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      They are holding a few polls, one is your favorite character, one is who you would like to see voice what character for a MM anime, and finally one for asking people if there was an anime, what scenes would you think CANNOT be left out.

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        Kurusu: Yuuki Kaji
        Miia: Kana Asumi
        Papi: Emiri Kato
        Centorea: Ayako Kawasumi
        Suu: Undecided
        Mero: Eri Kitamura
        Rachnera: Miyuki Sawashiro
        Zombina: Haruka Tomatsu
        Manako: Yoko Hikasa
        Tio: Kana Hanazawa
        Doppel: Undecided
        Smith: Ryoka Yuzuki
        Draco: Ami Koshimizu
        Kii: Undecided
        Polt: Undecided
        Lilith: Undecided

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          Haruka Tomatsu is good at doing both deep and “energetic” girl voices. Zombina seems like a good choice to me too. Or Draco. But if you put her in the main harem, more incentive to get her to sing the theme song. 😉

          Houko Kuwashima(Stellar Loussier from Gundam Seed Destiny, Scarlett from Space Dandy), using her “Scarlett” voice to play Ms Smith.

          Alternatively, Kikuko Inoue(I-No from Guilty Gear, Yoshii Akira from Baka and Test). Especially when she says “Darling”. Or she could play Rachnee.

          For Mero, anyone know who’s the lady who voiced Agiri(the Ninja from Kill Me Baby!)? Her.

          Rie Kugimiya(Shakugan no Shana) as Papi. Mainly cos I only remember voices, and not so much the names of actresses.

          Emiri Katou’s Hideyoshi from Baka & Test? Hmm. Polt?

          On the one hand, we want Tio to be “shy”, but her size means she should really not be too soft-voiced. So we’d need someone with a “strong” voice, who can also subdue it during her shy scenes.

          Centorea should have a “young motherly” type voice. How to put it? She should sound maternal, yet not too old.

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        As for parts a MM anime can’t do without: Chapters 25 (Showing the tribulations of life with monster girls), 26 (Rachnee is my favourite monster girl and the chapter goes right for the feels), and the entire date-saga (From Ms Smith to MON and all the dates inbetween)

        Now to hope it’s not just hypothetical and an actual “Monster musume”-anime is coming ^_^

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            Something like that?

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            Nagamasa Azai from Samurai Warriors
            Tieria Erde?!

            Ok, acceptable. As long as he doesn’t go as deep-voiced as Tieria. That one was just disturbing.

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      I think Seven seas emphasises his virginity because it makes the girls’ avances (And the law forbidding taking them up on it) more awkward for him.

      Yeah, Rachnee overuses “Itsy bitsy” a bit, but i found all the “Spiderman”-references more grating, but neither bug me all that much after my first dozen read-throughs, well, calling her “Spidey” on occasion still bugs me, but still pretty easy to overlook…

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      • AJ said:

        English adapation*

        • AJ said:

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      Finally got vol.4 myself (trans-atlantic shipping sucks).

      Overall a very enjoyable read, although a few things bothered me like having Mero using “beloved” when talking to the other guests in the maid cafe or all the inconsistencies with the names.

      Misspelling Rachnera as Lacherna at one point and the whole Port/Polt issue is one thing, but now we have Meroune Lorelai when vol.2 spelled it Meron Lorelei so which is it?

      Repeatedly referring to the director as Kasegi, even though Ms. Smith said that name was false in vol.3…

      Also, was there some copyright thing that made them go with “serpent” instead of “snake”? Kudos for Rachnee using the proper reply though.

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    Kana Hanazawa as Miia (with her Ichiko [Binbō-gami ga!] voice, she’s quite energetic! It could be perfect for Miia’s tantrums) or Kanae Itō (Elsie in Kami Nomi. She could make a helluva cute *Darling!*)

    Marina Inoue as Centorea (Tsukiumi’s voice would fit Cerea perfectly)
    or Ayako Kawasumi (Saber in Fate)

    Mika Kikuchi (Arika Yumemiya) as Papi

    Mamiko Noto (Tiffania, Satellizer El Bridget, Suzuka Hime) as Mero

    Kana Hanazawa (Kusano in Sekirei, Mikan in To Love Ru) as Suu

    Rie Tanaka (Suigintou in Rozen Maiden) or Shizuka Ito (Akeno) as Rachnera

    Ayana Taketatsu (With her Koneko voice) as Lala

    Atsuko Tanaka (Amazon in Dragon’s Crown & Claudette in Queen’s Blade) or Masumi Tazawa (Kiriha in Rokujoma) or even Michiko Neya (Hibiki in Sekirei, Melissa Mao in Full Metal Panic) as Ms Smith.

    And For Kimihito, no other than the Burning Seiyuu himself: Tomokazu Seki
    or Nobuyuki Hiyama (Kankuro in Muteki Kanban Musume, Professor Frankram Stein in Macademi)

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      Mama Miia! (my entry for the “worst pun EVER”-award :3 ), this at least clarifies where Miia got her evil expression from…

      • Strider said:

        And the busty cyclops beside Manako? Coul she be her mother that is coming to visit her too?

        • Blackcaim said:

          Actually, that’s from another manga called Dr. Hitomi’s Infirmary. It’s an interesting read about monster children going through puberty.

    • Banon said:

      Another amazing color page from the chapter from his twitter: http://t.co/LmnF9iCfVI

      We’re in for one hell of a treat.

      • Zack the Hunter said:

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        • Strider said:

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          And I’m still jelly of him though.

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      • gym said:

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        • kalil said:

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      • M said:

        The picture of Miia(?) waving says next to her “Atakadawayou”. According to Google(after some “massaging” of the text), that says “I’m Ataka!” Which means it’s Miia’s (really young looking) mother Ataka? Or her (almost identical) sister? O_o

        • M said:

          Oh, apparently that IS her mom!

