No chapter this month.

Monster Musume Chapter 21 will be released in December’s issue of Ryu and have two chapters – a short color chapter as well as the normal one. Look forward to it!

  1. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Well it’s confirmed. Ah well, color chapters will be neat, and two chapters over one in December will make up for it. Thanks oodles for that! 😀

    Guess I will be solely looking to MGE for the remainder of this month, and however long it’ll be til they are posted in December. Good things come to those who wait, so I’m not mad.

    • Akagin said:

      MGE? I feel I should recognize that…

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        I mentioned it in passing last chapters’ comments.
        Monster Girl Encyclopedia. A faux instruction manual (see: Dungeons and Dragons Beastiary) on various monster girls for a universe where the Demon Lord (Satin, king of hell) is a succubus who, in an attempt to build bridges with human kind, turned all monsters of the world into humanoid shapes. From your cliches like foxgirls, werewolves, catgirls, to dragongirls, gargoyles, beholders, girtablulu (a creature I thought was solely found in PSO:Blue burst), and many many more. Each entry is essentially a picture and description (including habitats, food preferences, and temperment) of said creature and how you humans have absolutely no way of not getting raped by one, with the possibility of it being permenant.

        I find them on Danbooru (and collect them for fun, gotta catch them all! 😀 ), so I don’t visit the site proper for the series, and as such, don’t know how many actually exist. I’ve “collected” 135 entries, I don’t know if that’s all there are so far (the creator appears to be making more) or if I have all to date. I was under the impression that the creator of THIS series, the One-offs related to this, and the creator of the MGE worked together, are the same person, or some such, I dunno, I haven’t done TONS of research into it. Maybe someone here can explain the relationship better than I can.

        But well.. there ya go! 😀

        • Akagin said:

          Oh, duh. I should have figured that out, but for some reason I was thinking you were referring to an ongoing story or something.

          As far as the various Mamono Musume entries, I’ve always believed they are NOT related to Okayado’s. The characters that they have in common do not look the same. (The various slimes don’t share Suu’s svelte design, going for the more typical messy slime variant that likely leaves trails behind them.)

          That, and the whole ‘monstergirls bleeping people until they turn into monstergirls themselves’ doesn’t seem to match the theme of Okayado’s stories which amount to good sexy fun for everyone involved. Though it could be interesting for a crossover…

          Beyond that, one huge advantage Okayado’s works have is you can actually find them. Sure, most of the various encyclopaedia entries are on Gelbooru and the like, and it has its own Wikia, but the actual stories that have been made are almost never translated. (The Baphomet Complex one is currently selling for $200 on Ebay, that’s the only clue I’ve found online for any version of it.) The only other thing I know for the differences between the series is that Okayado made this series, Kenkou_Cross is the name associated with that (and to a moderate level Strange, too. They did the writing for a lot of the pseudo-official novellas for the encyclopaedia setting stories.)

        • Myrdin said:

          Nice of you guys to share. I have most of the entries myself, but since its still being translated i doubt i have all of them.

          Also some older ones have been remade, so i wonder which version you shared.

        • moon said:

          kliks link..gets sad panda?

          • kalil said:

            search on the internet how acsses exhentai

  2. Krevitz said:

    Oh boy
    Dis gon be gud

  3. Andrew said:

    You know what? I’m okay with that! Cuz i already got the English localization for Volume 1! Let’s support Okayado from overseas, guys!

    • Northlander said:

      Way ahead of you. (Vol. 1’s resting on my bedside table at this very moment.)

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Would if I had the money, dood. Would definately be a hilarious, awkward, and strange addition to my manga library. Can only IMAGINE a friend leafing through it briefly and giving me the look. Of course the friends of mine who visit the most are gay furries who handle nightmares like Dragon Princess Catue like champs. Gents (Ladies?), save your sanity and don’t look that one up. It hurts! LITERALLY! It will take your hit points! O.O|||

      Fair warnings and Chaos be with you.

      • Akagin said:

        Yeah, that one was pretty bad… I’d say on par with Inyouchuu Shoko.

        But yeah, I think I’m going to have to get volume one pretty soon, should have already gotten it.

