LQ SPEED RELEASE: Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 35

Because a kind anon had some alright raws, and we had some time.

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  1. White-Fox said:

    Thank you for the chapter. I’ll be replacing it with next week with the HQ scans.

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    Good call, this can prevent something like from the last time 🙂

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    Wow, thanks!! That was super fast!

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    Thanks, will be looking forward to grabbing the high quality release when it drops!

    • Geese1 said:

      BTW, just read it and I noticed you had the name “Sebastian” spelled two different ways (on pages 6 and 8 for example). If this wasn’t done on purpose you may just want to fix it up for the v2 HQ release. 😉

      • fyl said:

        Yes, it was done on purpose. The original is a pun on “saba” which means mackerel.

        • Genmer said:


  5. Agozer said:

    Just here to say…

    Rachnera in a bikini HHHHNNNNNGGGHHH

    • Genmer said:

      Too sexy!

    • bramsspam said:

      I didn’t expect that and I’m very happy whit this sexiness!!

  6. kalil said:

    tsundere staff… kawaii

    but seriously thanks for the chapter i enjoyed it a lot
    (althought the plot is going a bit too much on little marmaid)

  7. Red said:

    May i ask for a pack of all the released until now, i want to download it all

    • fyl said:

      There are batch downloads for each volume on our releases page, so you don’t have to download each chapter separately.

      • Red said:

        It seem I can’t find it
        Can I have the direct link

        • Red said:

          Sorry , never mind

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    Thank you so much for the chapter! And for sure I’ll replace it by the next week release. 😀

  10. wolfy said:

    So i’m guessing w/ mero’s mom being hesitant about species intermingling (nice that the author is willing to add some drama like that in, instead of “everybody is trying to get along!”) darling will be instrumental in rescuing mero, thus improving the queen’s view of inter-species cohabitation.

    Also betting odds that the scylla isnt a typical villian. Maybe she’s been trying to talk to the royal family about something she deems important, and thus far none of them would even give her the time of day, so..

  11. halloween20 said:

    first of all. THANKS for the fast release.
    but here my question about it… why did u drop from your “only hq releases from us” attitude ?
    i don’t want to be insulting, I’m just curious?

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Actually, it’s because some nice anonymous dude have a decent raw scan. And he give it to this group. Even if isn’t as high quality as it usually is, they decided to release it anyway as a beta release.

      • halloween20 said:

        then i hope the “anonymous dude” will continue to share raws with the ppl 😀

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    So why didn’t they cook the crabs? Get me some drawn butter and french fries and stand back!

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    Thank you very much for the release. This was a very entertaining chapter. Nice to see Ranchera do more. Very cute and funny moments. Keep up the good work. The Sponge Bob reference was priceless.

  15. gekkokid said:

    i feel a little insulted that you guys call me baka….

    but i also feel shy/happy about it…

    anyway thank you guys for the up load, you guys have my respect.

  16. Gordon Chaney said:

    As I have no idea where to make a suggestion for future monstergirls to be featured, I decided to put them here: 1) Goblin girl,harem addition(?); 2) Large Mouse pack as stowaways to be captured… ; Gazer a la MGE by Kenkou cross as a possible harem addition… I hope you can get this to the writers. Thanks

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Seeing as these are two different dimensions and realms of thought, let alone different end-behaviors for the variants of “monstergirl” it is very unlikely we would encounter anything from MGE in here… especially considering that THAT world is more a world of swords and sorcery mixed with ceaseless rape and.. Chaos… and THIS world is a standard modern world where monsters just happen to exist.

      Also there are monstermen here too.. kinda throws sand into the cogwheel of life for MGE monsters.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        And for the record, in terms of harem additions, I will not let chapter 33 be the last we see of that Sheepgirl! SO HELP ME!

  17. Luan said:

    Good Morning!

    Would like to Know what’s the name this font you used for the credits page of chapter 35 of Monter Girsl?

    Print: http://prntscr.com/7x76i4http://prntscr.com/7x76v7

    Could you help me ? I’m looking a lot for this font!
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • fyl said:

      It’s a font based on handwriting, so it’s not a font that’s up for download somewhere.

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    Will we get a Special notice for the HD quality?

    • fyl said:

      There will be a release post for it.

