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      Actually, that would be downright hilarious. I think the idea of the letter being sent from a plain ol’ human girl would be so inane, so silly, it’d be PERFECT for the relatively light air this series has given us. Besides, how better to troll those of us (myself included) who expect him to house EACH and EVERY monstergirl from the one-offs, than by replacing the VERY LAST of the one-off’ers with a plain old “boring” human girl… who probably has yandere qualities.

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        She is a downright Yandere – either a childhood friend, or a stalkerish girl that admires him (you know, the usual stuff – someone molests her, he kicks the ass of that person = oh my hero shiny *sparkle sparkle* kind of affection, or maybe she saw him help out kittens stuck in cardboard during rain, etc etc 😀 ) and basically doesnt want them “filthy extrespecies” girls to touch her man ^_^

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    And I’ll stick with my earlier guess, ‘D’ is actually Darling from the future, haha. Yes, he just calls himself that in the future, closest thing to a name he’d ever hear. The message probably got all ominous-looking because of some goofy hijinks, rather than an actual reason to be worried.

    SUU! <3

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      I will refrain from groaning from that “Suu-persize” pun long enough to be jealous I didn’t come up with it first, and I even used the term in my above post! Curses, missed a great moment to make a pun.

      But for me, it was almost hard to read with Suu’s… aahhhmm… “movements”.

      She certainly has Jiggle-physics +30!

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        Hehe, I like to make puns, too! And yeah, Suu’s Brownian motion made it quite hard to not just go ‘ooh, jiggly’. That’s one of the reasons I love me some slimegirls, its simply natural for them to have, ahem, more bounce to the liquid ounce.

        Honestly, I don’t know if my poor heart could take it if there actually will be an anime. Huhuhu indeed.

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          It’d be as much an “anime” as Queen’s Blade or To Love Ru.

          (Granted I’ve only seen ONE episode of the latter, but I’ve heard/read some of the “horror stories” about the series.)

          • Akagin said:

            True enough, true enough. I’ve watched both, though To Love Ru didn’t really wow me. (Only tried it ‘cuz I thought Lala was a demongirl, not an alien…) Even if that was as far as an anime got for this, I’d still be ecstatic for that much. But I think it could go at least a little further, monstergirls have a definite spot in the wider fandom. Seems half the series out there find some reason for one of the female characters to go beast, or kitty, or bunny, or… And while nekomimi are not proper monstergirls (cue a debate there, haha) its a step in the right direction.

          • Myrdin said:

            Jesus…. NO…. for all that is holly. If it ended up like those pieces of trash, may Greater Good have mercy on my soul….

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    Kii was f-in’ cute! Okayado should just add her to the harem.

    Who was it that said ‘Hey, DARLING… Don’t you think that’s a little…’? It sounds like something Ms. Smith would say in such a situation, but Darling explained it to her on page 34. Miia is the only other person to call Darling ‘Darling’, but this date is with Papi and Suu, and Miia is not present. WHICH LEADS TO THE CONCLUSION THAT KII MIGHT’VE SAID IT! O.o

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      “Who was it that said ‘Hey, DARLING… Don’t you think that’s a little…’? It sounds like something Ms. Smith would say in such a situation, but Darling explained it to her on page 34. Miia is the only other person to call Darling ‘Darling’, but this date is with Papi and Suu, and Miia is not present. WHICH LEADS TO THE CONCLUSION THAT KII MIGHT’VE SAID IT! O.o”

      *pushes nerd glasses up higher on nose*
      Actually, friend, if you go through the chapters, you’ll note that Ms Smith has a fondness for calling Kimihito (aka “Darling”).. well… “Darling”. She’s done so since the VERY first chapter (also the ONLY time he’s referenced in the series BY his name, but as it is his proper name, I’m inclined to refer to him as such.)