          “And Miamama onslaught!
          Erotic … smile! It is wonderful young! After Dress
          It is a smiling mom, but ….

          I’m plotting something!?
          It seems to go a few steps on the Mia Mama Mia, the cunning indeed.

          Wiles of Mom what,
          And Da~arin or to live safely.
          The answer is in! November issue COMIC Liu Mono Eye combination of teacher and pupil Manako adorn the cover(Manako and Hitomi Sensei”

          The cover has Hitomi Sensei(see my earlier post further up for the full title) and Manako! Nice!

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    • Klonder said:

      KK barely survived with 3 girl under the full moon, now his chances are rather low, but that would be interesting :p
      The full moon got that strong on that month probably because the proposal issue that put the girls on the edge, and at the end of the chapter KK states that “next full moon we go to bed earlier”.
      tl;dr: I hope we see another full moon, but chances are we are not.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Ah, but why bring up this entire system of possibility at all if we don’t intend to explore it? It seems like a complex system/trait to just leave off as a one-chapter cheesecake provider.

        I, for one, think it is possible we could see the chaos again.
        If not the full group then being isolated somewhere with a select few, or just one of the group. (being stuck somewhere with JUST Rach or Suu for example)
        ((Can a slime be affected by the moon like that? What is a slime’s basic prime function? Eat, consume, duplicate?))

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    • alidan said:

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  36. wolfy said:

    -looking at the spoiler image of mia’s mom-

    I was kind of afraid this would happen. Remember back when suu was first introduced, and mia/cerea fantasized about their kid w/ the MC? The kids looked identical to the mothers, only smaller.

    Looks like the author is taking the lazy route (again) between parent and child, and making mia’s mom look pretty much identical to mia (save bigger tits and maybe a slightly diff hairstyle). Wish he’d put some effort into making parents look reasonably diff from their kids..

    • crazymannequin said:

      I get where you are coming from but genetics are a funny thing children tend to take on the characteristics of their parents. Like me for example I am a spitting image of my dad so it wouldn’t be too far fetched for miia to look like her mother. And from this picture https://mobile.twitter.com/okayado1215/status/506767751524794368/photo/1

      It doesn’t seem that lamas are very genetically diverse with only 3 or 4 types of hair and scales could mean lamias could look very similar to one another.

    • MagicJar said:

      Well, Miia could possibly be a clone of her mother in-universe. Some snakes can self-fertilize and give birth to identical offspring via parthenogenesis when there aren’t any males available, and the lamias are all female.

    • gym said:

      dont complain atlist her mother looks good hahahaha

    • AJ said:

      yeah that was something that’s been on my mind these past few days as we were getting closer to the raws

    • Janos said:

      I kinda thought her mom looked like lucy(evil) from elfen lied

    • Heretic_13 said:

      Well yeah, but how to draw a person(or monster) so the reader could guess, that he/she is someone relative? Or maybe you don`t look much like your parents? Im basically taller, smarter, meaner, having-bigger-appetite, vesrion of my father, with some traits of my mother(like eyes and nose). Does that mean that nature is lazy author? 🙂

      • netscout said:

        It just means that live is made out of copypasta.

      • gym said:

        copy paste hahahaha good 1 man
        i do resemble my mother/father so nature is lazy…

      • Anonymous said:

        Personally, I don’t look anything like my father now, though watching photos, I think I look close to my father 20 years ago. So yeah… Fact that you resemble your father so much, is because you want to look like that. Anyone can change hairstyle, use hair dye, gain/lose weight, etc. to customize his/her appearance.

        • gym said:

          nah i really dont like my father that much…
          but i do like my mother…
          but my personality is like both my father and mothers personality mixed…

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        • Anonymous said:


          Keep that shit out of here. Nobody gives a shit about it besides /v/ and /pol/ anyways.

          RAW hasn’t been posted because TF lives in the US now. She’ll post a full TL and raws when she gets it, as usual. Word is she’ll be doing a stream as well. Keep checking /a/.

          It’s not your SJW shit keeping your monster girls away.

          • N00dles said:

            Look, 8chan is open for anyone to use since 4chan is having problems, and I’m more likely to go over there partially because of the GamerGate issue.

            That, and it also has all the other boards that anyone can use. You don’t like it, that’s fine, but it’s nice to have alternatives so none of us from all walks of life on the internet don’t get lambasted.

    • OL said:

      PRAISE THE LAMIA GODS <3 And to you too. Thanks for sharing! The art looks like he really kicked it up a notch in this one. I found myself laughing at the appropriate scenes too XD Too bad I can't really read chinese but some of the kanji I know helped!

      • crazymannequin said:

        Link doesn’t work

      • crazymannequin said:

        The link does not work

      • crazymannequin said:

        Broken link.

        • Mavado said:

          Still works for me, even though the pages are loading a bit slowly right now.

          Did you mean to reply to gundam1554’s post by any chance?

          • crazymannequin said:

            I was trying to access it on my phone and it was a problem on my end sorry about that and the multiple posts that was again done on my phone

      • M said:

        OMFG. That dehydrated KK picture. Good thing I don’t read for the boners, cos that would be a total mood-killer. 😛 So it was just a dream…

        Speaking of which:
        LMFAO Miia’s mother has NO sense of propriety! That’s a handshake to remember! O_o That or she was apparently testing if he was “up to the task” of bedding her daughter(or somehow immune to Miia’s charms).

        Lamia tea? I have a bad feeling about this…
        Miia’s nightmare almost became real!
        Suu to the rescue!(or at least, convenient diversion)
        Miia explains why she came to the human world.
        Lamias apparently track very well(Snakes can “smell” mammals pretty well, even if they have strong gag reflexes, which is probably why Miia’s sense of taste is crap). In her mother’s case, thermal vision to track them down(yes, snakes can also sense direction of heat sources, which mammals give off a lot of).
        Miia explains her feelings. Look like the “marry ’em all” solution might be off the table with her.
        Lust pheremones!
        Once more KK demonstrates his superhuman strength of will!
        And his ability to make plans on the fly!
        AND his inhuman strength!(That’s gotta be 600-900 pounds of lady snake!)
        The return of Rachnee’s caffeine alcoholism!
        Hungover Rachnee is grumpy Rachnee!(and the marker from Page 4 makes its triumphant return!)

