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A lot late, but here it is. 31 should be out shortly.

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Also, in regards to rumors going around that we dropped it — no, we’re just slow as hell. Oh well. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, darlings.

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    First things first. The most important of things to take from this chapter! This message must be conveyed!

    … MERO USED WATERFALL! It was super effective. We now return you to your regularly scheduled review.

    Going in my usual bass-ackwards way, seeing Suu spit up wood chips was pretty funny. Gotta good kick out of that.
    Continuing with the theme of Pokemon, friggin’ Kimihito, man. Dat man has Sturdy for an ability. I swear it.
    Nice to see Lala’s not a swooning fangirl like the rest… I think. Maybe it was the way I was reading into the situation, but to me it felt like there was still “love” in there somewhere. I mean, “That’s why I took an interest in you.” “When you die, your soul is mine.” So on, so forth. Then again. A man that don’t die would be an interesting for an undead, to be sure. Outside of that, a little more info on her would still be nice. I understand that she’s the mysterious character of the group, but still. Hard to get invested in a character you don’t know about.
    I think I’m gonna have to start a KO tally for the gals. So chalk another one up for Suu and Mero. It was nice to see that Kimihito has picked up on what we were discussing last chapter comments, in that Rachnee has PvP turned off around him. She’s very careful about him, tho I might recommend corking her fingertips.
    It was also rather refreshing to NOT see the “main” girls for once. Take a little time away from the main three and look deeper at the rest of the group. Mero is certainly developing as a character, wanting a STANDARD relationship with Kimihito rather than her tragic fantasy life. Sounds good on paper, don’t it, love? |:3

    Looking forward to our next chapter and any that come after. Really looking forward to a minotaur girl. So long as she isn’t like ABS-SHREDDED, I have no qualms. Cow-girls are cute. Also looking forward to getting through the cheesecake beach / onsen chapters that I know are coming (because you people can’t contain yourselves. Tsk tsk. 😛 ) I hope we see more of the MON girls, especially Tio. I like her, she’s adorbs. Her in the beach chapter might be…. overkill tho. :/

    Chapter Results:
    = Davidicus’ respect for Suu barely fluctuated, as she still doesn’t understand how lungs work, but made clear that she loves Kimihito. Tho how a humanoid-shaped pile of water can love is beyond my rational mind.

    = Davidicus’ respect for Mero went up by 1 stage, as her stance on the tragic fantasy she wants begins to compete with reality. Would have been two stages, but why can’t she remember that humans BREATHE AIR? Seriously aquatic creatures! We need OXYGEN!

    = Davidicus’ respect for Rach jumped up 3 stages. Seeing her get embarrassed and Kimihito realizing how dainty she is with him really bolstered my mood about her. Still not into the whole BDSM stuff, but as a character she’s pretty nice.

    = Davidicus’ respect for Lala went up one stage. Nice to see she doesn’t just flat-up go goo-goo for Kimihito, but at the same time, not enough about her is known for me to care about her as a character.

    Chaos and massive scrolling be with you all. (My kingdom for a spoilers command here.)

    • Laarix said:

      Picking up the discussion in the last chapter’s comments that is why Rachnee to me is one of the best girls if not for her spider-part probably most of us would be her fans.
      If i were to not factor their looks in making a ranking list of the girls it would be something like this:
      1) Rachnee 2) Mia 3) Centorea 4) Suu 5) Mero 6) Papi 7) Lala.
      Though these could easily change as some of these characters are actually showing some growth as Suu slowly learns to express more complicated concepts as when we met her she couldn’t even speak and Mero too showing something different than her weird fantasies. Lala is last because she hasn’t really shown much since she was the last to be introduced and is usually in the background when things happen otherwise she would be ahead of Papi since to me Papi’s scatterbrain personality is a big demerit. I know that Papi is cute but i do have close ties with dumb people and sometime they really are unbearable so that leaves me jaded of a character that acts like that most of the time. I intentionally left the MON girls out of this as they still haven’t joined the competition for Kimihito though the MON dates with him were fun to read.

    • kalil said:

      just on the note

      the reson i think lala doesnt make any moves on kimihito is because she will have him all for herself on her death. so she has patience

      • Katsu said:

        Chaos how can you type so much o.O its getting me dizzy lol meh guess since its ur fun/deal its ok:P (not like i read it anyway just take longer to scroll down lol)

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Years of being verbally abused with the accursed “tl;dr” have not shorten my postings. I’m long winded, and I accept it. And if others don’t like it, well they can enjoy scrolling past it. Kekekek.

          (That said, I’m typically courteous enough to spoiler my posts when they get long. We just don’t have that option in this comment section. :/ )

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    I don’t care what the naysayers think, I always hold to the opinion that good things come to those who are patient. Once again, your group did not disappoint. Thanks again for taking the time to deliver quality scans of this series that I enjoy so much.

  46. 180man said:

    I feel as though the author did a 180 and went the wishy-washy route when in the dullahan chapter the MC outright said he’d marry Miia.

