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      DBJ read carefully, draco didn’t send the letter and she scream this isn’t over yet.

      meaning she will most likely show up again. and i can see a lot of comedy from this :3

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      okaydo sure mades us run around in this chapter

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    and then she comes back as a dullahan after some time later, and now that the extra species program is in, she finaly has a chance to meet him again.

    but then she finds out that his living with other extraspecies girls and worst yet that he was in the position of choosing one of them as a bride.

    so she sends the letter in hopes to scare him long enough for her to meet him face to face again and make him fall in love with her and to makes things much more interesting when he does meet her again he doesn’t remeber her at all.

    making her becomes the tsundere/yander of the harem group.

    long thought, but what you guys think?? lol it would be pretty damn funny if i actualy hit the bullseye on this one XD.

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      I like the idea actually.

      But there is some dents in it. Mostly – a dead person would come back as either a Zombie, Ghost, Ghoul or Skeleton.
      The higher echeleon of monsters is kinda hard to achieve (Lich – you had to be a wizard…., Wight – you had to be some big shot in society or a royalty > though lesser creatures can attain “Wighthood” after loong enough time gathering spirit energy).

      I guess same would go for Dullahan, the girl would have to be a swordsmen, as “D”s are the warrior elite in the daemon realm.
      (Again according to the description of these guys in M.Girls enc., soo dont stone me if i am wrong 😀 ). Soo…. i guess its not impossible. I like your idea actually, but it just seems kinda hard to justify, how a “human girl became a high level monster in such a short time”. ….but its not impossible, i mean with resolve one can do a lot of hard to achieve things 🙂

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        well yes is true, but in japan there are people that are desendants of swordmans, it might be possible that she was from a longline of knights from another country that move to japan a long time ago and she might have been a desendant from them.

        see ? a simple logic right there XD lol. when she died she became a dullahan out of heritage, also because she is a desendant of knighthood she could have a granfather that follows in the old ways and did train her to be a swordwoman before her death.

        just saying, she could have been friends with the MC when they where little kids, she could have move and have a life as a swordman, she probably got beheaded by accident and at her death she inherent the dullahan possition or something like that.

        anyways there are ways to explain it better, but the point is is pretty possible to find a simple logic behind it :).

        i can see a dullahan in the story, no probs.


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          i know about the long lineage of samurai families in japan. The swordsman thingy, by itself is not really a problem.
          The problem is that if she would die, it would take a long time to acquire enough spirit energy to “level up” from a simple ghost to a Dullahan.
          Thats what i tried to say 🙂

          As for the story – i think this would be actually pretty awesome developement. Add a Yandere personality to that, and we are in for some hilarious situational jokes 😀

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            that makes sense, with that logic i started to think, how about reincarnation?

            i know it sounds crasy but what if she was the reincarnation of a strong demon or something powerfull, she could have a strong spirit energy from the start?

            i thinking this way because im thinking of the Game Disgaea when ever we use reincarnation on a character the character inherent the same power as his past self…

            yeah im going deep… anyway this is a comedy so im sure it doesn’t need to make much sense lol.

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    [Rant ‘n’ Rave mode activated]
    Oh my various gods! This was a chapter to remember! Full-on loved this one! Besides Mero being there (and I’ll get to her in a second), just having Kimihito and Miia together “alone” was rather refreshing. Clustering all the girls at once is great for comedy, but not so well for the character development. Focusing on a couple of them or one at a time, very nice. I’m rather happy we got to see some, and these “dates” look perfect for all the girls to get some (will Suu be getting some as well? ‘:/ ). Miia is still the cutest thing ever in my book. Mero herself got a little, it is nice to see her and everyone interacting with characters other than each other, she clearly goes to that aquarium often enough to be recognized. And her… uumm… “wanting more” (an obvious disney princess trait) between her and Kimihito makes for good plot as well, she may have a goal change. Odds are we won’t see this mysterious “~D” til we go through all the dates, but that is just my hypothesis.

    Now… onto our new character…. uuughhh… Draco. I’ll try to refrain from making Malfoy jokes. Next to “Rachnera” this is probably the most painful name choice in the series. With Miia, Papi, and Centorea, I didn’t really catch onto the pattern, and the names flow rather well as names. Suu as well, but by then I had caught onto the gag. But DRACO?! BLOODY DRACO?! I know I’m nowhere near the creator’s calabur, but even *I* could come up with a name that could work for the dragon gal! Draco sounds like a guy name anyway. Hell maybe even pull a little from Skyrim or something: Alduin, Paarthinax, SOMETHING! But as a character, besides the attempted les-rape, she’s rather cute as a character, a little Tsundere never hurts. …. but…… all of this pales in comparison to the epicocity of that last little variable…

    That letter! To those of you ladies and gents who were looking forward to it…. I guess you ARE getting your Dullahan after all. Personally, like arachne, a headless girl doesn’t really strike me as appealing, but this series as so far got me to like every one of the characters, even the arachne so odds are I’ll like the Dullahan too. Congradulations, those of you who are head-over-heels for the headless gal, but be prepared for my inevitable plethora of head puns, just a…. heads up! |:3

    • Myrdin said:

      +1 for the Draco name observasion. I though that as well. Like “Next time just pop in someone like “Harry the Hornet, and we can stop right there” 😀

      Even if he wanted to keep the Capital letter for the race, you can still make up better names than Draco…. even Dracara sounds better sigh.. But since them guys thought she is a HE, i guess that was the purpose. Element of surprise soo to say – like a Kimihito rival etc.
      But for the few of us, who actually read through the M. Girls encyclopedia – we know thera are no MALE in the subspecies (outside Centaurs maybe) – hence thats why all of them girls are soo keen towards Human Males…. heh… good for us i guess 😀