        • Kolox said:

          Been translating the chapter with a help of dictionary but there is one secret I failed to uncover – what is Miia’s mom name ? Anyone got it ?

          • Mystic X said:

            M said earlier on in this thread that Miia’s mother is called “Ataka”

        • Mavado said:

          Lots of other little funny bits as well, like the harpy feather duster or the Suu-Roomba (Suumba?).

          Any idea what Rachnee wrote with that marker?

          • M said:

            Wrote “meat”(niku{J}/rou4{C}) on Miia’s forehead.

            The last panel:
            My Chinese is not fantastic, but Miia’s says something like “I snuck away”(Google says “I sneak up”). No idea what that’s meant to be.

            Mama Miia’s says “I’m too old to be thinking about night raids”(Direct translation was “I’m too old. Also thinking about a night raid.”

          • AJ said:

            a reference to boku wa tomodachi ga sukanai? I thought that symbol looked familiar.

          • IamMe said:

            writing “meat” on someones forhead originated before Boku wa came out. It has a fair number of meanings.

            I think the origin was from the wrestler Nikuman, he had it on his forehead if I remember right.

            Can be a reference to flesh slave and toy and such these days, depending on where its used. What Rachenaea intended could be any of them really, considering she likes the tie them up though…

          • M said:

            In Rachnee’s case, I’d say it’s more along the lines of “fresh meat” aka “prey”.

            In an English sense, think of it as calling the other person a “meathead”(without the jock/muscle connotations, just in the “idiot” sense).

  41. s_w said:

    Thanks, guys!!! Great Work as usual!

  42. Agozer said:

    Miia’s mom is all kinds of awesome… and very passionate about the (thing)s she likes (like all Lamias). I wish Okayado would still use her in future chapters.

    • Kolox said:

      Kinda like her nickname for Main chara – Monarch/King. I machine translated the whole chapter and pretty much understand what happens and what is the problem, but one thing I couldn’t get is Miia’s mom name ;p

      • M said:

        It’s only visible in the preview Okayado posted on his site. The little text beside her says “Ataka dawayo”. Seems it was removed from the final version of the Chinese one.

        • M said:


          IF the Chinese one is being accurate, Atakadawayo means “She looks like you…”

          OH. I screwed up. It actually says “Antakadawayo”. I missed the second kana.

          • M said:

            Sorry for the spam. Looking at it closer, it’s not “N” either. Not sure what kana “11” is supposed to be.

            Once again, my apologies to anyone who thinks her name is actually Ataka because of what I said above.

          • Kolox said:

            Translating not an easy thing for thanks for your effort. Chinese seems to be extremely precise language, not that flexible.

          • Anonymous said:

            TF – from the top of my head, it was あいたかったわよ

            “I missed you!”

          • M said:

            Almost. The second “Ta” appears to have the ” mark, so it should be “Da”. That or I need to clean my screen. 🙁

  43. boyfromvalley said:

    Spoilers for those who wish to wait for the translation.

    Well I’ve now ruined it for myself by looking at the raws. I did think all moms would appear together in one story. But it makes sense that they would instead introduce each in separate chapters so each gets one devoted to them and their daughter for character building. Kind of like how they went with the whole “D” thing.

    I did kind of suspect the things Miia’s mother would get up to considering she is a Lamia. Also in one chapter, Ms Smith stated that all Lamia’s and Harpies are female. So will we also probably see Cerea’s father, and will he be the sort who does not think KK measures up as a potential husband for his daughter.

    I’m also thinking Papi will be next as its sort of a patern.

    • Anonymous said:

      Unless she forgets.

      • Caterham_se7en said:

        Or maybe she will forget why she can to Darling’s house…

        • Zack the Hunter said:

          I’m looking forward to Papi and Centorea’s moms more.

          We all kinda figured out how Miia’s mom would be.

          My guess is Darling will meet Momma Papi on his way home and think she’s a kid, and then freak out when Papi flies up to them shouting mom.

          Something along those lines.

    • redg said:

      boyfromvalley ,nice thinking! when the girls have their mother’s letter i was just thinking mother(’cause we see only female monster and some have only female offspring) but cerea’s father !! 🙂 🙂 i hope it’s them the next chapter

  44. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Just from the comments, I can tell this is gonna be a hilariously chaotic chapter.

    +.+ *bursting*

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        TEMPTRESS! I refrain from looking at spoilers! Reading about what happens and SEEING what happens are two separate things to me! I can wait. Kekek

        The very idea.

        (I don’t actually know yer gender, but I’d assume male.)

      • Banon said:

        Damn, is that panel for real? It was empty in the Chinese raw.

      • kalil said:


      • M said:

        I wouldn’t have noticed it if it hadn’t been pointed out. I guess they figured that panel was just too service-y. And since there was no text, it was easier to leave it out. Essentially “My egg wants spermatic attention!”(which was pretty much implied by the following panels anyway).

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Uh… “Half-Life 3 Confirmed”?

        • Caterham_se7en said:

          Do NOT Tease me!!! I want a new Valve game… a real one! Please, Gabe… Please! *Sobs*

  45. M said:

    Hooray! Got Volume 6 at my retailer at last! No special extra items that I can tell, but I’ll probably leave it in the wrapper with the other 5 volumes until I’ve sorted out my room and got a place for them. 🙂

  46. gym said:

    yow don’t tell me the next update is on the next months 19th day??

