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Chapters 30 and 31 will be later than usual due to factors out of our hands. We won’t be receiving our magazines until later in January. While a double release isn’t out of the question, both will be delayed.

Luckily, some /a/non translated the Chinese scanlation of 30, so that’s floating around to satisfy your monmusu cravings during Crabman’s hiatus.

We’re still looking for a scan provider located in Japan who can scan in Comic Ryu series for us and the main team at FwPA. Let us know if you’re interested! It’ll help us bring MonMusu to you a lot more quickly and solve our biggest problem – getting scans on time.

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      Thx for the chapter…Its a nice chapter to read for the new year…Thumbs Up…

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    Sweet, new chapter, as always you guys are awesome.

    mixed blood eh? did not see that coming, i guess that’s useful info for her to gain and increases her self confidence.

    but unfortunately for kimihito, it seems smith is pushing him. i personally think he’ll give a nice reply like he cannot choose at the time because it would be unfair to all of them, or something like it. i personally would not be able to stand someone forcing a decision like that i mean c’mon, he’s only been living with even miia for what, not even half a year probably? even less time for the other girls even if miia’s been living with him for longer. he needs more time !

    someone needs to throw ms.smith into a cold pool, (psst rachnee that’s your Que!)

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    It’s prob not smith who’s pushing him to get married (personally).

    Back when the topic was first introduced, she said it was for official purposes, to further integrate MG and humans into 1 society. She called it a “test case”. So the higher-ups are probably getting anxious for him to hurry up and chose 1, so the experiment/test-case can move forward.

    Personally, i think a harem-end would be best here, based on several factors. The MC suffers from terminal nice-guy syndrome, and i doubt he’d forgive himself for hurting the other girls that he didnt pick, and with the way several of them have latched onto him, being rejected might cause them long term, if not permanent mental damage. And they all live together already, so him marrying all of them would just make the household permanent.

    Not to mention removing the last barrier for him to finally start tapping all of that. That guy has to have a smurf-level case of blueballs by now..

    And im also hoping that this means the author isnt trying to end the series already. This needs to go on for awhile..

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    If you don’t have a translator, you can contact me at benjaminling55@gmail.com for Japanese and Chinese translations. I would love to help you guys.

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      Thanks for the offer, but we already have a dedicated translator.

      We refuse to translate off of Chinese scanlations as (a) they often make mistakes and (b) translating off of a translation is one of the worst things you could do.

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      I read it just the same, so i knew what was going on, but i’ll download the “Official” scanlation for the re-reading. :3

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    As much as I *KNOW* everyone loves to read my reviews on chapters, I must say I’ve got very little to add on this chapter. Cera’s a cross-breed, it makes me curious how human genetics work in comparison to “monster” genetics, and I wonder if the reverse could be true in offspring (ie: child of cross-breeding being human rather than “monster”). My suspicions are in the negative, as Human/Harpy and Human/Lamia pairings always end in a female of the monster’s ilk, leading me to assume that being non-human is probably a more dominant gene than human.
    In breeding with monsters, human genetics represent a 1 in multiplication, or a 0 in addition. Regardless of what a human breeds with, the outcome will always be of the other species, and only be human if paired with another human (1×1=1; 0+0=0).

    We shall see.

    Chaos and mathematics be with you all. Kekekek.

    • Northlander said:

      Maybe it depends on the gender of the female. Like, harpies and Lamia are always female, and so they’re the one who carries the infant to birth… well, in a sense… so the children of a human and a lamia (which will always mean human male and monster girl female) will breed the “monster” kind.

      Also, harpies produce and lay eggs, which also means the infant she molds in her body has to be the kind who can be birthed through an egg. Technically, lamia women should also lay eggs, since they’re snakes, but we haven’t heard much about that part yet. But it would be a bit logical that something that emerges from an egg would be of the same kind as the mother, as the fetus would have to be the kind of soon-to-be-born child that could survive something like that.