      • IamMe said:

        I think you mean SAN points, not HPs.

        At least SAN sounds like it would be more appropriate. =)

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          I WOULD mean that if I wasn’t bleeding from my eyes.

    • Got my volume 01. Let’s show our global love for this Marvelous series!

  4. Saa said:

    No chapter, visit the RSS anyway, get MGE from mediafire uploaded by some good guy. Hey, I aint even mad.

  5. Touhoufanatic said:

    so we wait for a ,ovely chrismas pressent of two chapters ya!

    on another note the latest chapter got me thinking about what zombina said at the start of the chapter. zombina made the joke of kimihito getting a strange virus and turning into a zombie, but what if it isn’t a joke. what if that is how undead sub species are created in this series. in that way kimihito could have had a childhood friend who ended up getting the disese and turning into a dullahan ( going on the idea the note sender was indeed a dullahan). if this was true it could explain the entire possibility!

    what do you guys think?

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Possible. Some ol’ female human friend who perhaps practices kendo or some such gets some strain of umbrella corp virus and becomes an undead. We just assume that due to monsters being present that undead are raised via necromancy, rather than infection. Could be possible, but in my personal opinion, I gotta say, I think the magic-aspect fits the series a tad better… well.. at least in my mind.

      Also, I *KNEW* I saw you here before when I saw yer avy over thar at Modest Medusa! 😀
      I was right to be onto you during “Home, Page 10”!

  6. Okayado must have asked for a break since he’s been working on this one for over a year and started another series and it’s the holiday season. Plus a 2 chapter Christmas bonus does sound nice.

  7. ?? said:

    are you guys going to translate vol 2 3 specials (omake)?

  8. german said:

    Man warum erscheint in der Manga nicht in Deutschland

    • Sesshoumaru said:

      Das könnte man bei vielem Fragen^^… Fall 2015 könnte eine Ankündigung für einen Anime kommen… lets hope^^

  9. netscout said:

    Wegen dem Reinheitsgebot.

    Just buy the english version on amazon then!

    • Katsu said:

      wont feel the same…

  10. gym said:

    still nothing guys? =)

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Now, now. Patience is a virtue.

      After all, its only just now the ninth of December! These chapters usually get posted in the twenties.
      Good things come to those who wait, and if we are lucky, and honestly I’m hoping we are, I would love to have our two chapters posted on christmas! Would be a lovely Christmas gift, wouldn’t it? ‘:3

      • Wicher said:

        Yep 🙂

      • fyl said:

        Would be, yes. But with the Christmas troubles for everyone I don’t think so. At least not both chapters. I’d guess somewhere around New Year at the earliest.

  11. Katsu said:

    cant wait!! jsut finished monster Girl Quest part 3 XD now need my daily goodies 😛

    • Touhoufanatic said:

      wit has the translation been completed already?

  12. alidan said:

    when do the chapters come out in japan?

  13. DHos said:

    Well, got my first localized volume yesterday. A few differences in the first chapter but very good so far. And there seems to be something different about seeing a smooth print versus the scans. The artwork seems to pop more off the page now. And I have to admit, at first I barely noticed the nudity, now it really stands out. I went back comparing the scans to the print and yeah, a lot was lost in those scans.
    Like LP versus digital. …actually that is exactly what it is.

    On amazon, I preordered volume 2 and 3 too. Vol 3 was especially cheap right now at 8 bucks.

  14. Katsu said:

    hey guys am looking for someone to translate me 2 chatpers + 1 volume and yes am willing to pay got anyone to suggest? its for Magetsukan Kitan

    • 77souls said:

      Would you mind giving more details about this translating job? I’m quite interested in it….

      • Katsu said:

        its 250 page in total but theirs not a lot of scrips well depending on the pages… ill take care of the cleaning and editing.ill provide the raws as well.

        • Josh said:

          Any more info. I’m intersted as will?

        • 77souls said:

          Ok, what about the time limit? and the manga name?

          • Katsu said:

            Magetsukan Kitan and you can take as long as you want, well as long that it doesn’t take 6 months 😛

          • Katsu said:

            oh and its for the 2 last chapter of volume 4 and the full volume 5.