      But apart from that, i like the new char. She is kinda cute when showing her true colors (as all Tsunderes are 😛 ) and has SMALL boobs… finally ! Soo as for myself, i like her quite well. ^ ^

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        Firstly: “few of us, who actually read through the M. Girls encyclopedia – we know thera are no MALE in the subspecies (outside Centaurs maybe)”
        You forget dem MALE orcs from the Mon-Squad’s introduction chapter. Unless, gods forbid, female orces are just UUUUGGGLLLYYY! 😛

        Was picking up a friend from work last night, and was bouncing off potential dragongirl names that could’ve worked, even tho he doesn’t read the series, nor has any interest in monstergirls. We had a list, “Dragonair” came up, tho I think Game Freak would have a caniption, but it would STILL be a better name than Draco. Provided she breathes fire, “Incendia” could work, little latin to spice up the series, maybe even provide a culture for her to come from. Hell, “Blaze” would’ve worked better! Minecraft it and go with “Ender Dragon”… maybe go with “Enda”… (ah-hurrhurr). “Dragonette” (as in a baby dragon)… d’ahh I dunno. Just really latched onto that name and it is driving me nuts!!

        I’m not TOO ungodly picky about bust, as long as it is proportionate to the person that has to carry them about. I’m actually rather impressed that Centorea doesn’t wear a bra, those things are effectively CANNONBALLS she has attached to her front, I’m surprised her spine isn’t a pretzel.

        • Myrdin said:

          True about the Orcs.

          Well then this is puzzling. I wonder how has Okayado (sorri if misspelled) planned all this. Might be that some species have males and some dont. Or maybe all do, and this is just a … err… “getting to know each other better” thingy. Not sure.
          I guess he took altered some of the fluff to fit in, (thus the male orcs), but my guess is that most of the subspecies dont have a male counterpart.

          Cera not wearing a bra – yeh thats puzzling, her back must have been hurting like hell. Or maybe she has a strong one, as all horses do.

          • DaMagus said:

            Aside from orcs there are male centaurs (Cerea’s father, grandfather, etc. being knights; Chiron and Hercules referenced in chapter 4). And in chapter 6 when Co-ordinator Smith refers to species “…like the lamia and harpies, which consist only of females…” there’s the implication of multiple other species that do have males. I would expect most extraspecies with a mammal base for the nonhuman aspect to have males, as well as merfolk.

            But that’s just my speculation.

    • DaMagus said:

      “(will Suu be getting some as well? ‘:/ )”

      Probably not until she gets registered. I could absolutely see the rest of the girls getting some personal time with the MC being impetus for Suu to demand her own card. Not that she’d really understand what it means, other than she could get her own date with him..

      “But DRACO?! BLOODY DRACO?!”

      Ditto. But then it occurred to me it could be an assumed name, the same way my friend Bridgette switched to Lee even before the gender reassignment really got started. And given her racial superiority (and possible gender identity) hangups, Draco isn’t that far-fetched as a self-chosen name. Which makes me wonder if Okayado is seeding future story arcs…

      “That letter! To those of you ladies and gents who were looking forward to it…. I guess you ARE getting your Dullahan after all.”

      Actually, there is already a character with a name beginning with “D:” Doppel. She’s in a position to know about the household and the marriage idea, and even the attempts to draw out the mystery letter writer. And she doesn’t seem 100% even-keeled mentally, at least for what I’ve been able to read into her personality. Just my two cents towards stirring things a bit…

    • Gekkokid said:

      honestly i have to say, if Okayando can make a spider pretty damn sexy and beautiful then i don’t know how is it not possible for him to make a headless girl pretty damn hot and beautiful aswell.

      i know he will make her very atractive, so much so that the headless thing won’t be much of a big deal. i mean just look at zombina-chan (lol those names).

      she’s seriusly hot, i read some info of her on and honestly because of her blood i think that is the only reason for a living man not do her, also how heavy she might be with all those bullets inside of her.

      • Myrdin said:

        True dat 🙂
        Great, heart touching backround, some pretty / cute / both – face, slender figure, and even a headless chick can be a movie star 😀

        From the special force team, i favor the cyclops girl. She is shy and quiet type – pretty cute. Also Tia the giant (or is she an Ogre ?) is cute with that personality and the way she desperately tries to fit in (damn i mean people who have 2 meters have a hard time, she seems like a 2 meters 40-60 tall, definitely cant be an easy task to “be normal” 😀 )

        But Zombina….. eeeh, i am not sure. 😀 You say the word Zombie to my, and picture Dawn of the Dead, or Walking Dead no matter how cute hehe 😛

        • Gekkokid said:

          she’s a ogre XD, i also like cyclops girls shyness.

          zombina is pretty cool (but i wouldn’t get close to her i saw her profile about what is in her blood i wouldn’t want that anywhere near me…-_-‘)

          however my favorite is the doppelganger girl, she can turn into anything(like suu) and if i where to choose i would choose her.

          also her default form is super cute/hot.

          • Myrdin said:

            Agree on Doppel 🙂

            Before the MoN team was introduced, i actually hoped for a normal Doppleganger in Kurusus house (just imagine what insane situations that could bring – “Mia ? Which of you two is Mia ???”
            Darling ! I will show you my love through my body ! *both of them say* Double Strangle lamia Strangle) 😀

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    Thank you for the chapter. Really funny and the story is developing really well.

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    Why did Draco say “Bride” if friendship was all she wanted?

    Just curious about that part in particular seems a tad out of character.

