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      No, this series is loosely based on hentai he drew on pixiv. All these girls (and more) appeared therein.

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        I am well aware of where this series stems from, haha.

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    • Yeah, I gotta agree she is pretty damn cute(especially on the page where she called him master and talked about why she worked hard to help him)

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    Also, if Monster Musume had a character poll like the one in Negima, I imagine Suu would rise in the ranks quite significantly from this chapter alone.

    I was going to go for the official release anyway, but this chapter in particular sealed the deal for me. Well done!

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    a new girl is brought in by MRs. Smith and her specie is unique she has both male and female genetalis (probably herm) she acts as a boy (she is well build and physically strong ) and has a manly bond with MC and respects his manliness and even calls him “Bro” , but in time she falls for him and since she acts and thinks of herself as male she believes such relationship with MC is inappropriate and wrong (she thinks it’s gay) but she can’t help it and it’s funny how she fights her feelings
    what kind of monster girl she could be and what are your thoughts of such character?
    idea came from seeing this

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      It would probably kill whatever squee-factor this series gives me.. not that I have anything against herms or dickgirls or anything… just.. would be outta place.

      Also… wouldn’t that be the Alp monster”girl”?

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        “she is a woman , but she also has male genitalia”
        by the way are there any monsters like that (uni sexual its called i think)?

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            Keheheheh, I don’t actually want to see it, but fueling the fires of disturbia is fun.

            Chaos be with you.

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    so lets simply forget dick girl part of my question and say she is tomboy who thinks of herself as man (because shes big strong and probably muscular)
    what kind monster girl she would bee and your thoughts about it

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Going with the monstergirl encyclopedia on this one..
      *cracks open the tome*

      Minotaur (actual bullgirl, non-cowgirl aka Holstaurus)

      These come to mind quickly enough.
      Good luck on your endeavor… whatever it is.

      • The thing is, if it’s a bull, it not a girl… bulls are males, that’s why they’re called bulls, lol

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          Minotaur. What else can I call a minotaur when trying to separate it from a holstaurus, as they are two separate types of monster? |:I

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    Hmm seems Mediafire does not like EMG. Its presence on Futari Wa PrettyAnons account got their account banned. I wonder if they did not realise that it had been lisenced and left it up on their account. Then Mediafire came through and killed the account because of it…

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        maybe she is not evil just scheming something (i hope it is something perverted) or has a grudge on humans for treating her badly because of her looks (she dose look scary)
        witch leads us to probable future where MC actions towards her changes her opinion about humans and she falls for him (this are only my guesses not what really happens)

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          I haven’t seen this spoilering yet. I’m patient, but the above is probably what will happen. Our main character Kimihito seems to reek of generally nice guy-ness.
          Probably inevitable.

          Unless they try to throw us for a loop and the guy just freaks the golden flying crap out…. which would be hilarious, in my opinion. I don’t like spiders, and I electric flyswatter (aka Mjollnir) them when they invade were I work.

          Sorry spidergirl, but I don’t know what you look like, but I’m prejudice. T-T
          So… prepare to be smite’d…. smote?.. …. Nuked! Prepare to be nuked!

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            ChaosSorcerer@ the hell are you? dont talk trash about my arachne! she could eat your head and lay eggs down you neck! 😀 (ya i think i hate you now..lol)

          • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

            Aww. Don’t be like that. Just cuz I don’t like her kind doesn’t mean your wrong… just means I personally don’t think of arachne as “cute”.
            Also.. eating my head and laying eggs in my neck-hole… not really a “cute” quality. Haha!

          • ?? said:

            hears an interesting twist
            what if Kimihito has arachnophobia?

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        She’s probably going to be the dark tsundere girl.

        • IamMe said:


          I think thats what a dark tsundere was…

          • fapfapfap said:

            Nah, the yandere obsessively chases after the protagonist, being radically violent against anything in her path (which may include the protagonist himself).
            The dark tsundere is dangerous to hang out with and threatens the protagonist, but doesn’t act on it and deep down just wants some love.

            Like that Golden Darkness girl in to-love-ru.

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      They have no plans to shutdown. They just take their time doing the cleaning and translating.

      Learn to wait gracefully.

      • Akagin said:

        I am waiting gracefully. But two things made me think it was worthwhile to post. One, that people had been talking about that futa(na)ri anon thing getting shut down, and me not knowing if that interfered here. And two, that this is past the point that their earlier news post said, as fyl just quoted. It’s been a month, and now they’re a chapter behind. I don’t mind waiting as long as it takes, it’s worth it. I was just worried that other comments meant more than they seemed.

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Psh, I dunno what I babble on about, I just go with the flow. I’m stuck in that timeless state of unemployment where everyday feels like the last, and I have trouble remembering things past a few days so…… I’m just kinda a go with the flow type a person. It’ll get around to posting. I have a buncha other webcomics I read (I kinda consider this a webcomic >.>’), as well as minecraft, friends, and when minecraft is down, and I don’t feel like playing borderlands or something, I have Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for PSP! (I just REALLY wish I had someone to play it with!)