      The races that also have male members might be different, though. Like… what would happen if a male centaur would have a child with a human female? Would that child turn out to be a human or a centaur? Would the human womb be able to handle a centaur birth? They’re quite big children, after all.

      Speaking of mating processes, I wonder if mating with a spider woman would be as dangerous for a human as between two regular spiders. Should the male lead end up choosing Rachnee, would he have to risk his life for them to have children?

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        All interesting and terrifying thoughts! (I really did NOT need the image of a human woman trying to give birth to a centaur child. Blegh!) You raise some pretty good points I did not consider, whatsoever. Kudos.
        As for mating with an arachne…. let’s just hope the artist is kind to Kimihito, but if we are going by track record, the odds are pretty grim.

        • Mystic X said:

          Honestly, out of all the monster girls, Rachnee has been most careful not to hurt Kimihito, besides some kinky activities maybe, but he gets out of those in a better state than he does the efforts of the other girls…

          • Northlander said:

            That’s true. I’m curious, though, because the manga usually tend to give animal habits to the girls, like Cerea only being able to eat vegetables or Miia’s little skin-shedding session. Hell, even the mass heap of lamia women in what could be charitably described as a sexual smorgasbord kind of imitates snakes in heat.

            And there are few beings that are as much in danger than a male spider looking for some nookie, because unless he’s very careful, the female spider will murder and possibly eat his ass. Obviously, Rachnee isn’t even close to being portrayed like that, which might make her a bit of a departure from a “biologically realistic?” standpoint.

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            As North says above me, that’s what we were referencing. Their instinctual potential. Like if they ran into some Mantis girl, and she liked Kimihito, and after nooky bit his head off!! O.O|||
            Obviously that wouldn’t happen here, and I doubt Rach would do such a thing, as you have already pointed out Mystic, she’s undoubtedly tried the hardest not to harm him, even going so far as to say that it would be better if he died a painless death during their first encounter with Lala. I think she’s the only one NOT to have harmed him so far:
            Miia: strangulation and crushing.
            Papi: aerial drops
            Cera: trampling and dat sword
            Suu: drowning
            Mero: also drowning
            Lala: grim reaping with that scythe
            Rach: ??? :/
            Perhaps I’ve forgotten something, but I don’t think Rachnera has attempted anything that would actually harm Kimihito yet. Interesting notion.

          • Erato said:

            Well, Rachnera threw Kimihito off of a plank in the warehouse, almost killing him if it wasn’t for her precise measuring.

    • Erato said:

      Dear Chaos,

      I think that it’s genetically decided. However, the amount of chromosomes of monster-girls and humans have to be equal, so the offsping will live..

      X-chromosomal diseases, or whatever they’re called, like colour-blindness, it always shows for males, regardless of whether or not the gene is dominant or recessive, because the Y-chromosomes are too weak to counteract the X.

      So if x is human, X is lamia , and you would breed a human male and a female lamia, so xY and XX, then the combinations would be:
      Xx, XY, Xx and XY, 50:50, which would result in a male lamia and a female lamia. But what if the lamia gene would turn out to be lethal when combined with the genetic information for a male gender, then that would solve our problem, right? This way, only female lamias will be born. The male eggs will not hatch.
      However, here, the second generation of lamia:
      Xx and xY: Xx, xx, XY, xY, here two out of three will be human, since we said XY was lethal. We can, however, assume that they will be eaten or killed or whatever. What we could also assume is that human baby eggs won’t hatch, which is more likely, since this also solves the harpy problem.

      For centaurs, we can assume the same thing, x is human, X is centaur. The centaur has two genes for the dominant allele; XX and the male is xY
      You’d have: Xx, XY, Xx and XY twice you’d have a female centaur and twice you’d have a male centaur.
      HOWEVER, the second generation of centaurs can contain humans.
      The female, Centorea, will be Xx, Kimihito xY, This would make the following combinations: Xx, XY, xx and xY, so there’s a 50:50 chance for a human or for a centaur. Therefore allowing Centorea and Kimihito to have human offspring.