    • DaMagus said:

      Could be in the same way Papi calls the MC “Husband,” and refers to him as becoming her “Brother” when she wants physical intimacy with him. Harpies are an all-female species. How do they handle sexual desire when there aren’t any males around? wink wink nudge nudge

      It wouldn’t surprise me if dragonewts are also all-female, at least in the MM world. Having a higher intelligence than harpies they’d have a more sophisticated set of customs and mores for dealing with their sexual urges when there aren’t any males around. Yuri could easily come from that. (The crazy probably comes from other sources…)

      I personally hope she *doesn’t* fall for the MC. Wind up becoming her friend after demonstrating how far he’ll go to protect the girls and other extraspecies including her, absolutely. Break down her aversion to males in general, sure. But not a love interest for him, please. There needs to be a recurring extraspecies character that hasn’t set her (or his!) sights on him.

      • Gekkokid said:

        um ok, just so you know there are other extraspecies girls that have been show in this manga that aren’t inlove with the MC.

        well the MON squad of course, those girls haven’t fallen in love with the MC and they are recurring characters, there is also the Kobold girl from the gim.

        she hasn’t shown up again yet but she was shown one time so im sure okayado will show her again someday.

        anyways, this is a harem manga so is possible that Draco might become part of the harem as the tsundere of the group.

        if the dullahan shows up she might be the yandere, but then again it’s so hard to identify the girls here sense they are always changing (slowly though) the way they act.

        anyways the point is there is nothing wrong with her being part of the harem, however i really wish there was another male character in this manga, one that could rival Darling(kurusu).

        he could be a extraspecies or a human either way, we need a male rival in this story 🙂

        • Myrdin said:

          I actually wouldnt mind a a separate sequel like story, that intertwines with “Darling sans”.

          Could be his friend, or something, that too has an extre specie girl in his house (doesnt have to be necessarily a harem like Kurusu has, but also its possible).

          He could have a diff. personality (kinda more rought, tough guy, but still a good person) and they could kinda “share talk about their torment” when on drink and stuff 😀

          • Gekkokid said:

            that would be pretty cool

        • DaMagus said:

          Oh, yes, I’m *quite* aware that there are other extraspecies girls who aren’t in his harem. I think our definitions of “recurring characters” are different.

          I think of them as characters who have regular appearances to further the story. Co-ordinator Smith is a recurring character. The MON girls and Polt are not, because they appear in response to plot rather than furthering it.

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          I too was musing on the idea of a secondary male character. Really, the closest thing to a secondary male character in this series was that asshat and his girlfriend insulting Miia for being a lamia. Other than that male characters exist for a singular panel. So it might be nice to see other guys. Maybe… ugh… Draco’s host could fit the bill.

          And as for potential secondary male character personalities, since Kimihito already fits the bill for the Terminal Nice Guy Syndrome afflictee, why not a geek? Like a geeky geek! Video games, anime, DnD, the works!! Hell, I’d even go so far as to say a pudgy guy! We fatties don’t get enough love in manga/anime…. Tho seeing Draco paired with a geeky fat guy as a host somehow seems hilarious to me.

          • Gekkokid said:

            yeah that true that would be pretty cool, in a way it would give draco a reason not to be on the harem(in some ways) and this could give a lot comedy, kurusu hanging with this new friend, and draco ostigating Mia, just thinking of mia freaking out because draco is teasing her would be really funny.

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    How about a Sphinx. And by that I don’t mean a catgirl. It has the haunches of a lion by which I mean it walks on all fours. Has the the face and breasts of a women

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    God bless you, my friends.

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    I was shocked to see this chapter up already. Instantly read it and was happy.. no more then just that, ecstatic.. NO more then that, I am so gosh darn happy its going to take plastic surgery to remove the smile from my face. This is along the chapters that I always wanted. The dates, the connections, the turn of heart, these things maybe cliche but not in this form. To have mero realize what she might truly be feeling and her wants just adds a bit of drama to the mix. Finally something goes good for miia.. sort of. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Suu and Papi? it looks like these might happen in pairs?
    Oh.. the Draco girl.. whatever.. I never really take names or anything too seriously. So I kind of just fill in on my own. Honestly it doesn’t bother me all that much. What does make me question is for Miia to have such big ears she can’t tell the difference between a male’s or female’s voice? or perhaps dracos just have really deep voices? I don’t know. But I don’t have any beefs with what names or characters get thrown in the mix as long as the story continues.

    • Gekkokid said:

      there are tomboy womans with deep voiceses, sometimes people mistake them for boys when in reality they are girls, this is what probably happen to Mia, and when Draco almos rape her or probaly was doing some girl to girl play time, heck i don’t know she confuse me when she scream she only wanted a friend and beeing a extraspecies and all is hard to tell if her kind play like that or that her kind are all girls and the like to act like that with one another…

      anyways, when she did that Mia was more than sure he(she) was a guy (until she found out the truth) Draco can fool any one in my opinion(she sure got me fool i wasn’t expecting that, wish it made it more awesome in my opinion)

      besides the draco thing i have to agree with you with everything else, i to wanted to finaly see the dating chapters 🙂

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    I’m amazed Draco wasn’t the culprit. Of -course- it couldn’t end without EVERY girl getting a date with darling.

    She’s going to be an interesting dynamic in the future–Kimihito always seems to get the “problem” monsters and Draco -definitely- fits the bill. Her “Holier Than Thou” attitude will also be great fun.

    I loved the “Touch the Dolphins” joke. I spent a good minute laughing at that poor cetacean’s predicament.

    I’m amazed at how much sway Mero has around aquariums. Maybe there’s more than a resemblance when Centaurea said she was like royalty?

    Mero’s double-thinking her “Tragic Love” obsession now that it’s really happening… wow. I really want to see where Okayado goes with this.