    • halloween20 said:

      exactly 🙂

      • gym said:

        aw man 19 days to go then huhuhuhu…

        • AJ said:

          we shall remain vigilant my friend we shall remain vigilant

  47. M said:

    Looking at the poll,
    19位 徳間豆腐店の女性(Lady from the Tofu shop)(Chapter 25)
    18位 ミーアママ(Miia Mama)(Wow, from out of nowhere!)
    16位 主人公(Kurusu)
    16位 ドラコ(Draco)
    15位 リリス(Lilith)
    14位 ポルト(Polt)
    13位 キー(Kii)
    12位 ララ(Lala)
    11位 ドッペル(Doppel)


    19, Who!?
    And I think, I reread the book.
    The hero who I went to the mall in the 89 pages of Volume 6
    It is the woman who gave me the Okara.
    Oh, It is a nice woman Oppa … smile!

    Heh. She’s got big, round *eyes*. 😛

    10位 墨須(Ms Smith. Apparently it’s “SumiSu” Google translated it as “Boku 須”)
    9位 ゾンビーナ(Zombina)
    8位 メロ(Mero)
    7位 ティオ(Tio)
    6位 スー(Suu)

    Zonbina I saw the opinion tits removable that good.
    · By size I freely by Is this that is replace!?
    I felt a tremendous potential on its own.

    Tio apparently suppressed Mero with her enormous “tracts of land” being the largest in the cast.

    #5 Papi(apparently, the egg-laying “MUST NOT BE REMOVED” from the anime)
    #4 Manako(The era of Mono Eye is coming again! Beating main harem. WOW.)
    #3 Cerea(Her Carrot O-face in Ch25. And many “BOOBIES!” votes)
    #2 Mia(Constricting hugs, sultry, moulting scene “MUST NOT BE REMOVED”)
    #1 Rachnee(Erotic, shy/dere at times.)

    All comments from Okayado Sensei abbreviated by me(except the stuff between the *****)

    • Mystic X said:

      Justice has been served, Rachnee has won! ^_^

      I think that after the Mama-saga, Mero needs some attention, and Lala of course, she needs something to do beyond standing around looking ominous, and of course more Rachnee! ^_^

      • Kolljak said:

        Lala … she only got a short skit… thats it. feel so bad for the dullahan

  48. wolfy said:

    Been re-reading the chapters that should be appearing in vol. 5..

    I wonder if they’ll leave that last panel of lilith’s intro chapter. Ya know, the one where rachnee has her tied up, and you can see just how “juicy” lilith has become from the bondage.

    There hasnt been any censorship/removed pages/panels that i can see thus far, but you know how the general public/government can be about sex/sexual topics here in the US.. >.>

    • M said:

      I think the fact that she’s loli makes it more likely for them to censor it, rather than any degree of arousal. 😉

      • Kolljak said:

        Dont bring it up and no one will know.

  49. wolfy said:

    Well, papi could be considered loli as well, and they’ve yet to censor/change anything regarding her.

    But they havnt shown her pussy framed and wet, either 😉

    Guess we’ll have to see

    • M said:

      Aside from the extra “What if Papi had tail feathers?”(Loli face-mount!) I think the most they’ve shown of her is her boobs(or lack thereof) when putting on the bra. Plenty of “excited” pictures of her though(repeat of the face-mount scene when she tried to carry KK away from Lala, and again his talking wound up stimulating her to distraction).

      • wolfy said:

        We’ve been shown her bare ass a cple times, but i dont recall them ever putting an emphasis on her pussy aside from those 2 face-mountings you mentioned.

        We’ve certainly never been shown her vag outlined by tight rope and juicy-wet, as lilith’s was. We’ll have to wait and see if the american censors consider that bit TOO much. Hopefully not, as anybody who is buying these should be old enough to know what sex (and everything regarding it) is.

  50. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    So, tch, I know this is completely unrelated, but…

    Any of you get Hyrule Warriors? What do you think of it, its characters, and all?
    I’ve been playing it for a week now…
    … is … is it normal to wake yourself up at night to find yourself humming some of the remixed songs?

    • Blondejohn said:

      No you’re just weird

      • ThatOneComment said:

        Don’t Listen to him, Chaos. You’re like a trademark of this website’s comment section.

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          I’m…. touched (possibly mentally).

          That said I am pretty weird, or at least I like to think I am.
          But then, aren’t ALL OF US here pretty weird? We like girls with horns, claws, scales, tails, slime, hooves, and goodness-knows what else. Kekek.

          Chaos be with you all.

          • Blondejohn said:

            Nah it’s just you.

  51. Mondoblasto said:

    The english promotional video (PV) for the comic was released two days ago. Okayado posted it in his news section. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6fnaXsP-HE&list=PLc278UzfcbrTpcLTzwQ5IMM0E4pXrVath)

    By the by, why is it Japan is always… wierding up their name translations? Like InuYasha’s Kirara, which is pronounced “Kee-LA-LA”?

    In the vid:
    Miia was spelled Mia
    Centorea was spelled Centrair (?!)
    Mero was spelled Melo
    Tionisha (or Tionishia in her first appearance) the ogre was spelled Dionysia
    Doppel was spelled Doppelmayr (and her species)
    Manako was termed as a “Mono Eye”

    How might this change how the names are handled in these translations (if at all)?

    • Pyro said:

      My guess would be it’s the same thing Funimation ran into with Dragon Ball in having to change up some wording/naming to better get the Video & Voice to pair up easier with less work for the cleanup crew on every episode.

    • Klonder said:

      Ill be honest, i felt that Centorea was a weird name when she first showed up, but i got used to it, and now they managed to make it even worse
      (my apologies if you liked “Centrair” better)

    • Anonymous said:

      Won’t change.

      >Japanese people in charge of Western naming conventions

      • kalil said:

        thats good news

  52. wolfy said:

    I be jonesin’ for that chap 27, man. C’mon, dont leave a brother hanging. I got the shakes something fierce..

    • AJ said:

      Calm down my good wolf….person. We will get it soon just be patient my friend

      • THG said:

        Can we at least have an official site update?