          • 77souls said:

            I see…let’s continue this conversation through my email, which I think it will be better (^_^) here is my email address

  15. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Halfway through December. :F
    *hopes rising*

    • gekkokid said:


  16. Nightmareschild said:

    If anyone’s interested, I’ve put chapters all the chapters into zip files for easy download.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page for the links.

    • german said:

      ch 21?
      Some Information??
      Chinese Raw???
      japanese raw????
      Bitte Antworten?????

      • fyl said:

        Wahrscheinlich erst nach Neujahr..
        Heute oder morgen….
        Mehr Fragezeichen…..

    • Zaron said:

      That armored hand I wonder who is that?

      • Krevitz said:

        I really, really, REALLY hope that it’s Dullahan

  17. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Impatience lessened with arrival of Rosalina in Smash Bros. All is well with the world!

    *dances around badly*

  18. gym said:

    yow any links yet? been so long T^T

  19. Forester said:


    WARNING, I am going to whine

    Damn it ain’t Dulla… and worst its my fav monstergirl but it’s a loli which I am the most repealed by…. CURSES!!! he tricked us again!!

    • fapfapfap said:

      The loli is Lilith, probably a succubus.

      Still rooting for the dullahan stalker.

    • kalil said:

      it seems rachnera and the devil girl became really good friends huh

      • Kolox said:

        I predict next volume will no longer have an ecchi label and finally become porn.

        • kalil said:

          taking account the last chapter and the end of this one we are just a step away from that

        • boyfromvalley said:

          Funny enough there are already hentai comics featuring some of the characters. It evens address the issue about Cerea’s genitalia.

    • coolbro said:

      Bet you it’s another troll, at this point I refuse to believe anything BUT Dullahan.

      • Forester said:

        ….You know… I haven’t seen Doppel at all during this whole
        escapade we seen all of MON but her…..

        So we are one MON short and 4 dates down

  20. Anon E. Mouse said:

    Getting excited

  21. gym said:

    pls link again if anyone finds full raw…. thx…

      • gym said:

        where should i click after i click link???? XD

        • fyl said:

          click on the images Translator-Fag posted.

      • Anonymous said:

        Yay, Sue finally got Rachnee.

  22. Tom21 said:

    Will ” this month” is All most OVER!

    • Hitokiri said:

      I’m sure that they are plaining released in 24 or 25 of this month. After all, this is the best gift any of us expect to win. (:

      • fyl said:

        nope. not with all those redraws.
        maybe somewhere around NYE

  23. Katsu said:

    damn.. my gravatar still aint working…

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Well no sign of the chapter(s) yet, so if I don’t happen to check here in the next couple days, merry WhateverItIsYouCelebrate guys!

      • Anon E. Mouse said:

        It’s soon. I can feel it. :3

  24. Myrdin said:

    Merry Christmas guys. Seems like we gonne get the next volume after, maybe even next yer. Just be patient and enjoy the holidays 😉

    • InformativeBato said:

      Thank You, much appreciated.

    • InformativeBato said:

      This chapter literally shows why Rachnera is my favorite of the monster girls. So much win in this chapter.

    • Guy Max said:

      that last page… I think it might have crossed a line…

      • Anon E. Mouse said:

        A sexy line

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          You people are making me REALLY curious. Almost curious enough to break my non-spoilers vow! *bites finger in regret*

          Only a couple days left of December, I hope we get the chapters soon. I can wait longer (got some fun games for christmas to tide me over), but I can’t stave off my love of monstergirls for too much longer. Eventually my Id will break free and go on a rampage that heaven nor hell nor hentai could cool down. ~(=3=)~

          (Didn’t get Zelda:ALBW or a pokemon gen 6 game.. kinda waiting to see if the inevitable “Pokemon Z” will appear first..)

          • Anonymous said:

            Joooiiiinn uuusss… Ssseeeee ssspooiiillleeeerrr…

            If I was that devil girl from this chapter, my hypnosis would work, just as it worked on Centorea.

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            You evil bastard. |:o

  25. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    … <.<'

    Curses. Foiled again! Nyeh!
    Fawful give me strength… I HAVE PATIENCE!!

