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What can I say? People tend to be busy during holiday seasons. Oh well, happy new year!

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PS. We’re going to ignore the spellings of the character names found in the first page of this chapter for hopefully obvious reasons.

PPS. 2013 is the year of the snake in the Chinese Zodiac. Miia, best girl, etc.

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    Oh right, forgot to ask: ya didn’t typeset the WANTED posters on p1 right? Cuz if so, then those would have to be the real spellings of the names…

    • Translator-Fag said:

      The WANTED posters on the front page were not altered from the original raw. That is to say, they were there before anyone did anything.

      • Henkie said:

        So that means these would be the official spellings of the names right? What are these “obvious reasons” you speak of?

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  12. MarqFJA87 said:

    I’m afraid your “obvious reasons” aren’t so obvious. Please elaborate.

    • admin said:

      “Meer” is a terrible first name for a female (since it’s a boy’s name) and you’d have to stretch things quite far to make it sound like “Miia”.

      • MarqFJA87 said:

        I don’t know about the name being terrible for a girl, as one female character from Gundam SEED was named “Meer Campbell”; especially notable is that the link you’re citing says that it’s INDIAN, when this Meer is nowhere close to being Indian-themed. And from what I got through intensive Google searching and a few generally-reliable online dictionaries with dedicated name subsections, “Miia” is a valid transliteration of “Meer” (it’s how Meer Campbell’s given name was pronounced, incidentally).

        Also, that doesn’t explain why you’re using “Suu” instead of “Sue”.

        • fun said:

          Pretty bad argument to make considering that Gundam Seed is the poster child for utterly ridiculously fucked up romanizations of character names.

  13. Graham said:

    Lol “Meer” is German for “Sea/Ocean”.
    Would be more fitting for Mermaid-San.
    But “Miia” comes from “Lamia”, no?

    • MarqFJA87 said:

      Yes, the pronunciation “Miia” is derived from “lamia”.

      • MarqFJA87 said:

        I mean, I think that much is obvious, but I could be wrong.

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    i have a theory that meroune is a maid
    her shorten name can be Mer and she is a maid( get it MER MAID)
    plus she addresses to MC sir and her clothes look like maids clothes (i am not familiar with maid outfits so i am not 100% sure, but it seems to me like that is maids outfit)
    so we would have lovely wife, beautiful knight, bird brain kid, curious pet and wheelchair maid

    • Anon said:

      Oh snap. mer-MAID indeed.
      Christ I can’t believe I didn’t make that connection.

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  22. Greenfox said:

    Do we care if her name is Meer or Miia?

    I personally like Miia better.

    Meer-san has a nice ringing to it (german here<<).
    But only if you think japanese..
    Meer= Ocean/See=Beautiful Sunsets and Walks on the Beach= romanticaly~
    If it's foreigen it is double as cool as calling her Umi~

    "German" is still "cool" in Manga/ Animes/ Games and even on partys there.
    God knows why.. you want to try your hard learnt japanese.. they talk english with you first cause "your american as foreigener". And when you tell your "german".. have fun trying they'r few german words in some sentences..

    Fansubber groups personally are doing well with names and stuff.
    Some stuff shouldn't be translated right~
    And some stuff should be interpretated fit for the language~

    Sue-chan… is kinda scary in english.
    I mean she will sue you and that with all her slimey force she can get on you xD!
    (just think someone misstranslated Suu to Sue..)

  23. Issac said:

    Soooo Miia’s true spelling is “Meer”? That’s horrible. Sounds like some country hick when they yell “Heeyyyyyy…meer”. All this time I was assuming her name was a play on works in that she is a La’mia’.

    • MarqFJA87 said:

      It is a play on La’mia’, as “Meer” is legitimately pronounced as “miia” in Japanese.

  24. Haesslich said:

    I love the new addition. Do wonder if the mermaid’s speaking in very formal language, like Sachiko from Maria-sama ga Miteru… given how it’s phrased here. What’s she using for the ‘sir’ at the end? Either way, she’s charming… and alas, I’d figured out what type she was even before we saw her fingers.

    Mmm… swimming mermaid girl in the pool.

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      • Suu will work with whoever is willing and provides liquid, lol

        • Anonymous said:

          Are you sure about that “willing” part?

          • Yeah, more like mandatory involvement, lol

  28. MonsterGIrlsFTW said:

    I hope the creator puts in a spider girl next 😀 or an antgirl whichever is fine

    • ThatOneComment said:

      Honestly, I hope not. Those types are always creepy(imo). He’s managed to keep along the cute style. Certain plant types are creepy too(or all are, maybe.).