      • Erato said:

        In other news, because two humans would always be xx or xY, they cannot produce monster-girl offspring. With female-only species, it is impossible, due to the lack of males in the society, since XY doesn’t exist to create Xx.
        However, my theory doesn’t bust centaur children being bared from the hips of a human female. On top of that, the centaur males aren’t attractive at all, so their reproduction chances with an human female would be near-zero. However, it is possible, though the doctor would have to perform a Caesarean section, if the human survives the growth of the baby, which will probably be as big as triples. The conclusion: with 2-gender monster-girls, it is possible to make human females bare their children, but it’s unlikely. And really gross.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Very nice stuff, dood. I admit that I don’t remember enough about genetics from high-school science to completely understand what you are saying, I do get the major jest of it.
        The notions of using x and y, I feel might not extend fully. This is going into wild science now, but x and y exist because we humans use them (as do other standard animals), but monsters (pardon, ahem, “extra-species”) aren’t human OR animal, they are in fact, both! So I feel that applying standard genetics testing might not fully work. It could and I could just be a dummy, but there is also the possibility for the need of a third variable (z) or even a fourth (w)! Because they aren’t STRICTLY human or animal, that has to be taken into consideration. Then again, maybe not. Haha. I’m mostly talking out of my rear trying to sound like I’m smart enough to keep up with you. 😛

        Chaos and hopefully some understanding be with you.

        • Erato said:

          Well, you made one big mistake there: Humans are animals.
          An animal is any organism with animal cells. A centaur would be half-human and half-horse. Both humans and horses being animal (mammal, to be exact), my theory should hold firm.
          There’s a thing called noncoding DNA or junk DNA, basically meaning that they have no idea what it does. Let’s say there’s an allele within it deciding whether or not the organism is a monstergirl/-guy. If the allele for monstergirl/guy is dominant; MM or Mm, humans must have 2 non-monstergirl/guy alleles; mm. If monstergirls/guys haven’t reproduced with humans in the last thousands of generations, you could basically assume that the latest generation is MM. Put it in a Punnett square: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punnett_square and it’d show that 100% of the offspring from a human, mm and a monstergirl/guy, MM, would be monstergirl/guy, Mm.
          If it were Mm with mm, the odds would be 50%.
          Now I’m thinking about it, it doesn’t make any sense to use XX or XY, there’s no reason to.
          Lamia’s have to have offspring with humans, therefore, it must be Mm, since we already stated that humans are mm, the odds are 50% to have a monstergirl/guy. Making it so that humans can’t be born from eggs, solving problem 1 with female-only groups. Problem 2 would be the lack of males. Solving this problem is easy; Make it so that M(L) in combination with the XY combination is lethal, i.e. the egg won’t be able to hatch. (L for lamia)

          I hope this makes it clearer, though I can understand if it didn’t.

      • Zdine said:

        there are only female lamias, there can’t be male lamias so either a human male or girl lamia for offspring

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    This one was amusing, even more so than the previous one.

    The story threw us “omg possible conclusion incoming” with the last page.
    I am interested how will it end. Its possible that a single ending will be done, harem ending is the most obvious, or there is a chance that the viewers will take a poll – same as where Okayiado asked then what monsters would they like to see next – and depending on the result the story will end.
    What would i love to see the most is a singe main ending, and then additional “arc ending” that would be always with a different heroine (like the ARC thing in Amagami SS and such) after that. Basically your “load a save and see another ending” from the parallel universe like way…. sounds weird but you all know what i am blabbering about 😛

    • Mystic X said:

      Don’t worry, the “possible ending”-thing is averted in Chapter 30 (I won’t spoil it, but they’re going on a trip in chapter 31 :3 ), so there’s plenty of time for all sorts of things to change, but when MM inevitably ends, i’d like “what if”- or “Choose your own path”-ending, so i can see what Darling’s future life with Rachnee looks like 😀

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        The chaos in me votes for None of them! Besides, what are his parents going to think when they get home from being abroad?

