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TF here! Sorry about the wait – we had an issue with our proofer being busy.

Just as a reminder, next month’s Monster Musume will be late, as I’m moving to Japan, and the soonest I’d be able to get the magazine is the 28th. However, for the next year, our releases will be much quicker, as I’ll be obtaining raws the day of release, instead of a week after!

Remember, if you ever have questions about our release schedule or delay, feel free to pop by our IRC channel! #monstermusume@irc.rizon.net

  1. Smillo said:

    Yay, thanks a bunch XD

  2. dayrains said:

    I’ve heard that the mangaka has been sick, so we’d probably have a delay in releases even if you weren’t moving to Japan 😉

  3. Wario1987 said:

    Haha great chapter thanks guys ^.^

  4. vipo said:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  5. White-Fox said:

    Thanks for the release, and for the documentary… It was really funny.

  6. Krevitz said:

    Hi Translator Fag, maybe you can buy some nice Manga in Japan and make a few threads on our deviant board 😉

  7. Agozer said:

    Many thanks. The wait was excrutiating.

    Well, now we know yet another nickname for Kurusu.

  8. Katsu said:

    TY so much! for the release XD!! but damn… its such a pain in the ass to read… i mean once your done your like wut?! thats it??? C’mon!!! i want more! MOORREEE!!!! 😀 ya know what i mean 😛

  9. Dillon Cates said:

    Good Luck over in Japan! 😀

  10. nckeo said:

    Cerea’s sword is Anduril! BTW, logically where a centaur womb should be located, on human torso or horse torso?

    • IamMe said:

      Would say horse body. Her delicate parts are at the end of her horse body and I can’t see a human torso being able to hold a small centaur.

  11. Haesslich said:

    Rachnera’s still a master at trolling. And apparently bondage. Best girl of the lot, though Suu and Cerea are adorable as well. Especially this chapter’s shy Cerea.

  12. Myrdin said:

    i laughed my ass off on that video 😀
    ….he build a hammock,…where he laid all day, watching the caffeine spider go.

    thanks for the upload of the new chapter.

  13. Myrdin said:

    Hey ! Just noticed, but on the page 19 – Centoreas sword is the exact copy of Aragorns Elendil ! (Yeah i am a LotR fan btw 😀 ). Now thats some badassness 😀

    • Myrdin said:

      *Anduril, not Elendil. >_> Damn, writing before thinking 😀

  14. gym said:

    anyone seen chapter 17 yet? can’t wait for new raw… just link if you find anything thx alot..

    • Katsu said:

      ya would be really appreciated XD

      • probably won’t be out till at least the 19th when the next comic is release…

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        I myself don’t look at the raws. I prefer to see it whenever it comes out english. Still I get some idea as to the next chapter contents whenever the raws come out and you all talk about them. So good luck on those raws, doods.

  15. Havoc said:

    SAO vol 12 translation + this !! today was a good day

  16. At first I was like “Good for Cerea”, then at the end I was like “Aw snap”…….

  17. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    *sigh* Bondage spider. How original. =3=

    I dunno, so far they’ve played pretty well on my notions of how the gals would act and think, their personality. But there was probably nothing that could be done. OF COURSE the arachne was gonna be into tying folks up. Still, tho, a great chapter, a fun new character, and a little more personality from the ever-stoic Cerea. So all is well in the end.

    Now this is me, but I’m kinda hoping we get a chapter or two of the characters settling in with each other, and expanding personalities. I’d like some backstory and interaction. Of course, with that said, the creator already has a plot in mind, and is probably already working on it, but still. I’m hoping for plot!

    • Myrdin said:

      Would be actually a great spin off if there was something more out of ordinary like: Arachne that´s scared of spiders and webs.
      Or stuff of this kind, you get the hint 😀

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        Well the hilarious mental image I got was a shy-ish, “nerdy”, glasses-wearing arachne. The way the image presented itself to my brain just got me giggly. I think I got my own hopes up. T3T

      • Akagin said:

        Haha, I see what you did there. ‘Spin’ off, nice. As an aside, I wonder if Suu would bother Rachnee, since she couldn’t be tied up?

      • It would be really funny if they went into some old building and Rachnera got caught in some old cob webs, freaks out, and then says its cause she doesn’t like to be in the webs of strangers or something

  18. psycholobster said:

    Thank you for the release. Great chapter 🙂

  19. Altona Falcon said:

    Have a nice life in Japan sir! Thanks for the upload; I hope everything will be well for you ^^

  20. gym said:

    new links anyone? i check this site every day,,, XD

    • Katsu said:

      i do the same but like 4-5 times a day 😛 dunno what am expecting lol

      • gym said:

        guess if they’ll add another one next chapter???