  19. Charlie V said:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you’ve done on this manga. You guys rock!

    Also, in regards to the anime, does anyone know for certain if there will be an uncensored version of the anime? Possibly in the blue-ray version? The cropping in the show makes me think that there will be an uncensored version, but the cropping is also very distracting. Is it only speculation at this point? Do you guys think there will be an uncensored version?

    Thank you guys, you guys are all amazing people.

    -Charlie V

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      It’s confirmed to have the uncensored version on Blu-ray.

      • Katsu said:

        Sweet! thx for the best news i heard in a while! i can’t wait!! 😀

      • Charlie V said:

        Ok thank goodness, I love the anime the way it is, but I wouldn’t mind if we got to see the uncensored/uncropped version. Thank you for the good news!

        Also, just wanted to say, I’ve been reading the comments on this site for a year now, and you are all amazing and I’m glad I gathered the courage to finally comment/ask you guys something.

        Have a wonderful day everyone! (:

  20. T. Ray said:

    Any news about chaps. 36?

    • T. Ray said:

      Sorry I mean chapter 36

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Let’s focus on getting HQ Chp35 first. 😛

    • Anonymous said:

      36 is out on the 19th of August.

  21. kalil said:

    the anime seems to have jumoed the miias shedding skin scene
    there are people whos suspect it will be show on the camera man episode

    • Laarix said:

      I think it will be cut for a later release on disc or put in some other episode as a filler. The anime is quite clearly crop-censored as to make it a little less ecchi so a chapter like that could go directly to OVA or if the ecchi isn’t the reason it could be because they wanted to keep a clean order of the manga chapters placed in each anime episode and will show it later on since that chapter didn’t actually add anything important to the story and it can be pushed back with no remorse.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        It added TONS to the story… like… urm.. ah.. hmm.. ah! Lamias… can shed? :/

        • kalil said:

          actually that chapter helped to deep kimihitos nice guys syndrome

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Terminal Nice Guy Syndrome (or TNGS, “tings”). Ugh *shudders* what a horrible affliction. And honestly… did we need a chapter to show that he’s got TNGS? A] He’s the main male lead in a harem anime. B] We already showcased that the last 6 chapters. C] IT IS A HAREM ANIME, OF COURSE THEY LIKE HIM FOR HIS TNGS! When in the wide world of anime has the main character EVER in a harem anime EVER been liked for anything OTHER than being a nice guy? I mean REALLY!!

          Anyway, I need to hurry up for that cure for TNGS. Can’t let it get global. … Gods above help us all if it gets global. The whole world will be overrun with nice guys! We can NOT let that happen!

    • MysticX said:

      What i noticed is that any reference to Miia’s (lack of) cooking skill has been removed, contrary to the shedding scene (Which is only referenced in the “crooked director”-bit but can be skipped outright) Miia’s curious cookery actually has some relevance later on, maybe they’re rushing the assembly of the harem a bit?

      As a big fan of Rachnee, i applaud any hastening of her arrival :3

  22. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how hilarious that SUUplex Kimihito gave in the bathroom? Was pretty damn glorious! Heheh.

    (I honestly just wanted an excuse to say suuplex)

  23. ?? said:

    does anyone know where to fined bonus chapters?
    i heard vol 7 bonus chapter features all 3 moms talking about their daughters.

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Reddit at r/monmusu

      • ?? said:

        how and where are other specials (hope they are translated to)?

        • Yosumarainesu said:

          That’s a bit complicated since no one has put them together as one post. Sorry, but I can’t help. Forgive me :-/

          • ?? said:

            its ok 😉

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Hilarious. Methinks I would be equal parts terrified and interested in Lamia culture. On one hand, lamia are hot (figuratively speaking). On the other, I don’t like being confined or small spaces, and being enveloped in a sea of snakes… might trigger claustrophobia! Sort of a “Taz likes egg, Taz hates water” sort of deal. Still I bet the culture is fascinating. I think I’d be quite interested in the alchemy, for one. I’ve always had a soft spot for it. (I blame FMA)

      • Zack the Hunter said:

        Papi’s mom…. just wow.

  24. PORCO DIO said:

    Raws chapter 35 HD? When?

    • fyl said:

      We just got the raws yesterday and I’ve started working on them.

