Status update

As you may have noticed, chapter 5 of Everyday Monster Girls is not done yet. But rest assured, as it is being worked on – the translation is already done and it’s currently being cleaned and the script is being edited. It’ll most likely be done in the next 24 hours.

  1. TentacleMonstar said:

    Thank you for the status update and your hard work. Glad to know it’s close to being done, I have to say I’m trying my best not to be impatient about it, but it’s hard because I’m so excited for the next issue.

    • kisuke said:

      already have the english version! you just need to search at google

      • Anonymous said:

        No, I’m fairly certain these haven’t been translated. You’re probably thinking of his older series “my life with monstergirls”

        • kisuke said:

          yeah… my bad…. now i saw it’s not the same

          • Katsu said:

            question my new favorite friend XD whats left to be done after cleaned and the script ? (yes am super impatient.. thats cause i love this manga more than my GF lol)

  2. Plank said:


  3. bernard said:


  4. Katsu said:

    RIGHT ON!!! XD cant way 😀 (guess its thx in advance ^^ )

  5. JJ said:

    Thank you so much for continuing your paneled comics into a actual manga format. It’s really awesome to see that the community is growing with new forms of literature and entertainment everyday and especially by such great artists too! Please keep up the good work and will be looking forward to more chapters in the near future!

  6. You people rock! I truly appreciate you bring us a manga we otherwise would never have gotten to read. You have my deepest gratitude.

  7. Anonymous said:

    It be almost time, boyz! Ready dem enginez!

  8. Gray said:

    Thx for the information, that makes the waiting easier. 😉
    Can you give us every month a information about work with the chapters !?

  9. kang568 said:

    Whew I was getting worried there for a second

  10. Sano said:

    Waiting ansiously for it *-*

  11. Thekingsman said:

    Thank you for your hard work. I just got into the manga a few day’s ago.

  12. Sano said:

    Just to know, it’s gonna be released today? or there’s too much work left? :/

  13. Thekingsman said:

    And another thing I hope it is not a delay. If it is I will be really be mad.

    • Blaszak said:

      You should be thankful no matter when they release it man.
      I’m grateful that they even want to go through all this for us fans.
      On the other hand, I can wait as long as it takes if I will be able to read another chapter of this fine manga in the end.

      • Thekingsman said:

        That is very true.

        • Katsu said:

          one thing for sure once they decide to release the chapter 5 am sooo gonna read from 1-5 once again XD

  14. Darkbacon said:

    I want to know if this guy is going to be forced to take a bath with all 3 girls at the same time lol

    • Anonymous said:

      That won’t be good once slime girl is added to the mix

      • Katsu said:

        how will they manage that with the Minotaur lady? lol

        • Tenbatsu said:

          I think you meant a centaur :p
          Realy looking forward to the next chapter, loving this one so funny :3

          • Name said:

            Also there is a minotaur girl. See the colored mini comics.

    • bigstew00 said:

      since he will get more characters, im hopin he complains to the lady about not doing her job and its getting crowded, the she’ll say not a problem… show house next door with construction and plans to combine with his house, or they move them all to some mansion in the mountain

  15. SilentComment said:

    Thnak you and please keep up the good work. This manga is really fun. XD

  16. castor212 said:

    At this rate, my F5 button will be broken

    • Silent said:

      checks if new chapter is uploaded…. nope,
      “Ok I can wait.”
      5 mins later checks if new chapter is uploaded…. nope,
      “Ok I can wait.”

  17. Blank Mage said:

    Ah, so much for the 25th, huh? Ah, I can wait another day. It’s like christmas, only for monster girls. Just gotta be patient.

    Also, I’m not certain we’re going to have any more girls join the main cast. A lot of harem manga stops at three, you know.

  18. Moci said:


  19. ban2d said:

    my hands are ready.

  20. pinus said:

    well i dont really mind if you guys release it when ever…after all, without u guys, this project wouldnt even exist in the first place so im already thankful enough.

  21. Smillo said:

    Damn, why is this series released monthly!!!!
    I don`t think i can wait another month for chaper 6 when this little waiting period is already killing me!

    • think of it as “quality assurance”, if it was a weekly release the author may feel pressured and the quality of the story, art, and humor may take a hit, patience is a virtue, lol

  22. Katsu said:

    guess all thats left to do is wait huh…hmmmm

    24 hrs later… still waiting XD

    2 days later… its ok still waiting XD

    1 week later.. man.. o well patience is a moto!! XD

    1 month later… wow umm o well issues can happend still gonna wait! XD

    1 thousand years later….. R.I.P.:: here rest” ”’ ”’ ” spent his life waiting….saying no worries! they said in 24hrs…XD

    • shadowACS said:


  23. collaborator said:

    is chapter 6 coming out today ?

  24. collaborator said:

    is the new one out today ?

    • collaborator said:

      sorry my bad doulbed posted ! lol !