Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 27

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        It just boils down to how they portray it. Both mother and daughter explain how they have the “communal husband,” yet outside of leaving you to assuming it is “just tradition,” they don’t really explain *WHY* they’d only take one man. Very odd. Perhaps more will be elaborated. I for one would find it fascinating if they did a series of chapters were Kimihito visits each of their homelands. Would be pretty interesting, if not dangerous, and more importantly hilarious! +.+ (Something tells me Cera has one of those “you’re not good enough for my daughter”-type grandfathers.)

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          Of course, now that they CAN’T do that, the tradition can change, especially if the younger generation like Miia decide to each get a guy to bring home. Once there’s multiple husbands, and it appears that lamia can get very jealous, the communal husband idea may go away in favour of multiple guys in the village.

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    Though as stated in this chapter – that thing is kinda the old way of doing things.
    With the extra-species laws, and new charts, id say they would be forced to adapt to getting husband for each of them – and i do believe considering how happy Miya is that that would actually be a pretty agreeable thing for them – and simply adapt to the modern society.
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      As for the contradiction in this story, it sounds like the lamia’s are just having a hard time letting go of the culture they are used to. I imagine that as time goes on, they’ll start acting more like mia (1 man for 1 lamia, ect).

      I have to admit, rachnee was funny w/ the shaming signs at the end 😀 And i can finally make that comment i’ve been holding onto..ahem.. “Momma mia! It’s mia’s momma!”

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          Or then I’m completely wrong.

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            Checking Japanese raw.. and yep, it was the 肉 Kanji. And it was fully written out.

            Normally has a meaning other then loser. Closer would be “plaything”. Considering how he likes to tie up and toy with Miia its fairly appropriate.

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    After all, (sibling) incest is also less an issue
    since you only get females anyway, so the genetic ramifications of a single father to dozens of daughters is less of an impact. Which leads to the second advantage, the whole tribe actually shares a familial bond of either mother/daughter or half-sister. This makes for a good baseline bond between tribemembers. And since there is only one man shared between everyone, being jealous of some other girl’s man is not really an issue either, which avoids another bag of problems.

    Lastly, it makes sense logistically. One man, despite his strength, is more easily confined but also cared for than several. Plus, as someone mentioned before: One man going missing is nothing that big, it happens. A whole bunch suddenly gone? Someone’s gonna get curious.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      I was the “volunteer as tribute” guy. (And for the record I was half-expecting others to say it. I was proven wrong, kekek)

      That was very insightful. I rather liked that little read. That “lastly” paragraph, I think, is your strongest argument. It would be significantly easier for a tribe of lamia to maintain and overpower ONE guy, than try to juggle 5 to 10 guys. And it’s less noticeable when Billy doesn’t return from soccer practice, than the whole team.

      As to the whole “animal rules” bit, I would call it a stretch, a SLIGHT stretch, but just kiinda one. I’d imagine that while they’d be a tad more… feral, for lack of a better word, due to more genetic similarities to their animal representative (snake), as compared to a human, I’d still surmise that they’d have more presence, being more self-aware than an average snake. I mean, Miia (and all of them for that matter) love Kimihito, despite him not being extremely strong or being an apparent “optimal mate.” If anything I’d just say he has an unusually high HP stat. (kekek) Other than him being borderline immortal (dat HP), and him suffering from Terminal Nice-Guy Syndrome, he’s really no different from anyone else.

      As to the whole incest thing. Not sure where that came from, but since you brought it up, if they keep a man, a SINGLE man, for the whole village for years upon years, the question I pose is this: Do the daughters end up mating with daddy? Assuming lamia age the same as humans do a 1:1 year ratio, and daddy’s caught at a “nice young male” age (lets assume 20), then daddy is probably only 40 when the daughters are ready for mating. Perhaps I’m over-thinking it, and perhaps genetic degradation doesn’t apply to lamia/human relationships the same as human/human relationships, but I’d imagine that eventually that could cause some problems, genetically within the third line of lamia kin.

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        WHOA! That got long! Sorry, gents.

