Official English releases incoming

US manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou and will be releasing it in English. See relevant ANN article here.

Don’t worry, though, we’re not going to drop the project. However, if it’s reasonable for you and you enjoy the series, we encourage you to buy it when it becomes available in English (provided that Seven Seas does a good job with it, of course).

  1. Ehunkel said:

    Interesting. But I guess only the NA market will be able to get their hands on the tomes. I guess I’ll still be importing the japanese version!

  2. Dillon Cates said:


  3. Zazie said:

    Oh FUUUU-…

    So glad you guys aren’t planning on dropping the series just because of them. Those guys ruined Dance in the Vampire Bund for me.

    Argue that you can support the industry by buying it with money all you want, but beyond the fact that it’s not on sale anywhere in any stores, and when you try to order it, FUCKING CUSTOMS confiscate it for being obscene, and you end up with a manga series I will never finish because of these ass holes.

    • random guy b said:

      bund isn’t the only series they screwed.

    • nothing956 said:

      You can’t really blame the publisher for (I’m going to guess Canada’s) customs confiscating your manga.

      • Zazie said:

        I sure can if it means the scanlators shying away from scanlating it….

  4. A.J. said:

    hmmmm interesting bring it on!

  5. Ahsab said:

    Hell yeah!

  6. Matt said:

    What do you think is next Dullahan or Arachne

    • El Demonium said:

      Arachne 😉

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Neither, character development. 😀

      • SirDougles said:

        You don’t know how right you are…unless you’ve seen the original.

  7. bob said:

    I’ve been wanting to buy the volumes because this is one manga I actually want to support. Its just the shipping fee from japan is outrageously expensive. Good to hear that there is a huge number of supports for monster girl type comics.

  8. Minoru01 said:

    but it still will be broadcast on this site,right?? 🙁

  9. Wow. Seven Seas has pretty awesome taste in Manga. They got Haganai, Onii-chan no koto, Zero no Tsukaima, Kanokon, now Monster Musume?! Friggen wonderful.

  10. you’re damn straight I’m gonna buy this! Infact, I’ll probably pre-order it

  11. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Congratulations guys!! It is nice to see that you guys are going somewhere with this series!
    Sadly, I don’t have a job or money, so until I do, I can’t support your series yet…. but trust me when I say that I love the series, and if I did have the money, I would at the least donate to you guys.

  12. Gullin said:

    “When a hapless human teenager named Kurusu Kimihito is inducted as a “volunteer” into the government exchange program, his world is turned upside down.”

    My, this might turn out terrible sense are already tingling

  13. I want chat with you ( Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Scanlation ). Please reply me!!

  14. Ex said:

    Thank you so much for not dropping this. I’m super interesting in buying the English version, but I don’t want to wait indefinite periods of time just to read the not-yet-tankoubon’d chapters. Super great news.

  15. Arckuno said:

    As great as this manga getting licensed in English is, my experience with Seven Seas lately is that they are kind of terrible at localization…..well, I’ll buy it anyways.

    • miki momo said:

      I just wish no one would bother with the localization. Especially as how some of it is just truly stupid- plus the point of reading something from another place is to get some sense of the place, to experience something out of the ordinary. Most of the localization I’ve seen goes well past watering down, and tries very hard to strip away any sense of difference.

      • I agree on the localization, the people who buy this understand the context and there is no need to localize. I do understand they wanna pull in people who are unfamiliar but it still seems kinda irresponsible sometimes

      • I’m still buying it though ^_^

  16. oh bloody hell yes!!!

    i only now seven seas for zero no Tsukaima so i have high hopes here

    i am so buying this series and to hell with it ill be reviewing its manga on my site as soon as i get the first one, though i could just review the first few chapters but i think it can wait until it is serialized in english.

  17. butts said:

    Glad you aren’t dropping it.

  18. Guy Max said:

    i want it when can i buy it

  19. MightyMan said:

    I hate it when an english publisher licenses a series that is already being scanlanted or has been completed scanlated. The only exception in my opinion is when the current scanlations are poor quality or very slow.

  20. fapfapfap said:

    Let the waiting game begin

  21. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Welp, it’s the 19th! You all know the drill….

