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Chapter 32: Download

Apparently the quality difference, compared to our earlier releases, appears to be too big. After some consideration, we’ve decided to take down the chapter to release it in our usual quality at a later point in time.

UPDATE: As you might have noticed, there is some delay due to real life happening.


A lot late, but here it is. 31 should be out shortly.

Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 30 – Download

We’ve got a new raw provider who’s helping out a ton, but we’re still recruiting redrawers, so if you wanna lend a hand, let us know, as always!

Also, in regards to rumors going around that we dropped it — no, we’re just slow as hell. Oh well. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, darlings.

Released yesterday on 4chan/batoto, but here’s the official release!

Click here to download Chapter 29.

Chapters 30 and 31 will be later than usual due to factors out of our hands. We won’t be receiving our magazines until later in January. While a double release isn’t out of the question, both will be delayed.

Luckily, some /a/non translated the Chinese scanlation of 30, so that’s floating around to satisfy your monmusu cravings during Crabman’s hiatus.

We’re still looking for a scan provider located in Japan who can scan in Comic Ryu series for us and the main team at FwPA. Let us know if you’re interested! It’ll help us bring MonMusu to you a lot more quickly and solve our biggest problem – getting scans on time.


Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 26 – Mediafire

Sorry about the wait for this chapter; we ran into some logistical issues. Next chapter should not be as late, though we will be receiving raws a little later than usual.

Thanks as always for your support!

Regarding next chapter: Raws are out August 19th. Due to delays in receiving raws, the next chapter may or may not be later than usual. Stay tuned for updates.

Everyday Monster Girls – Chapter 25

Hey all.

As most of you have noticed, it takes us a while to get things out. We appreciate your patience and continued support even though it takes almost a month for us to finish up everything.

Why does it take so long?

As we’ve said before: redraws. We have two staff on redraws that are full-time adults with jobs and lives to take care of, and EMG is a very redraw-heavy work.

Why not stop redrawing?

Because we like getting out quality releases. We could release things quicker if we did half the work, but it wouldn’t look as nice.

How can you get it out faster?

Simple: get more people to help out.

The problem is it’s not that simple – last time we called for redrawers, only a few returned the redraw samples we gave them, and of those, none responded when we gave them more difficult samples to do.

Perhaps it was our fault for giving them too much to do, but in the end, we didn’t get a single person to come help out.

We’ll probably be contacting those people again to see if we can get them to help out, but without extra redrawers, these chapters will continue to be released slowly.

Interested in helping with redraws? Check out our Help us out! page.

We are also looking for help with typesetting, though if we can get some more redrawers TF is fine taking up the job, since she did it for a few of the earlier chapters.

As always you can contact us at to learn more about helping out. Else, please look forward to the next chapter.