    Dafuq does “accept everyone’s feelings” even entail? Is he going to say to everyone “I acknowledge your feelings for me but I am committed to Miia”? If he marries Miia will everyone else have to find new homes? Can everyone else accept his feelings if he chooses Miia?

    Honestly the only way I see this ending is the MC becoming the landlord of an extra-species apartment complex so everyone has separate living spaces while he and Miia share a suite, so everyone can be together without “being together”. Everyone seems too attached to him at this point for me to see them leave their separate ways.

    • kalil said:

      he was not talking serious,
      he was just step in a “death flag” in order to prove that he was not destined to die as lala have said.

    • MysticX said:

      I think that with “Accepting their feelings” he basically means enduring the (often painful) ways in which they express their affection, which i can imagine is a pretty trying matter indeed…

      As for his “choosing Miia”, what he said was “IF i survive this, i will marry you”, claims like that rarely end well for movie-characters (The only line that’s more lethal is “Well, only a few days until retirement” ^_^ )

      • Perentie said:

        I’ve also heard it stated his line could be translated as “I’m getting married” which is even more obviously just a death flag rather than a proposal.

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      ^—- -(T-T) This

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    Also, what is with the donation button? I thought you raised enough for a long time with the one donation run but now there is a button asking for $225? Is that something from the prettyanonymous site that worked its way onto the Monster Girls page?

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Well, considering this is a ‘brand new/just opened’ site. And they DID say that they are opening donation again since they have started to run out of money. They mentioned it when they wrote the news about moving to prettyanonymo.us because staying on the .blisswater is not an option anymore. But they didn’t move that post here, maybe you missed it. So yeah, it make sense to open up a donation again since they have closed the old donation since the beginning of 2013. I don’t think it has anything to do with prettyanonymous. So, just deal with it, and support them by donating. Don’t forget to buy the official translation, volume 6 has been released for quite some time. BTW, hope this information is enough to answer your question. Cheers, have a nice day!

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      We’re still doing some work on the website, sorry!

      The $225 is the amount that I haven’t been reimbursed for; after that, we shouldn’t need much more, since we have a reliable RAW provider now. The description should be showing up…I’ll see what I can do.

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        sounds good to me! XD

  50. Janos said:

    Lala is the embodiment of “Do what you must for I have already won.”

    I don’t blame crab for not giving her enough character development at this point because how do you develop a character like that? It’s very obvious that she has supernatural abilities and she did say that as a dullahan she has responsibilities even if it did sound very delusional. She’s most likely either working or just relaxing in the afterlife

    • Janos said:

      Another thought, from the two magical extra-species we’ve seen they both like to mess with people. Lilith had fun messing around with cera and tried to do the same with Ranchee. Lala is either just trying to have a sense of humor(she very easily made everyone except ranchee almost kill kimihito) or shes purposely acting like that so people won’t find out she is a reaper and be scared of her.

      Remember Lala being able to sense death wasn’t a weird concept to the girls, they were ok with the fact that she’s a reaper(except Miia sorta) they just weren’t ok with her being there for Kimihito.Kimihito(the human) was the only one that didnt believe her and she just kinda rolled with it. This shows something about Kimihitos personality because he just found out that the grim reaper exists and she’s living in his house.

      Smith must’ve known about Lala’s status because she indirectly told her to not kill Kimihito and she never built Lala a room. Unless i’m overthinking that and crab straight up forgot to give her a room.

      A funny thought though, what if Lala decides to bring everyone together when they die so she can watch them fight over Kimihito in the afterlife?

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Great username, dood.

      And they don’t really provide much information. I think I’ll remain skeptical until more proof is given.
      That said, I’d be pretty interested in seeing how they get the characters’ movements down. Like how would Miia move about? Would there be about the same amount of swaying as a standard snake? Or Rachnee’s spider walking? Or… just Suu in general! Would be pretty neat, methinks.

    • Anonymous said:

      They literally list no sources.

  51. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Well this is different. :/
    I think I preferred the old format. Seems a little less classy having everything getting squished to the right.

    Can’t really complain tho, not mine to alter.

  52. Ægis said:

    My one complaint regarding the anime: They made him a teenager. I’m relatively certain Kimihito is a young adult, and unless the synopsis is wrong he got aged down. :/

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      I coulda swore somewhere in the early chapters they mention his and at least the “main” girls’ age. I could have sworn Kimihito was somewhere in the range of 17-19 or so, and I’m almost positive they said he was like 17. And each of the girls were.. 21? I think. I’m a little foggier on that.

    • Anonymous said:

      If you’re referring to the description on ANN. that’s the same one from the back of the Seven Seas’ books.

  53. Karis Fra Mauro said:

    Well it’s not as if we watch it for the guys… Then again I am a little worried to hear this. Seems like an excuse to insert the usual shitty high school scenarios we’ve all seen a billion times before.