      In every chapter since, Ms. Smith has always referred to Kimihito as “Darling”, but in the way I read it, and I assume everyone else can read it, its in a teasing, poking fun sort of way. Because Miia’s always called him that, she does it too, cuz he’s a monster magnet. So in the context of this chapter, yes, that is Ms Smith saying it.
      Feel free to check back through the chapters, dood, and see for yourself. Smith always calls him “Darling”…. (plus re-reading the chapters is fun. :F )

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    • Kolox said:

      A lot of harem mangas are unrealistic on the fact that somehow the heroes of those remain virgins to the bitter end. For me, the most ‘realistic’ was School Days – every girl that threw herself on the plain, uninteresting MC who had nothing to offer than being ‘nice’ took what was given to him. And why not ? What chances in the world he would have to get with a beautiful girl ? The fact each girl spread her legs and he couldn’t find restrain turned him into a unfaithful asshole though, for which he paid at the end. In Monster Girl the MC has motive for non-sexual interaction – firstly he was forbidden by law and now he is to seek out a real partner, his sex-drive is repressed by politics.

    • Myrdin said:


      There are some harem pieces that are better than others. In some of those the MC is just soo annoying you wanna punch him through the screen.
      Show me a man that would behave like that in that type of situation….
      Unless you dont find the oposite sex attractive, thats one big BS right there.
      Too bad there are very little pieces that are better than the mainstream nonsense bull…, but at least a few of them.
      If this was made into an Anime, id say the best course of action to make all the fans satisfied (as each of has has his own preferred girl from the harem), would be to do it the same way Amaga SS was done. That was a briliant anime.
      It could start with a “Prologue” episode, that would cover the manga until all girls are assembled in the house, and after that it could split into multiple “mini arcs” featuring a about 4 episodes dedicated to each girl following her to her happy ending with the MC. Thus each girl would get her own happy ending, and there would no “lame” ending where the MC doesnt pick any, nor the one where he picks one, but since it might not be the one you are a fan of you feel kinda unsatisfied.
      At least that would be the best course of action, in my humble opinion 🙂

      • Kolox said:

        While I haven’t watched Amagami, from what I know the anime is based on a visual novel with idea of routes. Some series that were based on visual novels mainly made other routes in OVA or movies (Clannad, FSN) and there is Yosuga no Sora that is not only borderline hentai, but also restarts its story every 4 episodes to present a different heroine ending, with the last one being a rather disturbing incest (although YnS is a good example of MC responding to a girl getting naked and on top of him the way regular male would ;p)

        It would be hard for animators to do it with Everyday Monster Girl, considering there is no ‘route’ split. They would need to reinvent the whole manga – which is risky since when anime industry starts reinventing, it just adds more fanserivce for filler ;p..not that fanservice would be unwelcomed here..

      • Matt said:

        that’s what I mean in To Love-Ru the MC could have a harem and all the girls would be fine with it (sure some may have a harder time adjusting but it would work out).

        The MC in this manga does have a legit excuse, which makes it better. But if he play his cards right he could end up with a married harem.

        for instance it has already been mentioned that lamia and harpies are an all female race. which leaves me to believe they mate with men that wander into their territory. But to maintain their population they would need to practice polygamy. The MC could just get married by their standards. Sure there would be a few bugs to work out but it’s clear the MC likes them all. Even more clear that choosing one would crush the others

        • IamMe said:

          In ToLove Darkness the girls are generally interested in him. The whole point of the series is Momo acting behind the scenes to get the girls to feel stronger about him and accepting of the idea of a Harem with him in the middle. They are not throwing themselves at him, except the scene with Kotegawa, but his turning down the offer softened her to him even more and more willing to accept him.

          Lala wanders around naked around him rather often but she does not know anything about sex and does not think anything about it. Momo has tried to initiate contact but found that she is actually scared of taking that step.

          The fact that the MC is not going for it is because he does not think it will work out. At the start of Darkness he can’t accept the idea that all the girls are interested in him. If it worked the way you seem to think then Momo would not have to spend so much time working the various actors into being accepting of the idea.

          Its possible he could have any one girl if he asked them but he would be hurting Lala doing that and his main target is Haruna.

          You also need to remember that they are still in school… rampant intimate relations are not the norm in the world he is in.

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Just read all the replays to this post, and of course, feel the burning need to throw in my two rupees.

