Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 25

Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 25

Hey all.

As most of you have noticed, it takes us a while to get things out. We appreciate your patience and continued support even though it takes almost a month for us to finish up everything.

Why does it take so long?

As we’ve said before: redraws. We have two staff on redraws that are full-time adults with jobs and lives to take care of, and EMG is a very redraw-heavy work.

Why not stop redrawing?

Because we like getting out quality releases. We could release things quicker if we did half the work, but it wouldn’t look as nice.

How can you get it out faster?

Simple: get more people to help out.

The problem is it’s not that simple – last time we called for redrawers, only a few returned the redraw samples we gave them, and of those, none responded when we gave them more difficult samples to do.

Perhaps it was our fault for giving them too much to do, but in the end, we didn’t get a single person to come help out.

We’ll probably be contacting those people again to see if we can get them to help out, but without extra redrawers, these chapters will continue to be released slowly.

Interested in helping with redraws? Check out our Help us out! page.

We are also looking for help with typesetting, though if we can get some more redrawers TF is fine taking up the job, since she did it for a few of the earlier chapters.

As always you can contact us at translatoranon@gmail.com to learn more about helping out. Else, please look forward to the next chapter.

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    Look, let me explain the mentality behind these redrawers that never replied since i’ve done it myself sometimes. Let’s say I see a manga and start to enjoy reading it, then i see that the scanlators are calling for assistance and i’m motivated to help out so I contact them saying “yo i’m a redrawer let’s do this” or whatever. They send a test a day later, this is the problem.

    Even a day later and my motivation has dropped drastically, what you need is a way for people to get access to the pages on a second’s notice and for them to submit it to you whenever they feel like it. You need to stop gating access to pages that need work and simply have a submission page on your site. Allowing people to edit things whenever the motivation takes them without making it an ordeal is key. “Strike while the iron is hot” is a saying that exists for a reason.

    Now this lack of control over the process has it’s own problems, like substandard work and very little reliability over an extended period of time but is it any worse than 0 replies after a recruitment drive?

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    That being said, I don’t have the talent or experience to help redraw or edit in any way. Much as I would like to help you guys out to get the chapter out faster for everyone, I don’t know how. If anyone does have the talent for such things, we, the community of readers, beg of you to lend your time for the good of all of us readers.

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    Keep up the good work i say, you’re all doing fine ^_^

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    So what did we learn today?
    – The people in that Market Plaza, methinks, were just looking for someone to pawn their unsellables to.
    – It was great to see them D’s again.. them and Polt. I like Polt, I like a spunky girl. I was especially happy to see Kii (the dryad) again, because she borders on that line between cute and hot. Interesting to see what extra species do in their spare time (those outside the main group, that is). Interesting, worrying, and slightly disturbing that we haven’t seen the last “D”, Devil. I’m not interested in lolis or BDSM-work (dat bloody Spider), but… considering the note we left off on with her…. sliiiiightly worrying what will become of her. O~O’
    – We learned that a poisoned slime… is a hilarious slime. Seriously, that forest must still be toxic because she talks better and gets a bit of a ‘tude when she’s high off her ass. You’d think a slime would be better at sorting out toxins they ingest, considering they don’t so much walk as “roll”.
    – We learned that the poor dragonewt is a comic foil, and a bit of a whiner…. and also has a weak tail. I wonder if, as a “newt,” if her tail were removed, she’d regrow a new one.
    – We also learned, about the dragonewt (Draco? Drago? Not sure which), that she pretty much just wears a thong sideways. Tails must be very inconvenient.
    – Ms. Smith is a bit of an ass, and a forgetful one too. Then again, I think we already knew the former.
    – And lastly, we learned that there may just be some rage and wrath deep down in Kimihito’s psyche. +.+ I look forward to seeing it finally fully erupt. Kekekek.

    Hoping to see me a Minotaur, great to see a new chapter. I look forward to the next one.

    Chaos be with you all!

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      i also want a Minotaur to join the fun and be all “ara ara” motherly type.
      as for new chapter
      now we know why Miias cooking is terrible
      Cera and Suu get 1 point in housework, Cera being able to tell how good vegetables tastes and Suu can tell wich plant is poisonous.
      now lets see what wee have in the house:
      Miia – reptile, Papi – Aves, Cera – Equidae (horse bovine) , Mero – fish, Suu – elemental, Racknee – arachnid and Lala – undead.
      whose next?
      i mean in the house not in the chapter.