  29. bob said:

    Look at this comic, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think this collection is complete? Wouldn’t you think he is a guy who has everything? Look at the house, not quite a boat house. How many wonders are in this household? Looking around there you think.. man, he has got everything. He’s got Lamias with scales; he’s got Centaurs with tails. You like Harpys? He’s got Papi. But who cares? No big deal. WE WANT MORE!
    I want to see where the monsters are. I wanna see, wanna see them romancing.
    Playing around with those.. what.. you want them? Oh sweet!
    Stripping to ya skins, won’t get you far.
    Translations are requested.. pleading and reading.
    Checking around on.. whats that site called?
    Up where they write, and fight. Up where they stay up all night.
    Translating free, wish I could be. Part of that world
    What I would give to be out of this world, what would I pay to spend a day in that land? Bet’cha in Japan they understand, they don’t reprimand their fellow man.
    Sad young fellows, sick of the average women. Ready at hand!
    I already know what the creators knows. Ask for my favorite, hope for the best.
    Where is my Lamia, and I will love her.. In return!
    Whens it my turn?! Wouldn’t I love, love to explore that world and fall in love!
    Out of espirt, I wish I could be, part of that world…

    I hope one of you got this.. and how weird I am for doing it. took me way to long for something that I think doesn’t even out right anyways, and I couldn’t put in a real hit for the mermaid.
    But at this rate.. It apears we will get all our favorite monster girls. I hope for Arachne, spider girl, next! I know she will be like the ones in the original comics, but I kind of wish for a jumping spider type girl.. so happy, and curious and cute.

    • Ran said:

      I got it, and it was awesome.

      I’m kinda hoping for a Spidergirl too, but I don’t know how many more he’s going to get..

      • A.J. said:

        bob you are a mad genius……..as soon as i read the first line man. It kinda works especially since now we have a mermaid

    • kalil said:

      fucking epic parody of a parody

      as for me i hope to see some dragongirl dragonnewt or lizzard girl in the comics

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    MERMAID????!!!!! wheres my spiderGirl!!!! lol thx for the chpter:P (hope to get 9 tail fox too… why? cause Fox are normaly Super Hot and Royal 😀 its not like i got a thing for fox girls or anything..:P)

    • Greenfox said:


      NO “Katsu” isnt made of “kitzune”/”kitzu”.

      But i can understand that..

      ONE problem will be.

      Will he end the Story sometime… he got 5 now..+ miss smith.
      It’s gonna get ugly.

      In terms of plot.
      And makeing them appear together in a plot.

      I can see that it won’t last long.

      What i am expecting is this Manga gets “sequels/ part plots”.
      Like “Suu’s day” or “Miia’s Unfruitful life”.

      With going deeper into the story from one point of view.
      Most likely in atimewrapped setting.

      Or he is gonna kill them all.
      And after 6~7 MG for one MC.
      He will use his many brothers ^^.

      He should have a few left.
      His family was like a few hunderts big.

      I would love him doing his way, focusing on a few or one of the girls.
      Or two~three.

      I can’t see.. this manga living long.. even if i love it q.q..
      It’s doomed to end after mermaid beach party with suu….

  32. sweet next up is a mermaid!
    personally i hope to see a dragon girl and see how that pans out.

    • Guy Max said:

      I agree I would love to see a dragon girl

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    and the marmaid…i love marmaids!! *w*
    i will see if i do some painting in her too *-*

  34. Dillon Cates said:

    The Dress, The Wheelchair, The sudden need for a indoor pool.

    It all makes sence now… He’s house is becoming the Playboy Mansion.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  35. Lol, at the beginning of the chapter Miia is dressed like Big Boss of the videogame serie’s “Metal Gear Solid”. Thank you Kojima and Okayado for this masterpiece.

  36. 77souls said:

    Great series! Thank you for these chapters. I really appreciate your good work. (^_^)
    Anyways I am wondering is there a chance that you will provide me(us) with the raw version? As I am a Japanese speaker/reader I really will appreciate that…thank you m(_ _)m

  37. Chaos said:

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    Good job!

  38. Anon said:

    I’m not sure I like the subtle implication that Suu just deflowered all the heroines.

  39. Katsu said:

    OH yeah! forgot to ask 😀 when’s the next chapter kicking in?

