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The website will be down a number of hours sometime this week.

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Enjoy the anime!

  1. AJ said:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Katsu said:

    Enjoy the anime huh… i found Zero group doing it..:(

    • AJ said:

      any signs of raws?

      • Pyro said:

        Not that I’m aware of, however has the timer at just over 12 hours before the first episode airs.

        • AJ said:

          Thanks for that Pyro!

    • gekkokid said:

      go to they got the series running so far 2 episodes have aired and their pretty good.

  3. Cg said:

    ok, thanks for your work 😀

  4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    “Enjoy the anime”? I didn’t even know it was out yet!! D: That’s what I have you guys for! I’m terrible at research! T-T

    Has anyone done a translation yet? Judging by the… four… posts above mine, it doesn’t look like it.

    If someone finds decent translations of the anime, please be sure to share.

    Chaos and animation be with you all.

  5. Saa said:

    OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!

    The website is going down.


  6. kalil said:

    finish watching the anime
    pretty good (despise i coundnt undesrtand) but pretty well animated, kimihito punch was pretty good and the eningd music is really sweet.

    • AJ said:

      That’s sounds good for a first episode!

    • Thefreeman said:

      Agreed! The opening was a nice surprise and dat ending!

      Can’t wait for episode 2 x3

      pd: and it looks like they’re doing 2 chapters of the manga x episode.

    • MysticX said:

      I got a subtitled version through BitTorrent, and it’s up on Crunchyroll now, it follows the manga pretty closely so far and is excellent fun ^_^

      Next week: The introductions of Papi and Cerea!

  7. Laarix said:

    Just finished watching it. So far so good, no white bar/light censorship though im guessing they may have cropped some images as to avoid some nipple exposure. I don’t know how they’ll be handling next episode since it will be Papi’s and Cerea’s chapters and we all know how Cerea in particular is all about accidental frontal nudity :V I liked the animation and the voice actors (Smith really has the most sultry voice i have heard in a while) so i’m looking forward to the rest of this season.
    On a side note….
    What the hell was that toward the closing of the OP?? Was it a heart shaped genkidama from Dragonball? Should we expect a SSJ transformation from the monmusu cast? xD
    And the Ending too, a weird combination of cute/sexy and badass. Nice the monster encyclopedia bit at the end, always nice to discover more sketches/details and such from the author.

    Overall? YAAAAAAY!

  8. LauW said:

    I have absolutely no interest in the anime.

  9. AJ said:

    i can;t wait to get out of work to see it!!!

  10. MAX said:

    indeed great anime

  11. AJ said:

    ok i just saw it…..awesome to the opening, YES to the episode itself, And Yes to the ending! alls i can say without giving to much to you fine people is….yes!

  12. Brunoxsa said:

    Thanks for all scanlation work, guys!
    Watching the 1st episode of anime. It seems a little more ecchi than manga… I really hope the anime goes beyond 12 episodes!

  13. dan said:

    i watched the anime it fine but the censorship i feel is ganna take away from the show all in all

  14. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    I don’t suppose someone has a link to the first episode/a place I could continually watch the episodes as they come out? Preferably translated, if possibly/even exists yet.

    I’m really bad at trying to find stuff on the internet. =3=
    Please and thank you.
    Chaos be with you all.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        You are a god among men… or women.. or extraspecies… regardless!

        Thank ye very much! Much Chaos be with you.

        • AJ said:

          So what did you think SCD?

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          @AJ (Took me a moment to realize that “SCD” is shorthand for my username, haha.. I’m such a dunce..)
          Well~ Since you asked (you really shouldn’t have but you did so yer in for it now!)

          Honestly, with the exception of a significant lack of nips, the anime was just about spot-on in comparison with the manga. Miia is downright adorable in animated form. Whoever her voice actress is, she is spot on. If I had any complaints, it would be that I’d really like to see them animate her moving.. like at a distance. It almost appears to me that they are trying to hide her moving, and when they do… I get a sort of slug-feel from her movement. Like she’s ooching along rather that slithering. It makes me question if they didn’t think they were capable of properly animating her movements. Also makes me wonder how they’ll animate a character with many moving parts, like Rach for example (granted she loafs about most of the time as it is).
          Other than that, the animation is quite amazing and they greatly improved on one of my favorite aspects of the series… Kimihito’s facial expressions! They can do even more now that he’s animated. It’s glorious!
          Just saw Episode 2 as well, which… was wrongity wrong (could have done without the blowjob “innuendos”, if they can be called that), but still pretty funny. Cerea’s voice actress is exactly what I predicted, as is Papi’s.