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        Well, the author has yet to really give us juicy, in-depth details on the workings of his world, and still contradicts himself at times (most recent one that i’ve caught is describing zombina’s tits as being overly hard/firm due to rigor-mortis effect, even though her flesh is technically preserved, and yet in the chapter where she dates the MC and deliberately makes him sow one of her tits back on, it appears to be as soft/supple as normal/living-flesh tits should be).

        But i would imagine that once the daughters reach suitable breeding age, they are sent off to form their own village, and get their own man/men. Otherwise it would be as you said, a huge nest of inbreeding twixt’ father and mothers/daughters.

      • cloer said:

        Hence why I wrote (sibling). As for parental incest… we can only speculate. Maybe it happens but is no big deal. Maybe it is handled similarly as with humans. Maybe it simply doesn’t happen because of some kind of biological process happens that just doesn’t make their fathers desirable in the daughter’s eyes. (IIRC then usually human siblings don’t consider each other sexually attractive because of how they smell or something like that)

        As for the “strong” thing, it’S perhaps wrong to limit it to physical prowess. There might be other traits that are sought after, and maybe they even change from tribe to tribe. Like, there’s a kind of bird where the female favours the male that builds the best and most beautiful nest. Darling’s resillience may be an eyecatcher, but I think his one of his most defining traits is something shown over the course of the storyline: He’s able to manage and balance several girls and their affections, of different species even, without letting his instincts take over and just fuck them the first opportunity. He also manages their lifes and feeds them. He cares for them and stands up for them.
        I can’t say what the author is planning to do or has thought up for how things work, but if you’re looking not only for a breeding stallion but someone who may also be capable to fill the role of a leader…
        Which, incidently, would also reinforce the reason why only ONE guy. Because you can’t have two people leading.

        But as said, that’s just speculation and conjecture.

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Again, very interesting read. I forgot that about certain birds and how males make nests (another that leaps to mind is those colorful male birds that do dances to impress a mate). I admit that sure, stamina probably isn’t the only factor, or even the primary factor, but the way the lamia clan was portrayed implied, at least to me, that the lamias’ primary factor would be stamina, a male whose sole purpose is to breed the next generation (as Miia’s dream in the beginning, and the flashbacks presented throughout indicate). For all we know, a harpy’s husband could need to be a good hunter or gatherer. A centaur’s husband would need to be a good warrior or fighter. So you raise a very good point. This could be a great means to expand on the cultures of the girls’ species. Also:
          “Which, incidently, would also reinforce the reason why only ONE guy. Because you can’t have two people leading.”
          Ganondorf (from Zelda) immediately leaps to mind, haha.

          As to the whole incest thing, methinks I agree with wolfy above:
          “i would imagine that once the daughters reach suitable breeding age, they are sent off to form their own village, and get their own man/men.”
          I think that could be it in a nutshell!

      • Myrdin said:

        Dont worry bout that.
        genetic degradation applies even to animals. Hence anyone of you can look up things like Ligers, Ram-Goat crossbreeds, Zebra horses etc.
        Most of them are almost infertile (males are like 90%) and females extremely hard to fertilize.
        And, so yeh, the DNA is da boss when it comes to the world we live in. No matter if human, animal or monster girls.

        Soo yeh, they either m8 with “papa san” or at a certain age a new man is caught (dont expect the dude to last to pwn the next generation anyway) or they split into another small willage, etc.

        • Myrdin said:

          addon: as in … cough cough Lanisters cough 😀

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    A little disappointed with her design myself, but whatever…

    • Strider said:

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      You should be used to it by now.

      • djd said:

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          Who wants to bet on that? xD

          • Zack the Hunter said:

            That’s a suckers bet!

            He’ll do it within two pages of her appearance….

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            I don’t take bets I know I’ll lose.

          • M said:

            Mia’s mum voluntarily put his hand on her tit, and felt for his reaction. Papi practically threw his mouth onto her mum’s. Odds are pretty high that he’ll at the least wander in on Cerea’s mum in the bath.

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      • Myrdin said:

        I too was actually expecting glasses 😀

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    Looks like a stricter, more uptight Cerea. Cerea-as-English-Nanny?