  40. Katsu said:

    oh! (again:O) theirs a really big chance this manga gets animated due to the insane popularity in Japan ATM!!! so lets all hope it does! XD!

    • in japan and other countries, lol. Remember the canadian that came to the autograph session

    • bob said:

      It would be awesome.. but it could go so many different ways.
      Could end up going the full hentia way and not being a real continuous series. It could just be a single series and never be made again.
      What I hope for, if it is done, I know its going to sound a bit mad.. but dropping all the X-rated nudity. I love this, but a part of me longs for a true content oriented monster girl manga/anime.

      • Katsu said:

        umm not to break your bubble but some said the samething with seikon no qwaser, KissxSis and To Love Ru XD (both got got x2 season and more:P well aside KissxSis but it got a bunch of Ova) so lets still keep out hopes high XD

        • I kinda understand where bob is coming from. I don’t feel the nudity is a bad thing, but something with a more innocent feel to it like Shuffle! where there is still the sexual tension but no blatant nudity. Or just a good story like Clannad or Kanon 2006. It’s somewhat dissatisfying when people mistake the greatness of this manga is it having nudity in it.

          Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing.

    • Guy Max said:

      I think I saw that there was an anime of it coming out in spring, or maybe summer this year.

      • Guy Max said:

        yeah look up “spring anime 2013” Its coming in spring

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    From this chapter I don’t understand one thing. Suu attacked all the heroines for the water but she made them came and “deflowered” all of them? i don’t see penetration and if they aren’t virgins anymore the thing that Miia said in the first chapter, that che gave her virginity to the main character, doesn’t have any value anymore… I miss anything? :/

  44. Hello ! I’m a member from the french scanlation team To Love Scan, and I’d like to contact the Admin to talk about the RAW.
    Thanks by advance !

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    Hopefully we only have another 7 days or so for the next hit. Glad to see that suu looks to be there mainly for yuri-comedy, and not considered a “serious” contender for his wife/harem. Would be complicated trying to build a relationship with something that cant talk, and seemingly only somewhat understands what you say.

    The mermaid, however..she’s prob the biggest threat to mia to date. Centi’ has TOO much animal in her design, and papi seems more like the airheaded little sister.

  47. Robot Dentist said:

    My biggest problem with this series is during chapter 6 the MC was being chased by the first 3 girls, and at the end he declared he would “go out with all of you as my potential marriage partners.” While we got a “Mia” chapter after that, marriage or dates really has not come up since then. Also adding new/more characters who where not there at the time of the declaration bugs me now that they are in the running. Do I expect that the MC will choose one? No, but I had wished it stayed at 3 girls. bitch& complain

  48. RiezaScarlet said:

    I hope we can see some arachne or at least fox-girl XD

  49. wolfy said:

    Arachne would suffer from the same fate as centi, imo. (the creature-woman balance is out of whack) and besides, the arach. creeps me out in his version. Way to much spider.

    Inari would be nice, or maybe the dullahan or cow-girl.

  50. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    I would support the notions of any of the following:
    Holstaurus and/or Weresheep.
    Dragon of any kind.
    Lizardfolk / Salamander (pulling for Salamander).
    Ghost (would JUST be a hilarious addition!)
    Golem (useful, quiet… tho it may remind me too strongly of Chachamaru).
    Alraune (tho mobility would be a big issue).
    Or perhaps something more unique, like a Witch, or Elemental.
    Then again, seeing as what started the whole Monstergirl thing… why not a succubus… could make for a good antagonist if I ever saw one.

    Instead of adding someone new, spend a few chapters building some interaction among our current roster! I am fine with that just as much as a new character.

    Just my two cents, after being a quiet observer for five chapters.

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    new monstergirls or shold i say monster SWAT team girls
    its a mad house

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    Thanks for translating all this man, good work. Suu is freaking adorable.
    Can’t wait for the next one. and really? SWAT monster girls?

    well, I guess it’s another way to get them integrated into society. 😀
    lets pray for SWAT slime girls that go through the sewers and sneak into the house through the plumbing.

    • translationwhen? said:

      Holy shit, double PP2000 undead is mai waifu. Do not steal.

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      Was that a… rhino girl?

      • Gullin said:

        My guess is an Oni, but I have a niggling feeling I’m forgetting a specific race of one horned giants in a myth, I even think its a Japanese myth, but damned if I can remember them.

