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      • So to anybody wondering. Those dumb puns were all TF. There’s a comment in there about wanting to punch Smith for saying “hold your horses” to Cerea and her mom. The text actually says “ちょっと待った/chotto matta” which really just means “hold on/wait a minute.” I hope the group doesn’t put stuff like that in the final release.

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    You know, Rach’s question is valid, both to Papi, and sometimes I even wonder about our little comments section here, kekek. How many of YOU know our “Darling’s” name without looking back? Hmmm? (Frankly I use his name over “Darling” in general sooo~)

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    Looking forward to Cera’s mom’s chapter. I can only assume that it will end in the bloodshed this one was to.

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      3) It’s impossible to tell how big a block of text will be, too. Depending on the lining, font, font size, stroke we put on the text, the amount of picture below it will be obscured in different ways.

      tl;dr No, there’s no real way to work on it before we get it in. Oh well.

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        The Lala segments all take place on the border between life and death whenever Kimihito “almost” dies in the chapter.

        Kimihito asks Lala why she keeps reviving him everytime, but her dialogue suggests that he did that on his own… and that he has the strenght and fortitude to frighten even death.

        Or to quote one of the 4-chan users:
        “Lala is the avatar of death, pretending to be a chuuni who is pretending to be the avatar of death, to hide her true identity as the avatar of death.”

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        He didn’t translate the bondage on Page 21, so here I go:

        1) Guan Yin/Kyannon(Goddess of Mercy) Lotus Position Tie (“Indian sit” style)(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_position)

        2) Iron Cannon Assault Tie(LOL, from Kyannon to Cannon. Pretty sure the joke is intentional, if that’s the same as the original Japanese text)

        3) Hands Behind Head Tie

        4) Tortoise-shell tie(see chapter 23 for reference. Basically, there’s a LOT of knots, with the gaps between resembling the plates of the Tortoise’s shell)

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    I don’t think Lala actually “did” anything. She basically just showed up whenever KK had a NDE, acting all mysterious, before the next girl grabbed him. Her decision was: “I don’t need you to say you’ll marry me. I’ll have your soul when you die.”

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      So KK has been seeing Lala regularly on the side.

      He just doesn’t remember it when he decomatizes.

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      Guessing it’s done by a different party, or someone working off the Taiwanese version from mowuniangrichang. First panel would normally have the Chinese text translated as well(from this page’s team anyway), and then there’s the missing page. There’s quite a few typos in there too…

      • M said:

        Although, I do see fyl posting in there, but there’s some seriously off dialogue here and there, and “by” when it should be “my”. Quality not as good as I’ve come to expect from our group here. :/

        • M said:

          I guess at least one of the more obvious(to me) was going from “Rachnee” to “Rachne Onee”.

          Feel free to ignore the rest of this post, just the most obvious editing oversights.

          Page 19(20 with missing Suu page included): “Nevermind being lazy, or even (the ‘be’ is unnecessary) hanky-pankying…”

          20(21): Why are we using “wire” instead of “thread/line”?

          24(25): “Near masochistic experiences” Why not just “near death experiences?”. The first feels awkward to say.

          26(27): This page she calls her “Lady Rachnea”, next page she says “Lady Rachnera”.

          27(28): “…get your desire(d) result”

          33(34): “train MY own body”

          34(35): “You are the number one reason” OR “You are one of the reason(s)”

          Same page: “use this chance to repair everything from” From what? Top to bottom? Or just say “rebuild from scratch/floor to ceiling”

          ****End Internal Editor venting****

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        • M said:

          Thanks for the clarification.

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      Archive of chapter 30 for those not wanting to wait for the really good scans from here.


      Happy New Years everyone.

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        Chances are the person whom uploaded them just took the pages from the archive for 29 and uploaded it they credited it here becuase it is this groups work just minus the final redraw touches, and who knows he/she/they might even do the same with 30’s archive that Pyro shared above later. Also seeing how far along that chapter 30 is I’d say we might be getting a double release sometime in the near future.

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        If I recall right, the rougher-looking Chapter 30 was done by Anon, based on the translation of the Chinese one on mowuniangrichang.

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        The 29 has some of the “jokes” that you see in the printed version, so I’m wondering if one of the companies that translate chapters then sell access, officially, did it.

        Unless the title page of the original version had a horse joke in it. First page has the line “Hold your horses…” next to the pic of Centoria, which is the kind of puns that Seven Seas puts into every chapter. They don’t seem to understand that 1 or 2 would be ok, instead of doing every single species related pun they can think off..

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      The release of MM29 on 4chan, batoto (along with other sites that automatically get them from somewhere) and our IRC channel is our work.
      I decided to release the chapter on 4chan, so it was released before 2015 hit.
      We then proceeded to fix a few things and released it to batoto and IRC, forgetting the credits page at first, but added it to batoto and the .zip later.

      The release on this site will be delayed, because none of the people online at that time had access to release it.
      It should be “officially” released later today or tomorrow.

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    I do believe an interesting chapter or possibly side story would include the Devil walking into an Angel “town” with all the chaos that ensues with the MC popping out of the river again after trying to break up the fight.