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    I’m still wondering if Cerea’s father will make a cameo.

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    Extra’s include the fullcolor group bath pages, kii/polt/lilith/drago bio’s AND a cple short comic’s that we havnt seen yet, main one being polt taking lilith and drago out on a forced marathon as punishment for them sneaking out w/o their hosts. Looking forward to next book, and hopefully the official announcement of an anime soon..

    • Mavado said:

      Good for you, I don’t expect to see it until after newyear…

      We have seen the Polt comic before. It’s even been translated, though it seems noone uploads the volume extras to the usual manga sites.

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  103. Karis Fra Mauro said:

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    • Maschk said:

      Actually, we already have some kind of ” rival” trying to “steal” Miia from darling. Draco fulfils perfectly the annoying-weak rival spot in the plot, another one would be redundant. My hope is that Okayado begins to develop his characters, Darling included, instead of add another ones. This chapter goes in the right direction and hopefully the next two will do the same.

      • Myrdin said:

        Yeh, we need more character development.
        I mean before you got a girl, and the next chapter was dedicated just to her.
        Since the Dullahan made appearance nothing really came from that direction, and i personally feel the Dullahan is forced into the story anyway, the way she is made out to act and behave.
        Has no motivation to stay in the group whatsoever, and need some serious character fleshing out.
        Also i would like to see Kimihito get some spotlight, even if for one chapter, something to learn about him better and be able to get deeper into the character rather than just look at him like “ah its that dude”.

    • Agozer said:

      I’m going to refrain from looking at those until we get decent scans.

    • Katsu said:

      well this is disturbing right? in all if not most centaure story’s they use a hot male to distract the female so she can get bang by an ugly yet super strong stallion. kinda lame right?

    • boyfromvalley said:


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    • Yosumarainesu said:

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      • M said:

        See below. Yeah, her mother NTRed, said the brute husband died consumating the marriage.

        • boyfromvalley said:

          So I was right in some way; we do see her father.

          • Yosumarainesu said:

            You know, that means that centorea’s father is the only “handsome” man out of the three father. I mean, miia’s father is a communal husband, and papi’s father is just a random lucky dude.

        • Mystic X said:

          Well, this whole tale explains why every time Cerea daydreams about doing the whole family-thing with Darling, she has a daughter and not a son… >_<

          • boyfromvalley said:

            So wait if Cerea’s father is human, then does that mean he sort of committed Bestiality, as it has been stated in chapter 17 (as well as certain hentai mangas that the character designs are based on, and fanart) that female Centaurs have horse genitalia?

          • Katsu said:

            boyfromvalley@ buddy you think too much..

          • M said:

            Not at all. Their genitalia RESEMBLE horse genitalia(winking clits and all), but as intelligent species, I would say it’s closer to miscegenation than actual bestiality.

        • Myrdin said:

          Two words: Horse Pus*y

          No way… no way a human could ever…
          not even if he was blessed by all the gods, and had super growth spurt, would that be enough.
          I mean…. nah just go see a documentary about horses, hit the part where they mate. Considering just how big a horse body is, its only understandable the male has a to be equally “proportioned” in order for them to breed successfully.

          I know this manga is more kids friendly and overlooks lots of facts, but heck i mean some things are just way too off. Wouldnt mind there to be male centaurs, just because of the reasoning i gave here. Would make sense (in most fantasy settings the centaur race tends to have males, just because of this).

    • Strider said:

      I wonder what Ms. Smith tells Darling in the last page. It’s seems kinda… ominous.

      • AJ said:

        yeah i saw that too…curious

        • M said:

          “It’s about time you made a decision. It’s been quite some time since that thing I told you about. Have you made your choice?”

          “Kimihito(I think that’s the Chinese way they write his name, instead of the Kanji. And note she doesn’t use the Chinese for ‘Darling’, ie, real-talk time),
          WHO WILL YOU MARRY?”

          Barring more delaying tactics, looks likely the story could end in the next 3 chapters, tops.

          • Strider said:

            Wow. Thank you, but this is even worse than I thought. No offense, but I hope your prediction is wrong.

