LQ SPEED RELEASE: Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 45

There is no Monmusu chapter for September!
The next raw chapter (47) comes out next month.

For now we’re working on releasing chapter 46 in low quality and on the HQ versions of past LQ releases.

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    • Question? said:

      it is also believed they reproduce using those spores, however this has neither been confirmed or denied, but the hallucination effect is considered a rare side effect

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    I feel like Kimihito’s starting to have more and more of an actual personality. I like it.

  7. Djunk101 said:

    I feel like Kimihito is developing more and more of a personality. I love it!

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      He’s not Smith’s boss, he’s the Police Chief (that’s why they called him “chief”). Ms Smith’s a government agent.

      By the way, he also appears during the Orc attack on the doujinshi shop as one of the people in the tent discussing strategies. He’s referred to here simply as the Police Chief, no other name given.

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      Monmusu is on break this month, so chapter 47 is released in Japan in October.

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