Hey all, just a quick status update!

Now that end-of-semester crunch time is over, we’re finally making some good headway on MM32 and 33. However, we’ve found ourselves a little short-handed as of late, and as such, some new positions are open!


We’re looking for a dedicated typesetter to stay with us for the long term and help do lettering on MM. TF has agreed to help out, but seeing as she’s been increasingly busy, we’ll need some extra help to get things out quickly.

Send an email to translatoranon@gmail.com , or pop into #prettyanon@irc.rizon.net and talk to AnonBlack or fckyeahlamia for more information. Experience is preferred but not necessary, just be willing to learn and listen to critique.


We’re looking for one or two more redrawers who can help get signs and text over images redrawn fast, so typesetting can proceed smoothly. You can click here to check out our sample images. The second one is pretty difficult, and if you can’t redraw it, that’s fine, but if you’re confident you can handle work similar to the redraw in the first image, we’d love to have you!

Again, send an email to translatoranon@gmail.com , or pop into #prettyanon@irc.rizon.net and talk to AnonBlack or fckyeahlamia for more information.


Also, in regards to rumors about us and the anime:

  • We have no plans to subtitle/translate MM. God knows we’re behind on this enough already.
  • Subtitling groups are more than welcome to use our scripts as the basis of their translation for the anime. However, make sure you cross-check them with the dialogue, as it probably won’t be 100% the same.



Let the show begin!

Chapter 32: Download

Apparently the quality difference, compared to our earlier releases, appears to be too big. After some consideration, we’ve decided to take down the chapter to release it in our usual quality at a later point in time.

UPDATE: As you might have noticed, there is some delay due to real life happening.


A lot late, but here it is. 31 should be out shortly.

Everyday Monster Girls Chapter 30 – Download

We’ve got a new raw provider who’s helping out a ton, but we’re still recruiting redrawers, so if you wanna lend a hand, let us know, as always!

Also, in regards to rumors going around that we dropped it — no, we’re just slow as hell. Oh well. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, darlings.

Released yesterday on 4chan/batoto, but here’s the official release!

Click here to download Chapter 29.

Chapters 30 and 31 will be later than usual due to factors out of our hands. We won’t be receiving our magazines until later in January. While a double release isn’t out of the question, both will be delayed.

Luckily, some /a/non translated the Chinese scanlation of 30, so that’s floating around to satisfy your monmusu cravings during Crabman’s hiatus.

We’re still looking for a scan provider located in Japan who can scan in Comic Ryu series for us and the main team at FwPA. Let us know if you’re interested! It’ll help us bring MonMusu to you a lot more quickly and solve our biggest problem – getting scans on time.