        • fyl said:

          We’re currently in the redrawing/typesetting phase for the black/white pages of this chapter.
          The color pages need a little more attention for leveling and redrawing for obvious reasons.
          It may or may not be released until the 19th.

          • AJ said:

            I call that a win-win my good person! Not only would we get a new chapter then. But the new one will be released in Japan. Of course we would need to wait for raws but i think a lot of us are quite patient. Speaking of which take your time with these as you have been. Haste makes waste old bean.

          • THG said:

            I dig it. It’s less about haste-makes-waste (as AJ put it). I’m not saying hurry up and cut corners. But updating the website about the state of things would be nice.

            I eagerly await the next installment. It appeared to be longer than most others.

          • unanswered said:

            Oh thank goodness, you are working on it. I was afraid you guys were gonna have to stop/had been stopped by someone else. I can wait as long as need be as long as I know it will come eventually. Keep up the good work, fellows!

    • Caterham_se7en said:

      Don’t worry… The translators here always deliver quality goods. It is worth the wait.

  53. Matt said:

    I hope the next Monster girl is a minotaur with a pregnacy fetish

    • Pyro said:

      If I had to fathom a guess, this volume “if Mia’s mother is the first chapter” will be a Parent Volume through and through

      After the first 3 moms come & go I’d have to say it’d most likely be one or 2 of the girls from the Mon Squad dragging him along to give a good outside perspective of how they’re doing. Probably Tio’s and Manako’s parents. After those the side chapter containing Polt both wanting input on physical limitations of the girls for exercising and possibly wanting him to change the girls diet to be more balanced for their needs would come into play.

      Some time later I could see Lilith/Kii/Draco coming back into play either using him to get to the girls they’re close to, or using the girls as an excuse to learn about him for any number of nefarious plans they may have.

  54. Ben said:

    Thanks for all your hard work and release, any news on the next chapter, been hitting F5 like crazy since entering oct

  55. Anon said:

    It would be good to see another plant like girl (like an Alruane or Liliruane) or another kind of MG.
    Also im at the edge of my chair every day to see if the a new chp. came out, my patience will be rewarded but my HP is decreasing…

  56. Ezikialrage said:

    I wish I had a bed that is like that chair in the manga.

  57. ViperMagnum357 said:

    For those wondering, please ignore “Eric You” and anything he says. He is the same personal who routinely clogs up the Musume wiki with wild, useless theories based in his imagination rather than fact or spoiled tidbits. Everything he has spouted off has not a single shred of evidence, and dealing with wikia graffiti is tiresome.

    In other words, please do not feed the troll.

    • ViperMagnum357 said:

      Gaah, spelling. “person”, thanks auto-correct.

  58. boyfromvalley said:

    I’ve been thinking about the different monster themes each character represents.

    Miia = Reptile
    Papi = Bird
    Centorea = herbivore/mammal
    Suu = liquid
    Mero – Fish/Aquatic life
    Rachnia = Arachnid/Insect
    Lala = Human

    What haven’t they used yet?

    • kalil said:

      lala would be more undead/spirit type

    • Mavado said:

      Zombina = Undead
      Polt = Furry
      Kii = Plant
      Lilith = Demon

      Gas = Ghost?
      Solid = Golem?
      Amphibian = Kappa?
      Artificial = Gynoid?
      Nature = Elementals?
      Space = Alien?
      Size = Giantess/Minigirl?

      I guess it depends on what you define as “themes”.

      • Hedrah said:

        Lilith = Devil, not demon.

        Devil = Lawyer / Schemer
        Demon = Destructive brawler / Destroyer

  59. To fyl: I hesitate to mention this on a private board, but comments by user “Eric You” match almost exactly an anonymous user we have had a great deal of trouble with over the last few months on the Musume Wiki. The syntax and nomenclature used are highly distinct, as is the content: namely random stream of thought nonsense based in said user’s imagination, rather than fact or spoiled tidbits. We have already banned him twice to no effect, and another ban of his latest account will be coming as soon as the mods respond. This is your blog, but you may want to more closely moderate this user so genuine fans are not put off this site and continue to donate.
    @ Eric You: please stop. We have no say here, but all the contributors are sick of you and cleaning up after you. If you have nothing to add, say nothing: you are the reason it is so hard to attract new contributing members to the Musume wiki. Your third ban is forthcoming, and there are plenty of dumpster fire blogs elsewhere you can post your nonsense.
    @ everyone else: we are sorry for the disruption, but this is the internet. Please do not feed the Troll.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      I don’t think I’ve seen anyone like that on here, dood. :/ The devil you talkin’ ’bout?

      • M said:

        His posts got removed. That’s why there’s a whole bunch of posts(including my own, and yours) that seem to be replying to each other, yet are not in a single-thread format.

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Ahhhhh I was wondering about that. The lack of proper formatting was driving my OCD up a wall. I knew I was talking to someone, but the comments weren’t connected.

          • Kubex said:

            I sometimes talk to myself… I didn’t notice…

  60. BloodstalkerZ said:

    Thank you guys for your hard work.

  61. M said:

    1 week till 28 comes out in Japan!

    Which I guess means Papi’s Mami time!

    Would it have been as funny if Okayado had tried “What If Papi Had A Beak?”?

    • Zack the Hunter said:

      I can tell that if she had a beak, it would end badly for poor Darling….

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      These “what-ifs” draw to mind a very different question.

      “What if Miia is venomous?”

      Kissing just got a whole lot more dangerous for one.

      • kalil said:

        You Only Kiss Once

        • Sesshoumaru said:

          Miia: *wants to kiss*
          Darling: You are not venomous, right?
          Miia: *tips fingers*
          Darling: ????
          Miia: I hoped you wouldn’t ask… te’he…
          Darling: !!!!

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          But is she a constrictor or venomous?
          Tis a mystery, but my money is on constrictor, consider her tendency to cuddle.

