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      Suu already showed that ability at Chapter 13.
      She read the pain from kurusu’s mind with her tentacle
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        Oh… And I thought it’s just empathy. Okay, never mind.

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    Did you guys actually like the egg laying stuff?

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      I don’t, to me, I think it is close enough to child-birth that I’d assume it’d be gross. x.x
      But, eh, I’m pretty open minded about the whole monstergirl thing, so.. I dunno.

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    I gotta say, I honestly do read this for the plot and humor, and not the sexiness. I’m so desensitized by anime and manga (and hentai), that it just doesn’t bother me, I just go “oup, there’s mero’s nips, sun rise, sun set.” I love the crazy hijinks that go on in this, and am surprised I don’t see more publicly known series like it… strangly enough, I think the closest I’ve seen to something akin to this (with non-humes and all) would probably be Sands of Destruction, and Dog Days…. and those are just furries, really. (*is not into furryism, but doesn’t hate it*)

    As to the arachne… well… I still have my electric flyswatter ready, but I’m willing to keep an open mind. I’ve loved just about everything about this series so far, I don’t see how it could disappoint me… unless the creators become wall-eyed retards in the span of a chapter or something. So who knows, she could throw me off guard, and be very cute. (What was it others were suggesting, “dark tsundere”?)
    Or… for all we know, her personality could throw us ALL for a loop (they have so far), and have her be a video game-loving anime geekette or something… which… I think I won’t “call it”, but I will laugh my buns off if she is!

    Well, I…. “crack” myself up. Anywho, I’ve “laid” bare what I think, the rest of you “yolk”les can “egg”splain your points of view. Maybe we can get a good chat going “ovum” this and enjoy some good conversation til the next one comes out.

    Overall, I rate this chapter…… (oh you know where I’m going with this).. Grade AA! |:3

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    So it is almost guaranteed that everyone will show up eventually, so at some point a minotaur girl will show up? only time will tell.

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          Tia is a giant (thus she is quite powerful) and look how adorable she is. 🙂

          *Still wish for a Mantis though ^_^

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            Touhou is a video game. A curtain fire “bullet hell” type series. Odds are that even before you’ve seen the series, you’ve probably already seen its characters in some shape or form, or heard its music. (My introduction was through Disgaea 2 and Aya’s theme… long story)

            Still a great series, with plenty of well made fan-made animations on youtube. Give them a looksee. (b=.=)b
            Someone who knows the series better can give you a better explaination.

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            They are essentially human souls sent to hell (or heaven) to work off the sins of their life through servitude, either doing good deeds in heaven, or working for minimal minimal pay in hell. If they manage to save up enough, they can reincarnate (using the game’s reincarnate feature) into a new entity.
            Disgaea is a Strategy RPG (akin to Final Fantasy Tactics) series that knows it is a video game. It breaks the fourth wall often, using cracks about video game logic, levels, and the like; or by poking metric TONS of fun at anime (sailor moon, gurren lagaan, tenchi muyo, dragonball z, and many others, nothing is safe).
            If you haven’t guessed… it is my favorite game series. It has the most MASSIVE level cap I’ve ever seen in a video game, level 9999! Yes, FOUR NINES!
            It is a TON of fun and a barrel of laughs, and I can’t recommend it enough.

            Oh, and if you aren’t interested in new games to try, it is also a manga, and anime. The japanese name for the anime is Makai Senki Disgaea.
            Enjoy. I hope I converted another to the great disgaean cause!

            (One last note, some monstergirls I’ve seen in the monstergirl encyclopedia have turned up in disgaea games, including the Alraune, succubus, and Nekomata, tho not in the MGE forms. Disgaea has its own versions of these monsters.)