      First a string of quote I feel aid in getting across my point:
      Matt said:
      “… And he pusses out each time over some retarded view of monogamy.”

      Myrdin said:
      “Show me a man that would behave like that in that type of situation….”

      IAmMe said:
      ‘… At the start of Darkness he can’t accept the idea that all the girls are interested in him…”

      Okee, so.
      Not just above, but all over the internet and even one of my closest friends get driven mad in harem serieseseses because the main male irritates them, right? As Myrd said “Show me a man that would behave like that in that type of situation….” Well, sorry Myrd, but.. Yo! *waves vigorously*
      Were I in a situation such as this, with or without the fantasy element, the words “too good to be true” comes to mind EVERY TIME for me! I can’t FATHOM this ever happening, even if it WAS happening RIGHT in front of me. And that’s not to say I’m inept or don’t see it, maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Fact is, for a guy like me, with my mindset, a swath of girls wanting in *MY*, of all peoples, pants is definately an impossibility. Now that could be because of the unchecked bipolar; I don’t feel worthy; I don’t think they genuinely love me, just want sex, or money, or whatever have you; or because I think they are trying to scam me! Any number of reasons just exactly WHY they would come to mind! That’s why IAmMe’s comment spoke to me.

      The main character of that ToLove Darkness (was it?) at first just couldn’t accept that so many girls would be interested in him, and I can’t blame him! I would be too. I’m so paranoid, I swear my friends only keep me around because they pity me! And even *I* know that makes no flippin’ sense!
      I have NEVER EVER EVER had a good… or a real in general, relationship, and suddenly a hoard of girls want me and my member?! I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT!

      Moving on, what about Matt said in the OP? Maybe he has a belief. Maybe it means more to him than it would to us? If I could truly believe a group of girls are genuinely interested in me, and all wanted me, yeah, for me, I would probably proceed in courting one or all. But that is ME. Not HIM. Maybe monogamy means something. Maybe he’s religious? Maybe he doesn’t think he can handle more than one girl? (Speaking as one who knows someone who was in a relationship with two girls at the same time who knew each other and both liked him… it looks TIRING!)
      If I were offered a group of girls and told “choose however many you want to be your partners” I’d probably, AT MAX, go with one. The long and short is that one may not be as comfortable with polygamy as another, I know I’m not. I probably don’t even have the stamina or patience for ONE girlfriend, let alone TWO.. or even MORE!

      All that said, keep in mind this is just MY two zenny, and you can take it with a grain of salt. But it felt like an interesting topic of discussion and would enjoy maybe sharing more discussion here about it.

      Kolox said:
      “It would be hard for animators to do it with Everyday Monster Girl, considering there is no ‘route’ split. They would need to reinvent the whole manga – which is risky since when anime industry starts reinventing, it just adds more fanserivce for filler ;p..not that fanservice would be unwelcomed here..”

      Also, I bring this up because it is a slight pet peeve of mine, and being an open book, don’t mind sharing it.
      Am I the only one who gets irritated when the fan service gets in the way of plot? A good concept can be ruined with tits, in my opinion. The mind wanders to High School of the Dead. I was SO INTO the zombie killing survival action, and the ONE TIME in anime where I’ve ever seen a badass fat kid that even I’d be proud to cosplay, and all that fan service got in the way. (I never try to portray a character I’m not the right body type for, what I call “fat leia syndrome”, so pretty much, I’m relegated to dressing up as Mario). I don’t mind a little, or some, but it was like anytime a girl coughed it would sense them jiggle physics into hysterics! And the ninja boobs! That was just plain stupid! |:/ Anyway, just wanted to get that out there, throw it to the ether!

      • Kolox said:

        Agreed on too much of fanservice being bad for some series, but this manga thrives on fanservice..though this particular chapter was bit too much for me.