        • Kubex said:

          Gurren Lagann!!!

  62. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ said:

    horriblesubs, just insulted every scanlation group,

  63. goblinat said:

    What if Mero gives him fish-handler’s disease?

    Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae if you want the Latin name to look up.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      First one that comes to my mind is “ick.”

  64. boyfromvalley said:

    What if Papi gives him Bird Flu

  65. M said:

    I like the still image’s quotes for the PV(promotional video) article.

    “These girls are pretty precisely because they’re not human. <3"
    "Is Japan sick or what…?"
    "But romance is strictly off limits?!"
    "Popular series selling over 1 million copies!!"

    • Nick said:

      Hope it get an Anime

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        It would be one of the most glorious anime ever! I, for one, would find it fascinating to see how they get Miia’s movement down.

        • Mavado said:

          Sadly, I don’t expect much in that department.

          I’ve yet to see a single anime lamia/naga/snakegirl animated well. Mostly you’ll get still frames and shots focusing on the torso part with hardly any animation to the snake part.

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            I’d imagine she’d sway, like a normal snake does when moving. I envision it something akin to using a hoola hoop, only without the pelvic thrusts forward and back.

    • Zaik said:

      I thought most of the video was a little cringeworthy, but I did laugh way too loud at “is Japan sick or what?”

  66. wolfy said:

    Got a comment i want to use, but i’m holding onto it until the chapter is released.. 😀

  67. Blondejohn said:

    So i’m still confused on the whole skip a month’s chapter. That shit was back in July-August. Which means we should have had Ch. 27 back in September. Ch. 28 should be around this month. Yet here I am shoving the cheese grinder ever further up my ass so that I don’t bitch for Ch 27. Am I just crazy or does this whole thing not make sense?

    • Anonymous said:

      Okayado decided to take a month off to rest/work on the much longer Chapter 28. 28 was released September 19th.

      We always have these kinds of delays due to shipping delays, scanning delays, editing delays, and others.

      You can see the text translation and raw posted on /a/ usually five days after Japan release. Check archive.moe for TF’s posts.

      • alidan said:

        i didn’t see the translation link posted here, did the recent chapter get translated that way? dont really want to look though archives for something that may not be there.

  68. wolfy said:

    I believe there was a month break, so the newest chapter was released on sep. 19th. And it usually takes about a month or so for the group to do their thing and get it posted.

    So the scans are always going to be chapter behind the most current raw, and we should hopefully be getting 27 within the next week – 2 weeks. Dont think they are 2 chapters behind..

    • fyl said:

      Latest translated chapter is 26.5, which was released in Japan in August.
      The latest (untranslated) chapter is chapter 27, which is going to be released within the next 7-14 days (we got the raws a few days later than usual due to shipping). So everything should be within the usual 1 month scanlation.
      Next chapter will be chapter 28 which will be released in Japan on the 19th this month.

  69. lotrfan1224 said:

    Don’t worry guys chapter 27 is on it’s way and when it get’s here it gona be awesome!!!

  70. Heretic_13 said:

    Why not some demon-girl? Long haired, horned, winged, tasty chocolate(skin tone) with temperament to match her devilish apperance. Can be either another addition to harem or archenemy. I don`t really care, as long as her character will be like Yoruichi from “Bleach”(y`know what i mean… 🙂 memorable bath scene)- and sorry if someone ever mention this before me

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      I suppose a completely unique character, one that doesn’t rely on tropes and cliches to flesh out the character, is out of the question?

  71. matt said:

    I wonder if there
    Will be anymore additions 12 beast got me on the minotaur train and maybe the scylla train as well

  72. Boyfromvalley said:

    Sorry if this has already been posted; its late and I don’t have time to read all the posts but…

    Papi’s Mom


    • Zack the Hunter said:

      Thank you!

    • kalil said:

      hmmm papis moyher seems to be a dark harpy

      • german said:

        Any Links yet???

  73. Le Spy said:

    I really hope these people are ok.
    on the bright side, another translation group already translate the Chapter 27, and now they are working on the chaper 28 (those guys are very fast, sadly they dont have the quality of this group, but meh)

  74. anonymoose said:

    Did the translation project die or something?

  75. fyl said:

    Just gonna copy this in here to let you know what’s going on:

    It’s been one month and one day since chapter 27 came out in Japan and only 25 days since we got the raws.
    Currently it’s delayed, because, yet again, some things happened IRL that are far more important than getting the manga out in time.
    TF’s part of scanning and translating is already done and her current condition has nothing to do with the delays.
    The things that are left to do are leveling/redrawing the color pages (including a double page) and QC.

    • Yosumarainesu said:

      That’s fine. I will wait patiently. Does the raw of chapter’s 28 has been released?

    • kalil said:

      its fine, its fine

      i know that you guys will delivery it in the end so no worries

    • Seifa said:

      Thank you for letting us know.

    • Johnson said:

      Shit happens, nothing you can do dont worry about it.

      but dang i am dying of papi thirst.

  76. Anon said:

    Double release on Hell-o-ween?

  77. fermaguel said:

    my only complaint is that 26.5 was enough content to tide me over, if it wasnt for homestuck starting back up this month to distract me id be throwing things :/

  78. Caterham_se7en said:

    I have asked before with no reply but How are some of you getting avatar pics? I don’t see a subscribe button to create an account on this forum/thread…

  79. OL said:

    Tick tock goes the clock. Will we get an update tonight? Nobody knows how it will go~

  80. Meda said:

    When is Vol. 27 coming out? I’m dying to read it!

  81. Darkrex said:

    anyone got the raw for ch 28 yet

  82. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

    Yeeeep! Still holding out for chapter 27. Resist urge to look at raws. Resist urge to look at raws. Resist urge to look at raws. Come on, ol’ boy, you’ve handled worse! What’s another day without Monster Monsume? See? Even as you type this, Davidicus, yer lasting whole SECONDS longer.
    Hnnnnnnngggggggh. >.<|||

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:


        • Kubex said:

          Do it.

