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    Hmmmmm…one interesting point that Darling (or whatever his name is I forgot lol) mentioned about seeing someone different across the street. I could be wrong about it. Its also interesting that even though a Dullahan girl has made a full viewable appearance, we have yet to learn her name. Could it be possible that Darling is being stalked by a different Dullahan girl? Or could she be making an excuse to get close to Darling? What do you guys think?

    • blue13ryu said:

      its still possible that was death he seen. dullahan in the other series the author made prevented death on the protagonist. but i havent read this chapter yet.

    • Talenelat said:

      quite possibly a different girl. Dullahan gave no confirmation that she wrote the letter, and the girl Kimihito saw before had dark hair.

    • blue13ryu said:

      after reading it i do think it would be someone like death because the character doesn’t seem to be a lovey poetry kind of girl. unless her body is writhing it without her knowing.

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      C’mon, Kimihito is always at the brink of death thanks to his cute home stays.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Going back to the one-offs, the whole reason the Dullahan originally met the “darling” was because he was on the bring of death, but she fell in love with him, and since protected him from death. They even showed another, more cliche-looking, grim reaper stalking him, only to get a taste of the Dullahan’s scythe.

      • Gabriel said:

        I have a question, this one offs about a dullahan that the author made keeps coming up in conversations, but I cant find it anywhere. Do you guys have a link to that one off?

        • T said:

          It is the sexually explicit series that gave origin to Monmusu. You can find it translated on boorus.

          • blue13ryu said:

            I think the title was called life “or living” with monster girl.

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    Anyone noticed that on page 28, Suu who is usually silent due to her simple mindedness has a full line of dialogue?

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      Surprisingly if you go back and look at Suu’s actions in the other chapters she’s most likely playing stupid because 1. she’s not supposed to be there and 2. No one knew slimes could take a humanoid form.

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      Pretty sure that’s actually Kimihito’s speech bubble.

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      Well i think the same, maybe is some effect from the chemicals on the mountain episode make her more intelligent?, i’ mean on the first times Papi barely speak one or two lines before reset his brain LOL…

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    That was fun.
    Damn that spider tho. She is such a friggin’ troll!!

    The chapter was fun, I REALLY enjoyed the facial expressions this chapter! All of them.
    Dullahan: “Take me to my flesh and return thine powers.”
    Kimihito: O.O|||

    Poor Miia, I can sympathize. I can’t imagine handling a headless girl with an OPEN NECK HOLE myself. I’d flip out and lose my soul too! (Tho unlike Miia, I’m not a ginger. Kekekek!) I sorta expected her to be after him, even after last chapter’s conclusion. Why else would she show herself to him. Not to mention the one-off, where THIS chapter could easily fit in as a prelude.

    Good laughs, great art, and four days after my birthday, I’ll count it as a belated birthday present! ‘.^~*

    All this leaves is the “Minotaur”. Oh I hope this version’s isn’t some muscle-chick. I hope she’s more like a holstaurus. A cow girl. :d

    • Mavado said:

      If Okayado does add a minotaur, I’m hoping it’s that one singer from ANM48 as having a pop-star around would be a better gimmick than simply big boobs and lactation (since those are already covered by other girls).

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        I agree. More than just an oppai would be nice. (I won’t DISLIKE it but I’m here for the story and humor, not the big boobs.)

      • gekkokid said:

        i couldn’t agree with you more, having a star singer in the mix would be alot of fun, specialy if she’s a cow girl..

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      Do you have a link of okayado’s one off chapter with a dullahan? I cant find it anywhere…

      Also do you know any of his other works? Other than 12 beast & deadline sorcere..

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    No. Only if it would pay like a regular job, but that would be quite illegal. Not to mention the trouble with taxes and shit.

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    For those who want to have a peek at how the redraws were done this month:

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    Thank you so much for your continued work on this excellent series. Much appreciated, as always.

    Okayado *still* continues to milk this mystery for all its worth. We finally get to the point where we meet Dullahan face to face, yet the cliffhangers continue and we still don’t know the reason why Kimihito is supposed to die – this being the primary reason why Dullahan targeted him in the first place.