        • ?? said:

          i think she is red oni (jap ogre) from japan (or chine) tale red and blue oni, where red wanted to be friends with humans but they where scared of him so his friend blue oni came up with an idea of him attacking humans while red will save them, plan worked but blue had to leave red.

      • Phatos said:

        at first i tought she was a golem, but after seeing the raws her introduction reads “tionishia” or “tionitia” or something like that. since i’ve never hear about something like that i may be wrong.

  56. xD!!! said:

    its an ogre

  57. Gullin said:


    Scan isn’t the best and I’m not that decent, but heres my attempt at some fan colouring 😀

  58. Graham said:

    I don’t quite like that chapter (Though I can’t read chinese so I didn’t understand shit lol)
    What I really want…
    What I really want is that something happens between Miia and Kimihito…
    Miia is my #1 Monster girl and I want her to become his wife D:
    But lately this didn’t seem to make any progres at all…

    Miia is so cute ;_;

    • agreed said:

      I agree, need some romance going on, any more monster girl additions and it’ll just become boring. Its already reached critical mass on the amount of girls. Need to do a “lost in a cabin” romance or something. Just anything to get the story moving.

    • Katsu said:

      lamia lover heh… am so with you XD ever since i played MonsterGirls Quest am a Lamia lover too 😀 Alice ftw!

      • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

        I’ve loved lamia since Breath of Fire.
        Deis/Bleu. With her magical prowess, her love of explosions, and silly almost-ditzy attitude. She won me, over. I may not LOVE her (that is saved for FF4’s Rydia), but I do like her a lot, and she introduced (see: coverted) me to non-human characters.

      • ThatOneComment said:


    • Same here, Since the beginning I’ve been on team Miia, it took a lot of bravery for her to come out in the exchange program and she’s trying her best still. I’m rooting for her!

      • Kingarthur0407 said:

        Of course, he won’t progress the relationship at all, he’ll keep adding more OC’s, spamming the apartment like a bleedin’ brothel, because he gets paid for every new issue that comes out.
        It’s pretty sad, I’d like some progress done, and I can’t keep track of the characters anymore.

      • Graham said:

        True. Miia might be clumsy and all but she really trys her very best and she’s sooo cute!!! ><;
        I think she fits the best for Kimihito.
        Suu doesn't seem to have any interest in him at all (She seems to be lesbian to me lol)
        And Papi also doesn't really seem to be that interested in him (Papi+Suu=<3?!)
        About Centoria.. She seems to be inlove with him but meh… They just don't fit… And her personality of a worrier… Not that cute at all :/
        And that new mermaid doesn't quite have a personality or affection yet.
        Miia+Darling!! D:<

    • Meisernis said:

      Why is it I can’t recall his name?

    • ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

      Wait…. his name is Kimihito?! “Darling”‘s real name is Kimihito? Did I miss that somewhere?

      Gonna hafta go back and reread the whole thing again…

  59. Rupeck said:

    Wait for the chapter 11

  60. Kouga88 said:

    So are these new monster girls going to be moving in with him as well? If so that practically doubles the amount of women under the roof in one chapter. Going to have to wait for the English to come out to see what’s going on for real.

  61. wolfy said:

    Personally, im hoping for fans + released translation in the next day or so…

    Thats my pairing choice 😀

    • I like that pairing too. It has a good feel to it XD

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    • fapfapfap said:

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  64. wolfy said:

    Heaven forbid we hold scanlators to ANY sort of accountability or standards, especially one that takes donation’s from his/her fanbase. I dont expect a translation the same day or the day after its released in japan. But for a manga translation, id think a week (e.g. 5-7 days) is sufficient time, if you arnt dragging your ass and working on it “when you feel like it”

    And i have to say, i find it amusing how everybody gushes the moment a chapter is released, conviently forgetting the absurd waiting times we’ve had in the past.

    As i said, not expecting warp-9 release speeds, but.. 😉

    • I get the frustration. Been there. But there is no use complaining about it is all I’m saying. And those donations are for buying the raws, server costs, etc. They don’t exactly pay the bills now do they. And I also believe these guys run FwPA which also had a few projects they’re busy with. As much as I’d like to see Monster Girl take priority, these guys have their hands full between real life and the manga projects they take on. Just try to hang on like the rest of us and lets talk about something else.