      • ?? said:

        why this and previous (suu in shirt) omake (or short) is not translated?

        • Akagin said:

          Not sure about this one, but I gave up asking about the other one. They had even mentioned it in the comments for the chapter 12 release, that they’d bundle it with thirteen, and never did…

  21. fapfapfap said:

    Here we go again (yes, I remember this one will be later than usual).

    • Katsu said:

      i hope its only some small preview cause if not its gonna be damn short…

      • IamMe said:


        Its a preview, there is no set up for how they ended up at a pool. It just goes from Cerea trying on a bra to them in water. The first preview posted seems to normally be like that. They post 1/3 of the Japanese pics and later post the full story in Chinese. Oh and it feels like they are partially out of order as well.

        New girl though not one likely to end up at the house.

        • IamMe said:

          New girl is Kobold named Bolt. Cutest kobold I’ve ever seen..

          • Gullin said:

            You sure, I’d swear thats a Werewolf based on Okayado’s previous art (and the fact a kobold is a little lizard like being related to dragons, generally)

          • Katsu said:

            ya that or a type of goblin… i vote for werewolf!!

          • ?? said:

            i think she is werewolf and Kobold is just the name of the sports team she is in (works)

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            I have not seen the picture in question, but a notion just dawned on me.. A kobold is a type of lizard-like race… so if you are comparing said girl between a werewolf and kobold… odds are it is probably the werewolf, since werewolves are furry, and a kobold is scaly. At least, if I’m understanding things correctly.

  22. Gullin said:

    (Or fae children :P)

  23. Coolbro said:

    Jesus fucking Christ Okayado, where the fuck is my Dullahan?

    • Katsu said:

      who cares about a headless chick? seriously i kinda found it creepy… more like wheres my 9 tail fox??!! or succubus!:P

      • Krevitz said:

        B-But the Dullahan is a cutie~…

        • coolbro said:

          Dullahan is going to be Kuudere like Kanade in Angel Beats, you can see it in her eyes.

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        I could give or take the dullahan myself, however she is part of the original group. I’m looking more forward to the holstaurus… err… minotaur. ^.^’ That’s always confused me, that’s CLEARLY a holstaurus, cowgirl and everything, but is referred to as a minotaur. Confusing.

        Anywho. I personally wanna see how they pull off the dullahan, I mean, they got me to like the arachne, and I wouldn’t tap that with a 20 ft. electric flyswatter, but they got me to like her as a character.
        And aside from that, I’d like to see ALL monsters given some limelight in the manga, really. Every. 😀 Single. 🙂 ONE! |:3

      • kalil said:

        Dullahan kyuuby adn succubus

        pretty nice choices!!!

        but i still want my dragonnewt

      • Nine tailed fox and Succubus are too main stream
        >insert hipster Okyado pic<

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Alright Azi, how about some of my favorites?
          Salamander, Alraune, Holstaurus (I know we are getting one anyway..), Wurm, Dragon, Yeti, and / or Ignis… and for a lark, Mimic, because that’d be hilarious!

          Obscure enough for ya? haha 😀

          • Dragon girls have been done. so I wouldn’t expect that one to be a main character… Alraune seems most likely and wouldn’t a mimic be similar to a doppleganger?

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            Mimics are demonic chests. They appear in dungeons to lure adventurers, or in homes long abandoned / in forgotten areas of a home. They generally devour the target. Probably akin to the doppleganger but not exactly the same, as it can’t change its shape, to my knowledge. You see ’em in RPGs all the time.

            But if we are going by Monstergirl Encyclopedia terms:
            Mimic: Mimic family – Shapeshifter type.
            Doppleganger: Ghost family – Undead type.
            But I dunno just how closely this manga connects to the MGEs themselves.

            Still Yeti or Lizardfolk would be fun, and silly, and of course cute.

          • Smillo said:

            Well, we have a Reptile, Bird, Mammal, Slime (Bacterya?O.o), Fish, Insect, so the only thing missing of the lifeforms of earth would be a Plant, if thats Okayados intention^^

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            Ah, but don’t forget that this isn’t just any realm of monsters. We’ve also got undead, demons, angels(?), abberations (abnormal creatures, ala mimic), “magical beast”, and magical humanoids (ie witches).
            I dunno where exactly this will go or how it will get there, or just how many types / subtypes of monster we can expect to see. I’m rooting for at the very least a cameo of all monster types.