    P.S. Love Miia’s reactions to horror-ish things. Rachnee is being such a lovely troll as always.

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    Thanx for the Chapter. 😉

    News for all Germans, who read this manga.
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    I hope the manga is german so funny as the original, too.
    Sorry my english is so terrible. xD
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    I can’t imagine him dying however… However, he did escape death a few times however.

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    I feel like people are confused on here, Doppleganger in chapter 22 made the 1st letter, while the Doppleganger didn’t make that poem. Seriously, re-read.

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    she mention a organitacion going after her…hehe she must mean the goverment and the new cultural law, i bet she ran away from her host family because darling’s close deaths got her attencion..

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    The “刑天” Centa talked about on mm23-10 is an old being in traditional Chinese myth. He was beheaded for his rebellion against the human emperor at that time, but he fought for his revenge with his nipples as eyes, and bellybutton as mouth. BTW his weapon is a pair of an axe + a shield.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Reminds me of that monster at Ankor Wat in Illusions of Gaia. Has a serpentine head, but when you hit it enough, the head dies, the chest sprouts eyes and it moves faster and hurts more.

      …. I need to play Illusions of Gaia again, it keeps cropping up in conversation.

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    Thank you for the release, amazing chapter it is certainly picking up to be a better series from the last few chapters. Looking forward to how things turn out. Keep up the good work.

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    Calling it, the “D” whom wrote the second letter and the black haired woman in the previous chapter is a Dhampir or Dracula

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      The whole, be together in eternal darkness was a dead give away when I realized it… Why didn’t I bother to notice sooner?

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    No one could’ve expected that such a harmless and thick-headed man would be told of such a fate as this!

    Woo the Dullahan! DO EEET!

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    Can we talk about the long haired figure that appears at the end of ch22 before “the truck passes and then it’s gone” (whoa that’s original), and now is probably the future life-threatening culprit?

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      isint that the dullhan before she lost her head (maybe the truck knocked it iff)

      • Slipshodian said:

        Yeah, it’s Dullahan, or someone wearing the exact same clothes.

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        Nah, she can be seen holding her head just before hooking Kimihito with her scythe.

  51. Thank you very much my brethren. I’m not good at redrawing so I can’t help you, but at least please accept my thanks.

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      Chapter 24 comes out in Japan on the 19th.

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      Heh. Somehow I doubt Papi and Mero really thought out their plans.

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        on trying “not to die” he comes into situations perfectly suited to die in it.

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            now personally your hard mode pictures are about 2-4 hours of work, mostly because i suck at drawing, and those are less editing and more needing to actually draw. the color picture would probably be about 10-20 minutes, with most of the work being replicating the color of the harpies head. on the dryad page, what you need to have redrawn is simple, i went over to look at the release page and saw you did nothing to the redraw nightmare on the right. i hated doing those kind of redraws the most because the group translating the manga had no editor for the only one i wanted them to do, so it was either i do it or i don’t get it and every page had something like that on it, and the group in general seems to despise the japanese text to the point they wouldn’t release it if it had any inside. that page 7 is a white and black with a small gradient, and the hardest part is making lines look like they were always there. page 32 would be annoying if they made that gradient curve with the folds, but as it stands, its not so bad. and 28, you have a fairly large area to pull from, doing the redraw there would be at the worst 10 minutes.

            i feel for the person doing those redraws, they suck and are kind of necessary if you dont want to do big white borders around text, but like i said, i can handle that for the initial release if it means we get it a few weeks sooner.

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            In all seriousness, we’re not going to start doing LQ releases. It’s just more time we have to spend slapping text on a shit clean and putting it out there. Even releasing something like that and thinking it’s “okay” is offensive to me. It goes against everything I stand for – that scanlations should be professional-looking and on par with things that you can purchase.

            I’m sorry that you don’t have the same standards as we do. Feel free to start your own scanlation group for MM speed releases if you want, though! Nothing’s really stopping anyone. Though if that happens, we’ll have to stop releasing public raws.

