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    The best Christmas present ever!!! Thank you very much!!!

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    Any raws for the new chapter yet?

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      None that we know of.

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        What should we expect first? 39LQ or 38HQ. Thanks.

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          39LQ should be out within the first week next year, 38HQ second or third week and 39HQ fourth week or early February.
          All depending on how many redraws are needed and how hard they are.
          Bear in mind that our real lives are a higher priority and can affect these estimations.

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    Huzzah! Hurrah!
    Thanks for churning this bad boy (girl?) out!
    I don’t have much more to add on this one other than “Mermaids are weird,” and “I wonder what mermaid tastes like, and I don’t mean in the sexy way.”

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    thank you ^.^

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      ^That was ch39 korean chapter btw.
      Interesting, it seems that we will get the ‘monstergirl of the month’ pattern again this time. Just like the ‘D arc’ and the ‘trip arc’, but instead of the usual harem, we will be with MON instead, maybe we will get 4 chapter for this arc then?

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        That seems to be the trend. 3-4 chapter “arcs”, with the 4th chapter setting up the plot for the next volume.

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      I’m only going to look at the colored pages, so I don’t wholly ruin the magic. But GOOD GODS ABOVE AND BELOW, TIO! Whew. Never change, girl. :d

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        Amen, brother.

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      I hope that for Tio’s chapter, we’ll see a either a troll or a gigantic. XD

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    Heh, a rather charming an funny chapter. Too bad the gang still won’t return home.

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    I hope nobody minds me asking, but when will we expect the translation of chap. 39 to be release?

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      Comment made by one of the team, 25/12/2015 14:25

      “39LQ should be out within the first week next year, 38HQ second or third week and 39HQ fourth week or early February.
      All depending on how many redraws are needed and how hard they are.
      Bear in mind that our real lives are a higher priority and can affect these estimations.”

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        Of course. Take your time and enjoy the holidays! Happy 2016 and thanks for all the good work!!!

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          I’m not from the team ,i’m just posting what fyl said in the comments above us xD

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    Random question alert, but if Monster Musume was going to make a sports chapter, what sports would you like to see doing. I, for one would like to see an American Football, baseball, basketball or wrestling sports chapter.

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      The Hunt with the MC playing the part of the fox

    • UristMcHikikomori said:

      Definitely wrestling. Suu would beat everyone, but the spectators would be the real winners.

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        Yes! That would be awesome! 😀 What new monster would you like to see in that chapter?

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    Well I dun did it. I got some gift cards for Barnes and Noble this Christmas, and I spent them…

    I found MonMusu there, volumes 1-6… bought em all. Here’s to you Okayado.

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      How good are the translations?

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        Really good for the most part, although Volume 1 is full of animal puns. Also, Rachnera really likes the “itsy bitsy spider” thing.

      • alidan said:

        dem puns… i love the manga, but god damnit those puns.
        i have been told they don’t exist in the original (when i first seen the volume of the puns i though the translaor decided to not add them, much like the “believe it” word/line from naruto was left out of all the fan scans)

        they are not bad, but i much prefer this translation to official.

        • Agozer said:

          Yeah, those puns do not exist in the original japanese release. The girls themselves have different styles of speech, which does not translate all that well into English.

        • Hal said:

          The official translation is rubbish.

      • AJ said:

        yeah the puns are more shown in the first 3 volumes but they sorta die down. It’s like when you pick it out for the first time your HA! Pun! but then it turns to “ok i got it the first time.” and finally to ARRRRRGHH STOP IT!!!! but like i said it kinda dies down a bit in later volumes

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        It ain’t bad. I for one love puns, good or bad, smart or lame. I think some of them are a little… unneeded. Like how they spell Cerea’s frequent use of “Nay” as “Neigh”.

        The first volume is a good 85% animal puns. To the point where a normal person would go, “yeah, I got it, they are half-animal!” But after that they tone it down heavily. Pretty much just Cerea does it after that, and as Agozer mentioned, Rachnee has an obsession with using “itsy bitsy” in from of any noun she can.

        Other than that, it’s alright. They heavily Americanized it. Using our slang and colloquialisms. But yeah not bad.

        I can’t tell you how many of my friends have either gone “Why does that manga on your desk have a busty snake chick on it” or “REALLY, David! You bought Monster Musume?!” Mostly the latter, I’ve forced just about all my friends to watch the anime. Heheh. Just about all of them think it is hilarious.

        One of my friends really likes Zombina, I laughed my ass off when my gay friends were trapped by Draco, and my brother’s timid girlfriend thinks Suu is inhumanly adorable.

        But yeah, manga not bad. Not great translation, I think I prefer these guys, if I’m being honest, but screw it, I bought em to support Okayado. When the anime comes out (uncensored of course), I’mma buy that too!

        • Hal said:

          The heavily Americanized part is what sat with me the worst. I’m at the point where I buy the Japanese releases to support Okayado and read the translations here.

          • Damian said:

            Comparing the americanized translation with the straight translation are actually kind of fun. I would still support seven seas and buy their volumes. As long as I know, they never give copyright strike/DMCA to any scanlation group that do manga that they have already licensed and I really respect that.

        • Unanswered said:

          I must concur with your brother’s girlfriend. Suu is my forever waifu.
          I *would* buy the manga, but I think I’m gonna wait till I’m living not within a mile of my house. My parents are great, but I don’t know how well they’d appreciate the fine nuances of MonMusu.

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            You don’t have to let them read it. Treat it like all good porn and hide it under your bed. ‘.^~*

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    little info: the next chapter is a Doppel chapter

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      Source? Want to see it :p

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        Oooh, looks promising. Can’t wait to see it!

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    Can we get some status update for ch38 and 39?

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      I as well would very much appreciate this. How goes your battles against the dastardly fiend, Real Life?

      • fyl said:

        That battle is being fought hard.
        38 HQ should be out soon.
        Unfortunately the RAWs for chapter 39 and 40 aren’t here yet.

        • AJ said:

          Keep fighting the good fight you guys!

        • Damian said:

          Wow, why does the raw of ch39 got delayed so long? What shipment company do you guys use? Anyway good luck! So, I guess because the raw of ch 39 isn’t here yet, then you guys haven’t translate it?

        • Urist McHikikomori said:

          As someone who is more interested in LQs than HQs, this is a sad day for me. Hopefully the RAWs will come soon!

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    any pictures of chapter 40

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    any raws yet?

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      None yet. See above for more.

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    Any pictures or raws yet?

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    Rawl for 39 been out for a while

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      No usable RAWs for chapter 39 can be found on the internet.
      Only the Korean or Chinese translation can be found, but who’d want to have second hand translations? And we’d have to find someone who speaks Korean or Chinese.