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    character i came up is Grizzly (bear girl), she is what you call young adult she is older than other girls and surprise she has cubs (two girls), she left them home with her mother (or sister), she has no husband (he left or passed away), she came to human word to work and earn money for her girls (at home there were no good jobs), but as an extraspecie she needs a human host and that’s our MC. she is what you call a house wife good at house chores (her great cooking skills make Miia jealous ), she is caring kind and very motherly towards everyone, she is also a matchmaker character and she supports all girls any way she can, at some moments she has some feeling for MC and sees him as ideal father for her girls, but she restrains herself for the sake of other girls (she is kind) and last but not least part of her character is SHE IS MOMMA BEAR, in other words when girls or MC are in danger and threatened (by someone like that director or that Orc) she gets pissed off and shows that she is unbelievably strong (better than Cera in fights) so beware her wrath.
    so what do you think? please answer
    here is image that inspired me

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      First read that going “wait a tick, MGE already has a monstergirl by the name ‘grizzly’, see: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/867123?tags=grizzly_%28monster_girl_encyclopedia%29
      (Even went to find the link)

      But at the bottom, you already have an MGE reference.
      I dunno what I think, as your paragraph looks like a massive run-on sentance, and I’m going cross-eyed trying to read it (sorry T-T). But, I say why not? I mean, fanfiction of a monstergirl manga?! Why not?!
      No Sandworms please! T-T *shudders* That thing is the monstergirl thing of NIGHTMARES! And…. I think a Nightmare would be a cute addition to series.

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        i read reference, image link i posted is just for visualization of character i made up (not the grizzly specie, i knew that there was such specie in monster girl world) and yes it is based on phrase Mama Bear. also is okaydos works based on that MGE or both him and MGE author based their works on something else (game or novel)?
        wanna hear my “Cattle Twins” characters idea ? 😉

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        Either that or they didn’t care for the bad guy’s actions. Personally, I think a story where the author can make you feel like that toward a villain is a sign of good writing. That being said, I had kind of been hoping Mr. Darling would have curb-stomped him while he was at it.

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            Nothing more vile than a sleazey type who tries to make money off of innocent people, using fast talking and quick action, eh?

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          Instead of being treated badly, it looked more like they were scared of her because of how she looks. Then that producer came along and basically paid them to let him take care of her instead. His intent being to profit off her of course. You have to admit, having a huge spider get out of the back of a large moving van could cause serious misgivings..

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      Spoiler– In case anyone cares

      She is already seriously interested in him. Especially after she was hiding him in the rafters with his body pressed up against hers and his face buried in her chest and his body had the normal reaction. Got her thinking of playing with him but they were interrupted.

      110 would be the same as 911 in the US. A general call for help. They would have called in the extraspecies people when they found him wrapped up in a cocoon.

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    • Perentie said:

      It seems Okayado is working up to giving Kimihito each of the girls that he featured in his old one-page comics. These featured 8 identical brothers, each with their own monster girl girlfriend.

      I anticipate/theorize some kind of cloning accident in the future to give each girl their own Kimihito.

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    Well, i also think that the author should stop adding members to his harem, at least for the time being. Let spider girl be charmed and put into the mon-girl squad, and have her and the other girls make appearences now and then.

    Think the author may be trying to appease as many people as he can, since this is his first “real” publishing.. which may or may not backfire on him. If for nothing else, then making the writing of a “decent” (by harem comedy standards) plot and story harder and harder w/ each girl he adds to the gang.

  42. IamMe said:

    I have to take back my earlier comment about Arachea though. She’s not a Yandere, or even a Tsundere. Shes closer to being just a deredere..

    • IamMe said:

      Oh, and her name is Racnera – Arachnera. Or something close to that.

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    Personally, I don’t have any problems with the author expanding Kurusu’s harem. Monster Musume is a harem series first and foremost, and the author seems to enjoy this genre greatly, if his older adult works are anything to go by.

    I suspect that Kimihito will eventually end up getting hired by the Extraspecies branch of the government, simply because of his considerable expertise in dealing with monster girls. He shares a custom-built home with six different species (atm) and knows what they need, their weaknesses/strenghts and how to push their buttons.

    Sure, he has also suffered some terrible injuries (unintended ones) that would have killed a regular guy a few times over, so adding an imposing Arachne with a skull on her abdomen is no big deal. Good thing the Arachne and the other monster girls are quite dere for Kimihito.