    Thank you for the incredible speed. This was an amazing chapter.

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    That chapter was funny and entertain can you add bloodthirsty vampire.

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    what me troubled is the last page…. did i understand ms. smith currectly that draco already have a host family to stay?

    • Agozer said:

      She does, but the way she talks makes it clear that she really doesn’t like humans. She’s very much like Rachnera in that respect.

      You have to remember that monster species don’t get a say in who their host family is, so they end up in families that are not ready/willing to look after the more “monstrous” monster girls properly.

      • Gekkokid said:

        agreed, it’s possible that she doesn’t like her host family because their not good to her(human are pretty rotten, some time makes me feel shame)

        anyway it’s possible she might end up as part of the group, and thinking carefuly it might be really funny if it happen, just imagen her always going after mia, and doing some sexy actions to Mia infront of Kurusu, LOL i can just imagen his face XD.

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    I still like the idea of “D” standing for Draculina, a Loli vampire girl who has to suck blood from Kuruso’s blood-filled, fully erect [REMAINDER OF THIS REMARK CENSORED BY THE ADMINS TO PROTECT OUR YOUNGER READERS FROM THE CORRUPTING INFLUENCE OF THIS WARPED AND TWISTED PERVERT!!!]

    What the hell!? Where did those bloody, blue-nosed prudes come from!?

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    hell i can even visualise now.
    draco getting all friendly with kimihito, mia getting jealous, and draco goes:
    “Dont worry, i have enough love for you 2”.

    • Ultimaniac said:

      Keep visualizing, that’s never gonna happen. It goes completely against her character established here. You’re turning her from an androphobe to a full on s*ut.

    • Gekkokid said:

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        A great chapter as always though.

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    she could have been living next to them the whole time…

    i mean it sound wierd but this manga is wierd like that and it’s also a comedy soo… what you guys think??

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      O.O’ Mother of god…. that makes a lot of sense. And it does start with a “D”. Would be interesting…. but *sob* in terms of plant girls I wanna Alraune!

    • Myrdin said:

      Not entirely impossible, but less likely i guess.

      A dryad hmm ? Well, i am not sure we will be seeing that as a part of the harem – why you ask ? = Not “monstrous” enough (take a look at the girls currently present).
      Alraune is a good choice. But for me personally a more intriguing one would be a cute little Mandragora :3 Calling MC “Onii chan” with the “overly attached little sister” personality ^ ^

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        but what if okayado made her look more plant like??

        like the Alraune?? or what if she is a Alraune that happens to have a name that starts with a D.?

        im just saying, it’s possible O.o

        • Myrdin said:

          As i said > its not impossible, just less likely.

          no matter what happens in the end though… i wanna my “onii chan” cute little sister character :3
          I know Pappi is kinda like that, but she lacks that precise character i am looking for.
          She doesnt give off the feeling off little sister you wanna protect, rather is more the hyperactive type 🙂

          Though maybe Kurusu has a real little sister who is overly attached/has crush on him (wouldnt be all that unexpected in a harem manga 😛 )

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          Well I don’t see why a plant person can’t be NAMED Dryad. It works. Could be a more “monsterous” looking creature like an alraune, but has the name Dryad.

          Of course, sadly, I doubt it’d be a dryad, alraune, mandragora, or any other plant creature. Betting 95% that its gonna be a dullahan.

          ….. How would an Alraune move about? Is she just stuck at the house (Oh gods they’d have to add a greenhouse to the place!!). Ooh, they get her a flower pot big enough to hold her…. then get a simple red kiddy wagon! PERFECT! (And more importantly to me, hilarious!)

          • Gekkokid said:

            im sure she can move, i mean i have seen the pics. the plant girls have feets, it’s just that they need to attach them to the ground in order to survived, but im sure they could pull it out every now and again.

            after all they are more than plants.

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            I think I like the “thighs-down of a plant” thing more. Provides funnier possibilities too. Much like Mero needing to be in a wheelchair, Audrey II would need a flower pot and a wagon. It’s just too silly! Besides, its not like its the waist down, just the thighs, she’d still have working lady parts to accidentally show Kimihito.

            Granted, in Disgaea, where I first discovered the term and creature “Alraune”, they can still move about, despite not having feet, their lower vines kinda act like a spring. So maybe that’d work. I might lose it if Disgaea is mentioned or referenced in this series. (Hopefully not the Alraune being a trap, ala Disgaea 2. Him having the name Bridget didn’t help. T-T)

      • kalil said:

        loli mandragora would be awesome
        and everytime she got scared she scream what basically knocks kimihito out.

        • Myrdin said:

          Exactly !
          You ´re my man !
          Moe level 100% : D

          *Mana (easy name for her heh) screams. MC is knocked out. With teary eyes pulling on his shirt “Onii chan wake up, wake up please. Dont die…… *sniff…*sniff…. CRYYYY” (all windows in the house shatter, all girls with the exception of Suu are knocked out) XD. Screen goes black. Next screen Miss Smith comes to rescue making jokes about what happened, when looking at the wasted crew of the house. : P

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            You paint a beautifully chaotic picture. :F

          • DaMagus said:

            Ooh, nice one! Hilarious, and also puts some pressure on the other girls to be a bit more mindfull of hurting him…of course Mana would be the hyper-emotional, weepy-clingy type that bawls at the drop of a hat…

          • kalil said:


  38. Hitokiri said:

    Thank you so fucking very much!

