LQ SPEED RELEASE: Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 44

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  1. halloween20 said:

    thx for the work… 🙂

  2. hirumono said:

    As always, a huge THANK YOU!!! ^_^

  3. vipo said:

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  4. KonaStar said:

    Thank you a thousand times!!

  5. Xenozip said:

    Awesome… just awesome

    anyone got raws for the next chapter?

  6. Yosumarainesu said:

    Great work as usual.

  7. kyamada said:

    GUYS you sure does, awesome

  8. Geese1 said:

    Many thanks for the release!

  9. ItalianRance said:

    Hi there.
    First of all, thank you for all your work.
    Can i ask you how the situation of the HQ scan are proceeding?

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Yeah, not to sound ungrateful or something. But I do miss the HQ release. The last one was chapter 38 in January. Maybe they don’t have enough redrawer. And they also looking for a new typesetter so…

      • ItalianRance said:

        Not even a little update?
        pretty please?

        • ItalianRance said:

          Please notice me, senpai ç_ç

          • ItalianRance said:

            one does not simply
            ask for information

          • ItalianRance said:

            Am I the Only One Around Here
            (Walter Sobchak)
            who hope for an answer?

          • fyl said:

            If you didn’t notice: I posted an answer further down twelve days ago.

          • ItalianRance said:

            Yeah, i readed it, but there was mentioned nothing about the HQ scan, so…

          • fyl said:

            It’s still hard to find time to work on the HQ releases. We do have an additional redrawer, but the color page cleaning takes quite some time.
            Additionally, our problems with finding a replacement for our typesetter slows the overall process down.

          • MattEngarde said:

            How about ch 45? or even ch 46? When can we expect it? How’s the progress? Any info is appreciated, thanks.

          • fyl said:

            45 needs proofing and typesetting.
            We just got raws for 46. I started cropping them and we need a script, which will need proofreading, too. Afterwards the chapter needs to be cleaned and typeset.

          • ItalianRance said:

            Thank you for the answer.

  10. psycholobster said:

    Loved this chapter. It has the humour and story telling which made me fall in love with his story in the first place. Thank you for scanlating. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.

  11. wolfy said:

    Ty as always for the work, guys.

    Though i do have to take some issue w/ how the author did the last page. Her stinger is quite large, as we saw.

    And yet on the last page she’s laying flat on her back, with no indication of it what so ever. Unless it somehow merged into the ground as she fell (logically unsound, even for a fantasy story), then we should be seeing her sort of laying partially “arched” up.

    Or he should have drawn her as collapsed on her side. Still could have given us the tits-shot fanservice, AND kept her stinger in view.

    • Xenozip said:

      maybe in retreats back into her body when she lies down

      • Touhoufanatic said:

        rather unlikely. a stinger can be retracted only because some insects have that are of their body designed to retract it, (like cat’s claws) but there would be no where for her body to retract her entire abdomen, and if she did have a place to do so she’d be as pudgy as a bee, so it’s probably just a mistake of the artist not giving that single spot a lot of thought.
        on that pint though hornets can have very strong jaws for biting, so she biting through Rachnee’s silk is not entirely impossible, tough, but not impossible.

  12. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Sorry, a nope is still a nope. Nopegirls aren’t welcome here. Big ol’ nope to the nopegirls. Noooope.

    • waiting said:

      Show us on this life sized human doll where she stung you.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Nope. Nope nope nope.

        • Question? said:

          Hopefully the next monster won’t be as bad for you, but her effects on others are real bad, sort of a side effect of being a mushroom with mind altering spores

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Mario could probably beat her then.

          • Question? said:

            I think it was implied that if Zombina inhaled any of these spores, she would basically cause a zombie apocalypse, and the mushroom can’t stop herself from releasing the spores, the spores have … interesting effects on other monsters

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            “Interesting” in this regard basically translating to “sexy”. Because let’s not mince words.

          • Question? said:

            Well if you think Suu thinking she is a giant wall of slime is sexy then ok then, let’s just says the spores make the way each monster behaves even worse then they usually are

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            I’m sure someone’s into it.

          • Question? said:

            I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if that’s the case, i’ve seen some of the weirdest stuff people are into that nothing could surprise me now, don’t take that as a challenge

    • kyamada said:

      Nope girl lol

  13. paul said:

    Thanks 🙂

  14. matt said:

    does anyone know any other translators

  15. M said:

    Hey guys, there’s an error on the title page, it says “Chapter 43” in the little black bubble. Should be 44.

    • godzilla2 said:

      holy moses… did we just ventured into a bizarre, psychedelic RPG-fantasy? Anyway, it seems interesting…can’t wait for it 🙂

  16. MonMusings said:

    The splash page depicts an ordinary day at Casa Kurusu as KK and Cerea try to locate their housemates after yet another Smith-san authorized remodeling.

  17. MadNinja said:

    12 beast 11 is out

  18. fyl said:

    Sorry for no update for such a long time.
    We have raws and a translation for chapter 45, but these past few days were not great. That’s why I didn’t continue working on it yet.