      P.S. It helps to keep yourself occupied with something, pick one of the thousands of mangas that are out there, or videos games. Go for a walk in the park, something! lol. Whatever you pick, trust me, it’ll help

  65. wolfy said:

    Oh, im not raging or anything. And im finding plenty to do to keep me occupied in the meantime. I just dont like it when people act like scanlators/fansubbers can do no wrong, and we should be greatfull for what we get, regardless of when we get it, ect.

    As ive said, there should be a minimum of standards/expectations when you open up a service to the public, especially when you build up a following/fanbase for doing so. If he/she just gave us reliable updates, (talking about status updates) that would be enough for me (provided that ETA’s were more or less adhered too)

    • miki momo said:

      Obviously you aren’t finding enough to keep yourself occupied if you can come on here and rant about it. And then to bitch about people being happy they got the scan’s translated- that’s even funnier. Apparently, the scanlators owe you a fast, free, consistent, and convenient means to access your fapfap, but no one should be saying thanks when they do?
      cripes, do you expect someone to jump out of the toilet when you are done pissing and tie a freaking blue ribbon around your wang too?

      • Gullin said:

        People fap to this? I like Miia, Centorea, Papi, Suu, Mermaid (can’t even remember if she’s gotten a name yet, Ms. Smith etc. But I don’t really find the content fappable, and I love myself some h-manga (Hope this gets some decent doujin next commiket, then I’ll fap to it, till then though…)

        • Katsu said:

          i totally Fap to MonsterGirl Quest no shame on that bro. 2D FTW!(not my fault if 3D is boring as hell to me XD)

      • RiezaScarlet said:

        Well i actually understand his frustration though… no need for harsh word or something… Well in the end we could only wait or translate it ourselves. Though i agree about scanlators should have a minimum standards for something.

        Well back to square one ppl either we wait or we translate it ourselves… No need for rage or whining. At least if you wanna do so, use polite words rather than dick,fuck,etc…

        • Agreed, let’s try to keep this civil. All I want is to come here and talk about stuff that isn’t this topic. Though I know its frustrating to not get my fix, if I got aggravated over every scanlation that didn’t come out a week after the chapter was released, I would have probably jumped off a building by now to rid myself of these frustrations. The list would be too big to name names. lol

          But I do understand ya wolfy. A sidebar with chapter status like:
          Status: Translation(Complete)
          Typesetting(In progress)
          would be kinda nice. It’d let us know how things are going.

          • Agreed said:

            I agree, i’d love to be able to pop in and and look at the sidebar for an update (and then go “omfg, that translators taken 3 weeks daamit”) but i’m not sure it would be a good idea. You’d have people complaining even more.

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    I’m so excited. I’m assuming you guys take so long because you’re waiting on good quality raws or something. Although, i do remember you saying there isn’t an actual group as such. Is there a group that could take it on? Like you get the raws, and you kidnap their translator/editor? Tell them you’ll set the alligator woman on them if they’re slow.

    • A.J. said:

      hmmmm interesting is this also Okayado? It looks like his style.

      • ?? said:

        i said monstergirls author (Okayado)
        i just forgot his name sorry
        i wish he wold do centaur centerd manga
        I root for Cera
        at least she and MC are bothe mammals
        and i also think our MC has guts and stamina make her have twins or even triplets he is not some pushover (exp with Mrs Smith) so Cera gallop for the win

        • ?? said:

          to make her have

        • A.J. said:

          hmmmm i wonder if this was a oneshot.

    • i’d read it for sure

    • Himuro Sabunasa said:

      damm chinese! i cant even make an account in the link you gave… can i borrow your account so i can see whats inside that thing?

  69. wolfy said:

    At least miia’s and papi’s vagina’s are where they would be on a human woman. With cera’, he’s outright trying to fuck a horse (groin wise). Imo she’s just too inhuman for MY tastes (others are free to disagree, of course)

    Not sure about the mermaid, though.. if he matches his previous 1shot comics, then her vag’ should be comparable to human, location wise.

    • wolfy said:

      Oh, and found out about the delay for this chap. Apparently the raw is/was late getting to the translator’s house, and the guy who admins this site isnt around often enough to keep us updated.

      Was told that he (the translator) would look into getting a status bar for this site, so thats a +. Would keep us semi-informed (at the very least) and that alone would be of great help to our waiting agony 😀

      • A.J. said:

        ah is that all that it was? makes sense… say how did you come by that info wolfy? not to sound skeptical, im just curious.

