LQ SPEED RELEASE: Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 43

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Also we know about that “got.”

  1. KonaStar said:

    Thank you, a thousand times thank you!!

  2. AJ said:

    Thank you kindly!

  3. White-Fox said:

    Great chapter. Thank you.

  4. vipo said:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

  5. Seifa said:

    As everytime you release a new chapter, i thank you! 🙂

  6. Geese1 said:

    Many thanks for the release!

  7. Mavado said:

    Yay! Good times are here again.

  8. psycholobster said:

    Thank you very much for the release. This was a great and very funny chapter. Keep up the good work.

  9. kyamada said:

    What the hell IT IS QUICK AF!!!!!

    GOSH you pretty anony team AWESOME AF


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    Thank you! ^_^

  12. kalil said:

    milk scene, hah…
    thanks for the chapter

  13. halloween20 said:

    uh… that was quite fast now… nice!
    new raw provider ?

  14. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Sheepgirl senses tingling.. (at least I hope that is what’s tingling)
    Target Merino acquired! +.+ Mweheheheheheh

    Thank ye kindly for the chapter gents. I’ve seen others do translations of chapters, but I think you guys do it best, so I wait for your’s.

    That milking scene. Hrm. That was… ahhh.. interesting. Milking’s not a thing I’m into, but Merino is adorable so whatever.
    This was a rather fun chapter. I thought for sure that if she toned down her jazzercising, Miia could have kept that job at Polt’s gym. Priest seems so… cliche. Nice callback to many of the other mongirls we’ve seen.

    I see some form of bug-girl… for some reason, One Punch Man comes to mind. I wonder why…? Hmmmmmm….

    This was a fun diversion. Now to get back to Breath of Fire 4 so I can beat it and have beaten all BoF games, then move on to some other games I’ve never beaten. (Toss up between trying to beat Final Fantasy 7, whose characters I hate; Final Fantasy 12, which I thought was a blast, but is REALLY long; or Megaman Legends 2, which I finally found a copy for that actually works. Hrmph.)

    Chaos be with you gents.

    • Question? said:

      just to inform you, the bug girl is a wasp, who can command other wasps

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        I was just trying to make a funny. Apparently I failed.

        • Question? said:

          My bad, have mental problem that makes jokes and sarcasm a bit of a problem for me

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Should have made it clearer. No worries. The universal “:P” usually clears things up.
            After all, it is hard to derive sarcasm from text. Ya can’t read tone.

    • kyamada said:

      Thats it, korean raw for c44

    • Herefor"PLOT" said:

      Nice. We got a chapter of Centorea being a badass, Rachnera was in there as well as Kii. Not sure what to think of the wasp girl. I’m wondering what her motive is and if she’s in cahoots with the other two. Will we see more chapters featuring girls who can “handle themselves”? Suu and Papi next, maybe with Lala and/or Mero? Or maybe the last girl has to deal with MON? What do you guys think?

  15. Paset said:

    this is awesome!
    also, when will the coloured pages be ready?

  16. Karis Fra Mauro said:

    Thanks for the great chapter. Nice they acknowledged there’s a need for milk beyond fetish, not many people know that hospitals require breast milk donors for certain situations. I wonder if Brexit means no monster girl immigrants allowed in the UK any more? 😛

  17. Laarix said:

    Someone has been crazy enough to do a Rachnera cosplay! :V Here for proof http://9gag.com/gag/aQxxKX2
    (sorry if it’s a 9gag link)

  18. Herefor"PLOT" said:

    Has there been any confirmation on for a season two? The manga’s been doing awesome, but unfortunately that doesn’t always mean a second season.

    • Question? said:

      There were some hints to a season 2 in the final episode to season 1 i think, somewhat hard to spot, however i do not believe there’s been any official confirmation of a season 2 yet, i would assume with how well things are going, that there might be, but i wouldn’t get hope to high for one

      • Touhoufanatic said:

        there’s actually been information that the first season is getting an English dub, so a second season isn’t to unrealistic honestly.
        with how they did 2 chapters an episode they might be waiting longer for it as well so they have excess to work with after.

        • Anonymous_reader said:

          Pretty much this^

          With season one taking us to chapter 25, We would need the manga to be at minimum chapter 50 with no room to play around with.

          There is good news however, with season one skipping chapter 17 and the season end at 25 instead of 24, we are getting an OVA which will animate chapter 17 for us. http://myanimelist.net/anime/32698/Monster_Musume_no_Iru_Nichijou_OVA

        • Question? said:

          i was completely unaware that we were getting an English dub, interesting, hopefully it won’t be heavily changed, i expect some changes, but that should be normal

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Neigh! Puns! Puns as far as the eye can see!

        • Herefor"PLOT" said:

          Any news on when that is supposed to come out?

  19. Sayo said:

    Any plans to release the extras from volumes 9 and 10?

  20. MattEngarde said:

    How’s ch 44 status?

  21. Rob said:

    Did Chap 45 get released yet in Japan?

    • Perentie said:

      Yup, you can find links to it on 4chan. It’s a trippy chapter.

      • Djunk101 said:

        Quite literally trippy 😛

      • T. Hall said:

        Could you give us the link of chapter 45?

          • T. Hall said:

            Ah, okay. Thanks! 🙂

  22. Talarax said:

    What’s meant with:

    “Also we know about that “got.””?

    • Perentie said:

      Referring to a typo I believe.

      • Talarax said:

        ah, ok 😀

  23. Vicil said:

    Fyl, you’ve stated before that your LQ speed releases take only a week, but it’s been two months since your last update, and you’re at least three issues behind. This coupled with the overall tone of the comments section is irritating.

    “Take your time.” What the hell?

    I enjoy your work, but when there’s no output, there’s nothing for me to enjoy. Forget the HQ for now or whatever, let’s get back on task. I don’t care if the font is TNR. It’s LQ, right? What do you owe that brand? Your audience is hungry!

    • fyl said:

      We are only two chapters behind.
      If you didn’t notice, chapter 44 is out already and I’ve wrote the current situation over there.
      TL;DR short on staff, real life happening.