  25. Kirk Dumont said:

    I found the anime on crunchyroll, followed the trail to this site, and have fallen maddly in love with this manga!So I must ask….. is there an estimate on how long until the next chapter comes out? If there is no “official” word, than please let me know! thank you for this amazingly awesome manga!

    • fyl said:

      The manga is released around the 19th each month and usually it takes around 1-7 days to get the raws.
      Afterwards we translate, edit and typeset the chapter, which usually took 2-4 weeks. If we get additional help, it takes a week or something.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      It usually takes them a while, but the quality is pretty damn worth it. As for the anime, I usually watch on Watchcartoononline, but I know that Crunchyroll has been monotoring the show like a hawk.

      Welcome to the hoard by the way. I myself stumbled upon some images from Chapter one a long while back on Danbooru of some lamia in bed with someone and thought it was sorta adorable.. then found more images… and now I’m here. Kekek.

      Chaos welcomes you.

  26. Someguy said:

    Wait… this was a “low-quality” release? I’m sorry but this seemed just fine to me, I’m actually not even sure what bits of it were sub-standard compared to your guys’ usual releases. Can someone explain to me the difference? I don’t mean to offend, I’m normally fairly discerning about image/sound quality but I really am stumped here. >.>

    • fyl said:

      The main difference is the comparatively huge amount of blur and warping caused by scanning without debinding the book.
      The blur usually shows up as either unusually bright or dark part on the leveled page.

      Leveling-wise, I completely automated the process, so some parts are left a bit dirty or under/overleveled.

      We didn’t really do any redraws and released the chapter in 1600px height and uncropped width, as compared to our usual 1776×2600 (or 3552×2600 for double pages) dimensions.
      The original text was either typeset over with a huge stroke or left untouched.

  27. bramsspam said:

    Thank you very much people for your efforts and always a good work, so of course thank you for the new -beta- chapter!

  28. kalil said:

    the animation of suu attacking the girls, we were so close to hentai just one more step.
    ican only imagine how the gian battle between suu and kii will be.

    and on the next episode: miia sheding skin and pappi laying egg. 1 more week

    • Seifa said:

      That was the moment when i felt embarassed, for the first time, by following Monster Musume XD

      Not that i won’t stop doing that, this series is too damn fun.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Same. That was almost a little too ecchi for my tastes, and I can handle a lot of perversity.

  29. T. Ray said:

    Hey. Fur future suggestions for monster girls, what do you guys think of a jotunn, a golem, a genie, and a mummy?

    • matt said:

      to large, too hard, too wispy, too dead

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Tio is tall, Zombina is dead. What’s wrong with wispy air-things when we have a pile of water as a character? And “hard” can be subjective when we have a girl with dragon scales as a member, not to mention that Lala is always wearing armor?

        • matt said:

          Tio is just large enough with a jotunn you would need a weatsuit, Suu is gelatinous with a genie you would pass right through. Golems are made of rock have you ever hugged a rock i’m sure it’s pretty unpleasant. And frankly I don’t like Zombina being dead is a hug turn off for me

        • Laarix said:

          We are following too much the common sense of “normal” fantasy characters and monsters when japan usually doesn’t. For us a vampire in ANY setting would have to suck blood to live and would be instantly destroyed under sunlight and yet this anime season we have an anime in which the vampire doesn’t need blood to survive and just gets TANNED very quickly under direct sunlight (i think the vampire in question may have parents like any human would). Japan doesn’t really care for the original lore of many western myths and religions and just borrow whatever they need without really caring about what’s canon and what’s not so neither should we when we talk about japanese shows.

        • T. Ray said:

          I for one agree with you. And besides, all four of these monsters haven’t been used in Japanese anime before (correct me if I’m wrong in that statement). I would really like to see those kinds of monster girls.

  30. waiting said:

    Still waiting for the HQ version. I have patience 😀

  31. Cezar said:

    I’m in withdrawal. Need monster girls.

    • Orbitaltrans said:

      There are new episodes of the anime each week, and if you want to get more adult you might try monster girl quest by torotoro. The new game MGQ Paradox is a sequel even though it’s a different game type, so I wouldn’t recommend starting with it.

  32. Daje m'po' said:

    Where is chapter 35 HQ, where isss??? I can not wait XD…

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Patience is a virtue, friend. If there’s anything you should know about this translation site, it is that these things come out slowly. Very well done, but slowly.