    • Forester said:

      Hmmm should I or should I not lead tho into temptation…
      …. Anyways wanted to see a prinny snap….

      >: D the chapter is sooooo very good

  26. gym said:

    whens the sub going to be up T^T

    • Katsu said:

      no idea.. maybe the admin doesn’t care cause its holiday..

  27. Tom21 said:

    “No chapter this month” And What Month is That? December, January, February….?

    • gundam1554 said:

      Is November 2013.

    • Wicher said:

      Well, we will not see the charpter this year :(. Btw i wish you all happy new year 😉

      See you next year xD

  28. gym said:

    happy new year in advance guys…

  29. InformativeBato said:

    Happy New Year in advance to all the kindred spirits who rejoice in the excellence that is Monster Musume. I’m looking forward to all the new monster girls to come and more development between the main character and the current monster girls.

  30. Tom21 said:

    I’ll Just What till the Anime comes out! May be by then the Next charpter will have come out!

  31. Victoria Loveless said:

    there’s gonna be an anime?

    • NeoBlitz said:

      No, he was making a joke. It’d be cool if it did though. Happy New Years.

    • Forester said:

      Tho instead of an anime, you should be asking for a drama cd.
      They usually come out with manga that’s gained enough attention
      but not enough for anime.
      Or for other reason (*cough*Broadcasting issues*cough*)

      • djd said:

        I´m sure there will be a anime when the manga be in the 6º or 7º vol.

        • Forester said:

          True, but usually Drama CD’s appear
          as a precursor to an anime.
          Like a game beta to see if there is any interest in
          sales and act as tool for investors for further projects
          (Anime, case in point)

          Basically its a cheap pivot episode, you can basically
          do them in a day

          It also gives the opportunity to sort of what kind of
          seiyu voice actors for the characters.

          • Katsu said:

            An Ova will probably hit first. to know how public will react to it… thats what they did with KissSis

  32. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Have a happy new years, fellow monstergirl-enthusists, and may Chaos be with you!

  33. Azimuth05 said:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  34. gym said:

    hey is it true that they’r going to give 2 chapters next update?

    • NeoBlitz said:

      Well December’s chapter has a bonus short colored chapter, so yes. It just depends on when they translate and post it. I hope it’s not much longer, but if it comes to it, maybe we’ll have it and this months chapter to read at the same time.

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        And last month’s. Don’t forget November. THREE chapters! 😀

        • NeoBlitz said:

          November never had a chapter to translate, the author (or the magazine) skipped a month. He added a short color chapter to December’s regular chapter to make up for it (I believe, as it makes sense), which is very nice of him.

          So they only need to translate December’s regular chapter, and it’s short color chapter.

          If anyone can correct me on anything here, please do.

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:


            I was under the impression that what would have been November’s chapter was going to be provided in December, along with December’s, to make up for the busy, hectic holiday season. So we have only a December and January ones coming to us, and a neat little bonus short. Call it 2.5 chapters.

            I’m patient enough, I got Wind Waker HD and a host of other games to play (including but not limited to Mario Kart 7 and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon), and I’ve kinda had the itch to play Illusion of Gaia again.
            I’ve also got a bet on with my younger sister I can whup her throughout ALL the various Mario Kart titles… (I forgot… how evil 100cc Special Cup was in SNES Mario Kart!!)

            So I’ve got plenty I can do while I wait. Thanks for the clarification, dood.

            Chaos be with you.

        • NeoBlitz said:

          No problem dood (I love Disgaea). I’ve long given in and looked at the raws, but I can’t wait to actually know what’s going on. I would have put this in reply to your new comment, but it doesn’t have the option.

          Nice selection by the way, and I hope Dark Moon is good. The green plumber needs more love.

          I myself have gotten Minecraft PS3 Edition, Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider for the holidays. Along with a few games from the earlier parts of last year.

          So I can wait this out too. Nothing like having a good backlog of games to playthrough.

          Good gaming, dood.

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            I already play Mine”crack” on the PC. I’m not sure I could play it on anything else, just doesn’t seem like it should be on anything but PC. MAYBE the WiiU could pull it off, but standard consoles, I’m not sure. And that is coming from an intensely console gamer, the most I’ve ever really played on the PC is Minecraft, Dungeon Keeper, and Phantasy Star Online Blueburst.

