LQ SPEED RELEASE: Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 36

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Changed to v2, because the color page was exported in grayscale instead of color.

No, this is not the one that was posted to reader sites. Someone on reddit stole TF’s translation and used it without permission or credit.

Please look forward to the HQ version!

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    Also, “Someone on reddit stole TF’s translation and used it without permission or credit.,” passive aggressively trying to create drama? Yes it happened, it’s not totally unexpected, they should have given credit, but really?

    • fyl said:

      The drama has already been created by other parties thanks to the upload to reader sites.
      See it as an explanation to what happened and why there’s either multiple versions uploaded or missing credit pages etc.

      • Some Guy said:

        As one of the people who hangs out on reddit, no one on there clammed to have made the other version. A couple pages were made but that person stopped when asked and (judging from their reaction) a different person made the full version that was posted to reader sites. That version was then found and linked to, but until your group came by as far as anyone was aware that was the official version.

        • fyl said:

          That post was deleted. I can give you the user name if you want.

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            You mean the deleted post that was the person who made the first couple pages complaining about how the person who made the full version (who was assumed to be you guys at the time) took his edits and used them after he was asked to stop and deleted them? And in no way claimed the full edits to be his? It’s okay I saw it before it was deleted.

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            You could ask him if he did all the pages or only a few.
            Fact is, this started this whole new episode of drama.

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    I’ve seen images of a bonus chapter of some sort was a part of this chapter as well, any chance that it will be available here as well?
    it was some of the other side character’s at the artic inn.

    • james622 said:

      Where’d you see that?

      • Question? said:

        i was searching the wiki and some of the side character galleries had a been updated with a page which showed them together in the arctic inn.

        • Mavado said:

          Sounds like the volume 8 extra pages.

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    Thanks for the release! Judging by your previous LQ scan, even these low quality versions seem to come out pretty nice. 🙂

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    I’m beginning to think Suu is a little OP. :Y
    She literally does EVERYTHING! Tho it was nice to see Rachnee actually do something for once.
    Sorta breezed through this chapter tho. Tentacles do nothing for me. :/

    Mama Mero is scheming. Look-it dem dead eyes. So devoid of life. Whatever plans she has, she’s given up on life.

    Also, typo on page 13. In the second speech bubble of the guy on the phone…
    “…you to lose feeling in your arms and legs if ou touch them.”
    >>>>>>”if ou touch them.”

    Just tryin’ to help!

    Even your LQ are still pretty good looking to the uninitiated. I can’t really tell the difference, but I am patient for the HQs. Thanks for the release tho!
    Keep up the awesome work, gents. Chaos be with you!

  10. T. Ray said:

    For the next chapter, I’m hoping we’ll see Lala do something.

    • MysticX said:

      I doubt it, she was nowhere to be found in chapter 35, so for all we know she’s still at home.

    • AJ said:

      I don’t think it will be the next chapter. but i want to see more of Lala too. We barely even scratched the surface of her.

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    ok so todays episode i learned 3 things
    1: okayado may have skiped the polt chapter too bad (it may come later or an ova)
    2: they removed touhou references from the episode. i dont know why since touhou seems to be free of copyrights (thats why there is so many content of it on the net)
    3: smith have her own brand of can coffee (look at the can that draco throws at mia)

    thats all

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Haven’t seen it quite yet (just got back from college), but AWWWW! No Polt?! I was looking forward to her. I’m sure they’ll throw her in there sooner or later. When it becomes relevant (like what they did with the shedding/egg-laying chapters).

      • kalil said:

        yeah but i wonder
        it was episode 9 and probably will be 12 episodes so probably will end with lala

        • Saber said:

          As every episode is made of 2 chapters from the manga, and that the story arc with Lala is up to chapter 24, there is quite a chance that the chapter with Polt will be the second part of episode 12, we can only hope…
          Maybe they wanted to get all the girls to be here before the end of the season, and as the chapter with Polt has only Miia, Mero and Centorea, they thought it doesn’t matter where it would be in the order of episodes.
          After all, they reversed the MON and the “darling is ill” chapters, and it works well.

  16. Laarix said:

    I only now realized that the small D-shaped hair ornaments on Miia’s head somewhat look like cartoonish snake eyes… :V
    Is it only me feeling surprised and a bit dumb for not realising it earlier or i have brothers-in-dumbs in here? xD

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      When I first noticed them, at first I thought it was pretty shameless how much they had to hammer it home that she was a snake… then I realized that all they were doing was informing us on her cup-size. Kekekek. ‘.^~*

    • hirumono said:

      Ah, so THAT’s what they meant?? O.o

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    Once more, the torture of waiting for HQ and not looking at LQ sitting on your hard drive begins.

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    Hello. Can someone please help me? I need a translation of 12 Beast chapters 10-15. I just need the words and I’ll type set it myself. Can anybody help me with that?

    • matt said:

      do you have the chapters?

  19. Janos said:

    GUYS I FIGURED IT OUT. Suu is one of Kimihitos childhood friends that got Magiced into a slime. Yep that’s definitely it.

    • Strider said:

      Ummm… I dont think so. Too farfetched. This is not MGE Univers after all.

      • Janos said:

        It’s not that far fetched. Lilith can use magic, Lala has some form of supernatural power. Nintei uses magic. Centorea saying she thought Lala’s race was just mythical when she first met her even shows that theres things in the world even the extra species girls don’t know about.

  20. T. Ray said:

    This chapter just makes me wonder what chapter 37 has in store.

    • AJ said:


    • Pyro said:

      Kimihto’s father is Mero’s biological father from a one night stand since Mero’s mom is a tragedy nut as well. — my guess at least.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        And think of the tragedy THAT would cause! She loves him, but he’s her half-brother! Oh~ the tragedy!