    • wolfy said:


      Check back w/ the site in 2 weeks. It might be ready by then 😉

      As for the official releases.. im glad its being brought over in physical format, so i can support the author. But just seeing how they’re hyping it (by calling the guy a teenager, when i was always under the impression he was in his 20’s) makes me think they’ll do a less-then-accurate job in translation/localization..

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Yeah, he always seemed in his early-mid twenties. I mean, teens in manga don’t get… THAT… crazy about sex. So if the gals are teens (unlikely, since they CLEARLY stated at some point that the girls are all the same age, and are in their twenties)… then some serious botching is going on, and if THAT is the case, I’ll just stick to reading it here. =3=

      • wolfy said:

        You’ve obviously never read TLR, then 😀

        Im just worried that they are going to change some things around to appeal to the younger (teenage) demographic, by changing his and their age, ect. Material is fine the way it is, just need to do a translation and ship it.

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Well agreed. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, eh?

  22. oh i just though you scanlator guys could contact them and say you’ve done all this, heck maybe you could become the official translator

    not likely but it still might be worth a shot so the translations are right!

  23. anon said:

    this is probably I might actually consider buying a manga set of my own. my sister had been collecting before i did.

    on another note, just read the site’s summary of the manga and got me wondering. How old is Kurusu Kimihito? he doesn’t look like he’s in high school since we barely see him go to school. and since Ms. Smith asked him to marry one the girls, perhaps he’s at a legal age to marry maybe? so my guess he’s about 19. though it doesn’t really matter I guess, as i try not to go into the details and just enjoy the show hahaha

    what are your thoughts?

  24. El Demonium said:

    The translator team make a good job her, so I sponsor this project
    furthermore. Who needs an english version ? -.-

  25. Moci said:

    My wallet is ready.

    • My credit card is ready.

      • Guy Max said:

        My piggy bank isn’t ready but my hammer is.

        • Jerichow said:

          Good one sir, good one.

  26. Matt said:

    anyone have the raw yet

  27. Translator-Fag said:

    Hey all! My magazine is in the mail and should be here soon. While I can’t give an exact ETA, the chapter should be out within a week from now.

    • A.J. said:

      Just read it. It’s not bad!

      • Thundersama said:

        It has been serialized.

        • One thing is for sure, Okayado’s style is unmistakeable. Lol

          • A.J. said:

            true that!

          • Anon said:

            I kinda liked his other one better.

          • Deadline Summonr?

    • Matt said:

      For Chapter 12

    • fapfapfap said:

      The world sorely lacks harem management 101.

      • Matt said:

        Hey you know how long it took me to find just this

        • Rock said:

          thanks man 😀

  28. Edgar Hebreo said:

    Hmmm..Challenge accepted…when it is available in my country I’ll buy it…
    Though its very rare to buy it here in the philippines since its very difficult to buy one here…c”,)

  29. Minoru01 said:

    When will be next charpter???

    • A.J. said:

      hopefully soon i estimate within the next 2 days orrrrr in the next week

      • Minoru01 said:

        the new charpters will be still on this page :)???

        • A.J. said:

          i think so. they did say that they would continue posting here regardless of english liscense

  30. Taylor Morgan said:

    12 beast was an awesome one shot to me and needs to become a new major series. Now for monster musume no iru nichijou needs a time traveling monster girl out for “Darling’s” babies to save her species just my opinion not sure if someone else thought of it too.

    • Guy Max said:

      they are talking about the english release

    • and it doesn’t do me any good, i cant read japanese and i don’t like spoilers XD

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        Achievement get! (b=3=)b
        I can’t read anything other than english, and even have trouble with that sometimes, haha.
        And I don’t like spoilers either.
        Take your internets, you’ve earned them.

    • A.J. said:

      apparently not enough memory to be downloaded

  31. Chaos said:

    You know, part of me is interested to see how this goes just to see how Seven Seas handles the Meer vs Miia situation, cause the article itself uses Miia.

    • I think they’ll go with Miia, I noticed that in the article and it makes more since than Meer, sounds better too. I hope they go with Miia XD

  32. Minoru01 said:

    I hope the will not censored it in the english version:)

    • Katsu said:

      Meh! as if ill ever read in a book….