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    though i would prefer scylla or a minotaur

    • Yeah, probably dullahan, the death threat note was signed “D”… I think it’s a sign…

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    Why is it in these types of manga the male lead never just goes with it if he was careful he could have a full and permanent harem. More manga should have the tenchi option

    • fapfapfap said:

      The typical conundrum is that all the girls flock to him because he doesn’t do what you say.

      Essentially if he tried to exploit his harem powers they would vanish and he’d just end up a lone jerkass.

      • IamMe said:

        To go the Harem route you need the girls to be friendly or more with each other. At the very least they need to repect each other and be willing to get along with one another. The Tenchi girls are an example. They all have a role in the household and are content with it. There might be problems in Tenchi’s future when Sasami grows up but until then it will probably be stable. The Tenchi girls are all quite a bit older as well (100s or more years) and probably have more of a settled attitude.

        These girls are all young and possessive in one way or another, Miia being the worst of the lot. She has no desire to share. Suu and Papi seem pretty easy going though and would probably go along with a harem. Mero seems to have a limit of the number of other girls she wants in her tragic love though, a harem would kind of remove the need for her to be a tragic one sided love. After all she could just join in. =)

        Centorea is mostly confused about what position she should take, but would probably not have a problem with that route. If she could calm down.

        • Akagin said:

          Wait, the girls all respected each other in Tenchi? What series were you watching? Ryoko would have been just as happy to see Ayeka burn (I think she tried that once or twice?), Washu was an arrogant bleep, Mihoshi was just waiting to be snuffed in her sleep, cop or not, and so on. That being said, a certain degree of rivalry is pretty much required for a proper harem, whether it’s consummated or not. If they all got along, then there’d be no social tension, and half the story potential would be lost.

          That being said, I’m in favor of things proceeding apace. I enjoy the more or less happy? adventures inherent in most of the chapters so far. Still shipping Suu x Papi, of course. (And still waiting for that volume two bonus content that was promised back in the comments of chapter 12…)

          • IamMe said:

            Sounds like you were watching the engrish version where they completely butchered their dialog. The voice actors in the dub actually admited that they had not watched the series at all and were just voicing things how they wanted. The worst example of the butchering was one of the songs from a CD release. In the Japanese version they are argueing over who gets the mic for a duet with Tenchi.

            Aeka: Would you please return the mic to me?

            Aeka: (pretty much nothing but swears and insults)

            It was like they tried to think of as base and insulting statements as they could think of to have them say. It went from a friendly rivalry in the Japanese to a couple of low brow b8chs throwing any insult they could think of at each other.

            Its painful to even remeber what they did to it.

  47. IamMe said:

    Other problem of using the harem is that it stops being a general/young adult story and because an adult work that gets sent to a different part of the store. If this goes the harem route it would probably end with him in a mansion and several kids of various species around him.

    If they keep adding girls though his house is not going to cut it. It alreadly is looking like a Tardis. bigger inside then it could possibly be based on the outside appearance.

    Arachea will probably not even be able to fit through the door into his house, her body looks a bit wider then Centoreas’ and she needs a lot of area to spread out her legs properly.

    Oh and on the harem route, it will be a bit hard since the law only allows him to marry one of them and if he touches any of the others he goes to jail for “harming” an extra-species guest.

    • matt said:

      It never said just one, still hoping for harem ending

      • IamMe said:

        I would not mind a harem ending, but unless they change the laws or keep it on the downlow Ms. Smith will break down the door and arrest him. Of course could always just add her in.. she seems fairly easy if you feed her and let her lounge around.

        Assuming he remembers his own plot. Suu is illegal though so she might not count since she technically does not exist. Not sure you could “harm” a slime anyways.

        One wonders if he is being supplied with money to feed them though. Based on this chapter they go through a LOT of food with so many of them.

        Oh and I am enjoying it as an Everyday story. I just think ahead about these things when I’m bored.

    • FRMT said:

      1.I don’t care about genre like harem or adult. All I CARE IS FANTASY and STORY .
      2.I don’t care how it will end because it’s EVERYDAY LIFE with monster girls.
      3.His house will be decorated, for sure.
      4.This story is to show you how to deal with monster girls ,alright. So there will be a lot and a lot of them coming -0- but I wonder if there will be some that didn’t come to stay like girls in MON squad -w-.