    • M said:

      To be fair, “teenager” can also mean 18-19. Which keeps him just slightly older than most of the girls.

  54. Setsura said:

    Thanks again for the chapter! Can’t wait for the next one and for the anime!!!

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    Glad to see this project hasn’t died. BTW, are there any differences in tankoubon versions of the chapters? So far only the first 3 volumes have been scanlated, and volume 6 is already out, with volume 7 being slated for release later this year.

    • M said:

      We’re covered up to Book Seven and a couple beyond. Assume 4-5 Chapters per volume.

  56. IamMe said:

    Volume 7 is out in Japan, it includs a comic under the jacket that gives you info on who Papis dad is. Comic at the end is a chat with the mothers about their situations and has a lot of info about how Centaur women deal with the males. Under cover also had the stats for the mothers with Mia’s mom being a G cup and Centoras mom clocking in with a K cup.

    • IamMe said:

      Oh and Volume 7 covers up until chapter 30.

      • blackice85 said:

        Do you mean up to and including 30, or 27-29? Last volume was 24-26, plus 26.5 I believe.

        I’m pretty happy with how Seven Seas caught up too with the official localization.

        • IamMe said:

          Includes chapter 30.

    • Katsu said:

      Hmmm when i see Seven Seas Entertainment it gets me scared…

      • Katsu said:

        nvm! hell yesss!!! its by TOHO animation!!! now i can’T wait!

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  57. Matt said:

    What are the top 3 monster girls you want added to his harem (ones the haven’t appeared yet).
    My top 3

    • Mavado said:


    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Critters I’d like to see in the series? Tough call. I would say I’d like to see an Alraune, but I think the Dryad kind of covers that base.

      … Hrrmmm..
      1] A Dragon. And I don’t mean a “dragonewt” or whatever. I want the real deal! Someone civilized yet threatening. She could be polite and well-behaved, but you know that saying the wrong thing means 3rd-degree burns. And of course she likes him because he’s a nice guy. If not a clipped proper girl, I’m also alright with a sort of wild, rambunctious hyper creature. Maybe some sort of snake/dragon. Like the MGE “Wurm” entry. Can never have enough snakes.
      2] … I’d kinda like to see a witch. Not necessarily like those loli ones from the MGE, but some sort of elf-witch thing would be neat. She’d have legs, that’s a plus.
      3a] The last one is a tie. I’d like some sort of animal-eared thing, and am okay with a twist. Another beast creature is fine. Like a Catgirl for the cliche, or a wolf-girl, ooh~ or a Hellhound! Like taking Polt and blending it with that little demon from a few chapters back (where’d she go anyway?).
      3b] Some form of elemental would be interesting, though one might argue that Suu counts as an elemental.

      I dunno, just some thoughts. Hard to choose considering I got most of the monsters I’d like to see (Slime, Harpy, and especially Lamia).

      • MysticX said:

        To answer where Lilith-chan went: last time i saw her she was being forced to run a full marathon by Polt as part of her probation for causing trouble (Along with Draco), so apparently at some point Rachnee got tired of tormenting(?) her and let her go.

    • Slipshodian said:

      Masochistic Bunnygirl
      Cowgirl/Mino with a mothering aspect
      Ghost/Spirit preferrably one that is smart

      not in any particular order though

    • Matt said:

      Well I choose
      Sphinx: because she could qualify as the smart girl, also it would be interesting to see a character that walks so solely on all fours (by which I mean she only has four limbs, Centoria has six limbs so she doesn’t count)

      Minotaur: Because she was part of the hentai, because Asterio looks awesome, and this would make for some entertaining milking scenes, also a tall biped would be cool for his harem

      Scylla: Another sea based creature would be great, interesting scenes with Mero, and if she really is a sea witch we could get some magic based fun

    • kalil said:

      dragon (a real one)
      mandragora (loli imouto)
      Kitsune (touch the fluffy tail)

      • M said:

        Number three in Chapter 32

    • AJ said:

      1. Dragon/wyvern
      2. Alraune
      3. Werewolf

  58. bob barker said:

    New site? Why the re-direct? Kinda freaks people out when their isn’t any warnings of a new site.

    Specially no word from the team? >_>

    • Anonymous said:

      We had a warning up for two days before the transfer.

  59. Snash said:

    I’ve been reading every chapter for a long time and I am a huge-ish fan of it, but the websites I read these mangas on (translated of course) has been shut-down; where else can I read them and how many of those sites are left; wat do if every manga site with these translations are shutdown, WAT DO!?

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    • fyl said:

      Or maybe just download the chapter from here.

      Otherwise use batoto.

      • fyl said:

        Or, you know, buy the manga.

        • blackice85 said:

          Yeah Seven Seas has actually done a good job of catching up to the most current volume.

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      *confetti poppers*

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    any raws for 32 yet. this issue has a kitsune

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      It seems that this vacation trip arc has a japanese monsters a.k.a youkai theme, huh? Yukki-ona, kitsune, …