            There’s also a reason they’re called redrawing, and not editing. An experienced redrawer can take care of that pretty quickly, even quicker if he’s allowed to do it after typesetting (which I call lazy redrawing).

            I guess I’m also sorry we’re not all neets who can spend all day scanlating. Lord knows if I could make a solid living off of doing manga all day, I totally would. But here we are.

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          TF: A lot of those series are translated by high school students or NEETs who have a lot of free time on their hands available to dedicate to 8+ hour scanlation binges. (source: I was one of them.) We’re lucky we have people like that who can deliver on such short notice.

          Sadly, all of us working on MM are working adults with jobs and lives to take care of, so it takes us a little longer to find time to get a really nice-looking release out.

          And judging by our last few releases, the chapter’s been out 2-2.5 weeks from release. Still slow, I’ll admit, but not a whole month.

          We’re always looking for help with cleaning and redrawing, the longest portion of our process. If you’d like to try your hand at redrawing, try this on for size – http://puu.sh/8gR3F.png – and send what you’ve got back to me or fckyeah.

          We’re ideally looking for someone who can take care of hardmode redraws, though. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ke8figi2ezioplx/v8-R78q3e5

          not even sure why I’m taking the bait

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            to everyone getting overly offended by my comment, do yourself a favor, and read the whole thing, including my reply, before making a long winded sarcastic reply. you might actually notice the “i was joking” at the bottom of my reply. ffs. and to the 3 people emailing me asking to meet up and fuck…..no.

          • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

            All things considered, then, John, may wanna consider *starting* with the “joking” disclaimer. Or perhaps using emotes [ex/ :P], or even typing in a lighter tone, so people don’t confuse you for being “for realies”.

            Saves a lot of grief.

            As to the topic at hand of scans and time-consuming-ness, I’m a patient blighter. I can wait for a monthly/bi-monthly dosage of monstergirl epicocity!

            Take your time, scanlators. The sample provided above didn’t look particularly… hmm… “professional”. I could see them being used if you begin to have un-translated raws piling up and needed to really get to work on sending them out, but I’m willing to wait for quality work, especially because you guys are doing it free, and being a poor blighter, I couldn’t afford the books unless I scrounged up the money, which takes a while.

            So my advice to everyone is to make like Fawful and have patience.

            Chaos be with you all.

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      To whoever recommended playing the Benny-Hill theme while checking out the first half of the chapter. Genius.

      Loved the Madoka Magica shoutout, I can’t help but wonder whether all the other “famous last words” were quotes as well…

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        While I can also wait for the monthly release, I’m not a very patient man. But again, I was only joking. I didn’t think most people would take something they read on the internet from a person they never met or know anything about so seriously.

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    What is redrawing, and why is it important?

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      Some of the dialogue in these mangas are not in speech bubbles and are instead drawn in with the artwork. So when the Japanese is removed, so is part of the scenery and the characters when replacing the text with English. Redrawing is restoring what is removed so the pages are complete and do not suffer crude editing, as is noticeable in many fan translations.
      So really respect and appreciation has to be given to the people who put the effort and time in to these pages.

    • Erato said:

      Thanks for explaining, and also for the visual example.
      Now I get it.

        • Erato said:

          Wooow… It takes… professional, expensive programs n’ stuff… And knowledge about them…

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      Unless she’s also into editing/cleaning, that probably won’t help much.

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      The way we’ve been releasing chapters, I’d say chapter 24 comes out some time within the next two weeks.

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    What exactly does redrawing consist of? I do a bit of photographic repair and image manipulation for schoolwork, so maybe I could help?

    • RyaxX12 said:

      Check some of the comments a little above you, they provide some links to examples. And this way you can thank them for providing them.

      I believe it’ll be the first links you see.

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    Dullahan + Tsundere + Absolute zone = XD XD XD XD

    Also major respect to the re-drawers, as someone who has played around with image scans in the past (and failed) I salute you!

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    So far he has…

    The whole MON Squad, Dracosa, Polt, Mero, Suu and Rachnera.