  48. Akagin said:

    IAmMe- I see, I didn’t know they changed it that much. Learn something new every day, I guess. Regardless, I still think that a certain amount of rivalry/tension would be desirable in a harem story. After all, without dramatic tension, the story might lose a lot of what makes it exciting to read. Though I wouldn’t say no to a certain amount of ‘getting along’, pulchritudinous allusions or not.

  49. Hey guys, just a quick update. My magazine is currently being held hostage by the incompetent forwarding service I use, so I’m waiting for them to get off their asses and ship it.

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    • Matt said:

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      • Yes, unfortunately. Back when we started the Monmusu project, I was living in Japan, and able to get the raws the same day they were released. Now that I’m back in the U.S., it takes considerably longer for me to get my packages. This month is taking even longer than usual, much to my disappointment.

        I move back to Japan in July for a whole year, though, so August’s issue will be super fast!

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          well i won’t complain about translation length anymore, since you were upfront about it and because your the only one whose doing. while your in japan you might want to find a better shipper

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      Good to get an update TF, hope you get your package soon. Keep up the stellar work.

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    He should marry them all and have a bunch off little monster babies. That the dream. And it might actually be an interesting story. One that’s never happened, having kids growing up in a harem setting.

    kid: “daddy why is there only one daddy and seven mommies”

    • djett said:

      lol that would be awsome and its something ive always wttned to see in a harem personally. however i doubt well ever get that in alot of detail at most it would be in a epilogue chapter after hes married them all which i think really does need to happen.

    • Rather than that, a manga about their children, growing up as monster kids in human society.

      Everyday Monster Children(And their parents)

      • think Yotsuba& but with little monster kids

        • djett said:

          thinking about what youve said the only that that comes to mind is “yes please”

        • djett said:

          ohh thats nice. thank you

        • Bezishodnostb said:

          It’s pretty obvious that the wolf is euphemism for nigger. Japs hates niggers, well, they hate everyone. So she was too scared to show her nigger children to neighbours and move to country.

          • Danskheart said:

            …. Why is it obvious? It seems to me like the you’re projecting your own (obvious) prejudices onto the story – a sure sign of a well-written narrative.

          • Udaku said:

            Well, It doesn’t represent a nigger, its just repression and what people tolerate. Americas nigger or Hitler’s jew

  51. matt said:

    I can just imagine the harpy children stuck in the arachne childrens web

    • Indeed! You can pretty much imagine how they all would act just take the characters of this series and turn them children sized. Harpies would be tomboyish and ditzy, diving into things head first. Lamias would be very attached to a person of interest and kinda precocious and extremely jealous when she doesn’t get what she wants. Centaur’s would be against goofing off but get dragged on whatever little adventure the other kids wind up on. I can imagine the Mermaid children coming off as a high class lil brats that acts better than the rest but just wants to play with everyone. Arachne would be quite mischevious, picking on the other kids while trying to gain attention from the main character. And the slimes… well they’d be what Suu is, the wild card, no real character so unpredictable. lol

  52. yahiasss said:

    Basicly u must talk about his bankrupcy, using the evil main character But while supplying it either with a destructive, unstoppable ability or a scheme/plot or a way to sneak him and snatch him away, while everybody is looking for him.
    Still when are you going to put special releases like spring cleaning etc
    And doesn’t the Main character Have any Friends Or Family? Or even one of the girls?
    And u need to use Mrs. Smith in the outdoors more while with the girls,perhaps shopping,pool etc
    And u need to clarify how that spider came to earth and Perhaps a monstrous attack on the house with sticky web would be amazing!
    Do u need to make the mermaids transportation always accompanied with someone or perhaps you want her to get abducted SO You have to find a way for us to see the mermaid’s adventures perhaps with the Harpy.
    That would be great!

  53. matt said:

    Probably one more girl will be added to the harem. Most likely a dullahan, I can see the many antics revolving around losing her head. The way she will make her appearance is having the mc thinking she is a regular girl for the entire chapter until she pulls her head off at the end and freaks everyone out.