        But the human in me would probably vote for:
        – Miia
        – Papi
        – Possibly Rach
        – Or even Cera.

        I love most of the harem (except Lala, but then I don’t know much about her, so she doesn’t really stand out), but I don’t suspect Suu is capable of breeding (Unless he adds jello mix to her or something, and that isn’t an innuendo), Mero’s incapable of living on land, and living in the sea would be rough stuff for Kimihito, and Lala is…. bland as of so far.

        I kinda want more Tio soon. :/

        • Yosumarainesu said:

          Somewhat spoilerish for chapter 31, so don’t read it if you don’t want.

          Your view on Lala might change a little after reading chapter 31.

          • Yosumarainesu said:

            Sorry, I mean chapter 30

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            I welcome character development. Especially for the characters I feel need it the most.

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        I don’t live in Japan, but I’ll have to see if I can get Comic Ryuu at my local Japanese stuff place. Most likely 1 week after release. Unless Bobo above comes through. Could you guys post in here or make a note when/if you get the raw? It’s been a while since I’ve used my scanner, but if I can remember how, I’ll help. Also been taking classes, so now I can read Hiragana as well!

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          He hasn’t responded to us, like most of the people who’ve offered raws, so we’ll take what we can.

          This month we’re going to try CDJapan. We’ll post on /a/ when we get our raws.

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    Small typo. When Manako turns white, it should have said:

    “Even her eye has turned white”

    Rather than:

    “Even her eyes have turned white”

    Other than that, was a lovely chapter(minus the thuggish male centaurs).

    • fyl said:

      IIRC, this was intended.

      • M said:

        The thuggish centaurs or the eye/eyes bit?

        • fyl said:

          Eyes. I think I’m remembering a discussion on the IRC channel about it and the plural being correct, but I asked AB today and she said “it probably should be eye”.
          Don’t really know. Just look at it as poking some fun at Manako.

          • M said:

            Ahh. For my copy, I got a little typesetting practise in by cutting the “s”, grading it over the “ve”, then adjusting it so the lines were balanced. 😀

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      31 won’t be out till 19th February. Which also happens to be the first day of Chinese/Japanese/East Asian New Year, so expect to see English 31 late March/early April.

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    Thanks for another terrific chapter. I agree with wolfy about the harem end being most likely, as settling for just one would probably be too sad. Could be an ambiguous ending but that’s not for anytime soon I imagine. It would be interesting to explore the tragic aspects of only one being chosen, and if Mero’s mom is anything like her it could be done comedically. “You probably won’t be chosen, but even if you are it’ll hurt all your girlfriends… How wonderfully sad! 😉 ” I’ll read the discussion on monster girl genetics when I have more time. Meanwhile relating to centaurs, I recently learned that the official DC comics Supergirl storyline in the 60’s had her with a horse as a boyfriend. Wow.

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    Thank you for the all of the chapters so far, they always have something new to make me laugh. I was wondering where I could buy the english releases for this series so that it supports the author.

    I also wanted to ask everyone what their favorite element of this series is.
    I love all of the different faces ,reactions, and body language that he gives them
    (O-O) ( _ ) (>o<) ( I _ I )

  44. wolfy said:

    I wouldnt say that the harem end is most likely. I’m just saying that it SHOULD be the way he ends the story, given the personalities and situation’s of most of the main cast.

    To my knowledge (which i admit isnt hugely extensive) most harem manga’s/anime’s end on an ambiguous note, rather then a solid choice of one or all of the girls involved. Presumably not to piss off the series’ otaku’s, which leads to them not spending $ on merchandise because in-story, their waifu was taken by the MC.

    Mia,papi,cerea’ and rachnee’ all have very valid reasons(mental/cultural) to have a harem-wife ending w/ the MC. The other girls dont have as near a pressing need for the harem end, but i wouldnt want them tossed aside at the end, either. (if he’s going to marry the 4 i listed above, might as well include the others so nobody ends up being hurt)

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    Some Information about 12 Beast. New Chapter or english translation?