  33. Michael said:

    I wonder if an anime will be made of it. 😉

  34. ?? said:

    saw ch 12 raws
    it appears that mermaid is princess or some kind of nobility
    also is she interested in miia and girls more than MC (real yuri , Suu is simply accidental yuri)

    • IamMe said:

      After the people said they did not want to see spoilers you post a summary of the next chapter.. classy.

    • Matt said:

      She seems to like the MC to

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Damn you mystery man! Ruining the Surprise Yuri! D:
      And damn me for being a vigilant forumer and reading any and all comments to any “webcomic” (I use the term loosely here) I read!

      • A.J. said:

        easy there Chaos! It only seems like that. Let’s just wait until the chapter is translated then we can flip out like crazy

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Keheh, it is all in fun. I’m not wholly one of those types that can’t stand spoilers. I’ll take spoilers to video games and anime and all that. Hearing of it and seeing it myself are two separate things.

          (Plus I have a REALLY bad memory, like… goldfish bad, so that helps…. and hinders.)

          • lol, same here, Hearing about it and seeing it are 2 different things for me, which is why I only stated I didn’t read the raws cause I didn’t want the manga to be spoiled

    • Translator-Fag said:

      These spoilers are incorrect.

      The chapter will be out soon.

      Please refrain from posting ‘spoilers’ that you got from just guessing! Thanks!

      • Krevitz said:

        It’s OK for me if you take your time. When it’s out soon, than I’m happy!

  35. wolfy said:

    If the spoiler is true, then she could think of him simply as the “frosting on the cake”. Yeh she likes him and has little to no issue with getting with him, but he’s not the main prize.

    In a cple days, it will have been 2 weeks since the raw supposedly got to the translator. Hope we get this chapter soon.. >.>

    • A.J. said:

      agreed these rumors that i have been hearing are piquing my curiosity

  36. SirDougles said:

    Well I know we are in for a treat next issue. Character development and 40 pages long. Wish I could get the Monster Girl trading cards that came with the mag.

  37. IamMe said:

    It looks interesting. Unfortunately the spoiler link posted was camera pics of the pages. Several are washed out by the flash and most of them are blurred on the edges, as well as all be 2 page shots that are sideways when you view them so they all must be rotated.

    I tried to read it but it was causing my eyes to hurt and I had to stop, so not sure what the actual story is. Just that the merrow seems to say that all merfolk love romance stories.

  38. ?? said:

    what i wrote can’t be considered as spoiler (by my merits at least)
    i don’t know Japanese or Chinese so i wrote based on images that i saw in raws (that were posted here)
    and because of that i may even be wrong in my teoris that i wrote in previos post
    what i wanted was too make you all more curies of new chapter like when author announced in ch 3 “next time centaur girl appears”
    besides i didn’t wrote where and how “actions” is going on in ch 12 now that would been a spoiler

    • A.J. said:

      no prob

  39. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Huh, guess my new gravatar account works here! O.O

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Dammit! Ni no Kuni! While you may be fun, your TERRIBLE catch phrases are rubbing off on me! >.<#

      Jeepers creepers….. ugh.

  40. A Random Dog said:

    Now I am getting concerned for our unofficial English release.

    If irrationally.

  41. Matt said:

    Why does it take so. It used to be out like 2 days after the raw

    • yeah, each month it started taking longer and longer, before we know it, the translated chapters will be coming out on the day of the new chapters magazine release XD

      • A.J. said:

        hmmm this is quite concerning

        • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

          Patience is a virtue, folks.
          We all want our monstergirls, but we have to be patient if we wanna get them at all.

          We should be glad they are making it at all, they don’t HAVE to do it, y’know.
          Frankly I’d rather wait a while, sit about and play minecraft or something, for a new chapter, than not get one at all.
          I’m having the same issue with Epic Battle Fantasy 4, even tho it is already out.. just waiting a bit for them to do some debugging on it before I dive in and enjoy the insane rpg flash.