            But yeah, Disgaea rules over all. If I can’t nuke folks with an over-the-top flashy animation, it isn’t worth doing. I’ve been missing me some Laharl tho’. Disgaea 4 has the most amazing gameplay, and the characters aren’t too bad (Valvatorez, I love your brand of insanity), but Disgaea 2 will forever have the best plot, and Disgaea 1 will forever have Laharl, best character ever. I can’t say I cared much for Disgaea 3. And I haven’t played many of the off-shoots. Only Prinny: CIRBTH?.

  35. WOW I can’t believe how popular this series got.
    Though is great, keep at it guys! looking forward to your releases ^^

    • Katsu said:

      Sigh cant believe???? cmon dude! its monster girls! theirs no men on this earth that wouldn’t dream to meet one! so this is the best way to live the feeling XD oh and its really good art and humor+ story 😛

  36. Matt said:

    the dullahan’s name will be deliyah calling it

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Honestly, the name “Hannah” keeps coming to mind (as in “dullaHANNAH”, kekekek, I’m such a card). She wouldn’t just be a dullahan, but a foreign dullahan!

      Make it so, number 1!

  37. kalil said:

    patience… give me strength

  38. Katsu said:

    no raws available?

    • NeoBlitz said:

      They have links to the raws posted in a few comments above.

  39. Tom21 said:

    Funy ant it right whin they brong out the Manga he stops buting out here?

  40. ll said:

    the author of the story busy on making 12 beast -_-

  41. Matt said:

    is 12 beast 5 out yet

    • Katsu said:

      nope sorry.

  42. Caterham_se7en said:

    The wait is killing me!

    Has anyone else bought the US releases? Volume 2 hits tomorrow unless I am mistaken.

  43. Tom21 said:

    Yep Got it the Day it came out! Just go’s up to Chapter 5.

  44. Wicher said:

    Any one knows when will be the next charpter :(?? this waithing is killnig me xD

    • Katsu said:

      was supposed to be out last month… so no idea bro..

      • NeoBlitz said:

        It’d help if they gave updates on how it’s going. Especially when it takes awhile.

        • fyl said:

          Usually we give out information on the progress in monmusu threads.
          And there should be some people on the irc channel to give information about it, too.

          • NeoBlitz said:

            Ah, thank you for the info. Sorry if we’re getting on the teams nerves, we’re just a bunch of easily excited fans.

          • DHos said:

            Where is this irc channel?
            Or is that the main blog and I am totally missing it? haha

        • fyl said:

          Current status is three or four redraws left and typesetting.

          • fyl said:

            rizon #monstermusume

  45. Wicher said:

    You mean 3-4 pages left ??

    • fyl said:

      Checked all the pages and shit:
      Five redraws on five pages, Mr. Wicher.

      • Wicher said:

        OK 😀

      • Caterham_se7en said:

        Thanks for the update, fyl.

      • M said:

        Thx for Info

  46. german said:

    Wie Lange Noch?
    Werde Verückt??

    • fyl said:

      Ein paar Tage.

      • Katsu said:

        meh Russian language sounds better…

    • Kubex said:

      Morda w kubeł, durny Niemcu!

  47. Matt said:

    Maybe in the next issue they are gonna stage a wedding to lure out D

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      That’s actually a rather sound plan, well, from a practical standpoint. Poor Kimihito on the other hand….

      But who would be the faux bride?

      • Janos said:

        Suu. The bride shall be Suu.

      • Magnus Vex said:

        My bets are doppel-chan their walking up the altair get attacked and bam transform, if not maybe Mia

      • Katsu said:

        hmmm 9 tail Fox! kinda sound like the type of usual plot they do… Sir bird face.

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          But Kimihito doesn’t know any foxes. I meant in the context provided above my post, who would they use to be the fake bride? They wouldn’t use a person that we, the audience, haven’t had established yet. They would use a character we already know, with the most likely guesses being either Miia or Cera. I can’t fathom them introducing a brand spanking new character for the purposes of a fake wedding sting operation. 😛