        Incest and Chaos be with you.

  21. nobody said:

    On page 30 the middle panel has a typo: “handome” should be “handsome”.

    Just trying to help.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  22. Zdine said:

    love ep 10 of the anime (one with the dryad) Suu-zlla lol, they just had to do a godizlla reference

  23. matt said:

    With Centoria I’m surprised no ones made a “riding bareback” joke yet

  24. T. Ray said:

    Any news about chapter 37?

    • matt said:

      yes it comes out either the 18th or 19th in Japan, just like it always has

      • T. Ray said:

        Ah, okay.

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    When HD scan?

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    You know, something tells me that the Queen might be trying a ploy for the mermaid race to have all the men to themselves. O_O

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Oh? Evidence? I’m curious.

      • T. Ray said:

        Well, you have to think of it. The queen is not doing anything to stop the mermaids hooking up with human males. Like she wants that to happen.

  27. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Polt! 😀 There she is. She’s adorable. But I look forward to seeing her spaz out. I mean it. If she’s not Excel Saga-levels of spaz, I might be a tad disappointed!

  28. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    My friend posed a question after watching the latest episode today, so I bring it to those who feel qualified to answer.

    Who would win in a fight? Suu, or Juvia from Fairy Tail?

    Annnnnd GO!

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Sooo… no one then? Fair enough.

      • Laarix said:

        I’ll indulge you if noone else will.
        Depends how much water can actually Juvia conjure. If she can make enough to dilute to death Suu then Juvia wins. Otherwise Suu sucks up all the water that Juvia threw at her, becomes Suuzilla and crushes the puny wizard like Hulk smashed Loki.

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Thank you. I just wanted to hear someone else say it. 😛 Bonus points for reminding me of Hulk smashing Loki. Heheh. Puny god.

  29. T. Ray said:

    When will the raw of chapter 37 be posted

    • AJ said:

      well it just hit midnight in Japan so either later around noon or possibly tomorrow

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          on the same day =)

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    Why they are two version?
    Isn’t the RAW from the same magazine?

    • Orbitaltrans said:

      speaking as an outsider, I would imagine quality hobbyist photoshopping takes a *lot* of time, and thus is the bottleneck to releasing the high quality. I would guess the japanese to english translation takes hardly any time at all in comparison, and since the clamouring hordes want the chapters as soon as possible … a nice stop-gap measure is to have a quick release, then later a HQ release.

    • T. Ray said:

      Whoa… Something tells me “like daughter, like mother” would be a fitting statement for this chapter.

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    With the news of Hiroyuki Nishimura now owning 4chan, do you have any plans of going somewhere else if he starts cracking down on scanlations and fansubs?

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  32. kalil said:

    so the last episode of the season:
    1:the budged of it was high
    2:Lala added into the op (ed)
    3: poison suu

    • Mystic X said:

      It was the best episode of the season, being a combination of two of the funniest manga chapters helped of course.

      But i’m also a bit sad that it’s over already… Let’s hope for a season 2! ^_^

  33. M said:

    Polt was MIA again, but I guess they needed the budget. Remember to buy whatever official merch you can to support Season 2’s creation!

    • AJ said:

      perhaps OVA? AND season 2?

      • Laarix said:

        OVAs are possible since they did skip some material that could be reintroduced with them. As for season two i don’t think we’ll see it in 2016-2017. The author is only 11 chapter ahead and the he does 10-11 chapter’s a year so in 1,5 years there would be enough material but they usually do a season when the author is at least a bit ahead. The earliest date could be spring or summer 2018 if the author ends the story with the 52nd chapter. It is a rough estimate but my guess is that unless they decide to go filler-crazy we won’t see more animated monmusu until then.

        • Question? said:

          I believe somewhere in the final episode they have already confirmed a season 2, it’s written on a sign in the shopping district, also during the cooking scene there’s text at the bottom of the screen talking about a second season.

  34. Santa Who said:

    Is this going to be a continuing thing with these pre-releases?

    • fyl said:

      Probably yes.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        “-don’t expect this to happen often, b-baka.-”

  35. Killer said:

    From chapter 24 to chapter 36 are 12 chapters = 6 episodes. Between 2 volumes will be 20 chapters = 10 episodes, + episode of Polt ( chapter 17) are 11 episodes! Another 2 volumes for the second season. Volume 9 will be released shortly, and the volume 10 will be released in late summer 2016. August 2016 will be released the second season!

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      Math, mutherfooper! >:D

      • Killer said:

        Suck my Di** 🙂

  36. T. Ray said:

    How’s the HQ scanlation going? And has 37 been translated?

    • fyl said:

      Chapter 36 is currently in redrawing and typesetting. I had some trouble with the raws and not much time to work on the chapter.
      It might be released next week.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any raws for chapter 37 yet.

      • Seifa said:

        Ouch, that’s unfortunate. 🙁

        Patience is a virtua, and i won’t make a fuss about late translations…. but i really want a Monster Musume monthly dose to cheer up >.<

        Oh well, it will come soon, keep up the good work 😀

      • halloween20 said:

        this time we will “only” get the HQ scanlation of 36 and sometime later the LQ from 37?”

        • fyl said:

          I don’t know what’ll be released first, but we got chapter 37 raws today and need to TL/PR/TS the speed release.
          Chapter 36 HQ will probably be released this weekend.
          Chapter 37 HQ will probably be released in two weeks or something.

          • halloween20 said:

            ah thx for the replay…

            good to hear.
            waitin patiently for the releases 🙂

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      Um, well, a bit of both. :3

      It may take a while longer though, 3 posts above yours, Fyl said that they don’t have raws for chapter 37 yet, so it will be a bit longer…

      • Katsu said:

        oh thx for info buddy:) i really need to scroll up lol

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