          • A.J. said:

            the same goes for me as well

        • Oh, I’m being patient, I was just mention I agree that the time is taking longer and longer, if I had nothing better to do than just wait around for the new chapter i’d be an extremely bored individual…

          Basically, the internet is a vast place, I shall be entertained while waiting… I also own an Xbox, lol

  42. Addeludde said:

    I wonder if chapter 12 will be ready before ch. 13 comes out as RAW. It seems like the translator is loosing interest. Maybe someone else will take over, just like it happened with “Nana to Kaoru”.

  43. redragon1990 said:

    I am a bit concerned myself, prettyanon just got shutdown
    i hope its not another unofficial genocide

  44. Sesshoumaru said:

    Looking forward to the monster girls and their CD 🙂 ..
    Oh and .. they should add the monster girl from your header to the cast *lol*

  45. random guy b said:

    did anybody else notice that FwPA was down?

    • Addeludde said:

      Yes I did. I wonder if this is the reason for the delay. I suppose FwPA will start another site soon.

    • wolfy said:

      Not until you mentioned it. I wonder if somebody FINALLY reported them for scanlation, or if they did something other then that recently. and that was the reason they were taken down..

      And just what we needed, more potential for MM to be delayed even more..

      • A.J. said:

        sorry im kinda out of the loop, FwPA?

        • wolfy said:

          FWPA: Futari Wa Pretty Anon scanlations.

          This site’s partner site when it comes to MM. So im not sure if them being taken down (temp or perm) will impact THIS site’s abilty to get MM chap’s up.

          • A.J. said:

            i see….thank you wolfy

          • coolbro said:

            it’s back up

  46. Matt said:

    whats FwPA

    • as he said, its the partner site for Monster Musume, read the comments above XD

  47. BrainBlow said:

    Why are no OTHER scanlation groups picking up this manga? There seems to be an obvious demand for it…

    • wolfy said:

      Well, we (the fans) could ask other groups if they’d pick it up. Couldnt hurt. Im thinking about asking redhawk, myself..

      • Minoru01 said:

        we (the fans) would be very grateful if you could ask other to translate this. it will be much faster 🙂

      • DJMM said:

        Why haven’t you yet? DO IT MAN!

  48. wario1987 said:

    Well, let’s hope for a response of the group. There is nothing else we can do.
    Just be patient ( even if it’s annoying ^^)

  49. Krevitz said:

    The main Problem on a Manga is to clean it. But actually, everybody could be a cleaner, there are enough tutorials on Youtube (just watched one :D).
    In my opinion, it mustn’t be SO GOOD cleaned, just a little! I know it’s a lot work and >15 minutes work per page at least, but I think the story is more important than the fancyness of the pages^^

    • some people still appreciate good quality cleaning(like me) but I can deal with rougher stuff

  50. Raukcaran said:

    Hm, I thought this site would be policed a bit more by Daiz or something.

    Basically, we don’t get same-day Raws anymore since our translator isn’t in Japan anymore, hence the longer wait. This chapter should be out soon, was further delayed by cleaning issues.

  51. Raukcaran said:

    Oh, also, if you want an update on how the work is going, or to chat with us, just drop by the almost-empty IRC channel. No one seems to get that…

  52. Raukcaran said:

    Oh, maybe no one seems to get it because we don’t have it posted. We should do that. It’s #monstermusume on .rizon. We’ll gladly talk to you and answer any questions if we see you there.

    • Thanks, the input is appreciated

  53. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Manga this good is worth overwaiting for a month.
    Besides, new Epic Battle Fantasy 4 flash came out to kongregate! So between that and Minecraft, I’m well set on things to do til then!

  54. Raukcaran said:

    And it’ll be out here as soon as this bubble is fixed.

  55. praween said:

    Will the books come to europe? like say: Belgium?

  56. 16-Bit said:

    I’m glad your going to continue with the series. Scanlations are perfect for me as I can fit and read loads on my phone!
    Great job by the way!
    Thank you for introducing me to a great story!

  57. boyfromvalley said:

    Finally had my copy of volume one delivered yesterday, slight changes to the dialogue with western slang and phrases are used, but still close to your translation. I will admit, I do prefer the pages you have been uploading as I really hate the choice in size they use the print these books.
    Seriously some of the text is printed so small it’s nearly too difficult to read, and certain details in the art goes unnoticed at first.