    • Myrdin said:

      Great job as always
      Thank you 🙂

      Do you think you might do a coloring like this for each of the girls that have been shown so far ? (ideally on single panel, but a multiple one like you did with Mero and Myia would be ok too). Just asking :3

      • Pzyko said:

        Well, I doubt it since I don’t make it and my friend doesn’t have much time to do all of this.
        But we’ll see =)
        And sorry, spanish speaker

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          There is a twisted part of me amused that it seems like only those with the best possible grammar and grasp of the english language are always the ones that apologize for their lack thereof.
          You type it fine, Pzyko. (b^o^)b

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Funny, I don’t imagine her a red dragonewt. Maybe a greenish color…. Or is green to cliche? Blue? Silver? ORANGE!?

      I dunno. Still better than I could do, so who am I to judge?

      • Phuji said:

        The red is fine, but the amount of red is unappealing to me. The panties, bra, skin, and hair is perfect for me. If I had any artistic talent I would edit that a bit. Her ears would be skin tone, and instead of red “arms” in her wings I would have maybe gone with a softer red for the entire wing. Or, if you’re going to change the highlight on her face, have it match the color of the entire wing.

      • Myrdin said:

        Well i dont really mind. I mean its just some facials and the wing-limbs that are red. Her hair color is dark, thus its ok i think…
        I mean if she had a “full red” done to her – hair included, she would be just too similar to Miya

  39. Myrdin said:

    Soo gyus, i took the time to check for all the monster girls starting their name with a “D”, from those pages of Monster Girl Encyclopedia that have been translated (most of them are i think).

    Dark Angel, Dark Elf, Dark Matter, Dark Priest, Dark Slime, Devil Bug, Dhampir, Doppelganger, Dragon, Dryad, Dullahan, Dwarf.

    Soo the options are presented.
    OFC it its possible that the letter has been written by Yuno Gassai styled childhood HUMAN friend of his, who just doesnt want her guy to get taken. Well….. it is what it is, take your pick 😀

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Hrrrmmm, methinks half of those don’t qualify, as the only “D” in their race is the word “Dark”, which I don’t think would work. I could be wrong, but something tells me “Dark” wouldn’t get the attention in terms of their species/name, based on the way the series is going. …. That, is a terrible way to explain what I’m getting at. I mean If one is a Dark Elf, “Dark” is just the subtype of Elf… if that makes sense, they are still an ELF, just a dark one. (Altho’ for a Dark Elf, a Drow could still work, if you wanna pull a DnD.) The same would apply to a Dark Slime. Dark (ie evil, demonic) is a subtype to the slime. It is an evil or demonic slime, but a slime nonetheless. Since we already have a slime, that’d probably get kicked to the curb.

      Dragon most likely isn’t possible, as we got “dragonewt”… which is close enough. Newt… with dragon ancestors, close enough. An Elf or Angel (dark or otherwise) could be interesting, but… in any scenario like this series, where there is an angel……
      Dark Priest. I think that this series is going for monsters, over demons, I personally think we probably won’t be seeing any demons or angels in this series, or at least until late.
      Dhampir could be interesting, probably has mommy issues.
      We already have a doppleganger and I doubt it would be her sending the message.

      Dryad and Dullahan I could easily see fitting in, as discussed far above. Dwarf….. that’d be…. interesting. :I

      Of course on all of this, I could be wrong. I often am. Doubly so because this series has thrown in a few loops on my preconceptions. This is just my rant on the topic. 😛

      Also, I don’t recall seeing a Dark Matter MGE before. I find them on Danbooru and don’t recall a Dark Matter. I *do* remember people talking about it in terms of the Lilith, the gooey black ball-thing she’s sitting on in the picture, but I’ve never seen an MGE for it, if it has one, care to share a link or something to it, Myrd? ‘:3

      • Myrdin said:

        Sure my Chaotic, monster girls loving comrade in arms 😀


        As for all i know there are still some girls that have not yet been translated into english. There are also some “special class” monsters which are basically Characters who got done in by the Dark Side and became monsters, even though they do not qualify as “new types” (they mostly alter into high level succubus and such).

        Soo far a Dullahan, a Dryad and Dhampir make the most sense. Someone wrote that Cera vs Dullahan thing (but she didnt write the letter) in next chapter soo, Dula may be out too.
        Now if it was written in BLOOD….. Dhampir suddenly makes a lot more sense. Since they are more human than monster, she could be a childhood friend, who moved away…. hmm…

        • Akagin said:

          About the written in blood part. If you recall the Dullahan one-shot that Okayado did, it did include the part about a Dullahan splashing it’s victim with blood, so it could still be a Headless Henrietta.

          That being said… Aside from both being about smexy monstergirls, is there an actual connection between Okayado’s series and the Encyclopedia? I keep seeing people trying to connect them, but aren’t they completely different settings and rules?

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Thank ye for the link.
          That is one hateful monster. I’m by no means a saint or divine entity, but the demonic surge on Earth embodies the balance of the world being shifted out of whack! People rag on chaos being a bad thing, but Chaos is just as important as Law, and in my humble opinion, the demonic attack on Earth is an act of Law, enforcing rule over others, man or monster. As a Chaos Sorceror, it is my job to bring and keep the world in balance….. using chaotic means. I’m sure there are those that enforce Law, but I enforce Chaos, and in the case of the MGE… that is what it needs.

          … Man. Given the right powers. I would love to try my hand at fixing the state of things. The way I think about love, sex, relationships, etc… I could take this world on! +.+ Mweheheheheheheheheh.

          To paraphrase: “What this world needs, is a little anarchy.”

          • Myrdin said:

            I am a believer of Balance. There is no Light without shadow, and there can be no Shadow if there is no Light.
            Balance in all things.
            Same goes for Chaos. Chaos too can be organized.
            Mostly the world itself shifts towards the darker part, as it is “easier” to do it that way, thus a lightbringer is always needed, to balance things out again.