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:


            I will resist!

    • alidan said:

      well… this is the first chapter that i have seen where i can’t grasp what the hell is going on at all from just pictures.

      • Janos said:

        All i can tell is harpies have lightning powers or something

      • M said:

        Never fear, your local Chinese to English semi-translator is here! 😉

        To skip the spoilers, do a page search for “*********” and you will find the end of spoilers.

        *********SPOILERS ALERT*********

        First page: Apparently, Papi herself has forgotten that her mum was coming to visit.
        Cerea has a gigantic skirt(at least 5′-5’6″ long, by my estimate) Lala wears tiny panties.

        Some speculation that Mr Mustachio was Papi’s dad(though she’s naked in the pic with him), or her former boyfriend, whom she forgot as soon as she met KK.

        5 pages later… Papi STILL can’t remember what important thing she’s forgetting!

        Dynamic Entry!
        Papi is a palette-swap of her mother!(I shall henceforth refer to her as Mami for convenience. Haven’t seen a name yet)
        Whoops, almost had another Papi face-mounting incident!

        KK is made of iron!

        Suu-decoy gets her watery reward!

        Harpies live on Easter Island?

        KK thinks Papi’s short-term memory problems stem from lack of oxygen due to flying.(pg 189)

        Mami is apparently easily distracted by the prospect of mating.
        Harpies will mate with lots of guys just to ensure they keep reproducing.
        ^Papi’s recounting of Harpy law
        Papi doesn’t know who her own father is.
        KK: “TMI Papi! Why are you so calm about this?”

        “Ganguro Patsukin Gyaru Mayku”? I know Ganguro is basically “darkened skin, pale hair” make-up(“Make”). Gyaru is girl. No idea what “Patsukin” means. The Chinese apparently translated it as “Healthy Shiny Dark-skinned Girl”(Jian4Kang1 Shan3Liang4 Hei1Pi2Mei4)

        Bird Kick! Counter Bird Kick! Papi forgot KK was still on her foot!
        Nipples somehow find their way into KK’s mouth!

        KK has Pantsu-ed the Harpy mother/daughter pair!

        Convenient lake cushion!

        Bird-brain amnesia strikes again. But they’re still ready to fight?!

        Papi declares she wants to be with KK from now till eternity!

        Mami wasn’t here to bring Papi home! She just wanted her picture back! Her husband(in the singular!) just likes her to look Ganguro. She’s actually almost identical to Papi otherwise.

        Apparently, present-day Harpies are *not* sluts. Papi had left before the new ruling became law.

        Harpy MILF flashing the entire town!

        Papi can’t remember KK’s name, nor her parents’!

        *********END SPOILERS ALERT*********

    • Agozer said:

      Man, that policeman on the bicycle just can’t catch a break. A running gag in the series?

      • M said:

        The cop is our local butt-monkey-pig. 😉

  83. Erato said:

    On the special page, of the official website, I saw the following message:


    I did my best to manually translate it, and make sense out of it. (I have N6 level Japanese (lower than lowest), this would be N4.)( beta.jisho.org helped )
    And got this:
    (Wouldn’t it be an idea) if MMNINJ was made into an anime?

    It redirected to:

    (Please, someone, translate this!) I think the idea here is that lots of people requested an anime and now they’re speaking with authorized people.

    Then there’s a button which brings you to twitter:
    “モンスター娘 アニメ化するなら… #MM_Voice01 #monmusu_vol6 http://www.monmusu.jp/sp/” is put in the tweet box.

    Am I supposed to do something special here?
    This sounds like an anime petition.

    • Inferry said:

      Sounds more like they are actually looking for people to do the voices, I could be wrong thou (most likely).

      • Inferry said:

        Oh, you are supposed to tweet that, to spread the voice, they are looking among the fans for the voices, you just need to live in japan… perhaps? I don’t know, grammar is still a bit confusing to me.

        • KonaStar said:

          From what I understood, they asked which scenes the fans would likely see if an anime was ever made, and looking at all the answers, the fans asked about all the scenes in the manga. Everybody wants to see a perfect anime that is the same as the manga.

          • Erato said:


    • ultimaniac said:

      That’s not raw, it’s chinese. Raw means untouched, the manga is Japanese.

      • goblinat said:

        My mistake.

        I should have said Chinese raw, the Japanese version should be out soon though.

  84. Jötunn said:

    I’m starting to hope that another group picks this up. This one doesn’t seem to care anymore. There is this strange idea that as long as you are doing something for free, nobody can criticize you. WRONG. When you take on a job, you take on the responsibility.

    • Anonymous said:

      Feel free to criticize us all you want. We’re taking a hell of a lot longer than we’d like to, but as the Japanese like to say, “It can’t be helped.”

      We’ve got a few more redrawers helping out, but even then we’re having a hard time getting things out quickly – this month, the huge, complicated double page is what’s been giving us the most trouble. Between health issues, work coming up, people going back to school/college/grad school and other problems, we simply can’t get things out as quickly.

      The only way we can remedy this is if more people step up to help out.

      As it stands, the chapter’s poised for release, pending typesetting of one or two final pages. Please look forward to it.

      • Mystic X said:

        No problem, Jötunn doesn’t speak for all of us.

        Health, school and work are still higher priority than translating a manga series if you ask me, and “Monster musume” pages can get pretty complicated at times, you do a lot more than whiting out the japanese text and slapping the english text in using just comic sans, so it takes a while, it’s worth the wait.

      • SirkovTheWanderer said:

        Whew! I thought you might have dropped the project or got a cease and desist from the people who are legally translating it.