          My only overhanging concern is that we only have 34 chapters… which at the rate we are going at, would equate to about 17 episodes, plenty for a first season… but Fullmetal Alchemist comes to mind. Will they push forward and make episodes even if they catch up to the manga, or will they hold off and wait for more to accrue? I really hope the latter. Nothing urks me more than when the anime jumps the gun over the manga. It’s why Rosario + Vampire’s anime bugs me so much (it was such an awesome manga too, so chaotic!).

          But so far, so good. Thanks for asking, and kudos if you actually read all that blathering.

          Chaos be with you!

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Apologies for everyone else who has to scroll past this. If I could place spoilers, I would.

          • si1foo said:

            there is a very simple reason which is proberly why we wont see her moving along and that is because it would take sooo much time too animate it and make it look convincing giving characters a elbow cost alot of money just think about all the move ment required in a slithering motion

        • Laarix said:

          Replying to Davidicus: For the lack of nips i already theorized here in this comment section that it may be some kind of censorship so they could be back (or not) later in a disc release.
          For the Papi icecream-blowjob innuendos i believe they are as they should be. After all i watch more closely both anime and manga and you may notice that often some SFX are actually lost in translation and what you didn’t notice on the paper could surprise you in the anime simply because the manga doesn’t have audio :V
          I could make an example with the scene in which Papi forgets Kimihito after 3 steps. In the anime they actually made it more clear by showing us those 3 steps so that the gag would be obvious but in the manga version of the same scene there are 3 SFX that i now believe are steps to explain the gag.
          I would never have noticed them in the manga since most SFX are not translated, i suspect due to the sheer amount of them all and the fact that often they are written over other images making translating them a really hard work or straight out impossible without redrawing the whole panel.
          Regarding the chapter/episodes matter i believe they’ll cut this season at the 13 episode/26 chapters mark and make a second season when we’ll have either 52 chapters of the manga or some kind of mix of 40-50 chapters + some fillers like a spin off with the MON team or something like that. It all depends on how much hype/fame this season will receive.
          If the show is a success they’ll probably make pressure on Okayado to churn out more chapters or have him hire some help to speed up the process.
          Let’s just hope that whatever happens it won’t be like with “History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi” which toward the end became an ecchifest with little story and that Okayado will manage to keep the quality standards high.
          Like Davidicus i apologize for the WoT :V

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          I rather like Kenichi quite a bit. Wished there was more of it. My only complaint throughout the entire show is that he whined about being pathetic despite CLEARLY getting stronger. He ragged on that a bit too much. (I honestly don’t recall an “ecchifest” near the end, tho.)

          As for Monster Musume, most of that makes sense, just… probably a little too ecchi for me. Some of it didn’t even make sense. Cerea waving some salad around equates to boobage going haywire! It always urks me when something ecchi is overly forced. I don’t need them slapping me in the face with how busty Cerea is… sorta obvious, really. (Also, I’d rather not be slapped in the face by Cerea with her boobage.. I’m not as immortal is Kimihito is, I’m afraid. Whatta way to die tho.) I can only imagine the Slime vs. Dryad fight. :/
          As for the amplification of scenarios, I still really dig it. I got a huge laugh over how drawn out the 3-step brainfart Papi had was. It was pretty perfect, and very magical. Overall, it is FAR from discouraging me from the anime. Hell I’d watch it alone in the dark, under covers if I had to, let alone watch it with friends and family (which, so far, I have, kekek. I must corrupt everything I touch!)

        • Laarix said:

          The Kenichi manga does get terribly ecchi toward the end. I read it all, a very long story comparing to the Ragnarok arc that is shown in the anime and i enjoyed both of them.
          I agree that Cerea’s humungous rack is forced upon us in this episode, let’s hope that it is so because it’s her introduction episode and they’ll tone it down a bit later on.
          Though i get the feeling that we’ll see a lot more of its swaying because, let’s be honest, nothing that big would move without making long swings :V
          As for the corruption side… well i do try to corrupt a few friends and/or family with anime but they can be picky and Monmusu isn’t really the anime that you show to an anime newbie (unless he’s somewhat perverted or you want to scare him/her off) :V

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Actually, for the most part, the movement of anatomy has been pretty spot on, in terms of breasts at least. They aren’t overtly wobbling about unnecessarily (with the exception of the table scene at the end). They move as I’d imagine boobs would (what with my obviously limited experiences, of course).