            This world doesnt really need that my friend. For soon there will be more than enough. Take a peek at the state the world is right now in -___- (we are pretty much just asking for yet another World War…. and i dont mean “Z” 😀 . There is just too much unhappiness in the world, and sooner or later it will snap).

            Now as for the Monster Girls universe, i do have a theory about why it couldnt work, as it is (its rather simple really, but i cant write that amount of text here anyway). At least not under the presumption that M.Girls give birth only to females (humon or monster).

  40. NY Fox said:

    Nice one guys! 😀
    Looking forward to the next chapter!! I wonder what the next monster will be? I’d like to see a succubus!!! Would be great to see how Miia and the others would react!

  41. gym said:

    updates anyone?

    • ?? said:

      hurray minotaur in next chapter of 12 beast

  42. Forester said:

    If I may point something out, This is the start of a new arc right.
    So the issue of with the identity of the letter’s sender wont be resolved so fast.
    Actually this will focus on fanservice of Kurusu’s dates with the girls (money is on the original 3) with guest appearances from a assortment of “D.” monsters.

    While I’m saying Dullahan may NOT be the culprit behind the letter, she MAY most likely appear. Along with Dryad that was also featured in the winning monster girls poll in chapter 8. Gotta say Okayado is REALLY delivering with the fan picked poll.
    So far he has knocked off 5/13 from that list. And I guess we will be seeing more
    off that list soon too!

    So for most likely appearances I’ll say:
    Demon/Devil (succubus or otherwise), Dryad, Dullahan, Dracula (maybe?)

    • Forester said:

      Well, Great idea, But late to the party… @_@
      Those post weren’t there when I posted… T_T great now I look like an idiot and a copycat

  43. gym said:

    anyone seen new chapter yet? if so kindly link… T^T

    • Phuji said:

      Next chapter raw won’t be released until the 19th (or 22nd. I forgot which day it is). After that give it a few days for scanning, translating, cleaning, and typesetting.

  44. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    A thought occured:
    What if we are being trolled? ‘:3
    Puts a ~D on the note, creeper’s name starts with a D, but isn’t a Dullahan?
    Considering the twists and turns that this series has brought out already, the notion that this may not be a Dullahan, and that the author gave it a D name could all be a trap to build up.
    Maybe I’m just paranoid (maybe nothing), but a part of me wouldn’t be surprised if its something non-dullahan, but has a D name. A goblin or orc or hell maybe just a crazy human girl?! THAT would be the biggest twist! And who’s to say it is an old friend risen from the grave as a dullahan or a monster at all?

    Maybe it is a guy/girl who is merely a racist against monsters… a monster terrorist group, if you will, and they make this threat to keep monsters and humans separate.
    And with that scenario, the intial motives could be simple. Creatures like lamias and harpy NEED a human male for procreation, and something tells me that before this home exchange thing, many times, the creature would probably just capture a spouse. Terrorist group’s leader or all members could’ve had family, husbands, sons, etc., captured and never returned, a long time ago, and vow revenge.

    Just a few various ideas that popped into my head this early morning.

    • Myrdin said:

      ofc there is always the probability of trolling. In that case all we can do is just wait and see what the author has in stock for us 😛

      • Atansis said:

        It could also be D for Dad.

  45. redragon1990 said:

    What if the D is for Doppelganger? I mean it would make sense traditionally anyway

    • DaMagus said:

      Already suggested that possibility. 😉

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        In either case, I honestly don’t see it. We already have a doppleganger, and in these sorts of things, they never do the same creature twice, and I don’t see our established Doppleganger sending this note. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it.

        Can either of you maybe make a case for it? ‘:3

        • DaMagus said:

          Other than that I already noted, not really.

          I don’t really think it’s her, I do think it’s a dullahan. But Okayado already threw us one D-named curve ball. So I’m not discounting the possibility entirely.

        • redragon1990 said:

          actually the extra pages said shes only a doppleganger in title, calling her a shapeshifter woulbe more appropriate

  46. Katsu said:

    wheres my next chapter preview?? o.O

    • gym said:

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      • DaMagus said:

        Raws likely in the next few days. They’re generally available around the 19th-20th of the month.

  47. Anthony said:

    I’ve been really enjoying the manga thus far. Should we be expecting releases every 2 weeks rather than monthly now? Also, is there a way to get email notifications for new chapters?

    • Myrdin said:

      Well, thank you 🙂

      Soo Dryad it is, it seems ^ ^

    • gym said:


  48. gym said:

    so the last pair is cerea and rachnera? XD

    • DaMagus said:

      Seems to be the “allied” pairs on the dates. Miia & Mero, now Papi & Suu. Cerea & Rachnee have an, uhm, understanding…

      If D is a dullahan, she could be a physical match for both of them depending on the source material Okayado draws from.

  49. Agozer said:

    Hahah, looks to be pretty a pretty epic showdown.

    • DaMagus said:

      Also looks like Suu’s on the receiving end this time. 😀

  50. gym said:

    so anyone seen full raw scans yet?

  51. Matt said:

    so did the dryad join the harem or what

    • fapfapfap said:

      Who knows, but probably not.

    • gym said:

      hope so… kinda fun to read…

    • IamMe said:

      Looks like the dryad is after Suu and Hapi as playmates. Its the preview version though so 2/3 of the pages are missing. I love Zombinas reaction though. I would also be really confused if I came across that scene.

      Of course its still possible this is another trolling. Will have to see the full version to see if the dryad also wonders what letter they are talking about.

