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    So far, I gotta say, I really root for Miia and Papi. I am a bust person, but I dunno, I really like the personalities of both… and as an avid gamer, harpy gamer-chick ([/pun]) sounds awesome. Miia is just lovable, plain and simple.

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            As for Mero, she’s cute, but… with severe aquaphobia, it is most definately a no-go. At least she has my resistance to cold.

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  36. Hold on a sec… What happen to the continuation of Chapter 11? Y’know, with the members of MON dropping in for a feast. Was that just not in Chapter 12?

    • that was probably just the usual end of chapter shenanigans that Ms. Smith is usually involved in, they might pop in every now and then or something, lol

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        Or perhaps one of the following:
        a) Chapter 12 is a recap of what happened prior to chapter 11… odd choice why, but is possible.

        b) Chapter 11 and 12 got mixed up? I still think it is odd placement to introduce a new (mermaid) character, then monty python the next chapter (“and now for something completely different”), THEN go back to getting to know the mermaid. It seems weird now, but there is something telling me that (b) isn’t correct, that there is always a method to the madness. Perhaps the Agents are gonna be important rather soon, and therefore we needed to know of them ASAP. Tho again, that raises the question “why not wait til we find out about freaky-deaky mermaid first”?

        Dah well, I’m sure in the long run it’ll all make sense. *shrug*

        • Thought I’d ask, seeing as there was a small side note in the comic that said “continued next issue!” (lower left corner of last page). I was looking forward to getting to know the members of MON, though Mero’s introduction is important as well.

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    • Yes, there are 2 volumes out I believe, and volume one is be translated as we speak. I checked barns and nobles website and volume 1 of monster girls will be available November 1st if I’m not mistaken…

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    hello Everyday Monster Girls fans hears a question for you to kill time while we wait for translation:
    new monster girl was brought in by MRS Smith, but she dose not fall for MC, on the contrary she is jealous of him for having so many pretty and hot girls around him, as you can tell she is Yuri and she wants girls for her harem so she becomes MC’s love rival.
    and hears question
    What kind of monster girl do you think she would be?
    also to make it interesting hears a condition shes not sucuby or demon (too obvios choices) so please if you have time answer it in a comment reply.
    its just for fun!

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      Monster girl that was brought or will bring in?- –

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      Personal opinion, but I still think succubi.
      Sometimes the obvious choice is the right one. ~(=.=)~

      I had a discussion with an individual here I think in chapter 10’s comments about this topic, namely “What monstergirl we conspiricy nuts think Ms. Smith is”. I easily see succubi, so I vote succubi.

    • Myrdin said:

      My answer : None

      I am not a Yuri fan…

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            and when you ask about it – –
            kyuuko tenko youko – – i think i wrong at some point too – – someone put ranks in it and i got it mixed up at somepoint – – i can’t remember all of it -w- is there a professor in this?

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      I would prefer Holstaurus (cowgirl), Salamander, Dragon (preferably something like a Wyrm, Dragon, or Wyvern), or something else a little more out of the ordinary, like an elemental, witch, or golem!

    • When I think of how he keeps going for non mainstream monster girls, Okayado is some kinda monster girl hipster saying stuff like “I drew lamia’s before they were cool!” lol. Even the monster girl swat team was made up of unusual monster girls that you almost never see. So what could he possible use besides Dullahan, Minotaur, or Arachni… Something unusual so butterflies are probably out of the question.

      Let’s see, they already have a reptile, a bird, a horse, a slime, and a fish type monster girl… maybe some kinda insect or some mythical creature. But it has to be one that has some kinda quirk to her personality. Maybe something involving fire! lol

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        They still don’t have a demon-type (succubus, imp, etc), some holy-type (angel), insect (mantis, centipede [yeegh]), plant (alraune, dryad, mandragora), elemental (ignis, sylph), or “humanoid”-type (pharaoh, elf, witch, etc). Then again it depends on if we are talking the harem specifically or if we are talking about any and all monsters seen (ie the MG swat team).
        If it is the former, then we might expect to see any NUMBER of things, but if they are going for the latter, odds are we are probably not gonna get to see certain types in his harem.

        Tho if you ask me, I *THINK* they are going for his group being the more “out-there” types, and generally easily non-human type creatures. Monstergirls that are easily identified as non-human, so as to drive home the point about his marrying a non-human for the “test case interspecies breeding” thing. Hence why the first two girls in his group are a lamia and harpy, creatures that are clearly non-human physically, and can only breed with human men.
        As we’ve seen through chapter 11, male versions of non-humans exist in this dimension (saddening really), so it would make sense that strictly female species would be first on the list for him to get. I wonder how many other species are strictly female in this -verse?

        O.O’ Sorry rant over.

        • Good rant my good sir. Pretty much the point I was trying to make, but more thorough.

          Basically, movie away from mainstream animal types(Cats, dogs, etc) and demonic types(vampires, succubi, etc) and doing some non mainstream unheard of monster types. Good show

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      • Oh, if Aracnia comes, I can so see her being a super tsundere like that… kinda like the school prez from Ichiban ushiro no Daimaou

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    • seems funny, I would like to be able to read this

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        • the world doesn’t revolve around boobies. First comes money, then comes the boobies, lol

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          Technically there are some slime boobies near the end (cause she gets sliced in half shredding her clothes)

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