    • ?? said:

      too be honest my favorite monstergirls are:
      centaur, werewolf, minotaur/tauren and ogar/oni
      i like them because i am fan of tough chicks
      my type of centaur: one word Cera
      my type of werewolf: a delinquent girl who is good martial artist and is very violent(some one like risa from Resurrection princess)
      my type of ogar/oni: brutishly strong, muscular, giant, big breasted, very forceful and dominetive girl but not to violent in real not to violent (she looks like scary bully but in reality she isn’t and she protects weak) and she also likes to tease her love intrest.
      my type of minotaur/tauren: actualy there are 2 types of this monstergirl i like 1 Wiled minotaur/tauren is simular to ogar/oni only difference is she is more violent and very easy to anger (she is a bull after all ) 2 Domestic minotaur/tauren AKA cowgirl is like farmer girl (Okayado did one in life with tauren ithink) who is a great at housworking and is a perverted milf who only thinks how to get her darling in to bed (don’t misunderstand she really loves him its just her character is perverted).
      sorry if i bothered you with sharing my tastes

    • ThickSantorum said:

      Meh… could maybe go for a small centauress, like… gazelle-sized. Then you could at least REACH the human parts if she leaned back.

  70. wolfy said:

    Hired a cple of ninja’s and more sexual favors then i care to recall..

    Actaully, i just shot an email over to FWPA, and got an anwser back from their translator (im assuming one of the main, if not the top dog, simply from how he phrased his reply)

    • BrainBlow said:

      Couldn’t they just make, like, a twitter account or facebook page or something like that?

      • A Random Dog said:

        Do understand, this IS basically that.

        We should hope for some sort of progress bar, and they seem to be looking to adding.

      • Tenbatsu said:

        What is this twitter and facebook ?
        updates on this site is just fine, but that’s just me.
        I will wait for as long as i have too, and i wont whine because it will arrive in due time 🙂

  71. ExplosiveDeer said:

    I’m guessing the current system in place is:
    1. Receives newly published comic
    2. Translates and other necessary clean ups.
    3. Sends final copy of the translated pages to this sites webmaster.
    4. Webmaster then uploads the comic and writes a friendly post to go along with the download link.

    I like the status bar feature, but if its not too much to ask, maybe they could also add a more user-friendly FTP and File Link method for the translator to use when the webmaster is not available.

    Idk :/

    • A Random Dog said:

      Another scanlation group, the only one I know to have this feature, is by far my favorite, However………….

      I am afraid of linking their site, and flooding them with perverts.

  72. ChaosSorceror Davidicus said:

    Mmm, after some thought, I think I would prefer some story building over another character… for a little while at least (2 or three more chapters). Help us get to know the new arrival (mermaid), and perhaps see the house pecking order work itself out.
    While she’s nice, I agree with the half against Cera, she’s nice and all, but a tad too beastial. I think, since we’ve seen the most history for her, I’m for Miia. Papy is also a possible contender, as in the last few quiet moments our hero (Kimihito was it?) has had with her, she can clearly show a more adult side, as with the kids and in the bath. She can BE adult, she just…. likes to goof off, maybe put up a front. Suu is a pet through and through, the group’s Ryo-ohki (… if Ryo-ohki was into yuri), and I dunno enough about the mermaid. If she is, as others speculate, a MAID… a maid with no legs…. that just seems hilarious to me, talk about a career quirk.
    If I were to pick a new monster (pretty sure I may have said this above, but partly too crappy an internet and partly too lazy to check), I would probably go a holstaurus (cowgirl), dragon, or lizardfolk (gunning for that salamander… this needs more darkskin :d ). I WOULD say Alraune, but the mobility issue would pretty much boot her from the running.

  73. wolfy said:

    And as i was told, the webmaster of this particular site apparently isnt around that often. Would be nice if he/she could give posting permissions/ability to the translator, or whomever at pretty wa, so at least they could keep us updated.

  74. Matt said:

    What the heck is taking so long. Trying to be patient but it’s not easy

    • Eros said:

      Like they say ”Patience is virtue” We all are waiting for it and getting impatient, though I hope it’ll come in the next few days…or I’m going to lose it XD

    • A.J. said:

      i know Matt just hang in there a little bit longer

    • go read some lamia H-manga

  75. wolfy said:

    As i said earlier, apparently the raw was/is late getting to the translator. If its already done, we’re waiting on the webmaster of THIS site to come around to post the link.

    Thats all we know so far >.>

    • Katsu said:

      good to know bro thx for the info 😀 now all thats left is patience i guess XD