      • DaMagus said:

        I had the same thought, Draco was after Miia. Or perhaps Dryad wants to bring Suu back from human civilization and Suu is refusing, Papi appears to have the lesser role for the most part. It does seem to be set someplace more “countrified” than a park…

    • Smillo said:

      Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Huh? Whuh?! Dryad? What? How? When?

      When did this happen?!?!
      I guess you guys found the raws huh?

      Ah-well. As per usual, I’m content to just wait til the chapter comes out in english. ~(=3=)~

      • IamMe said:

        Its the usual Japanese preview that shows up on that Chinese site. Its like 10 pages out of what is typically around 35 for a chapter. Enough is missing that its possible to have a lot of important stuff missing.

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Aahhh. For my taste, that’s more than a teaser, but less than a chapter. 5 pages seems good teaser length, but what do I know? hahaha.

          So yet again, we get another “D” creature as a troll (haven’t seen those yet either) before finding out what sent the letter, because if what others above are saying is true / good speculation, then odds are that Dryad didn’t send the letter either. If she’s looking for playmates or trying to take Suu to a more rural area, then demanding “if you get married, I will kill you” doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

          But again, with but 10 pages, no idea, for all we know, it COULD be her.

  52. IamMe said:

    In other news, dropped by the area Kinokuniya and found that “Monster Musume” was on the shelf. English version of this series, does not have the adult only sticker on it that some book get but says “Older Teen (16+)” on the back next to the price. First page after the color pages (Yes, they put in the color pages in color =)) has a Lamia nipple in full view. No sign of censorship and they took some of the double meaning Japanese and went with the lewder English. [Iku -> Cum for instance]

    Nothing standing out as off so far after a quick browse, the sound effects have been given the correct English version as well, although I would have used shiver instead of shake for when she is shown cold the first time she meets him.

    All in all it gives me high hopes for the rest of the books.

    • Nyup said:

      Anyone bought the book by by chance? I want to see how their translation measures up before I pay for international shipping and stuff.

    • Gekkokid said:


      • Katsu said:

        where can i buy it seriously? cant find it anywhere….

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Yeah I’d add that to my collection of manga.

      Surprised it only made 16+. Considering you see not only full nipple (which is normal for 16+ manga), but also partially concealed laima-vagina within the first two chapters. Pretty damn riske. O.O’

      Still funny as hell, downright adorable, and of course, VERY well drawn. I wouldn’t be surprised, honestly, if this series became an anime some time in the future. (And if anyone other than Funimation got ahold of it, it’d be ruined. I only trust them with english dub, even if they pretty much recycle voice actors. Still love ya Vic Mignogna!! :D) Would be a fun one.

      • IamMe said:

        Finished the book.

        When Centorea was introduced they started to go overboard with the puns and play on words. Every page had 1 or 2 puns using words that refer to horses or riding in some way. It started to really detract from the enjoyment. I hope it settles down some and there was a bit less in the last chapter of the book.

        They included the extra page with the girls measurements and the end of the book had a part of a chapter from “A Centaurs’ Worries” which they translated as “A Centaur’s Life”. Someone really needs to teach people the proper use of the ‘ character.

        You can find the book online without much trouble. Here is a link to Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Monster-Musume-Vol-1-OKAYADO/dp/1937867900/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1382431288&sr=1-1&keywords=monster+musume), I’m sure the other online stores can supply it as well.

        • Myrdin said:

          The description is kinda missleading, considering the poor guy holds his best to surpres his “hormones” or wtf they wrote there, the girls being the one who would like to launch a frontal attack at his modesty. Kinda makes me puzzled how they came up with such nonsense : /

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          That sounds…. disappointing.

          I love a good “bad pun”, but at the same time, one must build up a good atmosphere FIRST or it’ll fall flat. In my opinion, a pun is only as good as its environment! If your world isn’t built up well, or built up fully quite yet, the pun will be painful. That’s what makes a bad pun bad. And from what little you’ve described IamMe, I get the impression that is what they are doing. “We have a horse character, lets just bombard them with horse puns!” No! No no no! Bad translators of the manga! (Not the ones for this site, obviously.) You have to establish the characters, the world, the atmosphere of the environment before you can start to do puns, AND NEVER in vast quantities! A pun is savored, quick and witty (unlike my puns, I really should practice what I’m preaching here…), just spouting them off makes it seem childish, or that they didn’t really care about the source material.

          If that’s how there gonna be, then I’m content to just keep the translations I have on my computer from this site. =3=

        • Gluuven said:

          Bad puns aside the changes to Papi seem to be the biggest change. While changing Cerea pet name for MC from master to milord makes sense given her personality and style of speech used but changing husband to boss is just head scratching. The reason they may have made the change was to distance her from a romantic relationship given her personality and design make her the pseudo-loli of the group. Considering the events that will take place in the first chapter in the next volume that will really be a telling point on how they’ll be handling the subject.

  53. gym said:

    anyone seen full spoiler yet???
    kindly like thanks…

        • IamMe said:

          Entire chapter is there if you look long enough, went about as I expected.

          Dryad can’t write btw, so it was another trolling with a D named monster. As one poster pointed out, they seem to be doing the girls in pairs, last pair is Centorea and Rachnera. Being the scheming and fighting pair they might get the culprit on their turn.

          Or he will troll us again and just keep throwing D named girls at us till he gets bored. =J

          • fapfapfap said:

            The only way he could troll me is if the one who wrote the note isn’t a dullahan.

          • Akagin said:

            Just had a thought so off the wall I figured I’d share it. The D stands for Darling, he wrote the note to himself, From The Future! Looking back on those years of chaotic near-hanky panky, he knew he should have left them go on long enough to at least get a second series. But getting married would change that!

            Yeah, never gonna happen. But it’d sure be a hoot!

