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      Ways to make a death flag:
      – achieve 999 straight victories
      – teach your pupil everything you know
      – propose to someone before going to war <—
      – get seriously wounded and tell your mates you'll be "fine"
      – invite a detective to your next family reunion on an island
      – reassure a small child that no enemy has attacked your city in 100 years
      – point out the glaring lack of giant parasitic wasp swarms in your current life

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          As usual, Right to left, top to bottom.

          Big text: (What) If Papi had tail feathers?
          Flight Speed UP!
          Continuous Flight Range/Distance UP!
          Transport Far Distance UP!(Closest way I can translate would be “Flight Carrying Capacity UP!”)
          From small hot pants to a dress!
          Miia: Because the tail feathers would get in the way, so can no longer wear hot pants.
          KK: But this is no big deal, other adverse factors almost gone, right?(Or: But this isn’t a big deal. There are no other adverse factors, right?)

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          K: BU!(spit-take)

          (Probably)Miia: Having just changed to a dress, letting down your defenses is not good!
          Sound effect: Pi-in!(see below)
          Papi: Don’t wanna! If I wear panties, (my) tail feathers will be raised upwards!

          Papi: Besides which some people feel not wearing any underwear is no big issues.
          (probably Miia): WAH!
          Editor’s Note: Will lead to all kinds of big issues.

          Miia: Not wearing underwear, still not even feeling embarassed, you’re really too much!
          Even promiscuous monster girls have more sense of shame than you! Be a good girl for me and put on panties!!

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      • alidan said:

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        you than have to take out the text, which lets be honest, is all of 1 minute a page at most.

        now, doing 1 chapter would take about 1-2 hours to get that amount of work done, and if it was just that i would still be editing more and more manga for them.

        however, they had a policy of removing all the japanese text, no matter how small or insignificant, and forcing a redraw. now this is where i differ from others, i don’t want to do the redraw at all and i see the text as part of the art. if its in a bubble that is see through thats a different story, but if its over the art itself, i see it as part of the art. now, depending on what the text was over, some things are easy to remove and take in some cases take as little time to edit as, here, this was posted lower, http://puu.sh/9gj9W/f101b04ce8.png look at page 31, now im heavily zoomed in so details are easier for me to see, but this is low rez so there are details i will miss, but look at the bottem, that floating text, there is a fairly large chunk of space that has the same pater you can copy paste over whats above, and what is on the characters, is some fairly simple line work and depending on the program you use, could be simple brush strokes or a line tool to make the lines with a fill. the hard part is dopples leg on the higher one that would take a bit of artistic talent to do fast.

        page 2, the fridge, that is honestly the easiest one to do because its all straight lines with no guess work. the text in the middle looks like it can be covered up by the gradient copy paste.

        the hard part on page 4 is matching the gradient, but that may not be as hard as it looks depending on how the text is placed over it.

        page 5 if you want to remove that big bold text sound, that would be a pain because you have to redo the action lines and lines behind it, but not to hard, just time consuming.

        page 7, the last group i did stuff for would have made me remove everything. i can safely say that if i had to do more than one page like that, i would have said “you know what, i don’t need to read this manga that bad” and quit.

        page 8 looks worse than it is, most of it is straight on geometric shapes and is largely symmetric, and from what i can tell without prospective. its line work and trying to match gradients that would be hard there.

        11 is the next one where there would be problems, cloudy gradients like that are never fun to mimic.

        24 would be one where there would be problems, but its mostly an artistic touch that you have to mimic to remove that text.