            But if we are going by the one-off comics done before, we can definately expect the dullahan and holstaurus, at least for Kimihito’s posse.

    • Nryuu said:

      yeah, i hope dullahan will make her entrance soon… and some added characters lyk, Dragon, anubis, and specially lilim.

    • Katsu said:

      thx mate!

  24. Phuji said:

    New 12 Beast should be coming out any day now, right?

  25. Ghost said:

    Thank You for the Chapters!!!!

  26. T said:

    How are things in Japan? I have lived and worked there before and it was the best months in my life!

  27. Katsu said:

    why so long to get translated 🙁

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Perhaps you didn’t read the admin comments. To quote:
      “Just as a reminder, next month’s Monster Musume will be late, as I’m moving to Japan, and the soonest I’d be able to get the magazine is the 28th. However, for the next year, our releases will be much quicker, as I’ll be obtaining raws the day of release, instead of a week after!”

      So we will have to wait til AFTER the 28th of the month to get the next chapter. And by after I mean, “a few days to a week or two after”, since the translator won’t be getting the magazine TIL the 28th, and then it’ll take time to translate and all that technological gobbledeegoop.

      All I can say is ‘patience is a virtue’.

      • Katsu said:

        guess i miss that part..>< thx for info ill do my best to be patient XD

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          We ALL are. ‘.^~*

        • Praise be to Okayado and the Crusaders of this website, who’s tireless work should be spoken of in the highest of praise because anything worthwhile is worth waiting for… CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!

    • Koga88 said:

      Well, I saw that the translator did a translation stream last night, so it is pretty much translated at this point and it needs to be put through typesetting and probably quality checking. She just moved to Japan so it was going to take a lot longer for the translation.

      Think of it this way, we get a preview of the chapter a few days after it comes out, get the full translation a week or two later and then it’s only a couple more weeks until the next chapter comes out. Makes the monthly wait not so bad.

  28. fyl said:

    just gonna paste this in here.

    It’s stuck in the editing process, but currently I’m really busy with important things IRL (some i want to do and some i have to do).
    Thus the delay from now on will be my fault. I’d like to apologize for this.
    I can’t really change anything about it other than work my ass off, which consumes all the time I usually had available for editing.

    • DaMagus said:

      Thank you for the update, and no worries. IRL should always take precedence. Yesterday I told my gaming group that I’m going to be mostly absent for the next couple of years due to work-related things.

    • Smillo said:

      Thanks for the notice, just take your time.

    • Katsu said:

      thx for the reply 😀 dont push yourself too hard bro 😉

      • Chenjia said:

        Don’t kill yourself over minor delays. We appreciate your work bud.

    • glad to hear you haven’t given up. Keep it up bro and good luck with the manga and your IRL stuff….

  29. Spooky said:

    Spooky spooky spooky

  30. IamMe said:

    Going to have to go buy the book its printed in. It comes with special cards of at least 3 of the girls…

    • Wicher said:

      Could you scan and upload thoes cards on this side :)?

  31. Matt said:

    any word on 12 beast 3

  32. ShunRenHu said:

    I want to see alraune in Chapter 18 and Mandagora in Chapter 19\Chapter 20.

  33. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    *sigh* A bare minimum of 20 more days til we get any hint of a new chapter.
    =3= Time, you are a cruel mistress.

    • DaMagus said:

      MM or 12B?

  34. Octopapple said:

    I hate to sound whiny, but could you not use mediafire for uploading the chapters anymore? My internet does not load sites like mediafire well so i have to use my friend’s to download the chapter and it is very inconvenient for me since i prefer to get the chapter from you guys instead of some random site on google. Keep up the good work!

  35. Matt said:

    is there a 12 beast this month

    • anon said:

      It’s been cancelled.

  36. Mansour said:

    When Ch.17 Is going to Be released?

  37. Anon7813 said:

    ´However, for the next year, our releases will be much quicker´

    Doesn’t that already count for the upcoming chapter or is your current stay in japan only temporary? Also how often do 12 Beast chapters get released?

  38. Gullin said:

    Any sort of ETA at this point? The next chapter will come out in four days won’t it?

    • Blank said:

      Last I heard, which was on /a/, page 3 was cleaned and ready for typesetting. That was a few days ago.

  39. anon said:

    when I downloaded the file it said that there no archives were found, I also had this issue with chapter 17