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      We also learned that the tofu shop and egg shop proprietors are smoking hot.

      And Poisonous Sue’s toxic tongue makes her the best girl.

      • Haesslich said:

        One more thing to note: Sue’s like the furthest ahead of the girls, IMO: she’s helped Kimihito multiple times (getting over the cold, helping against Kii, saving him from falls), is way less manipulative than most (at least she’s not caught doing it), causes him the fewest problems, and he turned to her when he needed to scream (even if it was only to muffle his curses).

        And I keep hearing her in my head using Kikuko Inoue’s Belldandy voice, even when she’s being all poisonous.

        • Touhoufanatic said:

          i honestly think suu has the best chances, mainly due to the points you showed, but also because if you look at okayado’s monster girl report, the slime girl stay with the guy and then goes to travel with him!

          of course this comment has nothing to do with suu being my favorite. really it doesn’t. ( no one believes me huh?)

          • Haesslich said:

            She’s like the slime version of Belldandy…

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      i must say the poison was preety original, i kenw there are different type of slimes but i did not know they can change their attributes like suu did.

      with that said i wonder if okayado will make suu assume all the dragon quest types of slime. metal suu extremely resilient but a coward, queen suu after join with another bunch of slimes, hell kimihito may even turn into a slime knight or slime rider.

      now that would be something

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    Am I imagine things or Suu is really the strongest monster-girl in Kimihito’s harem?

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Indeed, she is truly the Cirno of the group. Quite the STRONGEST indeed.

      • Haesslich said:

        No, she’s more the Yukari, if anything – occasionally throws wrenches into things, but otherwise fixes things as needed.

        Miia is Cirno. Brash, headstrong, creates trouble for Darling, almost kills him multiple times by accident (like a certain fairy’s Icicle Fall)

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    Thank you for your HQ work. Sorry that I can’t help since my PS abilities are more or less basic.

    In deed, it is a really funny chapter.

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    thanks again for your continued hard work.

    So it’s safe to assume that Kii is going to become one of the “tenants” in the near future? Man, Suu is quit protective of Kimihito, poisoned or not.

    p.s. Poisoned Suu is cool.

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            I ran it through Google translate and got… Utter gibberish TBH. 😛

            I just hope Rachnee doesn’t go anywhere, she’s my second-favourite character, right after Suu, though i really like all the “Monster musume” characters (Doesn’t happen to me often in manga with such a large cast)

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        woot time for me translate a little bit.. it says: this month begins from the place where a letter arrives. It is a new character! blah blah..The trend of an interested comfortable older sister is comics Ryu August issue of the June 19 release! and you are welcome. (pretty much an introduction of a new character from her old host family)

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    Miia – her mother will be possessive of her daughter and wont allow any man touch her “pure little angel” (which we know she is not). at first she would be against Kimihito but she will warm up to him.
    Cera – her mother will probably be taller and her breast will be bigger (biggest in this series), she most likely will be warmhearted and will try push Cera towards Kimihito on pretext that she wants grandchildren, i think she will be pretty perverted (milf).
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            mia’s mother :she’ll push mia into action more
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            he’s fonctional downstair,in the end she’ll help mia and say “other will take him! make sure you can keep your man off these girls “and be one of them who want to have him!

            papi’s mother: like most people think fake-loli doesn’t like to be call child,i think she will go in darling’s bed the same night of mia’s mother with the stupide idea to taugh:”i will show you how have baby by sleeping with darling right in front off you”!she’ll make the house a warm place full of motherly’s love,help with the food (think that)

            cerea’s mother:she will be so strict about duty et honnor that she’ll make cerea look like a hippy and have a bad view of
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            being her master, have create a harem playing with girl who have feeling for him!
            after darling became a savior (again or because cerea will fight for his master’s honnor),after that she will help cerea and other to keep the house clean and she’ll try
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      22nd July 2014
      September Issue Comic Ryuu is closed on Mon Musu(Mon Musu not in September Comic Ryuu)

      Next line:
      September Issue Comic Ryuu although was released,
      “Day-to-day that there is a monster daughter” of the month is a day off.
      Instead significant announcement!

      (Basically, Mon Musu is on break this month, so none in this September Comic Ryuu.)

      Gray pic at the bottom says “Whole world Special Look’s Latest 6th Volume
      September 13th(Saturday) Release!”

      (Google hard translate via both Chinese and Japanese)

      Or I guess a better translation is “Whole World’s Sneak Preview (of) Volume 6, September 13th Saturday release!”