  15. Eye'mDrunk said:

    move to which server?

    also I don’t know if I’m missing it (can’t watch the anime properly because too many ppl near me) I don’t see Lala at the opening (I hope I only miss her appearance only)

  16. wolfy said:

    Horrible subs is also releasing the anime, if you want something that you can download like other series’

  17. Fenrir said:

    When is the next chapter coming out?

  18. T. Ray said:

    What’s the name of the server that you moved to? Also, is there any news about chapter 35?

  19. Grip said:

    Just wanted to give you an update with the prologue raws, currently I have paid all the fees that are needed to ship it to the scanner so in a while I will have the prologue chapter to give you guys.

    What I am referring to is this chapter that has been over looked for quite some time.

    I checked and this is not just one page but actually a chapter. You could call it Chapter 0 of Every Day Life With Monster Girls.

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Pardon me for asking. But are you a part of the scanlation team and they really will translate this chapter? Or did you just share the prologue to them but there’s no guarantee that they will translate this chapter? I want to know for certain.

  20. Grip said:

    Not part of a scanlation team and I would give them the chapter if they wanted to translate it.

    If they say that they can’t I can always just commission it to get done.

  21. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Now as I’ve said, I’m a dunce, and don’t research well. Perhaps it was already mentioned, but when will the episode 2 of Monster Musume be released, and when can we reasonably expect it to be translated? I’m trying to figure out how often I should check in to try and find it. One episode was not enough. I crave more.

    • Mystic X said:

      I could download it about an hour after it was shown on TV through BitTorrent (On Tuesday), subtitled and all.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        What about release dates for the episodes? Are they weekly? Bi-weekly? How many are currently finished?

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Oup! Apologies! Perhaps I’m not as bad as I thought at research. Found both ep 1 and 2 on watchcartoononline when I popped on to watch some Adventure Time, saw it on the sidebar! Go me!

        I assume then, that the episodes are weekly.

        • Laarix said:

          Yep they are weekly.
          I get the feeling that since they are quite obviously censored with missing frames or cropped ones there could be an uncensored version of it coming out eventually when they’ll release the season in disc form.
          Maybe it’s only my sensation but Okayado did show much more nudity in his manga and seeing what other anime do show frankly i don’t believe that the author’s original work would be out of line.
          Anyway, should any of you have problems watching the streams i usually watch anime on They have quite a few mirrors for each episode and i always find at least one that does work well. I can’t speak for the amount of ads though since i use Noscript (God bless Noscript and its creators) and i block them all out :V

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Ad blocker baby! Sites may winge about us using them, but frankly, with how saturated the internet is for places to have free viewing of material, if one place locks up due to anti-adblocking nonsense, I’ll find another place still happy to do it..

            Also the link on watchcartoononline didn’t wanna work, but a quick google search found another site that did..

  22. Laarix said:

    I believe that a little tuning would be good for this comments section as when we write a lot in a third or fourth reply it tends to create a long thin column that makes the reply look more of a wall of text than they actually are. Could it be possible to have the reply shift move a little less to the right so that we can squeeze the replies a little less?

    Just a thought.

    And thanks again to the translation and web team that not only do provide us with excellent quality material but also give us a place to rant about our favorite manga :V

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      I miss the old comments section… and spoiler boxes. :/ Those allow me to be as long-winded as I please.

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Yeah. If only it wasn’t 800 BUCKS I would probably buy it.

    • MysticX said:

      I’m personally hoping for figures or UFO catcher plush of the girls, especially of Rachnera, she’s my favourite monster girl even though regular ol’ spiders give me the creeps :3

    • T. Ray said:

      Speaking of which, anybody have any speculation about what that unknown character for the key chains will be?

    • kalil said:


      long dakimakura is lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

    • Missing said:

      I want that Roll Me shirt. Hopefully some of this stuff will make it’s way to Ebay.

  23. alidan said:

    Hey, translator person, got a question.

    I’m reading the official manga, and my god are there puns and pun like things everywhere for some characters. I have to ask, you see the work and can read it, are the official translations correct in what they are saying… think “yea, you could interpret it that way” or are they adding their own spin on it?