        27 looks like it could also be a problem. i just looked up a full version of that page, http://1-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/a/image/1400/59/1400594890154.jpg
        without a gradient that matches the overall background… this would be one that i just flat out wouldn’t do, even than, the lines… those are not fun at all to try and do digitally.

        if i’m looking at page 30 correctly, the line work shouldn’t be to hard, the gradient by spiders chest would be a problem spot

        i believe i went through each page.
        all in all a guess of an extra hour or 2 a page depending, and at least for me, allot of back and forth because i dont want to sink an hour into doing an edit and being told i did it wrong.

        if it was up to me, i would probably do the re balance to get rid of grain, based on the chapters we get, the raws they have are fairly high quality so you can remove the grain and color with little to no loss in quality.
        i would probably touch up any solid area, crop out the page tears, and straighten the pages.
        i would than also remove the text from bubbles, and any area that was a solid color (they can be dots, but so long as its solid and unchanging)
        i would probably also re do line work on some areas, the page 2 fridge would remain the same, but page 4 text that is out side of the line would be changed. would probably make an effort on page 8, but outside of that, i would leave it as is unless it is dialogue text and i would call that the low quality, if someone wanted to come along later on and do all the major editing/redrawing, than i would call that the hq.

        over all, i would say getting doing all the easy things and what i would edit would probably be about 1-4 hours depending on the chapter, but if you factor in the redraw, you are looking at a half hour to 3 hours per page depending on how bad it gets.
        than you have to factor in that people have lives… well, i dont, but most people do.
        i just accept the 4chan translator as a good enough translation to understand what is going on and some funny bits and take this group as the high quality release.

        • Anonymous said:

          It’s funny because the 4chan translator (Translator-Fag) is the same translator who works for this group. :A

      • Matt said:

        that’s actually pretty interesting. I only asked because it’s been a while since someone posted anything

        • M said:

          Didn’t really mean to lash out at you specifically. But still, it’s always an interesting exercise to see how much of what they do can be replicated(and it’s not easy). I do it only to remind myself to be patient.

      • Slipshodian said:

        Maybe it’s just me, but seeing this stuff reminds me of how top-notch the work they do on this is.

  56. Wolf said:

    Is no one going to point out the obvious? I wanna talk about this.

  57. Wolf said:


  58. M said:

    I love the work you guys do. My only complaint(and it’s too minor, really) is when I copy it to my phone, I always wind up having to re-save the files in numerical order, because for some reason, my phone likes to sort them by date of creation. That or cut and paste the files, I guess. Oh well, just a small step on my part. Besides, because of you guys, I have Monster Girls on the go! ^_^

    • Talenelat said:

      i use the manga watcher app. it let’s me download from multiple sites and keeps everything nicely sorted by chapter with the pages in numerical order.

  59. caterham_se7en said:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to say much this month… How is everyone?

    I am currently salvaging fixtures and lumber from old homes inspecting the items and reusing them in other homes that can be saved… It is keeping me busy during the slow season of my normal job and rebuilding and fixing homes can be very rewarding.

    • RyaxX12 said:

      How much lumber and fixtures do you usually get? I’m curious as to how long it’d take for this entire process.

      • caterham_se7en said:

        There are multiple local homes that are beginning to collapse and I just go in and remove the old toilets and sinks… and sometimes steel tubs, but they can be very difficult to remove and often require more tools, demolition, and help. Once out I pressure wash the fixtures and then take them apart down to the porcelain and then clean up any more spots I see. It generally will take an hour of rather easy work to take a toilet completely apart and rebuild it with all new parts once I have it home.

        Removing lumber is a slow process done with care to try and get as much usable board feet as possible. The last house I tore down with family took a month of on and off work when we could get out to the site, and resulted in a lot of usable lumber… I went to extended family bragging about how the joists I got out of the floor were 3x10s and then found out that the home was built by my great grandfather 60+ years ago and he cut and cured the lumber… It was a very rewarding project in almost every aspect.

        • caterham_se7en said:

          I didn’t answer you question… More often than not old homes around here had one bathroom so I get a toilet, sink, and sometimes a bath tub or kitchen sink from an old home.

          The amount of lumber varies greatly and it is very time consuming to remove but sometimes we will end up with 40-60 good 8′ 2″x4″s and 20-40 various length 2″x6″s… 1xs generally aren’t worth fighting to keep. It is really cool when we find old knives and other lost items in walls or under floors.

          • RyaxX12 said:

            Sounds rather impressive, and fun. I’m glad you have such a rewarding experience doing this, and cool stuff to brag about.

            I feel I learned something cool and interesting, thanks to you.

            May I ask what your normal job is? How’d you feel when you found out he built it? And lastly, what kind of lost items do you find?