      • TheImage said:

        Oh, Kimihito you sly dog you

      • gym said:

        1 more time Hallelujah!!!

        • Katsu said:

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      • ultimaniac said:

        Something I’ve been thinking about, slightly off-topic. Should we really be calling them “raws?” Isn’t the original in Japanese? It should be a chinese translation/scan right?

      • udaku said:

        I figured it out, Each time our translator picks it up, He gets horny and can’t continue.

  54. void said:

    well this is surprising… this is the first time that I saw the MC have the balls to suck someone’s nipples & its a dryad at that…

    well one thing is pretty obvious, she isn’t the one that gave the letter…

    my bet is still on the dullahan

  55. GeneralPrinny said:

    Dryad looks like Cherno Alpha.

    • NeoBlitz said:

      She does, thanks for pointing that out. I wonder how many more monster battles this will have in the future.

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      • Josh said:

        true true

  57. Matt said:

    Anyone know a harem manga where they guy hooks up with all the girls (except tenchi)

    • Myrdin said:

      Though its an Anime a think there is also a Manga adaptation.
      Amagami SS (and Amagami SS Plus). Its divided into parts.
      Same protagonists, same surrounding, and intertwining characters.
      Each part is reserved for one heroine, and is happening at the same time like all others, as if in a parallel universe, where the MC choose a different girl, yet all remains the same.
      I am quite hard to please when it comes to good stories, characters and developement, but this show has it ALL, and by far is one of the best i´ve ever seen 😉

      • Myrdin said:

        *i forgot to add:

        Soo yeh, each heroine gets her own route, and her own happy ending 😉

        • Schonberg said:

          Well except Rihoko. She just got the eternal friendzone.

    • agozer said:


      • ForestMT said:

        Approved = =b

    • Spooky said:

      Dude, there are like thousands of harem anime. Just take a look at every season’s anime list and at least 50% of them is harem

      • Agozer said:

        True, but he was asking about anime/manga where the harem lead ends up marrying every girl.

        Also, High School DxD

        • Myrdin said:

          Well soo you are basically looking for the “harem” ending (or mass ending). Not “each girls route”.
          You need to be more specific next time 😉

    • kalil said:

      scholl days

      just watch it

      • DaMagus said:

        School Days is extremely polarizing. It does *NOT* have a harem ending. It is *NOT* a comedy. Most sites give it a Horror tag, with good reason.

        If you watch it expecting harem or comedy, I cannot describe how betrayed the ending will make you feel.

        • Spooky said:

          ohh yeah.
          I remember. I wanted to watch something carefree before going to sleep (yeap, I watched 12 ep anime before sleep).
          Damn, it was awesome. I thought it was just generic harem. How wrong I was. After ending I stared at the wall for an hour and had awful headache. It needless to say that I didn’t get any sleep that night.
          Thank God I didn’t knew spoilers or tags. It was like someone hit my head with a bat. Unique anime experience 🙂

          • björn said:

            To Love-Ru Darkness… ?!
            atm it’s leads towards a harem ending

  58. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    *Is once again fighting the mighty Impatience Beast on the top of a high mountain peak in an epic battle to last the ages, through song and tale!!*

    I hope maybe I’ll see it on Halloween! Would make for a great Halloween “treat”. :d

    • Nision said:

      I know right?!

      Anyway, knowing that it takes them just over a month, I’d say give them a few more days. It would be awesome if it is going to be released really soon though…

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      And the normies will never figure out why.

    • IamMe said:

      Wow.. 6 of the 10 slots are Attack on Titan with volume 1 being on the list for 19 weeks.

      • Myrdin said:

        Attack on Titan is pretty much the same BIG thing right now, like when Sword art Online came out 🙂

        • Akagin said:

          Haha, the next ‘big’ thing, I see what you did there. Attack on Potato was decent, but its only monstergirl was a LIE!

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Like Inuyasha, and Bleach, and Naruto, and Cowboy Bebop, and One Piece before THAT!

    • Udaku said:

      Yeah, holy shit, it beat attack on titan, shout out to all of our ny friends here, but dam, now i want to buy it just to keep it up there

    • Spooky said:

      Wow, that is a pleasant surprise. I bet thousands of people think what that fuck is this. ahaha

    • kalil said:

      good, good.

      let the monster-girl moe spread throught you.

    • blackice85 said:

      That’s great news, I hope everyone here who enjoys the manga buys a copy when they can. I’m honestly surprised it did that well.

  59. gym said:

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    I always wondered – if there is an good OCR program that would recognise chinese letters from jpg file and then let us put them in google translate. At least if each of a person who came here did one page and posted it here, the translation would be so much easier. Probably a program like that costs a lot, though there are always various means…

    • alidan said:

      actually ocr programs are free, finding a free one that will accurately recognize asian characters from anything less than a 300dpi scan… thats a bit harder, and google translate is an absolute joke when it comes to translations as it stands.

      it can be done, but its not worth your time doing, otherwise i would have started doing it years ago.

  64. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Happy Halloween, folks. Hopefully we’ll get our monstergirls soon. (b^o^)b

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      • John Smith said:

        Honestly it wouldn’t be as bad if they just went out of their way and make a post saying they were delayed or had some issues with this month’s chapter instead of just being absent.

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        Soon, my pet, soon.

        • Nision said:

          Who are you?! Bobcat from the Kerbal Space Program Forums?
          Also, you spell it like Soon™. Soon™ means either right now, sometime in the future or never.

        • Nision said:

          Who are you? Bobcat from the Kerbal Space Program community?
          PS: It’s Soon™. Which can either mean ever, or never.

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      Happy holidays, go get em scared like hell champ 😉

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