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      From what i have seen there’s already a chapter 10 available in raw and it has been untranslated for quite a while because the team that did the english translation dropped the project after the 9th chapter because the manga got licensed in america. I don’t know if someone will pick it up or if somewhere on the someone already has and i simply couldn’t find them. If someone does pick up the translation project i hope some kind soul will come here and spread the word 🙂

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    It’s a good point about not wanting to alienate any of the audience by being specific. Kind of a pity though. That sort of lowest common denominator storytelling is smart for business but if you want to really have an impact on at least some of the readers you have to be prepared to offend some. I forget the name but there was an awesome monster girl yuri manga that ended with the protagonist firmly deciding on her partner. It wasn’t really a harem type manga though, just super ecchi 😀

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    • Mystic X said:

      Okayado is on hiatus, so the next chapter is due for around the 19th of February

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Fine by me. I’m so used to getting these late, that I think otherwise might panic my plebeian brain. ;P

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            That which doesn’t kill you….

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    My bet is on some sort of cloning machine or magic. Hey presto! A dozen Darlings for all the girls! Then everyone passes it off as their being identical cousins, leading us all the way back to Living With Monstergirl. It’s like poetry.

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    Does anyone know how Okayado is doing? I remember that his health hasn’t been the best since mid last year.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Seems to be a common trait among artists, in my experience. I can think of quite a few webcomics I read where the artist is constantly getting sick: Nerf This, Between Failures, Modest Medusa, and Questionable Content, to name a few.

      • gym said:

        must be hard to be an artist…

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        … What do you mean? I posted that back in December! 😛
        I’m an ancient Eidolon from the past’s future’s present!

        I’ll have you know that *I* find YOUR whole unit of measure weird! How dare you and the rest of the world use an increment of measure different from us Amuricans! 😛
        (Actually no. I’m starting to get used to meters. Thanks Minecraft! You put everything into prospective!)

        It’s also actually funny that you mention Fahrenheit! In my college algebra class, we were given the function for figuring out Fahrenheit… now I LOVE MATH, but good golly, why don’t we just use Celsius?!
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        C(F) = 5/8*(F-32) or some nonsense, where C is celsius and F is fahrenheit!

        Math is hilarious sometimes.

        (What a completely random chat! Chaos be with you!)

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          Freezing and boiling points of water below. Garnett is just easier to mark off with a protractor(180 degrees), that’s all.


        • Unanswered said:

          Fahrenheit is honestly pretty dumb. It was developed by a German fellow by the name of Fahrenheit (obviously), and its two reference points (0 and 100) were the coolest temperature brine would take (?) and the temperature of a normal human body. Of course, as we know, he was a little off in his measurement of human body temperature , so Fahrenheit has almost no reason to exist at all… :/

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          They are mostly gifs from in-game (in fact the one I’m using now is supposed to be a gif, but it doesn’t move in the format of this registration). I like to collect weird gifs from video games and anime. Been a while since I’ve been on there, actually. College keeps me busy.

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        ‘Murica, Fuck Yeah.

        //no, I’m not american
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      We got the raws for chapter 30 just recently and are working on the scanlation for it.
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      I guess we’ll see quite a lot of whitebar censorship and be rid of it only in the disc release of the anime.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Why wouldn’t we? I happen to have, right here in my hand, a physical copy of the “Laws of Anime Scenarios”. It can’t be considered anime until it finishes at least 2/3 of the checklist.

      Still missing the “Beach episode”, “Onsen episode”, “Amusement Park episode”, the “characters shouting the lead’s name dramatically”, and a few others, but we are getting there. (Note: Only half joking)

      • Laarix said:

        Exactly. You can’t really call them clichè even because they are more like a trademark. It isn’t an Anime unless it haves its mandatory onsen/beach episode, even the grim ones have at least one of these episodes. On “12 Beast” the latest chapter is a beach episode, too bad noone will translate it.. 😐

  55. Agozer said:

    I wish anime designers and directors would get more creative with their use of censorship, some older anime shows really did get creative in this department and in a good way….