  60. caterham_se7en said:


    Sorry, it won’t let me reply to you last post so I’m just posting bellow.

    I normally work in public education so I have loads of free time during the summer so I go home to Arkansas to help out on the farm and help my family work on old homes they are refurbishing or tearing down.

    When I found out that my Great Grandfather built the house I was both impressed and humbled thinking about the amount of work that must have gone into that house almost a century ago. My family has always felled, hauled, and maintained timber but I hadn’t really seen much of the end result since it was normally hauled off to the buyer. The boards were made for the house and so the 2x8s that would have normally been in the floor were instead something like 3x10s and the house had loads of attention put into the strength of the frame… My Great Grands were dead by the time I was 5 so I barely remember more than their names and the fact that they always gave me a glass bottled Coca-Cola… I know that they worked hard and that my Great Grandmother’s family had come to the US fleeing from Germany so I wish remembered more of them.

    The items we find most are old hammers and other tools that got closed into a wall and forgotten or assumed lost. We have found a few old styled keys (think Indian and the Cupboard style), some very rusted old knife blades and in one instance a locket but we contacted the original owners and returned that. One item that was interesting wasn’t something solid… On the inside of a wall someone wrote down some math, then apparently someone corrected the math, and further down someone left a line of writing that as best we can tell says, “If you don’t like the way I do it go kiss the truck mule in the ass!”

  61. Kubex said:

    @fyl I have an idea You might like. Why don’t You add some kind of “redraw progression bar” on a main page? It would be easy to update and it would stop those annoying posts with questions about how long do we have to wait for next chapter.

    something like
    CHAPTER 25
    [///////////////////////////////////35% ]

    • fyl said:

      It’s rather hard to translate the redraws into percentages, because sometimes during redrawing I need to do steps that take longer than expected to make the redraw look good.
      I don’t even have admin access to the site.

      • nepster said:

        then do a progression bar for where you are (the redraws the writing or the translation) or somthing like that

        • Kubex said:

          It don’t have to be a “bar” just small bracket with something like:
          “17/25 Done!”
          and maybe a little comment underneath like “18th is tough! You will wait long! (with sound of some evil laugh released when pointed by cursor)

          • M said:

            Hmm. Maybe instead of percentages, give a really long-ass eta(eg, a full 35 days from initial chapter release), and as you make progress, subtract a day say, every 10 pages. Or whatever. Then again, personal experience suggests that the stress of looming deadline tends to make things worse, so take it with a grain of salt.

          • fyl said:

            We do have some kind of deadline.
            It’s about one month.
            Sometimes I set deadlines for an earlier release myself.
            The xx/yy pages could be considered, but would be inaccurate, too.

  62. djd said:

    It´s a great idea man.

  63. Bacon said:

    Back for my monthly visit :3. I would also like to say thanks again fyl for translating this series and putting a lot of effort to make it HQ for us and we really appreciate it.

    • fyl said:

      It’s not just me. The current team is:

      Script Editing:



      • Kubex said:

        @fyl You are the only one who talk to us. It is nothing strange that You are popular among us.

        • Caterham_se7en said:

          According to polls FYL is the admin most frequently stalked on the average weekday between releases.

          • Bacon said:

            Well then thanks fyl, Translator-Fag, Raukcaren, Hound, fckyeahlamia, and EHL for taking time out of your weeks to work on this series for everyone. See you next month fyl :3

  64. caterham_se7en said:

    Just a few more comments to push us over 200… Can we make it before the new chapter is released?

    • Matt said:

      not this again

      • Matt said:


  65. Matt said:

    blah blah

    • Caterham_se7en said:

      Blah blah blah (small talk)

      I actually intended for is to talk about random stuff…. But I guess this works.

  66. german said:

    Hey hey hey, don´t fight, you two.

  67. german said:

    Here you have your 200 comments, okay.

    • caterham_se7en said:

      Now I want 300… lol.

  68. Shiniryuu said:

    *checks 4chan*
    The momment of salvation is nigh! Rejoice, my brothers and sisters!
    ~~just hope for extra’s translation~~