    • fyl said:

      Maybe like next week.
      Didn’t have much time this week to do redraws.

  33. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    So… was I the only one mesmerized by how awesome those analogies were in episode 6? Like… those were comic gold! I teared up a little it. It was magical. Also a nice nod to the creator during the egg-laying. What with the crab/dwebble in a ball.

    • AJ said:

      i think that okayados….uggghhh what do you call it… anyway okayodo used a hermit crab to potray himself in one of the shorts where he was in akihabara doing signings

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        I believe the term you are looking for is “avatar”. And yeah I picked up on it too. From the quick scene it was in, the thing looked like the pokemon, dwebble, which I thought was amusing. Still a clever nod to the creator.

        • AJ said:

          ahh thank you! avatar was what i was looking for. And yes i agree!

      • james622 said:

        There’s a group (Shitime) translating them in batches, but they’re about fifteen shorts behind. Seems like there’s a couple weeks between each batch release – I think there’ll be a new one next week.

    • AJ said:

      I am really diggin Centoreas songs!

  34. Janos said:

    I feel like we need more speculation on who exactly Suu is. From her first appearance it’s said she’s mimicking everyone yet some of her actions of course show she’s a lot smarter than she leads on (mind reading, Healing Kimihito, Etc.) Three things about her have me really curious to her true identity. 1. Everyone assumes she’s kinda brainless so Papi gave her a name and she just rolled with it. 2. When she attacks Miia she goes straight for Miia’s tail. The only time we see Miia’s weakness before this is the first time we see Miia. Miia even questions how Suu found out about her weakness. Either Suu knows the weaknesses of Lamias(and possibly other species) or she was in the house at the same time Miia arrived or even before. 3. How was Suu the only one(other than Mero) to know chamber would fill with water crabman obviously doesn’t just draw panels just to draw them and so far he seems to have a habit of having a secret trait about the girls (Princess, Cerea’s Human father, Rachnera being self conscious, Miia originally coming to find a communal husband, Papi Being the bird version of Dory from Finding Nemo and, Lala Being a Psychopomp.) Kimihito has learned all the girls secrets except for Suu and Papi.

  35. kalil said:

    finished to watch this week episode
    since thjis is a MON episode ed and op got inverted

  36. gekkokid said:

    anyone enjoying reading the Monstergirl enciclopedia on the anime series?(i have

    it’s at the end of each episode, and i have to say i hope those mosnter girls that have been shown so far in that enciclopedia get to be showen on the series at some point, cus seriously i would like to see the different types of the spider girls specially the Big species (you know the wild hairy one) she call my attencion alot..

    also the other types of slimes…well the dark and the pink one call my attencion aswell

    also in resent episode the Monoeye(or cyclops) called Backbeard…i really want to see that one on the series someday… i mean just screaming “YOU DAMN LOLICON” and then running away, is enough to kill me with laughter XD

  37. Rein Scarter said:

    Thank’s admin-san. I really enjoy read this chapter.The girls in bikini quite satisfie, more sexy scenes please. Ah, and other. Is the anime version was made uncensored by purpose ? If not will the uncesored version out and when. Such a shame it’s not like the manga but, I enjoy watching it. SO thank’s and Ganbare….

  38. german said:

    Chapter 36?

  39. Yosumarainesu said:

    Anybody got the chapter 36’s raw yet? Any scan?

      • AJ said:

        hmmmm i have questions about this chapter

        • ?? said:

          is squide lady joining harem?
          Evil Suu?

          • Yosumarainesu said:

            New harem member? Nah.
            Supporting character? Maybe.
            One-off character? Most likely.

          • T. Ray said:

            I really hope she is.

          • T. Ray said:

            A new harem member I mean

  40. Night said:

    Are we gonna be getting the HQ 35 and 36 at the same time now? I only ask cause it’s been almost a month since HQ 35 was said to be released.

  41. gekkokid said:

    sup y’all! anyone got a link to chapter 36 Raw? i want to see a preview of what’s next.

  42. Ecodiver said:

    Sorry, but did the HQ release of chp. 35 get abandoned? Or is it still pending?

    • fyl said:

      I didn’t have much time to work on redraws, because I moved to a new town. It’ll be out some time this week.

