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      Rachnee on caffeine is one of my favourites too, though i also have a soft spot for dominatrix Rachnee. :3

      What also struck me about this chapter is that Darling doesn’t have all these girls chasing him just because it’s in the plot (all too common in harem comedies), he has done genuinely kind things for all of them and keeps their personal wishes and peculiarities (Coffee related or not) in mind too…

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    The banner in Centorea’s room reads a little clumsily. I guess “Human and Horse As One” would have been more “poetic”?

    Other than that, great job as usual, guys and gals!

    Trivia for everyone else. The banner in Centorea’s room is signed by the artist himself.

    岡宿 reads as Okayado in Kanji(In Chinese it’s Gang1 Su4). It can apparently mean Hill Inn.

    The little square “seal” is also his name:
    Ya Oh
    Do Ka

    • Mystic X said:

      In chapter 14 (In volume 3) of the Seven seas entertainment translation of Monster Musume, that same text (though on a vertical banner) is translated as “Horse and rider united as one”, which is also a pretty poetic way to translate it. ^_^

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      Well, IIRC Polt’s name is “Poruto” in Japanese, with the Japanese language’s “It’s complicated”-attitude towards the letters R and L (V and B too, come to think of it), some names can be translated two ways, Lilith’s name reads “Ririsu” on the PE-shirt she wears for her cameo-appearance together with Draco and Polt in chapter [i forgot :3 ]

      That being said, i think “Polt” goes better with her species name, “Polt the Kobold” has a nice ring to it.

      • AJ said:

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      • Virus said:

        ahhh o-o
        when i saw the “animato” i thought it was about an animation or something like that, i saw the part about the sign event, but the kanjis didn’t let me make sense of the real meaning o-o

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