      Vertical text: At Kyuushu, Okayado-san Autograph Session Held Confirmed!!!(I will let you know more in the next issue…)

      • Erato said:

        My manual translation:
        Title: Monster Musume no iru Nichijou is on rest for Comic Ryuu’s September Edition, but…

        Under 1st image: Comic Ryuu’s September Edition went on sale, but this month’s “Monster Musume no iru Nichijou” is on rest. Instead, we have some breaking news.

        Under 2nd image: As you might be able to see on the image above, there will be a signing event in Kyushu. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyushu)

        The details are still a secret, but this website will have the details shortly. That being the case, this volume will be lots of fun, so please wait a little while.

        • goblinat said:

          You think they have an anime in the works?

          • Matt said:

            They’re probably thinking about it. But there are only 26 chapters of the manga so far, so we will definitely be waiting another year or two

          • alidan said:

            not necessarily, there is easily enough content for a 13 episode run now. and take a look at sasameki koto, if i remember right the pacing was perfect for the kind of story they wanted to tell, and they only used 12 or 13 chapters for their run. this manga could do with a faster pace, so even than, thats 26 chapters, though it would probably end at the next non cliffhanger chapter.

            the problem with the story is while its good to read as it is now… there is no pay off. there is no arc, and most stories are self contained… they could easily decide to pull a to love ru and use the basic setup and fuck off with the rest, an thats a fear of mine that if it does get an anime it will get screwed over by the production house.

  58. Caterham_se7en said:

    How is everyone doing? I’m getting ready for my job to kick back into full swing with the school year coming up.

  59. wolfy said:

    @Matt’s comment about possible anime

    They may choose to wait, but a manga like this (basicly slice of life, with no over-reaching plot lines) can be given the filler treatment w/o harming the source material. I’m sure there are loads of off-panel moments or happenings that can be added to the anime to bulk it out into a proper (at least by today’s standards. I remember when anime’s always got at least 26 eps) 12-13 ep release.

    • Mystic X said:

      i personally think that a “Monster musume”-anime would sooner be an OAV-release than on TV, with all the risqué moments and all, and then 12 or 13 episodes is pretty decent (For the first series anyway /optimism :3 )

      An argument can be made to get an anime going now, strike while the iron is hot and all that…

      • Laarix said:

        Not really more risqué than any other release out there. There are some anime that are pretty much only boobs and panties shots and with the occasional white-beam censorship on the nudity which is then removed in the dvd releases. I don’t believe that Monster Musume would me so much out of the standard.

        • Caterham_se7en said:

          To Love Ru: Darkness… Glaring Light beams were all over that series… to the point that it was eventually just comical to count how many were on screen or ask where the glaring light was coming from… My group of anime loving friends began to joke about kids with flashlights just of screen trying to mess up the production.

          • Laarix said:

            ..Maken ki, Freezing, Ikki Tousen, Tenjo Tenge.. there are quite a few anime that were pretty much promoted by how many barenaked ladies they could put in one scene.

          • Katsu said:

            Fanservice shows.. we hate them yet love it with all our hearts! XD

        • IdiAmeanDada said:

          Agreed, if they can do an anime for Girls Bravo, they can for this.

          • Matt said:

            girls bravo was terrible

  60. KonaStar said:

    Excuse me, where can I find the 2-pages special about Polt, Draco, Lilith e Kii?

    • M said:

      fyl: “Look forward to it!” <<<<Re: Volume 5 extras.

      Although I'm hoping they do put them out as a pack.

  61. fyl said:

    For everyone wondering what’s happening:
    There’s been some trouble with our usual typesetter, which I don’t want to elaborate on.
    AB/TF has taken over the typesetting, but the current situation for her IRL is demanding on her free time, so please have some more patience. Thanks.

    • Cntroll said:

      We shall be patient. We respect what you do and hope you keep doing it. You do it well so we can be patient.

      • Talisca said:


    • Karasu said:

      Your keeping us apprised of the situation does wonders for my patience. As long as you lot do your best and keep plugging away, we the fans will support you.

  62. Mystic X said:

    In monstergirl-related news: Seven seas entertainment licensed “12 beast”, Okayado’s other monstergirl manga, Volume 1 is set to release April 2015 ^_^

  63. hello? said:

    Are you gonna translate the other extras like 25.5 10.5 and 14.5? They’re here but they’re only in Vietnamese m.vechai.info/monster-musume-no-iru-nichijou//m.vechai.info/monster-musume-no-iru-nichijou/