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          Also, I have no idea why futanari were even brought up, but the guy asked a question, and I’m nothing if not willing to throw my two cents into the conversation. *shrug*

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            i told you this image what inspired me to ask that question
            try reading this
            its quit funny, has good story and ecchi moments, and sorta has monster girls (elfs, cowgirls, foxgirls, dwarfs, farries, bunnygirls, vampires and succubi) although their bodies are more human just give it a shot while you wait for translations.
            and if you check it tell me what you think about it

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          I was the one that mentioned FwP having their account on Mediafire killed because of this series. From what I understand some of the staff were working on this as well on the side. Although they did not normally do release posts about it apparently they had a file from it on their Mediafire account.

          And when they say “Worry when we are a chapter behind” they are talking about a second chapter being released after their last release. Its been about 1 month since the last release so they still have about a month before they would be “a chapter behind”. If we can look at the raws for chapter 15 then we should be concerned.

          If the date reachs 5/28 and chapter 14 has not been released then we can worry. Until then they will not be “a chapter behind”.

        • Raukcaran said:

          If you want fuller updates on how the work progresses, you’d be better off checking out the IRC channel posted alongside the last chapter 🙂

          Also, the mediafire account and the wordpress were not taken offline due to Monster Musume. It was another project that catalyzed the process.

          And yes, we ARE working on it, it took a week or so for the raws to arrive. And no, we are not ‘behind’. This chapter is the most recent one released. If it were to take another week from today (friday) to finish it, it would still be on par with our normal release schedule since we’ve had to wait for raws. As has been stated before, we’ll inform you of any big delays or bad happenings.

          Thanks to all who help us by informing the others~

          As they say, no news is good news!

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      From the chapter 12 post:
      “Also, a reminder: This is a monthly manga, and sometimes it might take a while to get it done. Earlier, the translator was in Japan and could get raws on the day the magazine came out, but this is not the case anymore, which is part of the reason why it’s taking longer now. However, you shouldn’t worry unless we start falling behind by over a month. If we were going to drop or significantly stall this project, we’d mention it.”

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    • no, Yosuga no Sora definately came first… lol

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        Doesn’t.. .Hack/Sign kinda…. count as an RPG anime?

        • i think what he meant by RPG is Dating Sim/Visual Novel. Or at least that was my interpretation XD

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    to monster fans try reading this
    its quit funny, has good story and ecchi moments, and sorta has monster girls (elfs, cowgirls, foxgirls, dwarfs, farries, bunnygirls, vampires and succubi) although their bodies are more human just give it a shot while you wait for translations.
    and if you check it tell me what you think about it

    • Akagin said:

      Already been reading it off and on. Likewise, Princess Lucia is a good source for demongirls/monstergirls, Omamori Himari and Kanokon for slightly more well-known examples, and Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi for a more obscure one.

      Then we move on to webcomics…

      • ?? said:

        monster mosume is closest to actual monsters (its quite unique ), similar is Centaurs Worries
        as you mentioned cat, fox, dog & wolf girls are most common in mangas
        and there this also demon like fashion: succubus, devils, vampires & witches

      • ?? said:

        i like Lotte (Rotte) no omocha very much its fun to read
        my favorite characters are Mercilinda (sexy queen), Ursula (queens futa guard) and Effie (princess head maid aka wet nurse)

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    What did the author put some creepy Flipper to the Mermaid… with just this detail she loose a lot lot lot of sexappeal…
    Well that s my point of view…

    • monsterman said:

      Honestly she needs them those ventral fins they help with moving in the water such as going up or down, side to side, and stopping so they’re pretty important

      • Nikochan said:

        But she got her arms to maneuver through the water (like Manatee or seals for example)…
        And why not, i’m not a biomecanical expert… The author has the right to draw mermaid a little different from the classical representation…
        It’s just that is really creepy…

        • Monsterman said:

          Human arms arent good for swimming especially at fast speeds which mermaids are famous for along with their beauty and im sure she uses her arms to get herself going in the water but they probably dont help with high speed swimming. But the funny thing is she’s probably more amphibian than fish because she can breath in water and out of it. Im sorry if my previous post came off as attacking just tryin to have an intelectual conversation well as much as you can on a board talking about a comic with monster girls

          • Nikochan said:

            Oh no no no, don’t worry, i didn’t feel any attack from you. It’s always nice to have a reply.
            My english really sucks (french guy), so my messages must seem awkward sometime. It s hard for me to put mood in my response.
            And my point was more on the artistical choice more than the efficiency.

          • monsterman said:

            your english seems fine to me. Ah ok but from my experience with this author and artist is he likes to go for as much realism as he can and making them anotomically correct for their species

          • IamMe said:

            Most examples of mermaids swiming in manga and other locations show them with them arms flat along side their bodies when they are moving at any kind of speed. Human arms are fine for moving us through the water but the way that mermaids are typically depicted they have their head looking ahead and their arms flat against their bodies and their tail flexing similar to a dolphin. The additional fins would give them proper control at speeds. Most artists dont show those though.

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    • this has actually been out for a while, someone just FINALLY translated it…

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