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        Hey now. Look around and you’ll find that there are fans of just about every kind of monster, Lamias and Harpies are pretty dern mainstream in the fanbase, as are Slimes if I’m not mistaken… (note: all this is based on fan reactions and art, not so much on the existance of manga based on said creatures.)

        Dragons need love too. Especially with the second Hobbit movie coming out, poor Smaug isn’t gonna be a happy camper. Gotta get all that dragon love out there now, beforehand.

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          Yeh dragons need love to, i agree 😉 Though there is lot of stuff involved around dragons, both in western and eastern culture (games, books, anime, etc).

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      Well since she is a Dragon (strong personality), and a yandere (most likely, might still be just a Tsu), she might not express herself soo directly. And until he proves his dominancy (as written in the M.Girls encyclopedia) i guess he´ll be treated more like “scum” or “vermin” or “dog” and such 😀

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