    I guess those white or black bars make sure that the Blu-rays sell well. The TV versions of Shinmai Maou no Testament and Terra Formars are nearly unwatchable thanks to the way the shows use black/white “obstructions”.

  56. steven said:

    happy Vday ppl of the interweb! sad hoping to calibrate with the monster girls but good things come to toughs who wait. have a good one out there

  57. Yosumarainesu said:

    I know it’s kind of rude to ask this, but can we get an insight about when did ch 30 will approximately released. It will be nice to know about the progress. (i.e. “80% completed” or “20 out of 30 pages done” or something like that.

    • fyl said:

      It’s pretty hard to give a numerical progress update.
      Although the internal update text is pretty detailed (split into color and b/w pages: leveled, cleaned, redraw, typeset,QC’d), people not working on this don’t get much out of it, because it doesn’t show the amount of work that’s needed for each individual page.
      I don’t want to split a 37 page chapter into 2.70% (which is split further into the steps mentioned above) as it doesn’t represent any real progress when all the cleaned pages are done and we’re sitting on, for example 60%, forever, just because one or two redraws are holding up everything else.
      Although we do keep track of the progress each chapter with a .txt file and I’m using a printed sheet to keep track of the over all progress and necessary fixes, it’s more work to implement something into the group.
      So I’d like to keep it the way it is at the moment: Ask us on /a/, the IRC channel ( we have status updates for finished steps in the topic) or in the comments for an estimated release date (which is usually something like “this weekend”, “next week” or “soon”).
      It represents the current progress as good as some estimated numerical value.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        I’m okay with the occasional post stating “this is what we’ve got left” or “this is what we’ve finished”, or possibly a rough “no promises ETA”. It’s nice to hear from you guys. Haha.

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Provided you guys can spare the time, of course.

  58. Chrono said:

    Is the manga near the end?

  59. The latest Comic Ryn preview of Chap 31 is available today. Mixed bathing + boobs + new character + beauty landlady + Snow Woman + tits = … not much to think of other than the precise words of “it is wonderful!!”

      • AJ said:

        HAHAAH loved it!!!

    • Agozer said:

      I saw the entire Yuki Onna bit a mile away when Smith said that Mr. Darling and co. should go on a trip at the end of chapter 31.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        How are you two chapters ahead?! O.O|||
        I know that people have been reading the translations of 30 and 31 already, but yer already past 32?!

        My patience wears thin for chapter 30. T3T

  60. Yosumarainesu said:


    Apparently, they sell some key chain and sticker(?) of some of the character. Mia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, Mero, Rachnee, Lala, Zombina, Tio, Doppel, Manako, and… a secret character. Who do you guys think is the secret character?

    • Mavado said:

      Kimihito perhaps?

      • Dimmer said:

        I think it’s Smith. Why would someone buy key chain with the guy on it))

    • Agozer said:

      Chibi-Rachnera HHHHNNNNGGGHHH


      My body was not ready.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      A jigglypuff, seen from above.

    • bitches said:


    • Matt said:

      Maybe a Minotaur

    • krank hag said:

      Yuki-Onna from coming chapter.

    • Laarix said:

      Could be Polt the Kobold, though she looks more like a Werewolf or something similar to one. There is a bit of ambiguity with the term Kobold since in some settings like D&D it is a small lizardkin while in a few japanese fantasy games i have seen it is instead depicted as some kind of dog/wolfkin.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        I’m an amurican DnD geek, so I’m used to the former, which threw me off when she first showed up. Her adorably hyper demeanor made up for this culture shock tho, so all is well. Kekek.