      • Ecodiver said:

        Thank you! 🙂

  43. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Patience is a virtue, gents. If you aren’t willing to wait for the good stuff, then go find it elsewhere done quickly. Kekekek.

    • gekkokid said:

      jesus.. you just reminded my what happen to me ones with a fortune cookie…(good memory though) but still you’re right,sometimes good thing comes for those who wait…

  44. Dtrex said:

    you guys see the 4 shorts that came out


    Scroll down, there are 4 shorts here:

    MON’s Day Off

    If Papi had tail feathers

    Kobolds (one page)

    Rachnera and Suu Secrets (and Favorite Foods)

    • Genmer said:

      Holy shit.

      This is straight-up h-manga territory.

      • Seifa said:

        Sometimes we get really tame chapters, like the bodyguard one, and after that Okayado drops the H bomb!

        At this point i can’t consider Monster Musume an ecchi, it’s straight up soft-core hentai XD

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          I haven’t clicked it (raws do nothing for me) but the commentary here scares me. So lemme just ask:

          Without reading this chapter yet, is this worse than the Dryad chapter?

          • alidan said:

            worse is a relative term, in terms of hentai… no, i would call it tamer overall.

          • Zack the Hunter said:

            One word.


        • Mystic X said:

          MonMusu started as hardcore hentai (the 1- or 2-page strips), so we’re still ahead on that front, besides that, i can say without sarcasm that i like MonMusu for the story and the characters. 😀

          The risqué situations are just icing on the cake, really. :3

    • kalil said:

      i have the power to resist

    • Unanswered said:

      Aaaand this chapter is why Suu will always be my waifu.

  45. T. Ray said:

    Okay, that smile the mermaid queen has is pretty suspicious!

    • gekkokid said:

      yeah i admit…there is just something off about that smile of hers….and in my opinion that doesn’t look good….(i think it must be related to Darling some how…poor lucky bastard)

      • T. Ray said:

        Odds are she most likely would try to take him for herself!

    • Thefreeman said:

      She’s the sister of Aizen of Bleach :V
      Dat smile indeed!

  46. matt said:

    we got any 36 translations? of some sort. i cant find any on 4chan

  47. MAD said:

    Chapter 35 = Humiliated Rachnee 🙁
    He could choose another character…but this is a ecchi manga… i want Rachnee’s revenge in chapter 36 XD

    • MysticX said:

      Well, Rachnee did better than Miia, Centorea and Papi, so it could be worse.

      Besides, Suu’s “A new power for every occasion”-skill is enormously overpowered. 😛

  48. MAD said:

    Ah is the 36, no 35… fuck**g raws, I did a double spoiler…

  49. monmusings said:

    Technically Suu is an apex sexual predator… preys on all, preyed on by none.

  50. MonsterGirlLover569 said:

    “Next week” Lmao

    • fyl said:

      Refer to my comment above.

  51. ShiroiRyu said:

    One little question anon.
    I think others already asked for that but …
    Do you think you could do 12 Beast too ? 🙂
    The others monsters girls manga of the author ? ^^
    Thanks !

    • fyl said:

      We don’t have any plans to pick up 12beast in the future.

  52. Kenny said:

    Hello, can any body translate 12 Beast chapters 10-15 for me please? I’ll clean and type set it myself, I just need the text translated.

  53. T. Ray said:

    Excuse me, but when will we expect the translantion of chapter 36?

    • fyl said:

      We’re working on a speed release. This should be out in the next two or three days.

      • T. Ray said:

        Okay. Can’t wait for it.

      • hirumono said:

        That’s great to hear! I only hope you won’t drop regular releases for speed ones. They’re really exceptional! And MM deserves such quality ^_^

  54. Jesus Burgess said:

    Two o three days? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

    • fyl said:

      You’re always free to offer your help with redraws or other things.
      Especially if you’re not disappearing after one or two chapters.

  55. Gary said:

    At some point will you guys pick up 12 beast? I know you must get this question a lot but I just really want to read it. Or will you pick it up eventually?

    • fyl said:

      We don’t have any plans to pick up 12beast in the future.

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    Thanks for the chapter.

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    At mangafox chapter 36 is realesed

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    • fyl said:

      Same as above: translation was used without permission.

  59. psycholobster said:

    Thank you very much for the release. Very cute chapter with Octa she is adorable. Keep up the good work.