Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 03

Sorry, I fell asleep for a while.

  • Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou – ch. 03 – Download

EDIT: Just to clarify in case someone is confused about it – there’s not really any official “group” that is working on this. I (the person running this blog) have worked on every chapter so far (and want / intend to work on the rest), but beyond that our staff is flexible (and as mentioned in the first post, consists of a bunch of people from /a/). This site’s purpose is to just post the releases and gather donations for the raws, though obviously now it’s just going to be the former for quite a while…

  1. TheEdgyMan said:

    Thanks for working on this manga. 🙂 Btw, does your group/collaboration have a name?

    • Tabihito said:

      Thanks for the great manga
      I look forward to the next chapters

  2. Kevadu said:

    Nice work, but am I the only one disappointed with this chapter? It looks like it’s turning into a generic harem manga just with monster girls. Yeah, OK, it was obviously a very ecchi series from the start, but I thought it actually had some interesting themes underneath it all and I enjoyed the back-and-forth between the main character (what the heck was his name…) and Mia. I’m not really liking where it seems to be going, though…

    • Pedra, said:

      Same here 🙁
      I’m so Full of harem Mangas …. i wish it was just the 2 of them … but it seems now more and more will come , Sigh …

    • gabriel said:

      Guys… if you dont like it, then dont read it.. you’re ruining it for the rest of us!!

      And to the Great Sir running this site and the releases.. YOU ARE A FREAKING GENIUS! Don’t listen to these guys! just keep doing what you’re doing! XD Because I can honestly say this is by far the best manga, ecchi, love story, monster girls release i have ever read! cheers to you good sir!

      Keep up the great work! =]

    • To the one who runs this site… do not listen to these idiots saying you’re work is not good! Just Dont! IT IS THE GREATEST MONSTER WORK I HAVE EVER SEEN! just keep doing what you’re doing cause it’s awesome! Cheers to you good sir!

      I’ll stay tuned for the next release! XD

      p.s. to the people bitching in this site.. GTFO! cause we dont want haters in this site! XD

      • Pedram said:

        To those idiots who can’t figure what we said …
        who said anything bad about the one who runs this site ? lol
        i said I’m disappointed that this manga seems like going into harem of monsters … coz I’m so full of harems atm … but it’s yet to see what it will actually become … it can be different than the normal harem scenes …
        but anyway , this saying doesn’t mean I’m not pleased and don’t like the awesome work translator and scanlator did for us … and it’s free ! who in his right mind can hate or complain about something free ? and tbh i check here 2 time a day to see if next chapter came or not …. as i didn’t see any release date yet …

        • ohhhh sorry man, i misunderstood.. LoL XD

          well anyway… sooo i guess its just not me who keeps checking every friggin second.. hahaha good to know.. > ^ <

          Ohhh and another thing… when the hell are the other releases? I've been waiting for like days! but it feels like months…

          I hope they update soon.. T_T

          • admin said:

            This manga is serialized in a monthly magazine, so you get one 30-page chapter per month. The magazine always comes out on the 19th, so the next chapter will come after 19th of June.

          • Pedram said:

            oh , so u already catch up with the current last released chapter ….
            but Japan Sure like 19ths , there is lots of magazine coming out at 19th like Jump SQ.19 bimonthly ( once every2 month ) that’s more like an Extra Chapters magazine tho
            anyway at least now i know when to check 😀 Tnx 😀
            another monthly manga added to my list …

    • 778 said:

      I agree but we already knew it was going to be a harem series from the very first pages that were uploaded, some time before chap 1 came out.

      Besides, this is the easiest way to get more monster girls without reusing the same trick which he did for the slightly more 18+ monster girl comics. Which he isn’t allowed to use.

  3. imaliar said:

    Source image for the banner please?

  4. snooze said:

    Keep up the good work guys.

  5. Wizard said:

    Do you know where I could import the books these are from? I really want to support the artist as well as the translator(s).

    Anyone willing to help me track it down I’ll send you a copy. 🙂
    (limit 1 for the first person who helped me, not rich.)

    • These are still being serialized in a magazine. The volume will probably not be out for a few more months.

      • Wizard said:

        Oh awesome.
        Can you post here (not this thread but on the site) when the complete volume comes out?

        Thank you!

  6. Pzyko said:

    There will be a chance to release the raw?
    And thanks for the effort.

  7. Iam said:

    Was the .rar file corrupted? it’s “the unexpected end of the archive” for me

  8. TafJaf said:

    Thanks brah for scanlation. There is not enough decent Monster Girl series outh there.

  9. JcGonz said:

    Thank you for yet another chapter of Monster Musume. Hope to have more.

  10. this was so great xD so waiting for more!

  11. SPFKevin said:

    its a great manga im waiting for more of this!

  12. Daiekimashin said:


  13. Raizu said:

    thank you for your hard work.
    you guys are so /a/wesome!

  14. Chaos said:

    I can only think of one thing when I see this: WE NEED MOAR!!!!
    To the one making this, I say: Wish there was more people with that much talent out there!

    We’re waiting to see the next issue, so keep up the good work!

  15. Philme said:

    Love this!! XD

  16. Talissa said:

    Fantastic series! thanks so much for making it available to us and i can’t wait for chapter 4!

  17. Mason said:

    Author,can you please make next sequel? 😀

  18. Axl said:

    how soon can we expect them to make the 4th part?

  19. Moci said:

    Fuck yeah, I love you guys!

  20. BlueBalled said:

    Should’ve known… Someone on 4chan mentioned that the author/artist likes to go harem with his works, he totally called it here.

  21. Bernard said:

    June 19th 😀
    yeah, its like 1:30 in the morning
    but its fuckin’ june 19th
    fuck yeah
    can’t wait for the translation to take place knowing full well there is a good chance the english version wont be released until well in tomorrow
    its the 19th
    fuck yeah
    my body is ready

  22. Jack said:

    you are likely going to need to wait another 2-3 days before he/they finish the next chapter. they finished/released the last chapter on the 22nd

  23. Aaron said:

    Waiting for Monster Musume chapter 4 but I am wondering if you guys can take this on as a project too

    Centaur no Nayami

  24. Mazara X. said:

    Been keeping up with it on the internet & what not, is there a manga book in stores ? If not would really love for them to come out to add them to my collection.
    By the way righteous work, seriously amazing love the story, art, & everything about it no complains on my side.
    Keep up the great work we are awaiting the new issue which comes out today 🙂 :). I hope.
    Would be more then happy to support the series in any way.