        • Laarix said:

          Since you do enjoy DnD and Monmusu i can infer that you would enjoy a story about geeky gaming references and alternate takes on normal storytelling so id like to gift you with this link to one of my favourite webcomics: The Order of the Stick
          If you did already know it and love it like me then another +1 for you my good sir xD

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            I’ve been reading that since I was like 14.. which was like 11 years ago.

            Honestly, I can’t say I love it, but I do enjoy reading it.

      • bucket of nerd said:

        Here to throw a bucket of nerd on your geek parade:

        The evolution of the D&D kobold has bred two distinct varieties: the Western kobold and the Eastern kobold. Both have a common ancestor in the OD&D kobold (see the scaly, dog-faced OD&D kobold in the original black & white: http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/excerpt-kobold ).

        Whereas the Western kobold design embraced the scaly, lizard aspects of the kobold, the Eastern design embraced the dog face, especially starting from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons arcade games, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom and Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara. (look for the small, olive-colored guys wearing reddish shirts in screenshots from the games: https://www.google.com/search?q=d%26d+arcade+game+kobold&biw=1280&bih=705&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=XhL5VPq3OYKcyAThoYL4AQ&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg#tbm=isch&q=d%26d+arcade+game+kobold&imgdii=_ )

        TL;DR: Both Eastern and Western kobolds bear some resemblance to their Original Dungeons & Dragons ancestor, but each culture chose to embrace a different aspect of the design.

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      Wow, that was fast. Only 3 days after release. So, could we assume that the scanlation group have solved their shipping delay problem? Usually it takes 2 weeks to get the raw or something right?

      • Laarix said:

        Not really since these are low quality scans and the ones that this team works on are of higher quality from what i have seen. So the delay would still be the same until they do find someone who’s capable of getting good quality scans in japan and then sends them the files.

        • Yosumarainesu said:

          Well, that’s too bad. Hope they can resolve those problems soon.

          • fyl said:

            Luckily we found a raw provider who can deliver raws within a few days of the JP release.
            We gained another redrawer, too, so we should be able to catch up to the regular release schedule soon.
            Although we have the raws and the script for chapter 31, we’re still working on chapter 30.

    • godzilal2 said:

      is this still exist or already deleted? I wanted to read the thread but the browser doesn’t load it at all…

  61. matt said:

    For all the mero haters out there. In this chapter we find out she is rich

    • alidan said:

      isn’t the assumption that she is at least someone from a high rank as in royalty the de facto assumption?

      i always assumed she was high up there in either class or in wealth.

      • wolfy said:

        That’s how i always assumed it, given her introduction. (smith treating her w/ respect, as opposed to her usual flippant attitude, cerea’ picking up on her air of nobility, ect)

        Really hope that they are planning an anime adaption, and we’ll hear about it sometime this year. I’ll fansqueel, as manly as possible of course.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Was my assumption as well. Between the fancy clothes, her manners, and just the overall presence she brings with her, I just assumed she was some form of noble / moneyed class.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        … Wait, there are Mero haters? … Has she done anything worth hating? Aside from having a pretty tame fetish, and once nearly drowning Kimihito, she hasn’t really done anything worth garnering hate over.

        • Mystic X said:

          I was wondering the same thing really, of course people on the internet will hate anything, but i feel Okayado has done an admirable job on making the characters unique with their own quirks without having any one being “Oh heck, not HER!”-annoying…

        • M said:

          There’s a reason one of the less unkind nicknames for her on 4chins is “MurderFish”. She’s tried to drown him at least twice now(Lala’s proper introductory chapter, when she “wants something to remember him by”{a child} then again in Chapter 30)

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Well I haven’t seen chapter 30 yet. I get them from this site. =3=

          • Laarix said:

            I really don’t see how Mero could be considered more menacing or hateinducing than the other girls.
            All of the girls has, willingly or not, tried to kill him more than once except maybe Rachnera. The author jokes about it but Cerea’s horsekicks and Mia’s snakelike strangling would be deadly to most humans and Suu too almost drowned Kimihito a couple of times.
            As often is the case with manga and anime the main character superpower is stamina: the skill to stand up after sustaining incredible amounts of damage which is reasonable as the winner by definition is the one still standing at the end of a fight.
            Ofcourse this particular skill would make more sense in a fighting story and in this manga is instead used as an extension of Kimihito’s caring personality, the man that can take any kind of punishment and still be kind and loving since it is a love plot and not one of combat.
            So far the only one that hasn’t really endangered Kimihito’s life is Rachnee, fact that probably explains why she’s almost everyone favourite despite her scary looks since she’s the one that seems to care the most about Kimihito’s wellbeing.