        As long as you guys are still working on it, I’m happy. Perhaps a meter that shows how close you are to being done, like the one team4star has on their site? Would make all of this waiting more bearable since we can know when to expect it done/see the progress made.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        Agreed with Mystic, here.
        For all my “resist the urge” posting and all, I actually *AM* pretty alright with waiting. I’ve got Smash Bros. I’ve got Minecraft. I’ve got Hyrule Warriors. I’ve got a 10 page essay due in two months. I’ve got Nostalgia Critic, WTFIWWY, and Yogscast. In short, I’ve got plenty to do while I wait. The only reason I’m slightly perturbed is because the concept of these next few chapters is gonna be hilariously awkward, I know it. Nothing quite like “meeting the parents” to make that Awkwardometer skyrocket! Kekekek!

        I can’t wait :F (but I can)

      • Kriloff said:

        I am gonna have to blatantly disagree with you. These guys have done a fantastic job in my opinion, the translations are very good, heck imo. they are even better than seven seas. Seven Seas have some weird quibbles such as: “itsy Bitsy spider” and “Zounds” instead of normal soundeffects such as “pff” or “sigh”.
        Another thing which makes you, Jotünn, sound like an ungratefull twit, is that you have no right to say that they aren’t doing their job correctly as you don’t pay a single dime (yes freedom of speech and yada yada, but I still think you are wrong) and because there is no formal job describtion or deadline, hell they don’t have any responsibilities regarding publishing their work in time so chillax. They have other more important things to do, what if the typesetter’s mom is dying in a hospital? I am slightly angry at your comment, but I can only give the guys credit for updating as much as they can and actually responding to you of all the peeps here. If they didn’t care they would have ignored your comment. If you really just wanna read some monster girl snizzle there is a hell of a lot on various sites if you look around, (yes most of it is hentai… but its still better than a kick in the nuts). “12 Beast” is another monster girl manga from okayado which is also good, or “Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu”. If this doesn’t help then play “monmusu quest”, then you can also wank out your frustrations to some beautifully drawn monster girl hentai.
        I would love to help, but I can barely draw a stickfigure and I barely have the time to keep up with my studies :/

        For the record I prefer the quality over quantity princip and these guys bring quality… now I must go rage on the seven seas forums so they can get on the right track so rachnera loses the “itsy bitsy” spider joke, which they forced on her like 11+ times in 1 chapter and so THEY actually make an effort with their translations… because that is something I paid a lot for.
        – Kriloff

      • gameruler666 said:

        You have my full support and if you need help I can type set your #1 fan.

      • THG said:

        My only complaint is that the main site isn’t updated, and one has to dig through the forums to find out what the dealio is. You guys could just toss out updates here and there saying that things are delayed.

        Beyond that, work/school/health definitely comes first.

        • blackice85 said:

          Agreed, I don’t mind waiting but a status update on the main page when it’s late would be nice.

          • Jötunn said:

            “As it stands, the chapter’s poised for release, pending typesetting of one or two final pages.”

            This was four days ago. Are they typesetting it with medieval handwritten initials?

          • Anonymous said:

            Like we said, everyone’s been very busy.

            Luckily, TF was sick this week and was able to get things done in the downtime. Another outside cleaner was able to help us fix up the color page as well.

            We’ll try to get things out quicker in the future.

  85. Jackman said:

    If someone wants to translate 27 and 28 and send them to me, I will do the rest.

  86. Bananahash said:

    when are you gonna release the next chapter 😀

  87. Bananahash said:

    when is the next chapter finished 😀

  88. gym said:

    so no more updates on this manga now?

    • Janos said:

      there’ve been updates if you bother to read

      • gym said:

        well sorry coz i just loged in here on oct 19…

  89. M said:

    I think the big reason that some folks are a little antsy about the updates is that the “news feed” to the right only mentions that raws were received on 8/19, but that was referring to Chapter 26.5(which this thread is about), whereas Chapter 27 was received around 2*/September, so at most you guys are only a week late, but the “casual” reader would think you’ve been taking 2 months for the chapter. Or something like that. I’m not taking anyone’s side(though I would say be patient with the folks here), since I’ve already read it in Chinese(and sometimes Japanese). 😉

    • THG said:

      It’s a super huge chapter, I agree – it’s no wonder they are a little late. But I also have to agree that the main page newsfeed is what gets people antsy and thinking that this a dead page. A little more non-forum contact and a lot of people would be placated I think.

      • alidan said:

        i just looked through the chinese download version… depending on how anal you want to get with cleaning and redrawing, there were only 4 pages of necessary redrawing and up to 10 where its optional and its just to get rid of what look like sound effects. there could be a huge difference between the japanese version and the chinese, but with the version i have, this chapter didn’t look bad from the editing side.

      • fyl said:

        This month we had 41 pages.

        Six pages are color pages.
        Two of those color pages are a double page that needed a redraw and a stitch.
        Two other color pages needed redraws or some kind of fixing.

        36 pages are black/white pages.
        14 of those needed some kind of redraw.

        • fyl said:

          Five are color pages. Sorry.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      How “super huge” are we talking? Typically they are 31 pages, so… what? 40? 50? 50+?! :F

      • Mavado said:

        Ch 27 is 39 pages
        Ch 28 is 36 pages

        Not what I would call “super huge”.

  90. DarkMulletFist said:

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new chapter released.
    Are you guys planning on releasing Chap 27 soon or are you gonna bundle it with the translation of Chap 28 which came out this month?
    Just wondering since you guys have not updated any info on any new release in a while, to be honest and I’ll come right out and say it, I think you guys may have bit off more than you can chew and alot of us (not speaking for everybody just assuming) are quite honestly starting to lose our patience.
    I understand the whole author on break thing and your raw scanner guy having issues and what not along with being underhanded for the scanlation.
    That stuff I get but like I said above I definitely think you guys bit off more than you could chew.
    That said hopefully you guys can figure something out to shell these chapters out a little quicker.
    Call me a jerk, ignorant prick, dumbass troll, hater, shitty lurker or whatever I just felt like voicing my questions and opinion.
    Whether you give you give your input on either is up to you.