3. White-Fox said:

    Thank you for the HQ chapter.

  4. Anonymous said:

    If you’re overhauling your naming, could you upload a batch of the previous chapters so we don’t have to manually download each and every one / rename the existing copies in our archives?

    • fyl said:

      “We’ll update previous releases to match this scheme and continue to use this on future releases.”

      • Anonymous said:

        That isn’t the issue, and not what I said.

        • fyl said:

          One for all chapters? Most likely not.
          Volume batches? Yes. That’s included in the “past releases.”

  5. AJ said:

    Good on you guys!!!!

  6. Hitokiri said:

    Thanks for the chapter and extras! 🙂

  7. Geese1 said:

    Thanks for the release!

  8. hirumono said:

    That’s great!! Thanks a lot, guys! These hi-quality releases really rock!

    And Tio is sooo sweet in that panel… <3

  9. josh said:

    why are they re-leasing chapter 39?

    • fyl said:

      Because this is the high quality version.

  10. Yosumarainesu said:

    Oh, how I miss the HQ release. Thanks for the hard work.

  11. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    … I got nothing to say.

    I’m still here, rooting for you guys. Chaos be with you!

  12. Gekkokid said:

    anyone know anything about the next raw?? is it out yet?

  13. ItalianRance said:

    Ty for HQ chapter.
    And for the rest.