    • Damian said:

      No worries. IRL issues should be prioritized anyway. Hope everything gonna be fine.

    • hirumono said:

      Don’t worry, RL takes top priority! Also, no pressure; you’ve always been giving us top-quality releases, and MonMusu really deserves this, so who cares about waiting a bit more?

    • Perentie said:

      Happy that you are keeping us informed regardless, that’s more than some would do after all and more than you have to do.

    • kyamada said:

      We’ll keep waiting mr. Fyl, dont worry

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      As I understand it, updates come out quicker if we do a blood sacrifice, right? That’s a thing that’s true?

      So all we need to do is sacrifice some virgins. Any virgins here willing to be sacrifices for the greater good? I’d do it myself, but then, someone needs to do the ritual. :Y

      Wish there were simpler ways, cursed archaic translation methods.

  19. kalil said:

    thanks for the chapter guys

  20. T. Hall said:

    Anyone know where Chap 46 is?

    • AJ said:

      oh damn….

      • wolfy said:

        I wouldnt make too much of it. Given that zombina has been perforated w/ bullets and stomped on by a kaiju, i doubt that (no doubt) surprise grab-and-bite is going to have any effect on her besides momentary shock.

        And As said below, she’s filled w/ formaldehyde, not blood. Doubt vampy is going to be liking what happens to her next..

        (unless the author decides to throw what little lore he’s presented for Z’ out the window for convenient plot purposes..which i hope he dosnt)

        • Janos said:

          Formaldehyde may not have the same effect on extra species as it does on normal humans. When zombina shot through herself into the orc the bullets would have been covered in formaldehyde.

          • Question? said:

            i think a key thing everyone here might be forgetting is this attacker most likely is a vampire, so odds are she is considered undead, meaning she might feel a little ill and that’s it, oh just not realize that she isn’t drinking blood

    • Djunk101 said:

      Given that Zombina is filled with formaldehyde instead of blood, and formaldehyde is HIGHLY toxic to all animals when ingested, that bite was a TERRIBLE idea.

      • Janos said:

        Judging from the outline its a vampire bat most likely with a very heavy emphasis on the vampire part. Zombina is also bleeding (or drooling) from her mouth so it was most likely just to kill her.

        • Djunk101 said:

          I still expect the next chapter to open with Barbara (you know, cause Batgirl :P) coughing and gagging from the formaldehyde. That Gods of Comedy demand it!

    • kyamada said:

      What an story arc, eh?

  21. matt said:

    is 45 almost done

  22. matt said:

    you guys still alive?

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Think so, but I haven’t checked my pulse in a while.

    • fyl said:

      Yes. I forgot to answer. Sorry.
      Chapter 45 should be out some time this week.

      • Anon said:

        Doing god’s work

      • Perentie said:

        Good to hear! At least the series skipping a month in Japan will give a bit of extra time for you guys to catch up too.

      • kyamada said:

        Wuuuuuuu isn’t that exciting

  23. Janos said:

    So i’ve been thinking and theres something i have an issue with. I don’t believe Miia was “accidentally” brought to Kimihito. Laziness to that degree is surprisingly out of character for Ms. Smith. She has shown to be lazy but when it comes to the actual wellfare of the girls she takes that part of the job seriously. What also caused me to think about this is there’s no way Smith is just allowed to demolish and reconstruct a private residence at her own will. Kimihitos parents have to be in on the whole thing in some way. Kimihito can’t give consent to rennovate the house because it’s not his and the only time he’s brought up his parents he said they left him to watch the house while they worked abroad. My theory is that his parents are either tied to the government or tied to the extraspeicies program and had smith send Miia to Kimihito in an attempt to force him into a relationship which would explain why he’s the marriage test subject even though other interspecies couples are waiting to get married.

    • Xenozip said:

      perhaps it was her way of seeing what an average reaction to a monster girl would be, after all, the other people who volunteer for it would clearly be expecting it, and would thus not work as a standard experiment, for that you would need a blind reaction to it, so maybe this was her way of doing it.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Or… perhaps… his parents ARE EXTRA-SPECIES!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!

      Could explain why he is so appealing to non-humans, and why he is “immortal”! Perhaps he’s an incubus and doesn’t know it! Kekekeke.

      Chaos be with you.

      • kyamada said:

        I’ll giggle myself for that

      • Xenozip said:

        maybe he’s a half human half god 🙂

    • alidan said:

      A counter argument, eminent domain, at least in america normal people don’t deal with it to much, but farmers do due to the massive amount of land some of them have. The government can tell you to pound sand and give you a ‘fair market price’ of whatever they deem the land to be wroth, and there is jack shit you get to say about it. Its possible to sue them, but by that point most people likely would have sold and moved out, everything around you is devastated, so by the time the court case is over, your land has no value anyway, and if you loose, they may re evaluate your home as less. As for the upgrade, you see government waste a lot too.

      Now, mia getting put there you have a point, but once smith got to know him and his personality, she pretty much dumped the troublesome ones off for him, at least as long as they don’t actively start shit, or like is centaurs case (blanking on her name) chose him.

      I still like the idea that smith isn’t human either.