    If anyone knows, let me know so I can share. Thanks.

    • M said:

      If it’s Smokeythebandit, I think he posts colour versions of the “Secrets” pages(basically the monochrome cover of the manga that is normally covered by the glossy “dust jacket”) on the MonMusu wikia. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve seen an English translation for some of them(like the one where they talk about Papi eating chicken and Mero eating fish).

      • RyaxX12 said:

        He has Mero, and it mentions her diet, but I think I know what you’re talking about. That one pic were Darling is kinda freaking out on what to cook them, and it turns out they have no problem with fish/chicken.

        I haven’t seen that in English either.

        The link is mostly because not everyone bothers with wikis, or bothers to look at the galleries on them.

        • M said:

          I can do a rough translation for that one if he’s willing to put in the English lines himself.

    • Erato said:

      It’s not like he’s been posting his personal information, right?

      • RyaxX12 said:

        No. So I suppose as long as that’s in order, it’s fine. (Link posted on lower part of comments)

  77. Matt said:

    I think the harem is gonna stop with the Dullahan. I know minotaur or scylla or sphinx would be cool but where there really any harems that went past 7 girls

    • edineijr said:

      Mahou Sensei Negima have 31 girls.

      • Matt said:

        where they all main characters

        • Alex said:

          Not all 31 were technically “Main Characters” as there were periods of time without some of them appearing, but well over 20 of them were.
          (There were multiple other, smaller harems strewn throughout as well, putting the total tally way higher.)

          So yeah, MSN went way past 7.

        • Blondejohn said:


        • Erato said:


          Where is an unidentified location.

    • fapfapfap said:

      If he follows his older works, Holstaurus has yet to happen. Only then would it be complete.

      • Matt said:

        if you look back to chapter 8 it was hinted that the mermaid, arachne, and dullahan, would be added not a minotaur. Also in other works he had an Alraune (plant woman) and a papillion (butterfly woman) but no one really brings those up

        • fapfapfap said:

          Nah, the alraune and butterfly is from ‘monster girl report’ not from the original ‘my life with …’ series.
          That one had the 8 brothers with lamia, slime, harpy, centaur, mermaid, arachne, dullahan, minotaur girlfriends.

          Due to the highly matching harem Darling found himself with in this series, I am calling for the holstauros waifu.

      • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

        But… Chaos demands his cow-girl! :F

        I wouldn’t mind if Dryad came back, or the Alraune/Papillion Matt mentioned above. Problem with the Alraune, tho, as much as I would want her in the group, transportation is a bit of a problem.

  78. wolfy said:

    Wait..he had a butterfly/plant girl comic?

    I’ve seen all the rest, and im also expecting the cowgirl to show up and join eventually, but i’ve never seen the butterfly/plant girl ones. Link?

      • Katsu said:

        not cool.. now i want more! 😀

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      I don’t care who you are, a proboscis down the urethra does NOT sound kinky in the least. |:I
      Other than that, it was fine. Even if it did probably end in bloodshed.


      • Anonymous said:

        Maybe not kinky, but definitely pleasurable.

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

          Never in the world was there so much nope.

          But to each their own, I suppose.

          Chaos and open-mindedness be with you.

      • M said:

        That’s not a proboscis though. It’s the butterfly tongue. That straw they use to suck up nectar.
        Much softer and more flexible than an ordinary proboscis.

      • RyaxX12 said:

        I can’t remember, is this from one of the already released chapters or something else?

      • RyaxX12 said:

        I can’t remember, is this from one of the already released chapters or something else?

        • RyaxX12 said:

          Ignore the double post. I’m not sure if it’s only me, or everyone, but it doesn’t seem to be posting my comments as replies, and instead as it’s own comment.

          • goblinat said:

            I think that is Monster Musume Chapter 0, it looks like that is the very first chapter with Papi, Mia and Centorea

            Before the official Chapter 1

          • RyaxX12 said:

            To: goblinat (in case it posts all weird again)

            There was such a thing!? Why have I not heard anything about this before?