        As for a lot of MCs pathetic behaviours – I blame it on the fact that a lot of MCs don’t have a lot of good male friends. A guy who would say “Dude, go for it” – “But what if she just plays with me” – “You only live once dude, whats the worst thing that can happen – she rejects you ? so what” “Your right”. They all live in female dominant environment. I wouldn’t be able to live in such house, unless I could get out for a beer every night with my friends. Its not like they can go to another girl in the house and ask “Hey, I think she wants to have sex with me – what do you think I should do?”. Imagine Rito asking Lala or Mikan that or Kurumi asking any of the girls in the house.

      • Myrdin said:

        I liked HSotD, for the zombie slashing bashing mashing action. The fan service on the other hand was….. lets say it like this – rather than going into straight nakedness, a girl that has few bits of clothes on her, and the sight just teases you imagination… is much better.
        Also – what the hell, each of them girls had like D cups, you could literally milk them. Some guys like that, to me its not soo appealing (i wanna refrain from the word disgusting, as people dont choose how they end up when full grown. Sure you can work out, or get on diet, but there are some parts that will / will not develop no matter what you do)..

        As for the “is this a scam” fear from them girls. Well no one says you have to accept them all. For example, from Okayado Monster Girls, i could see myself going for Miia, maybe Mero. Less soo for Pappi, and almost “nope” for Cera (now i like her personality, but those “Jungos” are just too much for me 😀 ) or Rachnera.
        And i dunno, maybe its just me, but as i said, if going with the harem setting – you need to respond to only one of em, to get the “good ending” – and if you are not completely ignorant of that other person, sooner or later you should be able to read her behavior pattern and thoughts process (the more time you spent together the better you get adjusted to that), thus you should have a pretty good guess how “true” her motives are and if its just a scam or serious affection.
        (But yeh it takes time ofc, and no you dont need to be ESP… you just need to pay attention to the other person more).
        This might sound like i am boasting or smthing 😀 Know that i am no gigolo nor playboy. I am just your “evyrday normal guy” dude, that happens to be around soo many relationships that you pick up on stuff even you yourself aint in one. 😛

  55. gym said:

    anyone seen new links yet?

    • Kolox said:

      I check out the comment section here, because usually they get the spoilers faster than us and one of the comments suggest that the author is sick or something – my google translate still has some trouble with chinese ;p

      • gym said:

        thx for the info man!

        • Kolox said:


          Some missing pics from volume 4, not preview though. Oh, and description of Arachne anatomy, but its in chinese below the pics.

      • Matt said:

        I take this with a grain of salt. nothing was mentioned on his twitter

        • Kolox said:

          Wise policy. The raws are not late yet too, so its too early to say

    • CloudstoneCurio said:

      I guess I’ll just have to read the whole series every day this month again 🙁

  56. Anthony said:

    Wait is there really going to be no chapter 21 this month or is it just being delayed?

      • Matt said:

        hey could you translate the four page special in the mean time I wanna read up on rachnee

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        No chapter this month? D’aw bugger. Guess I’ll just have to look forward to the infrequent updates to the Monstergirl Encyclopedia for my monstergirl fix.

        • Myrdin said:

          Has there been any new update recently (like in last month or soo) ?

      • gekkokid said:

        guess we won’t see a new chapter untill january then.

  57. fyl said:

    Gotta get ahold of TF.
    Usually she isn’t there when I’m online.

  58. godzilla2 said:

    I’m just curious: will you do the volume 2-4 extra chapters/extras in the future? I found a few pages on the board mentioned before in a post but that’s only 4 pages…

  59. kalil said:

    speaking ok okayado
    anyone knows if the 4th chapter of twelve beasts got translated
    it took a while for the chapters realese and when it did no one took the job of translating it

    • Matt said:

      yeah its up

  60. Victoria Loveless said:

    This is SO AMAZING! Haters gonna Hate but then… why are haters here!? x’D
    I wanna see more of this sorta thing! it’s simply….
    what’s the word?…
    Tasty 😉

  61. Victoria Loveless said:

    anyone done colour pages of the fight itself start to finish?

  62. Victoria Loveless said:

    I don’t get it…. why does Suu have tentacles of her own that she can manipulate yes doesn’t use them to bind the monster o.O
    would have made a more epic fight in my opinion

  63. Matt said:

    is 12 beast chapter 5 out