          • M said:

            I want more too, but the way Ms Smith put it, he’ll have to pick someone soon(probably Miia, though I prefer Cerea myself), and that’s usually the end for harem stories.

          • Mystic X said:

            I don’t know… isn’t an imminent ending the sort of thing that would be announced?

            I think (Well, hope) that it’s a way to get the story back to the main “Monstergirls fighting over Darling”-storyline, the story deviated from that with the Lala/Rachnee/monstermoms storylines…

          • Strider said:

            It’s curious that Mero, Suu and Rachnee were the ones listening the conversation with Ms Smith (Remember that when she told Kimihito that he must marry one of the girls there were only Miia, Papi and Cerea in the household), so they probably didn’t know it (Well, Rachnee somehow did, but that does’n’t matter now).
            It will be fun though seeing Rachnee, Mero and Suu “join the fray” to be Darling’s bride. Specially Rcahnee who doesn’t strike to me to be into weeding stuff and Suu, who probably doesn’t even know what it is…

          • Janos said:

            I think suu knows what a wedding is, it’s hard to tell though since she’s been playing dumb most of the time we see her

          • M said:

            Interestingly, I saw a post elsewhere that seems to suggest next Chapter focuses on Zombina, unless it’s just a 1-page/extra/short comic.

            Seemed like the title in the corner read “Dead Do Bou”?

          • Pyro said:

            I have a feeling the girls may pressure him into marrying Miia so he can be a communal husband to all of the girls in his “Harem” 🙂

          • Katsu said:

            not that i want to break your bubble @M but from this manga popularity that is most likely not gonna happen.. expect him to visit each of their country and so on.. this might reach 50 chapter if not more.

          • M said:

            Why would you assume my bubble involves wanting this to end? My wallet might cry, but I want him to go on as long as he can keep coming up with good plots.

      • MMFan said:

        As it’s been a while since she brought up the marriage topic and him still not having made up his mind, she is asking him again who of the girls he wants to marry.

  104. M said:

    Super super super spoiler!!!!!!!
    .Centorea is 1/2 human!
    End of Spoiler. I hope that was enough spaces.

    • Klonder said:

      Some extra species are all-female races, making each father a human. Miia and Papi have human fathers too, at least.

      • M said:

        True, but those were pretty much expected.

      • Pyro said:

        So far in the lore of this series we only know for certain that Lamias and Harpies are female only. We know Centars are Male & Female, the rest is up in the air as it doesn’t appear to follow the Monster Girl Encyclopedia 100%

        I’m going to guess
        Slime = Genderless
        Mermaid = Female only
        Spider = Both sexes, males much smaller than the women leaving the women unsatisfied & prone to eating their mates
        Dullahan = Both Sexes

        • unanswered said:

          I’m actually a bit confused as to the gender status of the slimes (understandable as Suu is my favorite character, and I over-analyze her). So, Suu looks to me as if she is obviously neutral gender most of the time, while maintaining a constant mental gender of female (which makes sense considering her environment). However, we also get weird inconsistencies in the story (such as chapter 20; Suu is quite clearly aroused from the tentacley things latching onto her, even though as a slime, she shouldn’t even be able to get aroused in the first place…) that make me think that she’s more adaptable than infinitely fluid. But this is woolgathering, of course.

          (Suu is best monstergirl)

        • Mavado said:

          Chapter 13 confirmed the existence of mermen in Ms. Smith’s imagine spot.

  105. Sesshoumaru said:

    Mia’s mom said that all Lamias are skilled poisoners… that doesn’t mean that they are poisonous themselves, but it would make much more sense than having them looking around for dangerous plants. So do we assume Mia has some poison fangs?

    • Mystic X said:

      Well, we never saw Miia’s fangs (Maybe standard issue “Manga cutesy fangs”, but they’re a basic anime trope), and if Lamias were venomous they wouldn’t have to be poisoners, in fact it’s made pretty clear Lamias are constrictors all the way back in chapter one.

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      We had a shipping delay of about 3 weeks.

      Currently the chapter is being typeset and the last two pages are redrawn.

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