          • wolfy said:

            I’ve never seen it floating around, either. And i did see that butterfly/plant girl one before, i had just forgotten about it. Maybe in one of the books (#3 is on it’s way to me as we speak 😀 ) we’ll get that chap. 0 as bonus material, if it’s genuine.

    • RyaxX12 said:

      Okay. We gotta find a site with this comic. Who’s with me on this?

      • goblinat said:

        That natalie.mu link has a link to amazon.co.jp where it is still available for purchase if any one can get it through those means and scan it than that would be good

        I also was remembering about Oyakado saying that he had done an ANM8 catgirl oneshot, when I was trying to locate the raws for this chapter 0 there was another Comic Miu for the summer that was present along with it, it was not the one for this elusive comic, but it could have the ANM8 one shot in it

        and a rather poor translation for a mash of the pages is on Oyakado’s pixiv account, I originally thought that it was just the one page but I have now learned that it more pages than I thought

        • RyaxX12 said:

          Yeah, I saw the amazon page. So there’s elusive Okayado work…

          Hopefully we’ll be seeing more about them soon.

          • goblinat said:

            If the donation drive could get restarted again we could get the funds to the scanner here and he (or she) could scan this chapter and release it

          • RyaxX12 said:

            Why was it stopped in the first place? I think I heard there was another reason aside from having enough money, but I can’t remember what.

          • Anonymous said:

            We have enough money, and there’s no reason to take more money than we need.

            Our translator is not interested in buying and scanning the extras, so unless someone else wants to step up and do it, it’s not getting done.

    • kalil said:

      thanks for the link

      • RyaxX12 said:

        You’re welcome.

    • goblinat said:

      I love those colors I am wondering where the ones for the Succubus and the Dryad are

      • RyaxX12 said:

        My friend only colors English translations of them, and he has yet to find the ones for Kii and Lilith.

        If you know where they are, could you provide a link? I’ll give him the link so that he can color them. We’ve been looking everywhere.

    • Ryuuma said:

      Some of these are legit pages that I guess came with tanks, as the MON info was in the English vol. 3. Thanks for sharing the others, fun stuff.

      • RyaxX12 said:

        You’re welcome. I’m glad you like his colors.

        As far as we’re aware, these are all legit. The only one that looks out of place is Suu, but that may be due to since she can change size, it wouldn’t fit if you gave her info like the other girls.

        Of course, as you can see these are translated by other groups, as I don’t think there’s any official English release for these profiles. He may redo them if they have an official release though.

        • goblinat said:

          The only two I have seen are for Mero and Suu

          • RyaxX12 said:

            Official translations? Can you provide info on where I may find them?

          • goblinat said:

            Since I could not reply to you RyaxX12 I am replying to myself though this is your answer

            The official translations are in the Monster Musume volumes translated by Seven Seas

            Volume 2 and 3

          • RyaxX12 said:

            Ah, that makes sense. Thank you. I really wish I could get my hands on the Seven Seas translations.

            Sadly there’s not many places near my location that sells manga, and I can’t order any by mail.

            Another reason to love this translation group. People like me would be out of luck.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus said:

      Those were a fun little read. Thanks for the share, dood.

      • RyaxX12 said:

        You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed.

    • gekkokid said:

      i like the color you choose for them it fits them well.


      • RyaxX12 said:

        Thanks. But it wasn’t me, it was my friend.

  79. Matt said:

    with more people helping i thought this would come out slightly faster

    • Klonder said:

      It REALLY depends on the number of redraws that the chapter needs, so it can get some more time to be released.

    • fyl said:

      At the moment of this post, we didn’t find a redrawer to help with the hard redraws yet.
      Release might be within the next few days.

      • caterham_se7en said:

        Thank you kind sir!

      • AJ said:

        Take your time! 🙂

      • Matt said:

        okay just curious

  80. Matt said:

    does anyone have that extra about papi’s tail translated

  81. Matt said:

    wonder how he’ll explain the biology for the dullahan

    • Kubex said:

      Probably same as with Zombina…

  82. Lol that comic strip got me laughing! are there anymore of this?