    I just want to know, but either way, I much prefer your/this groups take on it.

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      It was an added pun. But it wasn’t story changing so it’s not that big of a deal. A little annoying but not that bad.

      • alidan said:

        I’m at when the spider comes in, one part has “that watery tart” while this group puts a far lesser “her too…?!”

        Alot of the prior books had moments where I was able to just overlook it as an alternate translation, but a lot of these moments don’t feel like alternate takes.

        • Mystic X said:

          Seven seas really dialled up the animal-based puns for their translation but at least the gist of the text is the same (After a while i hardly even noticed all the “Neigh” and “Itsy bitsy” anymore)

          In contrast: i remember the first official translation of “Negima!”, the first few volumes were pretty badly translated on purpose, to make things more naughty and the whole meaning of the text was changed to do that, at least seven seas sticks to the original meaning, even if they stick animal puns in where they can…

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            The official Negima manga was one of my firsts. Shame I’ve never had the funds to fuel my addiction. Makes me wonder what context those first few volumes had for some of their scenes.

          • alidan said:

            negima is an interesting one, the first 3 volumes of that had thousand master translated as southern master, there is a chance that it wasn’t translated wrong on purpose but due to incompetence. it was a long time ago, but wasn’t the original translator for that fired and they re did the first few volumes?

        • hirumono said:

          Yes, the official US manga is really filled with bad puns (especially about Papi) and made-up character catchphrases. Also, they seem to dumb down the text sometimes, e.g. by putting “cold-blooded” for Miia instead of “poikilotherm”, that Translator-fag correctly used. It looks like they want to make sure that the manga has appeal for a public of dumb teenagers. I was really annoyed by this bad translation work initially, nevertheless I want to support Okayado-sensei… and besides, this manga is really worthy of a paper edition!

        • MysticX said:

          The first 14 volumes were translated and published by Del Rey publishing, after that the rights were transferred to Kodansha publishing, where volumes 1 to 14 were re-translated (Good thing too) and re-published in 3-volume omnibus editions.

          Despite having all the volumes already, i did buy the 1-3 and 4-6 omnibus editions, and the difference is pretty hefty.

          • hirumono said:

            Nice to know, thanks! 😉

    • AJ said:


    • Dtrex said:

      thank you

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Now, to wait this group to translate it. Anybody have a link (if there’s any) to 4chan when Translator-Fag usually share the scan and quick translation of the new chapter?

  24. GeassGx said:

    For anyone that care or is looking, Chihiro is subbing the anime. The anime seems to be covering 2 chapters per episode.

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Horriblesubs does too, if you prefer quick update. Chihiro usually have some delays, but the quality of subs is more “colorful” in a good way. Or just watch it on crunchyroll and daisuki if you want to see it legitimately.

  25. Grip said:

    My scanner friend now has the book with the chapter in it.

    He will be scanning the book ASAP and I will have the chapter to post here or give to the admin here in a couple days.

    • Anonymous said:

      That’s fantastic – if we get it in the next few days, we can release it this week!

      Have him email it to !

      • Grip said:

        Here is hoping.

        • Grip said:

          I think one thing that I should note is that they will be scanned slanted and upside down, when he get’s the whole book scanned then I can remove the chapter and email it to translatoranon.

          • Grip said:

            I asked the scanner and he told me that it is only 4 color pages, a rather short comic.

          • Anonymous said:

            As long as they’re scanned at 300dpi or higher, we’ll take them.

  26. AJ said:

    huh! i see that they’re also doing ONA’s as well

  27. kalil said:

    the full moon episode was glorious

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Yeah I see that it’s out now in various places, but I only saw the bit before the intro sequence, but it looked like it skipped chapter 5 tho, didn’t it? Getting to know Cerea?

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        I’ll watch the episode later. I kinda wanna wait til next Monday, when I see my friends next, so I can watch it with them. Hehe.

      • kalil said:

        chapter 5 is the first half of the episode

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Yeah, I caved in and watched it. They just threw me for a loop with the pre-intro clip.

          Next ep is Suu! Won’t that be chaotic!? Heheheh

  28. si1foo said:

    each episode of the series is 2 chapters roughly they too tend to cut out little bits like the soldiers in the miss smith scene in chapter 2 didn’t speak in the anime

    i feel like the anime is too rushed and kinda wish they would have used the source material better and fillered it a little