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            Not my favorite. I’m a Miia-fanboy. With Papi in second, Suu in third, and a Tio/Polt tie in fourth.

            She may be nicer to Kimihito than some of the other girls have been, but a spider is a spider is a spider, gents.

          • Katsu said:

            what about a snow Lady?

          • Mystic X said:


            Rachnee isn’t really nicer than the others, rather more careful, i mean the other girls don’t hurt him to be mean, they just get a bit carried away at times, the extra care Rachnee takes is quite understandable given past circumstances (Poor Rachnee T_T )

            I think as long as you’re into the whole “web-play”-thing (Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more! 😛 ), you’re actually pretty safe with an Arachne, so long as it’s a MM one, and not a “Monster girl encyclopedia”-one, that is.

            Yeah, i’m a Rachnee-fan, spider pride! >8<

  62. gym said:

    anyone seen raw yet exept the other one posted at upper post

  63. matt said:

    I’m guessing they will visit a farm as well

    • Mystic X said:

      I want to be the first to say it: If they do visit a farm, look out for the Minotaur girl :3

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        I believe she is the last of the one-offs’ girls to appear. So yeah. To the farm!

        • Yosumarainesu said:

          There’s too many busty girl on this series already. Maybe it would be funny to have a flat chested minotaur with an inferiority complex to the other minotaur.

          • Pyro said:

            Actually that’d be pretty awesome, however with Manga logic the day after he comforts her heart she’ll start producing milk and develop basketball sized boobs on a Loli sized frame.

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            My good sir, one can never have enough busty women in manga. But the picture you paint is pretty hilarious.

          • Yosumarainesu said:

            Well, flat chested girl doesn’t have to be a loli per se. I was thinking more of a slender minotaur, but since you’re giving me idea of a loli minotaur with a huge breast… I can’t decide which one is more hilarious.

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            A slender minotaur would be pretty cute. I could vouch for that.

  64. matt said:

    Other possibilities are going to the beach to meet a scylla or going to a museum and meeting a sphinx

  65. Katsu said:

    Just read chapter 11 Re:monsters its getting really amazing! i hope on getting an animated version one day or a game based on similar factor! XD (good Rpg this would be..)

    • Anonymous said:

      No, sorry. We have our hands full enough as it is.

  66. straycat said:

    Does anyone know when ch 31 is coming out in eng?

    • fyl said:

      We’ll release MM30 later this week. After that we’re going to start redrawing and typesetting MM31, which will take at least two weeks. Leveling for MM31 is done (except for two color pages) and the script is already proofed.
      If we can get both chapters out that quick, we can start working on MM32 when we get raws.

  67. wolfy said:

    Stray, the group had issues securing a good raw provider, so they are still working on 30, much less 31. We just have to wait.

    And volume 6 should be out on amazon within a cple hours. Go buy it, fools! 😀

    • M said:

      I’m waiting for the announcement of Book 7(in Japanese). I want to see what they have as the inside art.

    • straycat said:

      wolfy, I will buy vol.6 and the rest in one shot from amazon

      • Katsu said:

        Am not a big fan of the market Translation…it is best to wait.

    • Alone said:

      That’s for the link.

      So, for the first time we see “Lala” in colour.

    • AJ said:

      ohhhh nice! so if that’s all the girls from that live with Kimihito. Would we assume that the next volume would start with the girls of MON or Ms. Smith or etc? Thoughts?