    I would personally prefer a minotaur or scylla but hey at least those will appear in 12 beast. I wonder when the next chapter of that will be out

    • Akagin said:

      Haha ‘losing her head’, gotta love puns. That being said, that was how Mero was introduced, wasn’t it? Personally, I think it’d be funny if she was in full armor and he saw her at a museum or something. Thought she was a suit of armor, then “Hiya!”

      • Myrdin said:

        Is the 12 beasts actually translated ? Coz i found only the Raw version, and lot of people here is talking about it, making me quite anxious about the whole darn thing 🙂

        • Smillo said:

          this group translated it.
          http://japanzai.com/, they also did the Oneshot

          • Myrdin said:

            Soo i tried the first part of the 12 beasts….

            i dont really dig that. Its just too “way over the top”. Him being a “ninja pro super ultra steel glow fisting robot slayer” doesnt help the story much in my opinion. Also the whole “save the world” is soo cliche i just couldnt start the next chapter 😛

            I´d rather stick with this series, which is much more enjoyable. If i wanna action i might as well go for one of them mainstreams out there (though they wont have monster girls, but are better written).

            Thx for the link anyway, just wanted to reply my opinion 😉

          • Tabihito said:

            Who care about guy….. the (monster)girls are important 😀

          • null said:

            heh, of course the mostergirls are the star of the show, but I dunno…I was kinda put off by the first chapter too. The oneshot was interesting and enjoyable though.

            Chapter 1 gave off the impression of trying to cram in so many elements of the genre. But instead of coming off as a funny parody of the cliches, it just felt jumbled.

          • null said:


  54. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Just got my internet back after 2.5 weeks. I was honestly hoping that after this time, I’d be able to catch up on my webcomics, youtubing, TGWTG reviews, foruming, chatting with friends, and minecraft…. and a new chapter would be out as the mint on the pillow…. Dern.

    Ah well, back to my usual waiting. T-T

    • As per usual… there have been delays (read the comments above). But its nothing we’re not used to… lol

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        Well if there is any talent I possess, it is definately waiting.

  55. Krevitz said:

    I say the translated version will come out tomorrow!

    • matt said:

      Dont count on it there was a shipping delay with his issue. So it will probably be longer than usual

  56. Katsu said:

    anyone got raw previews?

    • Monsterman said:

      Scroll up bro there is a link

      • RocK_M said:

        The link is not quite “raw” though…

        It’s a chinese scanlation. =( Woulda prefered a full raw since i can browse through a bit of Jp xD

  57. roxxorleet said:

    any news or update on the chapter 15?

  58. Matt said:

    bummer still not out.does anyone know anyone know a site where they can translate chinese

    • Smillo said:

      Patience is a virtue
      C´mon just be happy that they are translating it for free, and do you think another group will translate something only because you ask them too?

      • Matt said:

        possibly many sites get paid because they allow advertisements

        • Smillo said:

          I don`t know much about the payment for advertising in the i-net, but isn`t that pay really low and pays only out if the site has many clicks?

      • Ely said:

        They had already $413.52 as donations. Not for free.

        • IamMe said:

          The donations are to pay for the time and hassle of acquiring the raws, since no one is scaning the book in quality. The fact that he only asked for $20 a month for the book and recieved over $200 in the first couple days shows just how much people are eager for this work. You can’t make a donation then claim you paid someone to do the translation. Donations should be made because you support something, not because you want them to do something for you personally.

          Which is all besides the point, he is using a forwarding service in Japan to purchase the raw and have it sent to him. The service is being slow about sending it. There is nothing he can really do about that. I wonder if I can order the raw at my local store and then mail a copy to him.. But he will be back in Japan later this year so we only have to put up with the delay for a shortish time.

          • Ely said:

            I’m just saying that “Not for free”. I’m not implying that this page is paid and I’m not claiming anything, I’m just saying that this page indeed got money. And I also understand already (since the existence of this page) why each chapter is delayed. No need for any explanations like this. You just replied to a wrong person.

  59. Matt said:

    what magazine is this comic from and what other comics are in it

    • butts said:

      There’s this really nifty site called MangaUpdates

      I suggest you use it

      • You’re not suggesting someone do research are you!?

        Shame on you! lol

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    honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
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